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listen to the words it speaks of rising up from the pain and broken pieces to create a new beginning. Can you relate to that with this new release?

All the music I write and create stems from personal experience and that is what I draw from. This album represents a rebirth for me. I’m coming from a rough few years. I think anyone that has been through setbacks can relate. Has being a mom changed the way you approach your decisions on projects and career moves?

Absolutely, and that was one of the reasons to take off Season 4 of the show. Having a child changes your ability to just pick up and go on tour for months on end. To me, it is vital that I am the last person Max sees before bed and the first person he sees when he wakes up. Now, that can’t happen every day as any mom knows, but I try my best to be there. It’s important to me not to let the years slip away. They grow up so fast! I loved that you made Chelsea Handler wear one of your outfits during your interview on Chelsea Lately! You take so much heat for your sense of fashion; does that make any difference to you?

I have never been one to shy away from taking chances, and, as a performer, it’s important to me. I can’t be held back by what people may say or think. I adore Chelsea and she looked hot in those booty shorts. Your fan base is so vast, but our LGBT community really connects with you. I can remember when “Beautiful” came out and it became sort of an anthem for us. What kind of impact does that have on you?

I cannot express in words how much the LGBT community means to me. On my darkest day their support lifts me up. I feel honored that some of my songs become anthems for them as well. Gay men flock to you like a moth to a flame. Your music is thumping through gay dance clubs everywhere and lesbians are dying their hair pink and red. Did you ever think you’d be influencing our community like this?

I always felt a connection to those that were more misunderstood. I feel like the community really gets me. They inspire me as well. You’ve been a part of the entertainment industry now since 1992. How different is it today from when you started out?

...On my darkest day their support lifts me up. I feel honored that some of my songs become anthems for them as well.”

What do you see happening in terms of what audiences are looking for?

So much has changed from what is mainstream these days. I don’t think I will ever fully understand it, but you have to learn to evolve and adapt. Do you ever go back to your earlier work to, as one of your new songs says, “embrace the woman” and entertainer you have become?

Yes. I draw on my earlier work as a building block and a stepping stone to the woman I have become. You need the past to lift you up and remind you of your roots. On The Voice you get to see young, new talent on a regular basis. What does it stir up in you, seeing all those up and comers trying to break into the music scene?

It is so amazing to be a part of someone else’s journey and to know that perhaps one token of advice has helped them become something greater than they were the day before. We’re all well-acquainted with Beverly McClellan, who you worked with during Season One. Do you maintain any contact with your team members and are there any that you continue to work with?

Absolutely. I speak to Bev and I am so proud of the album she put out. I also just spoke to Chris Mann and was actually on his album he released last month. They know that even after they leave the show they will have a fan in me.

You and Adam Levine have this great playful rivalry on the show. What is it like working with him? Does that rivalry continue when the cameras are off?

Adam and I love each other in a very brothersister way. We are both artists and thus emotional, but deep down we only have respect and love for each other. what’s happening in today’s society, right now, that you would consider a turn off or that you want to see change?

I am really disturbed by the bullying of kids. I feel that needs to change. Growing up can be so hard with changes and hormones! The least we can do is be kind to each other. Moving on to your new CD, I have to say, my favorite is “Red Hot Kinda Love.” I am in love with this song! Is there a story behind this song for you?

“Red Hot Kinda Love” is a great track with an old school vibe and beat. It felt very free and carefree to me. Also enjoyed “Army of Me,” “Blank Page” and “Just A Fool.” Which are your favorite songs from this album and why?

I never choose favorites as each track means something different to me. I loved working with Blake on “Just a Fool” and reteaming with Sia on “Blank Page.” You’ve been working on your new album for a year now. Tell us about what Lotus means to you. Does it reflect your private life?

Every album is important to me. If not, why bother making them? They each reflect a part of my life and something personal to me. Can we expect another Spanish album sometime soon?

Absolutely. It is something I have been wanting to do for some time. Tis’ the season! So, what are the holidays like for Christina and Max?

Very festive and very cozy. I love the holidays and all that surround them!

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She Magazine—Dec'12  

On Cover: Christina Aguilera • Plus: Gifts for Everyone on Your List, On Our Way to Provincetown, Relieving Stress, Women's White Party Pics...