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DIRECTOR’S CHAIR In a few days, I start on a new project. It’s something that is mostly within my comfort zone and will certainly utilize my full range of skills. But it means a few changes are on the horizon. What’s interesting is that this project is something that I suggested nine years ago. I’m not sure if that is a testament to how slow-moving progress can be or if it just took me nine years to learn enough to have it all really work. Maybe it’s a little bit of both. It means though, that I have to be willing to accept something I despise. Structure. I have to schedule my hours and tasks. I have to make lists of tasks. I have to color inside the lines and my creative Aquarian free spirit hates having to color inside the lines. It doesn’t even want to be told what I have to use to color. Structure is good for most people. Sometimes it’s even a little bit good for me. But mostly it just makes me itch. I’m itchy right now just talking about it. Because I am practicing a bit before I have to go full tilt, I have an appointment tomorrow at 10am. I hate times that end in “am” or “pm” instead of “ish.” I know. Hate is a strong word. And I hate times that don’t end with “ish.” I’m sure you are wondering how someone who so rages against the machine became someone whose work revolves around deadlines. I wonder that myself sometimes, too. But I think it has a lot to do with me doing something that I truly love that helps me continue to be the very best person that I can be. When I really believe in something. I don’t mind lowering some of my more ludicrous standards. I normally shy away from adding things to my plate, for fear that plate will become my main focus and I will lose sight of the things that make it all worth it. But this time, it seems that I feel like I am in the right place to challenge myself a bit more. I know what I am capable of accomplishing when I set my mind to it. But sometimes my mind doesn’t do a very good job of motivating my heart, body and spirit to actually cooperate and I become stagnant. With this though, I am actually pretty excited to get started and know that I will make a difference. I guess giving in and going against my nature isn’t such a big deal when it’s going to turn into a good thing. There was that one time, years ago, when I went against my nature and had a one night stand. That didn’t turn out to be such a good thing. But if there is one thing these many years later have taught me, it’s how to know when things are less likely to go terribly, horribly, wish-I-had-never-have-done-that wrong. So, I am taking this knowledge, crossing just that little bit outside my comfort zone and adding something else to my plate, with the belief that it will turn into a bountiful enough feast to feed many and will help me better enjoy the things that make it all worth it. I pissed and moaned about it a little bit, but in the end I will knock it out of the park and it will help me continue to be the very best person I can be. See you next month.

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april 2015 / volume 17 / issue 3

20 “...people will come up to me and tell me these amazing stories about how my music has helped them come out. It means so much to me.”


features 16 DEBORAH COX “I knew her; she was a mentor and friend to me. In many ways, she was like that big sister in the industry and I really looked to her for a lot of direction.” 18 SECOND PARENT ADOPTION “ is important to protect both the children’s rights and the parents’ rights for various reasons.” 20 MIAMI GAY & LESBIAN FILMFESTIVAL For Women, By Women: All That’s Fabulously Female About This Festival! 26 MIAMI BEACH GAY PRIDE’S WOMEN’S VILLAGE What started out as a one day event has now turned into three days of non-stop fun, which now includes activities during the afternoon. Check out what this year’s festival has to offer.

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with marissa cohen

All of the much-missed diversity that was MIA in The L Word is thankfully front and center in the awesome webseries, Dyke Central. Based in Oakland, this comedy-drama focuses on two butch roommates: Alex tries to keep her relationship with her dysfunctional girlfriend as an old flame complicates matters, while Gin tends to lose her identity in others. Dyke Central truly shows the ever-changing face of our community. Season 1 on VOD April 10. With Tai Rockett, Giovannie Espiritu.

The glorious Woman in Gold stars the evermajestic Helen Mirren as Maria Altmann, an elderly Holocaust survivor who fights the Austrian government to reclaim her family’s priceless and iconic painting, Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I, which was stolen by Nazis just before the outbreak of WWII. Altmann and her lawyer, E. Randol Schoenberg managed to take the groundbreaking legal battle all the way to the Supreme Court. With Katie Holmes, Tatiana Maslany, Elizabeth McGovern. In theaters April 3.

Country goddess Reba McEntire’s latest, Love Somebody, (out on April 14) represents her first new music in over four years. This is classic “I’m a survivor” Reba, with songs ranging from the beat-laden girl power #1 hit “Going Out Like That” to “I’ll Go On.” Fans should check out the Target version of the new release, which includes bonus tracks, “Whatever Way It Hurts The Least” and “More Than Just Her Last Name.”

Sutton Foster and Hilary Duff headline Younger, written and executive produced by Sex and the City’s Darren Star. Liza, a single mother, breaks into the workforce with the help of a life changing makeover from lesbian best friend Debi Mazar and a chance encounter at a bar. Now passing herself off as 26, Liza becomes an assistant to the temperamental Diana And must figure out how to make this new experience into her dream job. On TV Land, Tuesdays at 10 pm.

In Boy Meets Girl, Ricky, a young transgender woman has her sights set on New York to become a fashion designer. Until then, she’s stuck in Kentucky, with Robby, her good-oldboy best friend. Throwing a monkey wrench into Ricky’s plans is the gorgeous Francesca, who’s engaged to an overseas Marine. Francesca and Ricky start an unlikely relationship, which leads to Robby falling for Ricky. With Michelle Hendley, Alexandra Tushen. On DVD April 28.

Cassandra Wilson’s dreamy, soulful homage to Billie Holiday, Coming Forth By Day, comes out on the legendary vocalist’s birthday, April 7. This fantastic effort showcases 11 re-imaginings of Holiday’s songs by Cassandra Wilson, including Wilson’s original “Last Song (for Lester)” – an otherworldly message from Billie to her lover, Lester Young. All of Lady Day’s iconic classics are here, including “I’ll Be Seeing You,” “Strange Fruit,” “You Go to My Head,” and “All of Me.”

NOT TO BE MISSED: Ex Machina hits theatres April 10. In this sci-fi creepshow, a computer programmer wins a week with a tech genius and total recluse who wants him to test a gorgeous AI creature named Ava, (Alicia Vikander). But if she fails the test, he has to wipe her memory. She 10 04.15

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industry, the official signature event of women’s winter party, presented by pandora events, at cafeina in the wynwood area. photos by rock ur photo & production / stephen r. lang

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IN THE NEWS NEW GALLUP RESEARCH COMPARES LGBT RANKINGS OF US METRO AREAS, 1990 & 2014 For two decades, residents in San Francisco, Austin, Texas, and Seattle have been among the most likely in the country to report that they are part of a same-sex couple or are LGBT, according to two new studies released late March by Gallup and the Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law. But growing social acceptance of LGBT people, even in conservative Utah, may explain why Salt Lake City now ranks among metro areas with the highest proportion of residents who identify as LGBT. In the first study, Gallup ranked the 50 most populous U.S. metropolitan areas based on their percentage of LGBT residents using data collected from 2012 to 2014. The report was co-authored by Frank Newport, Gallup editor in chief, and Gary J. Gates, BlachfordCooper Distinguished Scholar and Research Director at the Williams Institute. The top five metro areas are San Francisco (6.2%), Portland, Ore. (5.4%), Austin, Texas (5.3%), New Orleans (5.1%), and Seattle (4.8%). The five lowest-ranked metro areas are Birmingham, Ala. (2.6%), Pittsburgh (3.0%), Memphis, Tenn. (3.1%), San Jose (3.2%), and Raleigh,

N.C. (3.2%). In the second study, Gates ranked the same metro areas by the number of same-sex couples per 1,000 households using 1990 Census data. The top five metro areas were San Francisco (6.5%), Austin, Texas (3.7%), Seattle (3.28%), Sacramento (3.21%), and San Diego (3.11%). The five lowest-ranked metro areas were Memphis, Tenn. (0.84%), Birmingham, Ala. (0.84%), Pittsburgh (0.78%), Richmond, Va. (0.73%), and Buffalo, N.Y. (0.64%).

Gallup interviewed more than 374,000 people between June 2012 and December 2014 as part of the Gallup Daily tracking survey, representing the largest on-going study of the distribution of the LGBT population in the U.S. on record, and the first time a study has had large enough sample sizes to provide estimates of the LGBT population by Metropolitan Statistical Area. Find full report at GALLUP.COM

NEW TELEVISION CASTING: NBC’S FIRST DATES BY EXECUTIVE PRODUCER ELLEN DEGENERES NBC has ordered 8 episodes of “First Dates,” an observational documentary series from executive producer Ellen DeGeneres and Shed Media that takes a peek at what happens when a couple meets for the first time and love may be in the air. Whenever a prospective couple goes on a first date, the same question always arises: Will the date blossom into a long-term love affair? It’s the moment when sparks often fly and our imaginations run wild — when two people realize they may have found their soul mate. Based on a hit U.K. format, this unique hour-long series offers an authentic look at a variety of real first dates happening over one night at the same restaurant. The audience will be along for the full ride in a relatable viewing experience that plays like a real romantic comedy. Viewers will judge for themselves about

how the couple is interacting and whether they are a good fit for one another. Ellen DeGeneres-Executive Produced Series will explore all of the simple wonder of a first date. Production will begin in July in Chicago. No premiere date is set. Online casting has begun in and around Chicago, Nashville, New York and Seattle at FIRSTDATESCASTING.COM

BROWARD MARCH OF DIMES HOLDS ANNUAL FUNDRAISER ON MAY 2 TO RAISE FUNDS FOR HEALTHIER BABIES On May 2, 2015, thousands are expected to come together at Nova Southeastern University (NSU) in Davie, FL, to take part in the March of Dimes’ annual March for Babies. March for Babies is the nation’s oldest walk fundraiser honoring babies born healthy and those who need help to survive and thrive. Each year in the United States, one in nine babies is born prematurely – 29,000 of them right here in Florida. Though the U.S. premature birth rate declined for the seventh year in a row, it is still higher than most developed nations at 11.4 percent.

Pre-term infants account for a large proportion of infant deaths. More infants die from preterm-related problems than from any other single cause. Some premature babies require special care and spend weeks or months hospitalized in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) fighting for their life. More than 5,000 people are expected to walk the 3-mile course at Nova Southeastern University, located at 3301 College Ave., Davie, FL 33314. Registration starts at 7 am, with the walk stepping off at 8:30 am. Anyone can sign up to walk and can create a team with family, friends and colleagues. Individual walkers are also encouraged to take part in the event. The morning will be filled with activity, with the March for Babies Village offering food, entertainment, a Kid’s Corner, exercise and activities for all ages. This year the Broward County’s goal is to raise $950,000. MARCHFORBABIES.ORG/EVENT/BROWARD

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Stonewall National Museum & Archives is pleased to announce the forthcoming exhibit “Living in Limbo: Lesbian Familes in the Deep South,” featuring photography by Carolyn Sherer, Living in Limbo is presented in partnership with the Birmingham Museum of Art., with generous support from The Arcus Foundation, Kenneth Tewel and Sue Wilder. These works documenting lesbian life and families in the Southern United States will take place at Stonewall Museum – Wilton Manors Gallery, 2157 Wilton Drive in Wilton Manors, Florida on view April 29, 2105 – June 28, 2015. An opening “sneak peak” reception for Stonewall Society museum donors will be held on Tuesday, April 28 from 7-9 pm. The exhibit opens to the public as Stonewall hosts a special women’s mixer in partnership with the organization Equality Florida on Wednesday, April 29, 2015 from 7 pm – 9 pm, including a gallery talk about Living in Limbo with photographer Carolyn Sherer. Free. Bar and light refreshments provided with thanks to the generosity of Ketel One Vodka and Barefoot Wine & Bubbly. Carolyn Sherer’s photography exhibit honors the current complexities of lesbian family life in the South. The exhibition provides an intimate view of a population that largely has been invisible for underrepresented in public art. The images challenge viewers to envision a world without prejudice and discrimination – a world that celebrates commitment, family and inclusion for everyone – a world without limbo. Learn more at LIVINGINLIMBO.ORG.

Aqua Foundation for Women is now accepting applications for its 2015-2016 scholarships! The deadline for completed applications is Thursday, April 23, 2015 at 5:00 pm. To be eligible for an Aqua scholarship, the recipient must identify as an LBT woman and live and go to school in the south Florida area (exceptions are made if you are attending school remotely and living in Florida). Additionally, scholars will need to have and maintain at least 3.0 GPA.

Aqua Foundation is looking for scholars who are emerging or demonstrated leaders in their communities. The Foundation awards are typically $2,500 -$ 5,000. Scholars not only receive educational funding, but are partnered with a mentor who will advise and meet with the scholar throughout the school year. Visit them online to complete an application. AQUAFOUNDATION.ORG/SCHOLARSHIPS/SCHOLARSHIPAPPLICATION

WHAT TO DO, WHERE TO GO MIAMI BEACH GAY PRIDE April 10-12 • Various locations ALAN CUMMING April 11 • 8 PM Parker Playhouse 707 N.E. 8th St. Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304 TOM PAXTON AND JANICE IAN April 11 • 7:30 PM Broward Center for the Performing Arts ART WALK ON WILTON DRIVE through April 18 • 7 - 10PM 2176 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors FINANCIAL PLANNING FOR GAY WOMEN April 16 • 7pm – 9pm

PATH 2 PARENTHOOD April 21 • 6pm – 9pm LGBT Visitor Center 1130 Washington Ave. • 1st Floor Miami Beach, FL 33139 RSVP: VITA & VIRGINIA April 17 - May 3 Thinking Cap Theatre at the Vanguard 1501 S. Andrews Avenue Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316 MIAMI GAY & LESBIAN FILM FESTIVAL April 24 - May 3 • Various locations & times • KATHY GRIFFIN April 24 • 8PM

Kravis Center For the Performing Arts 701 Okeechobee Blvd West Palm Beach, FL 33401 LAS OLAS WINE & FOOD FESTIVAL May 1 • Various events & times MARCH OF DIMES WALK FOR BABIES May 3 • 7am - noon Nova Southeastern University 3301 College Avenue Davie, FL 33314 BETTE MIDLER May 8 - 9 • 8 PM Hard Rock Live in Hollywood, FL

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on the cover

Remember the amazing voice who provided the soundtrack to your coming out years? Yeah? Well now, the one and only Deborah Cox will be headlining Miami Gay Pride April 10-12! I was thrilled to have the chance to speak with Deborah Cox about her latest hits, Whitney Houston, and her experience being a part of our queer lives. You’re headlining Miami Gay Pride this year! Are you excited? Are Pride Fests still as fun as the first ones you did? I am! I’m really excited! I’ve never done Miami Pride and I live here, so it’s extra special and you know, with all that’s happening in each state, it’s such a liberating thing to see people able to be themselves. It’s always amazing, the Pride festivals. They’re all equally exciting in their own way. You’ve been doing Pride Fests for a long time. Gosh, I remember seeing you back in 2006 in Orlando, so it’s just dawning on me how much change you’ve witnessed. What a perspective you’ve had! 

Yeah, to really see a movement have such a great impact—it’s been really liberating. I can remember not long ago doing my shows in these little underground clubs because everything was so taboo. Now, the festivals are huge, the clubs are big, and people will come up to me and tell me these amazing stories about how my music has helped them come out. It means so much to me. Will you be singing your new song “Kinda Miss You” along with our old favorites? Whenever I want to get gay-stalgic I put on “Nobody’s Supposed to Be Here” and re-live those dance club days, but I listened to “Kinda Miss You” and I felt that same rush. I feel like you make “memorymaking” music because we hear it at Prides and clubs, on the dance floor and with friends. Awww! (laughs) Wow, thanks! Yeah, I’ll probably do a really long medley of my big hits and then I like to do a few obscure ones that were big in Europe. I usually can gauge what the audience wants to hear and plus my fans tweet me now. They send me messages and request songs and that’s so cool with social media being what it is. It makes each show personal and I love it.

Your One Wish album is iconic, so is it hard that when you come out with new music, we’re still clinging mercilessly to the older stuff? Yeah, but I’m okay with that. I try to stay true to myself, but ultimately people will always want to hear the songs that changed their lives and I get it, that’s cool. I mean those are the songs that made their mark, that, like you said, made a memory. But people appreciate the new stuff, too. I, in turn, appreciate that they still come out and they still want to hear me sing and do a show, but yes, (laughs) they do get a little territorial about what they want to hear. You did the music for the Angela Bassett Lifetime bio-movie Whitney about Whitney Houston. How was that for you? The Houston family didn’t want the movie to be made. Did you have any concerns? No, no but my main concern was making sure that I delivered what An-

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by denise warner photos by Keith Major

gela Bassett and Richard Rudolph, the music supervisor, wanted. I was on the phone with both him and Angela Bassett and he was just so adamant about knowing and believing that I could sing these songs. I literally flew into LA and had two days in the studio to do them, you know “Greatest Love of All,” and “I’m You Baby Tonight” and “I Will Always Love You.” It was an intense two days, but we were very, very focused. Angela had a very clear idea about how she wanted the songs performed because the script was so specific about how the music played into each scene in the movie.  How did it feel to be singing those legendary songs? What kind of pressure was that- because you knew Whitney, didn’t you? Yes. Yeah, a little pressure, sure. I mean she is iconic. The songs are iconic and tackling “I Will Always Love You” because I knew that one was going to come under the most judgment but I really made sure that I was telling the story that was in the script. I really took a lot of direction through Angela and what her vision was, so that version of “I Will Always Love You” in particular was really predicated on that scene showing [Whitney’s] love for Bobby. I mean, we wanted people to understand that our motivation was coming from a place of honor and respect and that she was portrayed in the best light. We knew what she meant to the world.  I feel like that resonated. I thought that it captured her life and challenges and did justice to her, especially where it started and where the movie ended. I felt like it respected her and her legacy. Did you watch it when it came out? Yeah, I did. The first viewing was the actual screening and it was good to have that opportunity to see it there because we all had a personal connection. Angela knew her. I knew her; she was a mentor and friend to me. In many ways, she was like that big sister in the industry and I really looked to her for a lot of direction on how I wanted my own career to be. Some of my biggest moments were with her, like singing on her Greatest Hits album. This was a real  serendipitous thing for me and I watched [the movie] like a fan. I

was moved by it, by her and her struggles, so it was really a personal experience for all of us. Then I got to watch it again at home with my family. While the world watched, I got to see and hear directly from people on Twitter. That’s a whole new generation who is being exposed to her music now. It was a really powerful thing. You also performed at World Pride in Toronto alongside Melissa Etheridge for the opening ceremony. That was fantastic because it was like, “Something for the gay boys and something for the lesbians! A perfect mix!” Was it as amazing as it looked in the videos? Oh it was! Really! Again, it was one of those important moments for me. I lobbied for World Pride for years because Toronto, well, Canada itself, has always been a very liberal country. I mean, that’s where I’m from and one of my earliest memories relating to Pride, in the very sense of the word, was when my mother told me that she was attending a lesbian wedding of two women who loved each other dearly, friends of hers. I remember thinking, “Wow.” I wasn’t taken aback, but I remember it- two same sex people having a union. It was just ground breaking to me. I had never heard about something like that before. To see and perform at World Pride in Toronto, in my own city, where I grew up, to really celebrate with all of the people who have wanted that moment for so long... it was really, really liberating. Just recently, someone said to me that they considered me the “voice of liberty” and I’ll tell you, I had to take a moment and really let that set in. It just resonated so completely with me.  It’s true! You are! You know, we’ve been around a lot of important movements, to have the Human Rights award, a Civil Rights award, to be standing there amongst all these people who have fought for so long, to be around the seniors, you know, the ones who have been fighting their whole lives for equal rights, it just moves you. It moves you. It is an emotional thing. I put myself in that position. I think, “Imagine if I wasn’t allowed or given the right to marry my husband, the person who has always supported me, and been there and loves me, and

that I love, to not be able to marry him?” It’s devastating to think about it, not being able to have a union, to be married. So, when I look down at the audience and see people who love each other and know they can be married now, it’s just profound. Then to take it a step further and to perform for the Council of Family Equality and to see same sex married couples and families…it just shows me we’re really moving in the right direction. People can be free to be who they are and love who they love. Your newest single “Kinda Miss You” is out now on iTunes and I love it. It has that feel-good goodness to it. Tell me about that song and what inspired you? Well, the inspiration- it’s all in the song, really- it came from a place of really missing making  music. In between my Broadway shows and touring, I finally got to place where I felt like I was ready for this album and I’m ready for the world to hear. It has been such an interesting journey - the way I’ve been navigating this industry because I have this wonderful R & B following and this amazing LGBT dance music fan base. I’ve always wanted to connect them so I feel like I really did that with this new album. I’m really excited to bring it out, so I wanted “Kinda Miss You” to be the first look about the album and then we’ll get into the more classic, personal emotional Deborah songs. We’ll be able to share all of them with people who have been waiting a long time to hear them. You currently live in Miami. What’s your favorite part about the city? Well, I’ve been here about 15 years. I kinda snuck into buying a place, but I’m always traveling so much. I just love coming back to the beach and to that beautiful, balmy weather! I love its culture and location because for me, I can hop back and forth to New York to do my shows and then come back home. It’s really a special place. My kids were born here. It’s a safe haven for me, really. It’s a great city to be a part of!   Get social with deborah: /deborahcoxdrg, @deborah_cox

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by Irene Annunziata, Esq.


Second Parent Adoptions “If the same-sex couple is not married, the Court will require a home study to be completed, evaluating the second parent’s fitness to be a parent.” Second Parent Adoptions are a private, non-agency adoption in which a child’s legal parent consents to the adoption by her wife or domestic partner, resulting in both women being the child’s legal parents. In 1977, Florida enacted an adoption ban for same sex couples. Fortunately, in 2010, the Third District Court of Appeal declared the ban unconstitutional. Then Governor Charlie Christ refused to appeal the decision. Since then, gays and lesbians have been able to adopt in Florida. The second-parent adoption request must be filed by the child’s legal parent, who is usually the birth mother. The legal parent files a Joint Petition for Adoption with her wife or domestic partner in Circuit Court. The legal parent must sign a consent for the adoption, which allows her wife or domestic partner to adopt the child without the “first parent” losing any parental rights. If the same-sex couple is not married,

the Court will require a home study to be completed, evaluating the second parent’s fitness to be a parent. If the couple is married, however, the home study can be waived. Since Florida recently recognized same-sex marriage, married couples may no longer have to file their adoptions as “Second Parent Adoptions.” In certain situations, if married, the couple may file a Stepparent Adoption and will therefore not be required to have the home study. At the final hearing, the legal parent appears along with the second parent to testify to the Court that they both agree and consent to the adoption of the child. The Judge will sign a Final Judgment of Adoption, which creates the legal relationship between the child and the second parent. After the entry of the Final Judgment, the Clerk of the Court sends the Final Judgment to the Office of Vital Statistics in Tallahassee where the child’s

birth certificate is amended to reflect the birth mother as “Parent One” of the minor child and the Second Parent as “Parent Two.” Recently, a Palm Beach County Judge ruled that both women, the birth mother and her wife, are the parents of their minor child and the birth certificate should accurately reflect that. The couple was married and became pregnant through in-vitro fertilization. Florida Law recognizes that a baby born to a married couple from in-vitro fertilization is the child of both husband and wife. Since Florida now recognizes same-sex marriage, Circuit Judge Lisa Small extended that recognition to the spouse of the child-bearing wife. Another positive development in the law is that the Florida House is currently considering a bill that would officially remove the same-sex adoption ban from state statutes. The bill reportedly has wide support in the House. Assuming the House votes to approve the bill, it would still require approval by the Senate and Governor Rick Scott. Once this occurs, same-sex couples will no longer have to be concerned that a particular judge may still uphold the ban. Once and for all, this issue will be settled. No matter which legal avenue is pursued, it is important to protect both the children’s rights and the parents’ rights for various reasons. Importantly, should the couple terminate their relationship (such as divorce), the non-biological parent’s rights to custody and child support are secured and the child’s right to maintain a relationship with both parents is also protected. Each situation has its own set of facts, so it’s important when considering adoption that couples consult with an attorney. For further information visit:

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Ten days of lesbians on screen and behind the camera. Lesbians in the audience, at the after-parties, pre-screening soirees and festival dinners. There’s no such thing as too much of a good “lesbian” thing during the 2015 Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (MGLFF), happening April 24 - May 3, 2015. Offering more than a dozen womencentric films, the Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival is bringing woman power to a whole new level, with greater female representation, more women’s films, artists and events, and a sharp focus-- from the festival Board of Directors down to the volunteers-to make 2015 the year for women to make their mark at the Festival. For Women, By Women: All That’s Fabulously Female About This Festival If you haven’t been to the Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival lately, this is the year you’ll want to be here. The Festival is so much more than just “going to the movies.” It’s a unique — and world-class-- opportunity to see stories that are universal to our LGBTQ experience, together at one time and to socialize, discuss, and celebrate our lives. (Hence the new Film Festival branding: UNITED WE FILM.) These are films that are not yet widely available, so you won’t find in mainstream theaters. Often, they’re cinematic jewels that are North America or world premieres, sourced from around the globe. Why the Female Focus for 2015? With its position as one of the leading

by A.M. De la Torre

LGBTQ festivals in the world, celebrities, directors, screenwriters and film industry pros flock to the MGLFF and FLGLFF, yearly. Yet the number of South Florida women attending the Miami and Fort Lauderdale Festivals has declined a direct contradiction with the quality and quantity of the women’s films that the Festival has presented during this time. As a result, there’s been a perception by past Festival organizers that women don’t care about the Film Festival. Jennifer Kriz, Festival Board Member and Treasurer, adds, “The present Board and festival organizers are clear in their mission to bring the Festival to more women, and keen in making it exciting and appealing so that women will want to support it with their attendance, membership, loyalty-- and ensure its continued survival and growth. Every great city in the world has diverse cultural offerings and the best of those cities also have LGBT-specific culture. So, think of yourself as a woman of culture and support the Film Festival. Besides, it’s a great way to meet the ladies!” Conversations, Celebrations and Cinema Because United We Film MGLFF launched the 2015 United We Film women’s programming on April 2 with an after-work mixer, “Working Girls.” The event featured the premiere of a special video loop of favorite lesbian films and shows produced by filmmaker, Annie Segarra, a preview of  a 2015 Festival film, cocktails, music and hors d’oeuvres.

And that’s just a taste of what’s to come. Throughout the 10-day Festival there will also be meet-and-mingle events with film directors, screenwriters and celebrities at exclusive member parties, plus planned cocktail and theme parties, restaurant outings, dance events and more. Make this the year you make the MGLFF experience yours. Collect your friends, come make some new ones and see all that’s fabulously female about this year’s Festival! Visit and click on “Program” to view the entire lineup of women’s films. Here are some highlights: Friday, April 24 Opening Night • 10pm Skydeck Rooftop 605 Lincoln Road Suite 270 & 800 RF. • Miami Beach The 17th Annual MGLFF celebrates opening night at the beautiful Skydeck rooftop overlooking Lincoln Road. Complimentary open bar by Bacardi & Grey Goose with delicious catered delights. Saturday, April 25 Colony Theater • 7 pm 1040 Lincoln Road • Miami Beach Liz in September (Liz en Septiembre)* Venezuela 2014/ Spanish Every year, Liz, a hardcore partier and womanizer, celebrates her birthday with friends at a Caribbean beach. This year might be the final celebration as she is terminally ill, a fact she hides. When Eva, a young, emotion-

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Tuesday, April 28 Regal 1 • 6 pm WOMEN’S SHORT FILM PROGRAM #2: Girls, Girls, Girls TOTAL RUNNING TIME 94 minutes. See website for full listing of shorts

ally wounded woman and outsider arrives, Liz seduces her. The encounter between the two women changes their lives, setting new perspectives where love, life, and death, play as simple steps of nature. Sunday, April 26 Miami Beach Cinematheque • 3pm 1130 Washington Ave • Miami Beach The Amina Profile* Canada 2014/ In Arabic, French and English with English subtitles In 2011, Amina Arraf, a beautiful lesbian revolutionary blogger in Syria, captured the heart of a girl from Montreal, Sandra Bagaria. The love affair that developed online would sweep Sandra into an international intrigue when Sandra receives word that Amina has been kidnapped. Amina is a tale for our times that brings into question ethics, accountability and human consequences. Regal cinemas south 2 • 7:30 pm 1100 Lincoln Road • Miami Beach Alto* • USA 2015/ A lesbian mob comedy... enough said? Improbable love, the mob

and family traditions gone awry all pave the road for laughter in this character-rich story that explores uncharted territory. It all comes down to two beautiful girls, one gun, the mob…and lots and lots of lasagna. Alto proves that while coming out to family is hard, coming out to FAMILY is very funny!

Wednesday, April 29 Miami Beach Cinematheque • 7:00pm Sand Dollars (Dolares de Arena) Dominican Republic, Mexico, Argentina 2014/ In Spanish with English subtitles Geraldine Chaplin is Anne, an older American on an extended stay in the Dominican Republic. She has fallen in love with Noeli, a younger local woman. They’re in a relations

hip of sorts, but Anne gives Noeli money that she uses to support her boyfriend. Anne holds out a promise of a move to Paris, while Noeli holds out the possibility of returning Anne’s love, bringing a flow of entanglements and drama. Regal 9 • 8:30 pm The Summer of Sangaile* Lithuania 2015/ with English subtitles 17 year-old Sangaile is fascinated by stunt planes, but afraid of heights. At a summer aeronautical show near her parents’ lakeside villa, she meets Auste, a local girl who lives life with creativity and daring. As the girls become lovers, Sangaile allows Auste to discover her most intimate secrets and finds in her teenage love the only person to truly encourage her to fly. Thursday, April 30 Miami Beach Cinematheque • 9:00pm Margarita with a Straw*

Monday, April 27 Miami Beach Cinematheque • 7 pm WOMEN’S SHORT FILM PROGRAM #1: Love Knows No Borders TOTAL RUNNING TIME: 92 minutes

India 2014/ with English subtitles In this inspirational love story, Laila is a student, aspiring writer and a member of a band at her university in Delhi. She also just happens to have cerebral palsy. Always seeking more freedom and new experiences, Laila wins a place at New York University and leaves for Manhattan. There she meets a fiery activist, Khanum, who challenges her beliefs, sparks her creativity and, eventually, takes her to bed. It’s a remarkable love story. Saturday, May 02 Jackie Gleason Theater/the fillmore mb • 5:30 pm 1700 Washington Ave, Miami Beach While You Weren’t Looking* S. Africa, 2015/ with English subtitles The changing landscape of post-Apartheid South African politics and lifestyles is portrayed through three queer relationships: a successful black real estate woman who is cheating on her white wife; their gorgeous bohemian daughter dating a gender nonconforming woman in the Soweto ghettos; and a white, male, queer studies professor pining for his black male lover from the revolutionary days. Jackie Gleason Theater/the fillmore mb • 8:00 pm Seeking Dolly Parton* Cerina and her girlfriend Charlie decide it’s

time to share the experience of having a baby. When the prospect of getting a sperm donor on-line becomes too strange, Cerina and Charlie ask their struggling gay friend John for the help. His initial flattery quickly turns into fear and he backs out. Then Cerina comes up with an even stranger proposition: using her ex-boyfriend Josh. Josh moves into the pair’s house in Berkeley for a few days during the process but they all soon discover that some feelings in life don’t always go away. *Indicates a Southeast, North America or World Premiere. For more information and tickets, visit

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Lori // fort lauderdale // LIBRA See more photos online at / by tina sordellini

Relationship Status: Engaged Dream Girl: A beautiful person with an amazing heart & soul. Dream Job: I have it now. My occupation: Cosmetologist My pets: Steve the Greyhound, Star the French Bulldog and Nandita the Black Bombay Kitty. My mother thinks I: Am a great Mom. Turn-ons: Dancing, dressing up, role playing, sexy shoes, hot passionate kisses, sensual touch, make-up sex and deep soul connections. Turn-offs: Stinky people, mean people, bad smells, messy people, uncleanness, etc. Sensitive Body Part: Nipples, inside of my upper thighs and the back of my knees. My Best Quality: Bringing out the beauty and love in the people I connect with. Secret Fetish: Making love in public places. I have a weakness for: Children and animals. I like to wear: A smile on my face. If you could have one super power, what would it be and why?: The power to make people realize their true potential and live their ideal lives, while being invisible. What breakfast cereal best describes you? Honey Bunches of OH’s If my life were made into a movie, my part will be played by: Ashley Judd most memorable date: I was blindfolded and taken to a hotel for an amazing weekend adventure. Celebrity’s butt I would most like to squeeze: Jessica Alba The cartoon character I am most like: Tinkerbell The strangest place I’ve ever been naked: Streaking through my neighborhood on New Year’s. French Fries, French Vanilla, French Toast or French Manicure? French Manicure The last movie I went to a theater to see was: The Hunger Games Your house is on fire. Besides a loved one, what is the one inanimate object you’d grab? A fire extinguisher. My favorite flower: Gerbera Daisy I just won a million dollars. The first thing I am going to buy is: A plot of land to build my life change center for families affected by substance abuse. My favorite TV show: Shark Tank I first kissed a girl at the age of: 7 My coming out was: Easy. I was never in the closet. If you were to become an activist in the LGBT community, which organization would you choose and why: National Youth Advocacy Foundation, because I believe in supporting children in being healthy and secure in themselves. I think our community needs: More people who truly care about supporting individual and collective success. she 22 04.15

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noticias Implementan política de investigación por crímenes de odio en Colombia El vicefiscal general de Colombia, Jorge Fernando Perdomo, aseguró a finales de Marzo que se implementó una política de investigación dirigida a identificar, individualizar e investigar a las personas que estén relacionados con crímenes relacionados con la orientación sexual y la pertenencia a grupos LGBTI en todas las regiones del país. En la investigación se ha podido establecer la existencia de organizaciones delictivitas dirigidas a cometer ataques y homicidios “por razones de odio y discriminación sexual” contra la comunidad LGBTI. La mayoría de estos casos se han presentado en Maicao (La Guajira), Cali (Valle del Cauca), Sincelejo (Sucre) y Barranquilla (Atlántico). “Hay organizaciones encargadas, que se están dedicando a atentar contra la comunidad LGBTI. Estamos identificando cuáles son los posibles agresores, las organizaciones que están generando , fomentando la discriminación, porque ahí vamos a poner la lupa”, precisó el vicefiscal frente a la política de investigación que se adelanta. En este punto citó la denuncia presentada hace dos días ante el ente investigador en la que se hace referencia a un grupo de personas que contactaron a un miembro de la comunidad LGBTI. Tras engañarlo, ejercieron violencia sexual. Sin embargo, cuando quiso poner la denuncia recibió una especie de reproche por estar “metido en ese tipo de cosas”. “Se busca sensibilizar a los funcionarios para que no pongan tanto ‘pereque’, que entiendan que la diversidad sexual es una riqueza para un país y no es un problema”, precisó Perdomo al indicar que en los últimos meses se han recibido 259 denuncias por actos de violencia contra esta comunidad.

Arkansas propone ley religiosa que discrimina a gays y lesbianas Legisladores del estado de Arkansas aprobaron la Ley de Libertad Religiosa, una iniciativa similar a la que existe en Indiana, donde empresarios consideran una licencia para discriminar a gays y lesbianas. El proyecto de ley, prohíbe a los gobiernos estatal y municipales entrometerse en las creencias religiosas de una persona sin una razón “contundente”. A diferencia de Indiana, donde los republicanos redactaban aclaraciones a la ley recientemente aprobada en medio de grandes protestas, los legisladores de Arkansas dijeron que no intentaban modificar la medida. El proyecto de esta ley, pasará ahora al gobernador Asa Hutchinson, quien en una conferencia de prensa durante el día de hoy anunció que no firmará el proyecto de ley. Hutchinson pidió a los legisladores que retiren el proyecto de ley y le hagan las modificaciones correspondientes para hacerla más similar a la ley federal aprobada en el año 1993. “Esta es una ley que en cualquier otro momento no hubiese sido controversial”, aseguró Hutchinson según el New York Times. “Pero estamos viviendo un momento diferente”. Cientos de opositores a la medida se concentraron frente al Capitolio estatal portando carteles con leyendas como “la discriminación no es un valor cristiano” y “la discriminación es una enfermedad” y coreando “vergüenza” cuando una comisión de la cámara respaldó el proyecto de Ballinger.

Perú: Proyecto de unión civil es rechazado en el Congreso La unión civil entre homosexuales en Perú tendrá que esperar hasta el próximo año para intentar mejor suerte, luego que una comisión del Congreso rechazó en Marzo un proyecto en favor de ella, lo que hubiera sido el primer paso para convertirla en ley. La iniciativa recibió siete votos en contra, cuatro a favor y dos abstenciones en la Comisión de Justicia y Derechos Humanos del unicameral congreso peruano. El proyecto fue presentado por el legislador independiente Carlos Bruce, un congresista que reveló el año pasado su homosexualidad. La votación tuvo lugar después de tres horas de un apasionado debate, transmitido por el canal de televisión del Congreso, y dio vuelta a la página de un tema que llevaba casi un año en la agenda de proyectos pendientes.

“Vamos a esperar el siguiente Congreso para (volver a) presentar el proyecto”, dijo a periodistas un resignado congresista Bruce. El proyecto será archivado, pero puede presentarse nuevamente en el nuevo congreso que se forme tras las elecciones presidenciales y legislativas de abril de 2016. Aunque la norma se hubiera aprobado en la Comisión de Justicia, aún tendría que votarse en el pleno del Congreso. La propuesta de Bruce no contempla la adopción de niños ni el matrimonio entre homosexuales, a pesar de que los opositores al proyecto calificaron a la unión civil de “matrimonio encubierto”. Lo que propugnaba era el reconocimiento legal entre parejas del mismo sexo a través del registro civil y se centraba en derechos patrimoniales. También abogaba por reconocer como “parientes o familia” a quienes opten por la unión civil.

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CON verónica espinal

¿a quién escuchar, a la razón o al corazón?

Para quienes trabajamos en los medios de comunicación, los comentarios de quienes escuchan, ven o leen nuestro trabajo son esas palmaditas en la espalda que nos fortalecen y nos dan la fuerza para seguir adelante, dejando atrás el alto nivel de estrés, las largas horas de trabajo y dedicación. Y no es cuestión de ego, es más bien el saber que nuestro trabajo está llegando a quien debe llegar y en el momento en que debe llegar. Muchas veces ni siquiera estamos conscientes de la cantidad de personas a quienes podemos ayudar a través de nuestras páginas y las experiencias que en ellas plasmamos. No todas las personas que nos leen necesariamente nos escriben, pero eso no quiere decir que no gusten de lo que leen. Por esta razón, cuando recibimos emails, los valoramos enormemente pues vienen de personas que se han designado unos minutos para agradecer las palabras de aliento que han encontrado en un articulo o columna. Recientemente recibimos un email de una señora que decía: “Sé que siempre estamos apresurados con el trabajo, la rutina, los pagos, etc. Pero quise hacer un alto en el tiempo para pedirles a todas las mujeres que se den un poco de tiempo para compartirlo con su pareja, todos los días. Tengo 42 años y finalmente estoy con la mujer que estaré el resto de mi vida. El año pasado recibí la noticia que tengo un tumor en el seno. Me di cuenta entonces que, de alguna forma, debemos darnos tiempo para querernos los unos a los otros, a nosotros mismos y debemos estar orgullosas de ser quienes y como somos. Gracias a She Magazine por ser una maravillosa revista para la mujer que se quiere a sí misma y ama a otra mujer”. Este email fue la palmadita en mi espalda y la razón de mi senti-

“La verdad es que si me pongo a pensar en las cosas sentimentales que pospuse hacer porque algo material tenía que resolverse, mi lista sería mucho más amplia ”. mentalismo. Este email me puso a pensar en las veces que, por trabajar, dejé—y aparentemente sigo dejando de pasar unos minutos extras con la persona que me hace sentir plena en todo sentido. Este email me puso a pensar en las veces que yo he leído artículos que me han impresionado pero no he escrito a su autor para agradecerle por tan buen trabajo. También me acordé de los momentos que extrañé a mis padres, sin embargo no los llamé de inmediato para saludarlos. Me hizo pensar en lo que una enfermedad radical mueve en cada persona. Recientemente tuve un caso similar en mi familia donde hubo diagnostico de cáncer y pocos meses de vida de no darse el tratamiento adecuado e inmediato. Gracias a Dios y a la oración de familiares y amigos, todo resulto ser una muy desagradable noticia que dio un cambio de 360 grados. Esa enfermedad en la familia sirvió para poner los sentimientos a flor de piel y dio paso a poner la valentía por delante para tener las agallas de decir lo que se siente. La verdad es que si me pongo a pensar en las cosas sentimentales que pospuse porque algo material tenía que resolverse, mi lista sería mucho más amplia. Es un asunto complicado porque el trabajo es algo que debe de realizarse y muchas veces no puede dejarse para más tarde, sobre todo en días como los actuales en los que debemos mantener nuestros trabajos. Entonces, ¿a quién escuchar... al corazón o a la razón? Sacar a flote los sentimientos es una de las experiencias mas lindas que puedas vivir. Obviamente, lo mejor es decirlo a alguien— ya sea una amistad, familiar o la persona a la que amas—que te hace sentir tan cómoda como para discutir o hablar todo tipo de tema. Pero bueno, la intención de este email es precisamente que tú también pienses en las pocas veces que te das, a ti y a tu pareja, unos minutos extras para mimarse. Desafortunadamente la señora de los 42 años se dio cuenta y actuó basada en la posibilidad de una enfermedad seria, pero tu y yo podemos decidir o no el “dedicar más tiempo” y saberlo administrar entre las personas que amamos. Como dice mi mamá: “El tiempo perdido los Santos lo lloran”.

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good reads

By marissa cohen

The Right Thing Easy by Laina Villeneuve In this new release from Bella Books, Hope Fielding has lived so long to serve her family and her church that she’s used to struggling with her hidden sexuality. She’s already had to hide the truth about herself once, but when she meets former rodeo racer Dani Blazer, she’ll have to make a life changing decision. Villeneuve’s narrative is smooth and swift, with characters you’ll root for.

Petticoats and Promises by Penelope Friday If you’ve ever wished that Jane Austen novels could involve snuggling women in corsets, then this intense little gem from Penelope Friday will be your cup of Sapphic tea. Best friends Clara and Serena find their romantic plans compromised by the stark reality of early 19th century social hierarchy, financial hardship, and marriage. Friday’s tale is assertive, well plotted and cleverly handled – simply fantastic if you need your classic literature with a romantically engaging lesbian twist.

She Was Billy the Kid by Helen Dunn She Was Billy the Kid follows the misadventures of Bronte McCarty who eventually becomes the famous outlaw. Born in a New York slum, Bronte McCarty finds that crossdressing helps her to achieve freedom and romance in the old west, and her story becomes a legend. Imaginative and fun, this is an engaging debut from Helen Dunn.










After fifteen years of hot lesbian party promotions, the two biggest women’s event producers in South Florida are continuing their torrid, yearly affair with the women’s weekend during Miami Beach Gay Pride called Fling. What started out as a one day event has now turned into three days of non-stop fun, which now includes activities during the afternoon. This year, Miami Beach Gay Pride has included a women’s village on Ocean and 13th Street. The area will include a variety of vendors from food to crafts to their very own Bud Light beer garden. Other highlights include, a dunking booth, a rock climbing wall and at the center of it all, the women’s stage produced by Icandee & Pandora Events sponsored by AHF. The talent arrives from all parts of the country and even France. Artists include DJ Sherock from New York, DJ Vanessa B from Orlando, The Voice France, recording artist, Diana Espir and punk rocker, Eryn Wood, from Atlanta. Also performing will be local favorites, Afrobeta, Steph Taylor and Emily Sheila.

Fling Women’s Weekend Schedule: Friday, April 10/ Night Entourage • Score, 1437 Washington Ave • 10pm – 4am Saturday, April 11/ Day The Women’s Stage presented by AHF • 11am-6pm Ocean Drive & 13th Street, Miami Beach Saturday, April 11 /Night Ménage à Trois • Steam, 30 NE 14th St, Miami • 10pm Sunday, April 12 / Day The 7th annual Miami Beach Gay Pride Parade Ocean Drive • 11am Sunday, April 12 / Night She–Tea Dance • Highbar at Dream Hotel, 1111 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach • 3pm–8pm

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community groups/organizations


Reach The LGBT Women’s Community Advertising in She: A Lot More Affordable Than You Think. Call Today 954-354-9751

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she sisters

she searches SELL SOMETHING YOU LOVE Sales representatives wanted. Unlimited earning potential and some of the highest commissions in the industry! Sales experience, professionalism and a love for She a MUST! Dade, Broward, ORLANDO, TAMPA, JACKSONVILLE areas availiable. Send resumes to donna@ she sisters

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with the village sage

AQUARIUS JAN 21 - FEB 19 The planets are encouraging you to broaden your horizons and explore the world around youthrough experience or imagination. Express yourself in a positive way. Don’t be shy about your feelings, your needs and/or your wants. Don’t give in to passive-aggressive behavior and manipulation to get what you want. Think and act through the principles of win-win and you will surely get everything your heart desires.

leo July 23 - aug 22 The planets are urging you to be more active, to get out and about more in your own neck of the woods and to be more present in your everyday life. Everyone knows and acknowledges that you are large and in charge. However, how you communicate your wants and needs determines the level of cooperation you enjoy. Your quality of life improves with patience, your own good humor and attitude.

pisces feb 20 - mar 20 Finances have been the source of much consternation. You’ve had to pay close attention to the budget and make do with your current cash flow. The planets are empowering positive opportunities and changes in your career, so don’t get impatient and reckless now. Don’t do anything to unsettle your security. Stick to the plan that you have been perfecting. Now it’s time to implement and market yourself with success.

virgo aug 23 - sept 23 The Universe is providing you with a real opportunity to transform your values. You’ll go from measuring your self-worth by your bank balance and material possessions, by gaging your success through more emotional stability. Financial matters require your full attention now. You will need to make necessary changes in how you implement what you already have.

aries mar 21 - apr 20 You are the ‘I’ of the Zodiac, the infant oblivious to the wants and needs of others. However, you as an adult do not have that luxury, so be careful to consider the significant others in your life before committing them to your game plan. Work smarter, not harder. Prioritize, consider what must be done. Don’t over estimate what you can do or underestimate how long it will really take.

libra sept 24 - oct 23 While the planets are supporting interactions within your sphere of influence, as well as adding new, influential friends, the focus for the next six months has to be on you. Life’s circumstances have been challenging, threatening to explode a dirty bomb of pent-up frustrations. Remember that how you react is the only thing you can control, so release your feelings through exercise, dance or sex instead of snapping.

taurus apr 21 - may 21 Self-analysis leads to self-awareness, just don’t linger in the past. Instead, use the experiences as lessons and don’t repeat mistakes. The planets conspire to shake your emotional balance, as issues around control and cooperation take center stage. Keep your cool under fire and keep moving toward your goals, even if your strategy for reaching them is unclear.

scorpio oct 24 - nov 22 The planets are fueling your already frenetic pace, so the challenge becomes to pace yourself. Take time alone time to recharge your batteries, reflect and, perhaps, rethink, your future goals and strategies. Normal routines face disruptions. Accept them calmly and make the necessary adjustments with good humor.

gemini may 22 - june 21 Put your best self forward, as the planets empower you to network yourself, your skills and your services to as many new people as possible. It’s not only what you know that helps you reach your goals, nor is it always who you know, but how you present yourself and how you share your vision. This will make the difference in between creating allies instead of enemies. You will be best served by being of service to others.

sagittarius nov 23 - dec 21 The planets are giving you permission to go out and get creative about living a better quality of life. Accept any and all invitations to go out and play. Grab any opportunity to travel and to be active in the world again. Embrace your passions and do things that make you happy with people you enjoy. Actively seek to broaden your horizons and increase your skill level, as well as your sphere of influence.

cancer June 22 - july 22 As an intuitive sign, you’ve probably been feeling that major changes have been coming for a long time. Hopefully, you’ve prepared for them because ready or not, here they come. No worries though. These are changes for the better, as long as you embrace them and take the opportunities that open to you. Now is the time to improve your professional standing, your personal well-being and the quality of your life.

capricorn dec 22 - jan 20 You’ve been really focused on your finances and your career. That attention has paid off because you are busier than ever. The bad news is that it’s been hard to balance time with loved ones. That needs to be addressed and reframed. Your personal power is strong and your creativity high. Channel that energy into improving your current situation and enjoying what you have worked so hard to achieve.

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She Magazine—April '15  

On Cover: Deborah Cox • Plus: Understanding Second Parent Adoption • Women's Stage at Miami Beach Gay Pride • Miami's Gay & Lesbian Film Fes...

She Magazine—April '15  

On Cover: Deborah Cox • Plus: Understanding Second Parent Adoption • Women's Stage at Miami Beach Gay Pride • Miami's Gay & Lesbian Film Fes...