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Coaching Checklist

Follow these easy steps and you’ll be on your way to a lasting relationship with your Hostess … plus a great party!

Be BETTER TOGETHER during a fun Thirty-One party! Hostess name: Address: Phone:


Preferred contact method:

Three connections with your Hostess for party success FIRST CONNECTION


 Go over the information in her Hostess Packet along with the Hostess Portal on your Virtual Office

 Encourage your Hostess to send reminders to guests about her party

 Ask open-ended questions to learn what kind of party she would prefer and what success looks like for her

 Remind your Hostess to gather outside orders

SECOND CONNECTION  Use the Hostess Rewards Flier to build her wish list and to brainstorm her guest list, while also learning more about her and her guests

AFTER-THE-PARTY CONNECTION  Send a “thank you” note

 Discuss her invitation method (recommending a blended approach)

 Email Invites

 Red Stamp


 VIP guests

 Invite the Hostess to watch what you do and think about what the extra money earned as a Thirty-One Consultant could do for her and her family

 Share the gift of the Thirty-One opportunity, whether it’s to host another party in the future or to join your team

 Discuss the online extras to share with guests

Tools for success Everyone has the tools needed to make Hostess Coaching a breeze. No matter how often you connect with the Hostess and guests before the party, use these tools to make it simple, easy and fun!

Email Invites The perfect way to increase guest attendance at the party.

Facebook Perfect for getting excitement going before the party. Use it to send reminders and learn about party guests.

Red Stamp Quickly send an invite to party guests, remind guests of the party or say thank you after the party.

Thirty-One videos Share the product videos on our YouTube channel with your Hostess to get her familiar with our products before the party.

Hostess Coaching Checklist