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Voicemail Let’s Go!



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4. Voicemail 6. SLEEK TOP 3 7. 18 and Older 8. Summer of Love 9. Auto Craze 10. Imagine! 11. Penny Wise

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LEEK TEAM, welcome to another SLEEK weekly. We remain committed to giving you the best eye candy around town. This week we bring you the highly SLEEK Voicemail duo, but not before we make it known that it’s okay to find love this summer and that 18 and over seems to be now officially endorsed. We’re sure to sharpen your automotive knowledge and you’ll gain some useful tips on how to better budget your cash when going out. Read it all here in SLEEK weekly and don’t forget to Be SLEEK.

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Voicemail )) Let’s go!


You’re bound to hear the hit songs of Voicemail at any event you attend. And 9 out of 10 times, you dance along. We understand, you just can’t help it. The group rose to popularity boasting three members but now has one less due to the passing of O’Neil in 2010. Kevin and Craig’s unique sense of fashion and their appealing personalities make them SLEEK in every sense of the word. Without further ado...Let’s go!

S: Why the name Voicemail? C: It wasn’t planned or we never have any strategic move to the whole thing. It was just a group of guys that went to an audition. A lot of people don’t know Voicemail was originally five people. One of the former members came up jokingly with the name Voicemail after some people said that they were looking for a group and he said yeah we have a group (which was a lie). And then they asked what the name of the group was and he jokingly just said Voicemail. It stick.

where fashion is concerned. S: You mentioned fashion. What’s the preferred mode of dress? C: It’s more an eclectic type of vibe meaning Kevin will wear all a blue jeans with all a white t-shirt and the shoes nuh have nutten to do with it. Then I personally love to

S: How did the group members meet? K: Two of the original members and I were friends, one of them and I went to school together. Then we went to the auditions and through the audition we met Craig and through Craig we met O’Neil. S: What makes Voicemail SLEEK? C: Our sense of fashion, our flavour, our taste and ideas

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coordinate so even if I wear a white t-shirt and a blue jeans either mi fitted or mi snaps aguh match the t-shirt or the jeans, or the sneakers or the Converse or the Vans mi have on. At some point somewhere mi have to be coordinated. S: Was music always your career choice?

K: Funny enough music was nowhere in the puzzle at all. S: If there was one thing you would have done different with your career what would it be? C: Nothing. K: I’d probably learn to play a musical instrument. That’s the only thing I would change. Otherwise from that everything is fine.

as well as ATI and Dream which are always a staple on the calendar. S: What’s the weirdest thing a fan has ever done while on tour? K: There’s so many weird things it hard to pick put one.

S: How is the summer thus far? K: We decided to not do a tour this summer and to put it off S: What’s “We’re excited until further the typical down in about the final October. summer mastering of season This summer the album.” like for we have Voicemail? quite a K: For the few shows past 3 to 4 years we’ve coming up in places actually been away like Guyana but for now from Jamaica during we’re just enjoying the summer time with tours parties and doing some and stuff like that. The shows in Jamaica, mainly typical summer is corporate shows. I’m the regular parties a new father as well so I’m just enjoying that and trying to enjoy every minute with my daughter. C: We’re excited about the final mastering of the album. We’re still not sure about a release date. We’re also excited about the new singles that are in rotation on the radio. We’re looking forward to videos from projects that are out there playing also like our song on the5

SLEEK :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Top 3 Hot events


nd Th JCDC S s c n r een Se e o i t i t e p ries Com T 8th July 7th



he JCDC song competitions ended with a bang at the National Arena. At the end of it all, Levy’s Heritage with their song ‘One Touch’ stood the winner of the Gospel Song competition while Abbygaye ‘Abby’ Dallas’‘Real Born Jamaican’ took the Festival Song crown. Performances by Jerome ‘Jahlil’ Smith and Kevin Downswell provided good entertainment for those who came out to the gospel competition. Those at the festival competition were privy to the L’Acadco Dancers’ tribute to the 2012 athletes done to the songs ‘Flag in My Heart’ and ‘I Am on a Mission’.

uesda y, July 10



atrons at the Tracks and Records lounge were thoroughly entertained by Tanya Stephens at the recent ‘Behind The Screen’ series. All throughout her set, Stephens had the audience in the palm of her hands. She interacted with them and delivered some of her more popular songs such as ‘What’s Your Story’ and ‘Can’t Breathe’. At times, patrons sang along with her, seemingly very much into her performance. The weekly event will in coming weeks feature entertainers such as Beenie Man, Bounty Killer, Assassin, Konshens, Romain Virgo and Protoje.

h of Launc hite D&G W f Rum

roo Overpy, July 13th Frida


n a big celebration at Red Stripe’s field, staff, executives and the public came out to the launch of the D&G White Overproof Rum. For the majority of the night, the disc jockeys, the two bars and the D&G girls kept patrons in high spirits before a formal introduction to the product was done onstage. Bounty Killer delivered a spirited performance to cap off the night. Red Stripe officials told the crowd of the great quality of the product and the value for money that it comes with. The rum will be available in 750 and 200 ml sizes at $850 and $250 respectively. A drink will cost $60.


18 AND OVER Between J. Wray & Nephew Limited and Red Stripe Limited the decision to begin an ageverification system where only persons at or above the legal drinking age of 18 can enter events sponsored by them is underway. ‘Must be 18 or older to party. Drink Responsibly’.


It’s good that entities in Jamaica have opted to go this route as several other countries have been using age-verification methods to control underage drinking.

No security team question patrons upon entering an event.

The ATI and Dream Weekend promoters are said to be very supportive of the effort.

ure we hear it over and over in the radio, television and print media whenever events advertise. But sad to say, it is hardly enforced.

Let’s see what will happen this Independence weekend as the initiative is said to begin with the big Appleton Temptation Isle and Smirnoff Dream Weekend party series to be held in Negril, Westmoreland. The decision by Jamaica’s alcohol beverage leaders supposedly stem from the need to expand on the existing responsible drinking initiatives at these events. But how will age verification work? Simple, persons will now have to present identification to be allowed entry to the events. To have even more control over the situation when purchasing tickets for these events IDs will be a must.

Well they should be, as both events have over several stagings become set fixtures on the event listing of many partygoers. We all want to see how this will work out when we head to Negril in a few weeks.



hh…it’s here again, the most romantic of the four seasons, summer.

All the clear skies, the glowing sun, the cool, calm summer wind, and the sluggish days that spill over into afternoons- the seasonings that give flavour to the season of passion and love, the ingredients of the ardent spirit of summer love. There’s just something about these days that egg on love. Whatsoever the reason may be, it has been working, as it seems most people either fall in love during the summer or take the big step in opting to get married during the summer. According to WikiAnswers, June is the most popular month to get married. Love blooms and flourishes during these months more than in any other season of the year. The highly contagious disease is born in the spring and through Cupid’s careful aim and sense of direction we all catch it, just in time for the summer.

Hand in hand, hugs abundant, smooches galore, the Summer of Love - an often-overlooked phenomenon and by the discretion of some people, it’s second to none. You never know, a summer romance might just bloom into becoming or what feels like the greatest love of your life. “If a June night could talk, it would probably boast it invented romance.” That quote said to be from American programmer and consultant Bern Williams sums it all up. If everyone had a Summer Of Love, there would be no heartbreak, no violence, no hate - only peace, happiness and tranquility. Remember…life is delicate, vague and certainly not forever. Love today or even tomorrow. Go be in love. There is nothing like it.

Enjoy your Summer Of Love.

Very fortunate huh? Couples pop up here, couples pop up there, couples pop up everywhere.



Think you know cars? You might actually…but to some extent. You still might not know these. They’re from makers we’re not used to, are extremely exclusive and features even more than state-of-the-art technology. Even the most informed auto fanatic doesn’t know them all. Savage Rivale / Roadyacht GTS

The world’s first four-door convertible supercar- the Rivale Roadyacht GTS is coming. Wait for it… the doors move up and out so the sides end up facing the sky to allow for entry. It resembles some sort of flower when completely open. With a 670 HP V8 engine, it’s said to have a 0-100km/h time of

3.4 seconds with a top speed of 330+ km/h. Zenvo / ST1 The Denmark built vehicle seems designed to visually express its excessive power and performance. It has your racecar elements with angular edges and shapely creases for an intensely aggressive look. The engine makes use of a supercharger and a turbo to push 1,104 HP. Its top speed is electronically limited to 233 m.p.h. Dartz / Prombron The Dartz Prombron is one of the only luxury vehicles sold to civilians designed to be bulletproof from the buy. It’s capable of withstanding small explosions and ballistic fire from bullets up to 12.7 millimeters. Where else can you get this type

of protection unless you pimp a tank?

mac Automobili / Concept One Completely electricpowered, Rimac Automobili’s Concept One represents huge leaps in electric propulsion technology. The Concept One joins the group of cars pushing in excess of 1000 HP (1088 HP to be exact). The supercar can accelerate from 0-60mph in 2.8 seconds and goes to a top speed of 190 m.p.h.




Imagine a conversation between Bounty Killer and Vybz Kartel. Vybz Kartel: Wah gwan warlord?! Y pree?! Bounty Killer: Nutten nuh change a di Killer yes a mi same one!

////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// S

mooth huh? Too smooth to be true. But imagine if all of this drama had not happened? All of this meaning what if Bounty Killer was still Vybz Kartel’s daddy/fada/dads/ general/mentor? This dancehall business woulda been great yu nuh brethen! (read in Corey Todd’s voice). All of this segregation and division wouldn’t be born and we would have a lot of ‘big tunes’ coming from the studios. We surely would have been spared of being privy to Vybz Kartel’s exaggeration or possible misinterpretation of a ‘yiy change’ for a ‘face change’. ‘Cake soap

cool’ wouldn’t be seen as the new black. Speaking of ‘yiy change’, a sad part of this for some would be that there would be no Popi. No Popcaan would mean there would also be no Gaza Kim, Lisa Hype or Black Rhino. In other words, Gaza Kim wouldn’t have received that ‘ting’, Lisa Hype wouldn’t be exposed while doing the ‘thing’ and Black Rhino wouldn’t have to call in sick for the meeting. The only legitimate beating would be that of Ninja Man at Sting 2003. Remember that blow to the nose? Pow! A hurried apology followed though, so I guess the ‘gaza man’ is not as bad as his songs are. On the topic of his songs, would he have gone the

route of giving liberty to the more open minded females of our society to finally be themselves? As a result, several jewelry stores experienced a business boom and a shortage of tongue rings. Who knows? Maybe his friendship with Alliance members would still be intact and Mavado wouldn’t have been constantly reminded of the fact that he was once a hair groomer. Fast forward to his current predicament...would he be here? We’re not one to pass such judgment and furthermore the crystal ball is not so clear so we can’t say. One thing is for sure though, his split from the Alliance dealt dancehall music a big blow. ABSOLUTELY NO PUN INTENDED.





Car Pooling

Sure four friends can drive their own separate vehicles to an event, but car pooling it’s definitely a more fun way of getting there. Let one friend drive and the others hop in the back/passenger seat. There’s an important part to this however, as each time around there should be a designated driver who keeps sober for the night. That way the safety of the group remains intact.

Shop around

more and more expensive.


he moment you put your hand in your purse, pocket or wallet, you’ve made the decision to spend that money. Somewhere in the back of your mind should be the question: Am I getting good value/the best value possible for my money? Check out these tips to help ensuring you get your money’s worth from an event.

Don’t just go with the hype. Shop around for the best ticket prices based on factors such as the event being drink inclusive, food inclusive etc. That way, you save money on those items that just seem to get




There’s simply NO NEED to go shopping for new clothing EVERYTIME you’re going out. That is totally unnecessary. If you’re someone who does that, while reading this you should be able to come to your senses. For one, the excuse of not wanting to be seen in the same item of clothing is ridiculous as no one pays that much extreme attention to what you wear each time. Mix and match outfits to spend less money on clothing while still looking fine and dandy.


It’s a deal! Ladies are oftentimes the beneficiaries of deals at an event.

Advertisements ring out offering ladies free, ladies 2-4-1 and the more recent 3-4-1 that has been making ladies all across Jamaica happy. For some, this comes with a disadvantage - having to attend an event early. But what’s wrong with that? Why turn up at an event scheduled to be held from 10 pm to 2am at 1am? For almost an hour of partying? Nope. Think again. Take advantage of those deals to keep some extra bucks in your purses.

Travel distance

If you’ve worked out all the necessary information before you decide to head out, the distance you have to travel to get to the event would be something you can’t leave out. The further the event is being held from where you reside means more gas money or taxi money so plan ahead and decide whether the trip far out is worth it.

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SLEEK Issue 4  

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