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Jumpstart Your Warehousing & Distribution Solution! FAQs about SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) Solution from My Supply Chain Group (MSCG)


SUMMARY My Supply Chain Group is best positioned to deliver innovative, comprehensive & cost-effective solutions for your SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) initiatives for the following reasons: We are experts in Distribution and Fulfillment operations and understand the core business processes that comprise an end-to-end Warehouse Management and Automation operation including receiving, putaway and pick-pack-ship We have the organizational structure and depth to support your business – we are a full-service SAP EWM implementation services partner with a total staff complement of 60+ full-time professionals in SAP EWM

Why Implement EWM if I already have WM? As the comparison table on the next page shows, there are improvements and new functionality to be found in SAP EWM, such as, customization of the Radio Frequency Framework (RF). The newly built RF solution is a highly configurable solution where one can adapt the warehouse processes within the core EWM component. For customers who demand a real-time view into their logistics, there are tools, such as, the Warehouse Monitor or the Graphical Warehouse Layout to give a snap shot of current state of affairs. EWM’s opportunistic crossdocking functionality allows a company to streamline product in and flow outbound immediately. SAP EWM can also interface with conveyor systems. It has dramatically improved over the aging WM module. Ask us how we can implement EWM to improve logistics for YOUR company!

Comparison of ECC WM and EWM Functionality FUNCTIONALITY

Manage Stock at Storage Location Yard Management Storage Unit Management Replenishment Pick Logic Standard RF Technology Removal Strategies Handling Unit Management Placement / Put away Strategies Warehouse Bin Management Enhanced Configurable RF Technology Task & Resource Management Expected Goods Receipt Value Added Services Opportunistic Cross Docking Dynamic Cycle Counting Unloading / Loading of Transportation Units Deconsolidation Slotting & Re-Arrangement Labor Management Task Interleaving Standard Voice Picking Standard Material Flow System Integration Analytics Enablement Standard Integration with SAP TMS Standard Dock Appointment Scheduling Standard Weigh Scale Integration





We have already implemented EWM! How can MSCG help us? MSCG has the industry experience with clients who have already implemented EWM. We can provide an entire SCM health check to ensure you are getting the maximum ROI on your current solution. Expert level assistance from MSCG can improve on productivity, streamline processes, or tweak performance with the entire SCM solution (APO, TM, EM, BI, & EWM).

Should we consider Decentralized EWM or S/4HANA Embedded EWM? The Embedded approach as a deployment option within SAP S/4HANA supports less complex or non-high throughput warehouses with a simplified integration to S/4HANA business processes. This Decentralized approach as a deployment option is for more complex and high throughput distribution centers. Decentralized EWM is the preferred solution at 24x7 operations, where multiple ERP systems are required to be connected to a single EWM and when a third party manages warehouse activities. Although the core capability of Decentralized EWM is available in Embedded EWM, below is a comparison

Embedded EWM Vs Decentralized EWM CRITERIA



Master Data

No transfer of Master Data between the systems

Transfer of Master data required

Core Interface

CIF is not required


Customizing Objects transfer

Not required


Document duplication

Inbound and Outbound deliveries are created directly in Embedded EWM.

Replica of Inbound and outbound deliveries called Inbound Delivery Notification (IDN) and Outbound Delivery Request (ODR) are created in decentralized EWM.

Expected Goods Receipt

Not required

Required for cases where no deliveries are created (GRs from production order/ PO without shipping notification)

Quality Inspection

No inspection document is required

Inspection document created through Quality Inspection Engine and Inspection lot from ERP are required.

MSCG Jumpstart MSCG Jumpstart is a proprietary set of custom SAP EWM objects, developed by MSCG, that provide enhanced functionality to Standard EWM processes. The Jumpstart offerings are tried, tested and deployed in live warehouse locations running SAP EWM today. Every business is unique. Our Jumpstarts help reduce the time & cost required to implement as 60-80% of the development is already done ahead of localization.

Jumpstart Benefits • Faster ROI • Reduces project costs • Reduces project risks • Based on Standard EWM processes and EWM implementation best-practices

Available Jumpstarts • Cubiscan – GUI transaction and Fiori App Direct EWM integration to Cubiscan • IBGI and pack-slips Comprehensive document printing solution for the warehouse • Cartonization and Cart Picking Cartonization during WOCR Optimizes and Calculates Carton or Box sizes for shipping and creates Multiple Pick HUs for a Warehouse Order. • Wave Simulation Allows user to check for shortages and replenishment needs before wave release • Pack-spec automatic creation Pack-spec creation can be triggered from a new product CIF • HU Audit Custom transaction (RF and GUI) for verify quantities after picking • Product Master: Default values (CIF) and screen fast entry For non-SAP ERP - Provide a transaction with fast entry screen for Product master and Pack-spec creation for SAP-ERP • Fiori environment Enablement steps Documented list of steps that a new customer can follow

Upcoming Jumpstarts • High volume Outbound/E-comm Two-step picking solution for automated warehouse • Receiving – Fiori App Simplified transaction to reduce receiving time • UCC Case Labelling for Customer EDI Process to produce customer compliant labels and integrate with Picking process • Shuttle transfer between Warehouses using DODOs Simplified process to transfer stock between 2 warehouse in a single ECC plant • Pallet Move Simplified HU move transaction to reduce complexity with open WTs • Task – Interleaving Enable interleaving with reduced master data requirements and complexity

Why My Supply Chain Group? MSCG is best positioned to offer comprehensive and cost-effective solutions for your SAP EWM initiatives for the following reasons:

3 SAP is the only solution platform we have focused on & have deep expertise in since mid-1990s.

6 MSCG consultants decipher trends, fads, opportunities and challenges. They lead from the front delivering solutions and not excuses.

1 MSCG invests in building and developing long-term relationships. We invest time and effort in understanding your business and developing a trusting relationship with your key team members

4 MSCG consultants have delivered SCM solutions for more than fifty Global, Fortune 500 and mid-size companies across many industry verticals.

7 Our past successes and proven expertise in the supply chain arena are reflected in our Strategic Services Partnership with SAP, which has brought us in to many high profile clients.

2 Supply Chain is our core focus. MSCG consultants have extensive experience implementing EWM solutions for many clients.

5 Our highly experienced consultants incorporate leading edge best practices & processes to ensure value maximization & risk mitigation in your supply chain initiatives.

8 Even larger consulting firms partner with us to deliver supply chain solutions to their clients.

About My Supply Chain Group MSCG is a premier enterprise consulting firm with offices in the U.S., Canada and Mexico offering innovative solutions in Supply Chain Strategy, Process Re-engineering and SAP Application Integration. We help leading brand name companies create a sustainable strategic advantage with excellence throughout their supply chain processes and applications. Our highly experienced consultants incorporate leading edge best practices & processes to ensure Value Maximization & Risk mitigation in your supply chain initiatives. MSCG is managed by a highly seasoned leadership team with extensive experience in supply chain management and SAP applications.

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Juststart your Warehousing & Distribution Solution


Juststart your Warehousing & Distribution Solution