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Our Approach We take a natural, whole-body approach to your health and wellness, taking into account all aspects of your body and how they relate to each other. Our focus is on finding what is blocking your body’s natural ability to heal and function at an optimum level, and provide targeted treatment to address the underlying causes. For example, a simple headache can come from a variety of causes or combination of causes — from muscle tension to stress, dehydration, hormonal imbalance or dozens of other reasons. Because we offer a wide array of services in the same convenient clinic, our practitioners are able to work collaboratively to discover and apply the right care for your needs.

A Few Things We Can Help With… We use structural, nutritional, emotional and energetic techniques to analyze any issues related to your health, including these common symptoms: Anxiety/ Stress

Low Energy/Fatigue

AutoImmune Issues

Nutritional Support

Digestive Issues/Inflammation

Pain Management

Food Allergies/Sensitivities



Thyroid Imbalances

High Cholesterol

Weight Loss

Hormonal Imbalance

And many more

Not sure where to begin? We will take you step by step through the process and guide you on your path to wellness.

The first step is an evaluation and discussion with one or our doctors to start finding answers to some of the following questions.

A Natural, Whole-Body Approach

We look at how your body’s systems relate to each other and use a natural, whole-body approach to your health and wellness. q Do you struggle to feel whole, like the apple? q A  re there any (or multiple) conditions that are an ongoing problem for you? q A  re you being told everything looks “normal” but don’t feel well? q A  re your symptoms or number of issues increasing in number, severity, or frequency? q A  re you looking for a more comprehensive approach that focuses on ROOT CAUSES? q Are you willing to take responsibility over your health?

Stress? Low energy? Thyroid issues? Difficult weight loss? Poor digestion? Trouble sleeping? Recurrent Pain?

Did you answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions? Then you should schedule an evaluation with us!

Visit our website at: or call: (703) 237-5999

What is True Wellness? How many times has this happened to you — you go in to see your doctor and, after a brief visit, you’re given a prescription and sent on your way. Or, you are told everything is normal, but you just know something isn’t right. In modern Western medicine, this approach is commonplace. But with Functional Medicine, the patient is engaged on a holistic level, an approach that addresses the root causes of an illness, teaming patient and doctor in a way that focuses on the patient’s whole body. So that you uncover the foundation of chronic conditions, such as allergic, digestive, metabolic and hormonal issues. Instead of simply focusing on individual organs or disease and suppressing symptoms with medications, Functional Medicine treats the body and its imbalances to ultimately achieve longer and healthier living.

Functional Medicine

Wellness Work Up The Wellness Work Up provides a highly-individualized assessment of what is happening in your body at the biochemical level. The package includes: An initial patient visit Comprehensive blood profile and urinalysis 25-page functional medicine report Follow-up review of the report with tailored recommendations Your tailored recommendations will include specific nutritional, dietary and lifestyle plans to help normalize your imbalances naturally, before they become disease processes that are harder to reverse. Those interested in functional medicine will start here.

Transformations If you’re feeling tired, unmotivated and you’ve been gaining unwanted weight, the Transformations 360 program may be the missing piece you’ve been looking for! When combined with the information we get from your Wellness Work Up, the Transformations 360 program will help pinpoint nutritional deficiencies and food intolerances, plus correct functional health imbalances that prevent you from feeling and looking your best!

Our Services We offer a variety of chiropractic and natural medicine-based wellness care, addressing the four aspects of health. Our services complement each other and work together to help you achieve your wellness goals and live free from pain. Below are the services we provide:


Nutritional Therapy Wellness Work Up Transformations Program Naturopathic Medicine


Chiropractic Care Therapeutic Care


Neuro Emotional Technique (NET)


Acupuncture Energy Detox Program

Nutrition Nutritional Therapy Nutrition is a key to holistic healing and is a fundamental component for achieving optimal physical health and function. We help you find the proper nutrients and foods necessary for your lifestyle, allowing your body to rise to the demands you put on it and attain balance.

Wellness Work Up Our wellness work-up utilizes a functional medicine approach that focuses on discovering ROOT CAUSES, based on your individual biochemistry. Once located, the source of your issue can be addressed effectively so that you can get to thriving and enjoying life again. For many people, the wellness work-up is a very important key to assessing where you are currently in your health and wellness, and what specific steps to take to make improvements going forward.

Nutrition Transformations 360 Program

If you’re feeling tired, unmotivated and you’ve been gaining unwanted weight, the Transformations 360 program may be the missing piece you’ve been looking for! When combined with the information we get from your Wellness Work Up, the Transformations 360 program will help pinpoint nutritional deficiencies and food intolerances, plus correct functional health imbalances that prevent you from feeling and looking your best!

Naturopathic Medicine Naturopathic medicine includes the study of both ancient and modern healing, bridging the gap between a traditional approach to disease and an alternative, holistic approach and using the best of both to find the most targeted treatment for individuals.

Structure Chiropractic Care Chiropractic Care is the Cornerstone of Our Holistic Approach The nervous system is the communication pathway for all of the body’s functions. Chiropractic care is a safe and effective way to remove blockages to the nervous system and nerve flow. Once blockages are removed, necessary internal communication to the affected tissues – muscle, blood vessels or organ systems – is restored, allowing the body to begin the process of self-healing.

Therapeutic massage Therapeutic massage is an integral part of our approach to holistic care. Massage therapy can benefit your mind and body with pain relief, stress relief, improved circulation, enhanced immune system, increased mood and improved flexibility. As our massage therapist works on your muscles, the healing process begins immediately. Endorphins – your body’s natural painkillers – are released, which makes massage therapy feel so good while providing relieve from chronic or temporary pain.

Emotion Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) It’s human nature to have an emotional response to the events in our lives. However, when those emotions result in prolonged episodes of stress, our bodies can essentially lock a response in our sympathetic nervous system as a neuro-emotional complex (NEC). That can manifest as ill health. Neuro Emotional Technique, or NET, uses muscle testing, body reflex points, and semantic reactions to assist and guide you to recall the specific negative emotion and when it first occurred. This engages a specific neuro-emotional pattern, a reactive ‘button’. While you mentally hold the emotional memory, a gentle physical correction associated with it is made to ‘deactivate’ the button, releasing the reactive response. This allows the body to heal naturally.

Energy Energy Detox The Energy Detox is our most powerful tool and most effective one for stimulating Chi (Qi), unblocking stuck energetic pathways and increasing vibrational healing energy. This process is used for particulary difficult or complex cases where we want to see a large amount of change. Often combining this procedure with nutritional support or Neuro Emotional Technique for emotional clearing can be one of the most effective ways to support the physical, mental and spiritual health pathways.

Acupuncture Acupuncture is an alternative and holistic healing method that originated in China more than 2,000 years ago. The improved energy and biochemical balance produced results in physical and emotional well-being.

Testimonials “Consider if your health professional has ever described the body’s chemistry to you and how those results are interdependent and related...I feel empowered for the first time in a long time with my health issue.” — Robert A. “I have been seeing [Dr.] Scott for the past 3-4 years, and he has helped me tremendously with my autoimmune disease. He understands and appreciates western medicine while complementing that care with alternative options.” — Suzanne B. “What an incredible holistic clinic! Dr. Kim Muzinski is a master at Neuro-Emotional Technique. This is the most effective treatment I’ve had. I recommend her work to everyone!” — Hope G. “The wellness workup revealed so much and gave so many answers that my traditional practitioner was unable to provide.”

— Rachel H. “Jacquie is an excellent massage therapist. She is the basis that we compare all other massages. She is an A plus.” — Daryl B. “Through Dr. Kim’s chiropractic and vitamin supplement treatments, as well as sessions with my health coach, Christine Olson; my overall health has improved greatly. My blood pressure is down to 113/60. My weight is steadily going down - no more swelling, joint pain or constant fatigue. My GP is even lowering my blood pressure medicine with the plan to discontinue all together if I continue to lose weight.” — Rachel B.

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