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Body Weight scales are an important instrument in the field of medicine, sports, personal fitness and employment. Body weight scales reveal your weight status that can be compared to the weight of others of same height and structure and thus make judgments over whether you are under or overweight, and whether you are recovering or worsening from a disease. It also puts you into a particular weight category while competing for sports like weightlifting, tae kwon do and boxing. Weight measure also helps in judging whether you are eligible for certain types of employment like army or navy. But its most popular use is the bathroom scale measuring your personal weight to monitor your body fitness. From young teenagers to middle aged citizens, all are obsessed with their body weight. Body weight scales are available in analog as well as digital. Also heart patients as well as diabetes patients and other sick individuals are required to maintain a certain weight level for medical reasons. The main consumers of body weight scales are hospitals and households. Along with the craze for dieting came the boom in demand for body weight scales. And there is a wide variety available. While choosing the scale, it must be checked for accuracy like setting the zero mark accurately. Also a suitable range of weight must be purchased. No need to waste money on ranges like 500 pounds which most people are not likely to reach. The next quality to check is readability and the best is the digital scale which displays numbers indicating weight. Some new body weight scales are used to measure ratio of fat to muscle mass. Users stand on asset of metallic footpads, which send a small harmless current through their bodies. Based on the natural electric resistance offered by the body fat, a small computer can measure the ratio of fat to body muscle. This reading is of great use to dieters. Dieters are advised not to be affected too much from their daily body weight readings. Daily weight readings tend to be affected by amount of water retention, excess salt intake, the effect of menstruation, shifts in glycogen storage, and decline of muscles. Body weight scales are of great use for human beings both at home, in the hospital and in sports and games.

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==== ==== Digital Bathroom Scale-See for YOURSELF ==== ====

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