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Improved fleet management drives business growth SHELL WORLD PHILIPPINES

Highlights Edition “FIZZ” AND FUEL Shell customer reaps unparalleled gains from centralised fuel management

BUILDING A ROBUST SHELL BUSINESS SERVICE CENTRE IN MANILA Growing stronger for delivering outstanding product services and customer satisfaction

ON THE ROAD TO GREATNESS: DELIVERING A WORLD-CLASS COMMERCIAL BUSINESS The Philippines is the first country to achieve Flagship status for its Commercial Fuels and Lubricants businesses. shell world philippines i

WELCOME Finding the right balance This edition is one for the books - a double-cover edition filled with stories that chronicled successes of 2012! As you leaf through the pages of this one-of-a-kind edition, you will readily realise that this is a celebration copy of Shell World Philippines magazine. One can’t help but have a stronger sense of pride on the numerous accomplishments of Shell companies in the Philippines in 2012. Recognition from here and abroad and internal and external partners abound helping prove to all and sundry that we are in the right place at the right time. At the company of friends, co-employees and business partners, inspired by visionary leaders, we go forward. In this issue, we bear witness to the fruits of excellent relationships with our business partners – global giant Pepsi Cola and leading bread company Gardenia appreciating Shell’s Fleet Card to manage their fuel consumption. It is, therefore, not surprising that Shell has been receiving rave reviews from its customers. And the accolades do not stop there. In 2012, Shell in the Philippines has managed to receive multiple awards. We were recognised from almost all fronts: safety, health, environment, public relations, business and operational performance, and social performance. However, we are most proud of the Flagship status - the highest operating level a business can achieve within Global Commercial - given to the Philippine Commercial business. The Philippines is the first country across Shell around the world that attained this status in both fuels and lubricants. Another source of pride for Shell is the next phases of the Malampaya Deep Water Gas-to-Power Project. The next phases will ensure that Shell can continue to provide electricity to one third of the country using a cleaner source of energy – the natural gas. In spite of all these recognition and pride moments, we never forget that Shell continues to have a role in all the communities where it operates; hence you can read in this edition that Shell remains steadfast in implementing impactful social investment programmes, e.g. Unlad sa Pasada, Shell Active Chess, Shell National Students Art Competition and Shell Eco-marathon. Balancing commercial and social interests have always been the crux of the problem for a number of companies - with a lot favouring the first over the latter in their drive towards good bottom line for their stockholders. But Shell may have found the right balance. It is not favouring one over the other or choosing which is more important but favoring and making all important in the conduct of its businesses. For Shell, the right balance is key to success.

Ron F. Jabal

Country Internal Communications Manager Shell companies in the Philippines

2 i shell world philippines

ISSUE 3 2012


MEET THE TEAM Editorial Advisor Roberto S. Kanapi Editor-in-Chief Ron F. Jabal Managing Editor Jun Jay G. Jimenez Copy Editor Maria Fatima Cruz Writers Fatima Cruz Jocelyn Diana-Diga Jun Jay G. Jimenez Contributors Gilda Edep Areza Ferroni Frandy Martir Chielthy Perlas Marinelle Torres TO CONTACT THE SWP TEAM: Mailing Address Shell World Philippines 14/F Shell House 156 Valero St., Salcedo Village Makati City 1227 E-Mail Website External Recognition

Shell World Philippines is published quarterly for the employees of Shell companies in the Philippines and for interested readers outside the business. Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the official views of any Shell company. The following expressions are inherent to Shell businesses in the Philippines: SciP (Shell companies in the Philippines), which encompasses its companies in the country; and Pilipinas Shell (Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation). The specific names of other Shell companies will be duly mentioned in the article. Shell World Philippines is published by the Communications Department for the Shell companies in the Philippines (SciP).

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Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines Inc. enjoys the rewards of Shell Fleet Card leading to efficient management of the company’s fuel consumption.



Leading bread manufacturer Gardenia successfully improved its existing fleet management through the Shell Fleet Card.



Various business units of Shell companies in the Philippines received awards for top-notch performance last year.




Delivering outstanding product services and customer satisfaction while fostering a stronger Shell culture among its employees.



A pilot batch comprised of 20 Shell Unlad sa Pasada scholars reaped the rewards of their hard work after graduating from their vocational and technical training.




The Shell sponsored annual chess competition continues its search for future grandmasters while instilling positive values among the youth to become better individuals.



Shell Commercial business in the Philippines marked another milestone for being the first country in the global Shell business to attain Flagship status in both fuels and lubricants, the highest operating level a business can achieve within the Global Commercial. shell world philippines i 3

“Fizz� and Fuel

Unparalleled gains from centralised fuel management provide a platform for sustainable growth.


epsi-Cola Products Philippines, Inc. (PCPPI) and Shell became business partners ten years ago. The relationship initially began with the Metro Manila business unit. Joining the company as a Management Trainee, Lyn Udarbe was immediately promoted as Sales Office Operations Manager for Metro Manila within her first three months of employment. Two years later, Lyn became Finance Manager. Today, as Finance Director, she is still passionate about the relationship with Shell as she recalls the day in Manila, a decade ago, that she spotted the billboard advertising Shell Fleet Card. During her trainee days, fuel negotiation was decentralised at

4 i shell world philippines

Card apart from the products that other suppliers offer.” This year, Lyn has made it her mission to continue to promote the use of Shell Card to the company’s fleet division to whom she refers to as their ‘truckers’. Last year alone, PCPPI managed to convert 15% of their fleet, a third party company, to subscribe to Shell Card Online to help enhance their dispatching system. To date, their record has shown a heavy use of fuel as they deliver products directly to customers up to the smallest retail stores in the farthest towns. Lyn Udarbe sees to it that Pepsi-Cola operations is cost-effective

As the business expanded, it became apparent to Lyn that the manual system was inadequate to support growth, due to the various uncertainties and inconsistencies that often resulted in discrepancies in the management of their day-today operations. “We were mainly servicing our sales team who were always out in the field, and all the senior management who were provided with company cars. It was a challenge to manage and track fuel costs using the manual system as they would refuel anywhere as and when needed.”

decision to centralise the negotiation of our national fuel consumption,” recalls Lyn. This was a challenge, as other business units had a long-standing, good relationship with their existing suppliers. However, it did not take long for other end users to appreciate the convenience of the Shell Fleet Card system with it running smoothly. Lyn is now the contact person for the consolidated PCPPI transactions and has succeeded in enforcing the use of Shell Fleet Card across the business. “As a finance person, I like the way the billings are organised via Shell Card Online. The system allows me to access our billing on time and acquire an exact costing of our fuel expenses at any given time. I also like the quick response provided by the system as we are able to relay our issues on card, cancellations, including our application for new cards.”

PCPPI Metro Sales set out to source Shell Fleet Card. The relationship began initially between Shell and Lyn’s Metro Manila group, which was the biggest business unit in terms of volume. “Head Office made the

“Of course, the system isn’t perfect, with its occasional network issues,” she continues, “but the account managers responsible are ever ready to resolve any issues, even at odd hours. This is what sets Shell Fleet

each PCPPI business unit. “We were using a manual system then,” says Lyn, “but we’re looking for other means to make our operations more efficient, as well as find opportunities to be more cost effective.”

By partnering with Shell, Lyn is convinced that they can be more fuel-efficient and cost-effective while increasing the efficiency of their distribution system. She also believes that the extensive network of Shell stations across the country provides their truckers with convenience in refuelling, inevitably promoting a smoother distribution process. “Every year, I source out and receive proposals from other suppliers as I am continuously looking for ways to be more cost-effective. But each year, time and again, Shell always wins in terms of competitive prices, quality marketing support and customer service. Ten years ago, Shell had the highest number of online stations in Manila compared to its competitors. To date, across the country, it still has.” SWP

Fast facts • Pepsi-Cola arrived in the Philippines in 1946 just after World War II, importing products from its parent company in the U.S. during the first year • Its first bottling plant was established in Quezon City in 1947 • In 1989 it became known as Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines, Inc. (PCPPI), which has remained the company’s proud handle to date shell world philippines i 5

Simplicio Umali Jr. stands proud of what Gardenia has accomplished through the years.

Feeding the Sophisticated system and support help Gardenia transition from treating fuel as a necessary expense to treating fuel as a manageable resource.


s nightime unfolds, trucks from leading bread manufacturer Gardenia leave their factories in Laguna and Cebu and head to several destinations across the Philippines. The fleet of 22 and 24 footers, known to Gardenia as ‘feeder trucks’, travel to specific Shell service stations located across the country to perform their routine refueling while distributing their load on to delivery vans. This ‘feeder operation’ takes place daily between midnight and early dawn, and is key to Gardenia’s customers receiving fresh bread each day.

must run well always. By partnering with Shell, our feeder operation is effortless. We are confident that wherever our drivers go, they can refuel and distribute their load.” When Mr Umali joined Gardenia in 1999 as the General Manager, it was a medium-sized corporation with a fleet of approximately 20 trucks, performing distribution operations within Metro Manila and the surrounding provinces. Since then, Gardenia experienced a rapid growth, increasing its revenue from 4 million USD to 70 million USD as of 2011.

“This requires a massive distribution effort on our part,” declares Gardenia’s President and General Manager Simplicio P. Umali Jr. “Our fleet has to be in top shape and

Facilitating this growth is their flagship factory in Laguna which had an initial capacity of 50,000 loaves per day. Today, the production capacity has expanded to 650,000

6 i shell world philippines

loaves and buns per day, a success attributed not only to its worldclass production system, but also to the specialised, highly-automated equipment produced by European and U.S. companies and used only by Gardenia in the Philippines. Customers can see for themselves how the high-tech operation works on one of Gardenia’s daily plant tours. Before the partnership with Shell began ten years ago, the logistics process in terms of transportation was complicated and disorganised. “In the past, our trucks were using different brands of fuel. The drivers and our sales team were given cash advances to refuel at any gas station conveniently located near us or along the way, and were required to submit expense forms to support the

“Feeders” purchase. The system worked at the beginning as our sales team and fleet were both small in size. However, very quickly, we realised that a more efficient system was required to support our rapid growth.” Shell Fleet card was introduced to Gardenia in 2000 as a “key strategic initiative to drive efficiency into the distribution process,” Mr Umali recollects. “A decision was made to radically adopt the system as it was seen as an opportunity to significantly improve existing fleet management.” The rollout and initial usage showed immediate benefits. However, there were some teething problems. “A key ingredient to the success of the partnership that we see today was the responsiveness and support

that Shell provided in adapting the system and fixing faults.” Through the years, Gardenia and Shell have worked together in finetuning their business relationship to ensure that Shell Fleet Card system and its implementation is optimal. To this, Mr Umali adds, “The key benefit provided by the system was a change in mindset where we previously treated fuel as a necessary cost, but now with the tools provided, we see fuel as a resource that needs to be and can be managed. The system provides detailed Just-in-Time reporting that allows us to track the movement of vehicles, the efficiency of fuel usage as well as ensures we are able to use cost-effective distribution routes.”

Partnering with Shell has also introduced a safer environment to support their feeder operation. This is largely because they are able to make use of the extensive network of Shell service stations across the country to both provide a safe resting place for their sales team as well as a location for their feeder trucks and delivery vans to meet, distribute and refuel simultaneously. “We look forward to maintaining this relationship for years to come,” declares Mr Umali. “It is, after all, our policy to partner with businesses which are dedicated in creating strategic relationships that drive growth for all parties. Shell is truly a partner that fits the bill in every aspect of our engagement.” SWP

shell world philippines i 7

Quill Award for Road Safety programme

FPI Award for Health and Safety


2012 SCIP AWARDS INTERNAL AWARDS January 2012 • Pandacan Depot Services, Inc. achieves 9-MILLION safety milestone • Commercial Fuel honours 2011 top performers Shell General Manager for Commercial Fuels-East Cluster Min Yih Tan and Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation President and Commercial Fuels General Manager Edgar Chua, recognised exemplary Commercial Fuels staff in a night of celebration held to honour achievements that delivered outstanding growth for the Commercial business. Commercial Fuels Account Managers Carmelo Lauengco, Rachel Manabat, Marvin Calingo, Jun Manuel and Commercial Fuels Technology Development Executive Andrew Kho, were accorded the Commercial Fuels Deal of the Month for July, September, October, November and December 2011 respectively. Similarly, Shell Touchless Business Specialist Rina Chavez was accorded with a ‘Partner of the 8 i shell world philippines

Quarter for Q3 and Q4 2011 for displaying exemplary Sales 1st behaviours. FEBRUARY 2012 • SPEX Controllers receive UIA Connected Finance Award March 2012 • Tabangao Refinery wins two EVP Awards Shell Tabagao Refinery wins Process Safety Excellence Award for the 5th consecutive year and Executive Vice President’s (EVP) Award for Leader Standard Work (LSW) given in March 2012. • Shell lauds 2011 Global Commercial Competition winners For delivering exceptional customer experience and outstanding results, Shell Philippines received top honours in the 2011 Shell Global Commercial Competition, themed ‘Powering Performance’. Emerging as Customer First Champions were Offer-to-Cash (OTC) Sales Support 1 Emma Reyes, Pricing Admin 1 Lyssa Ocampo, OTC Global Customer Service Centre

(CSC) - Manila Customer Service Professional Cecille Antenorcruz (Australia Operations), International Customer Service Professional Louise Zamora (International Marine), and Supply Chain Liaison Officer LadyAlthea Castillo (US Operations), while Shell Philippines Global Commercial Account Manager – Conglomerates Roland Marcelo was named Sales Champion. June 2012 • Double Platinum for Shell Aviation Manila For sustaining its high standards and consistently delivering exemplary Health, Safety, Security, and Environment (HSSE) performance, the Shell Aviation Philippines Team in Manila bagged a ‘Goal Zero Double Platinum Award’ in the recently concluded Shell Aviation Goal Zero HSSE Award. • Shell Philippines Fuels & Lubricants Teams achieve Sales 1st Flagship Status PH is the first country to get Shell Global Commercial Sales

Commercial Fuels Top Performers 1st Flagship Status for both Commercial Fuels and Lubricants. Shell Philippines Global Commercial Team (Fuels and Lubricants) is now operating at Flagship status in all five areas of the Shell Global Commercial Sales 1st Journey Progress Grid (JPG). Flagship is the highest operating level that a business can be awarded on the Sales 1st Journey Progress Grid. • 11 Goal Zero Years: The Malampaya Onshore Gas Plant makes it possible With its strong culture of safety, exemplary team effort and hard work, the Malampaya Deep Water Gas-to-Power Project scored a remarkable 11 Goal Zero years. The safety milestone known as “11 Years Goal Zero” represents 11 years of operations without any significant incidents or accidents reported from the site. December 2012 • BEST wins 2012 CEO HSSE and SP Award for Excellence in Social Performance Royal Dutch Shell CEO Peter Voser awarded the prestigious CEO HSSE and SP Award to Shell Philippines Exploration and Malampaya Foundation for its Bridging Employment through Skills Training (BEST) programme, under the category “Excellence in Social Performance”.

Tabangao wins EVP Awards EXTERNAL AWARDS January 2012 • 47th ANVIL AWARDS – Shell Eco-Marathon APRIL 2012 • PSFI’s Sanayan sa Kakayahang Agrikultural (SAKA) programme bags prestigious AmCham photo award Pilipinas Shell Foundation, Inc. (PSFI) won the AmCham CSR Photo Competition for the 2nd consecutive year, with “SAKA scholar tends his crops,” a photo taken from the Sanayan sa Kakayahang Agrikultural (SAKA) programme. JUNE 2012 • MOGP awarded DENR Seal of Approval for HSSE The Malampaya Onshore Gas Plant (MOGP) has been given the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Seal of Approval under the Track 1 Category of the Philippine Environment Partnership Programme (PEPP). • HR Services Manila received an award as “Role Model in Delivery and Operational Excellence” during the Remuneration, Benefits, and HR Services Conference held in Sanpoort, Netherlands.

SEPTEMBER 2012 • SPEX Controllers receive UIA Connected Finance Award • HR Services Manila won “Excellence in Customer Service and People Communication” categories during the 15th Annual Asian Shared Services and Outsourcing Network Conference in Singapore. NOVEMBER 2012 • FPI awards Shell as Most Outstanding Corporation in the practice of Health and Safety The Federation of Philippine Industries’ recent recognition is a strong affirmation to Shell’s outstanding health and safety programmes as well as a validation of Shell as a good corporate citizen. Shell companies in the Philippines (SciP) received the Most Outstanding Corporation Award in the practice of Health and Safety, given by the Federation of the Philippine Industries, Inc. (FPI) during the staging of its 2nd Philippine Manufacturers and Producers Summit held at the Hotel InterContinental Manila on November 22, 2012. • Coca-Cola awards Shell Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines Inc. awarded Shell the Bronze award as an Outstanding supplier, shell world philippines i 9

SBSC Smile Recognition Outstanding Account Manager Award for Pilipinas Shell Account Manager Roland Marcelo, and recognition of Shell Fleet Card Team as Coke’s Partner on the Road. CCBPI also lauded the Shell Fleet Card Team with a Customer Excellence Award and Partner on the Road for unparalleled Fleet Card technology. • Solar Village Award for Shell given by Solar Energy Foundation • GK Bayani Build Award In recognition of Shell’s heroic commitment to building the nation in partnership with Gawad Kalinga DECEMBER 2012 • Shell is world’s leading lubricants company Shell is recognised as the world’s leading lubricants company by the 10th Annual Kline and Company report on the global lubricants sector (“Global Lubricants Industry 2011: Market Analysis and Assessment”), which confirmed that Shell maintained its volume leadership position during 2011, enjoying a 13% market share. Shell has had volume market leadership for the 6th consecutive year. • DOLE, SOPI, DSWD recognise SBSC-Manila for exemplary safety and health milestone The Department of Labour and Employment (DOLE)-Bureau of Working Conditions (BWC) conferred the 2012 Safety Milestone (SMILE) Recognition 10 i shell world philippines

DENR Seal of Approval for HSSE Award to Shell Business Service Centre - Manila (SBSC) for the centre’s commitment and effort in the effective implementation of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) practices which resulted in No Lost Time Accident for 2011. • Shell Anibong Terminal, Malampaya Onshore Gas Plant win prestigious DENR Award Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation and Shell Philippines Exploration B.V. were among the 18 firms which received DENR’s Official Seal of Approval, in recognition of their efforts in incorporating green policies across business operations to help protect the environment. • Shell Pandacan, SBSC, SPEX MOGP win SOPI’s Industrial Safety Award Three facilities of Shell companies in the Philippines bagged the Industrial Safety Award for their outstanding safety records during the 45th National Industrial Safety Convention held recently at the Subic Bay Freeport Zone. Recipients of the award are Shell Business Service Centre (SBSC) Manila for over 15.7 million man-hours safety; Shell Pandacan Terminal for 6.1 million man-hours of safety; and the Malampaya Onshore Gas Plant (MOGP) in Batangas for 1.1 million man-hours of safety. • IABC Philippine Quill Awards recognition for Road Safety Programme

• Shell’s Goal Zero Project & PSFI’s Panahiang Pangkabuhayan sa Pandacan were named Finalists in the Public Affairs Asia Gold Standard Awards in Hong Kong. • Public Relations Society of the Philippines’ Anvil Awards Recognition for Shell Eco-marathon Asia: Moving forward Smarter Mobility; Movement Against Malaria’s Biyahe ng Kulambo; Pepeng Pasada Club; Shell Fuel Save Day; Young Eco-Savers. • SPEX bags 3 GKK Awards Shell Philippines Exploration BV (SPEX) was presented three honours in the 8th Gawad Kalusugan and Kaligtasan (GKK) Awards of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE). The prestigious national award is given every two years to establishments and individuals with the best practices in occupational safety and health (OSH). The Malampaya Onshore Gas Plant in Batangas and the Shallow Water Platform have each been conferred the DOLE Secretary’s Award of Distinction (Institutional Category), while SPEX Safety and Environment Delivery Team Lead Isagani Rodriguez Jr., is a recipient of the DOLE Secretary’s Award of Honour (Individual Category).

Building a robust Shell Business Service Centre in Manila

Shell Business Service Centre (SBSC) - Manila moves forward to become a stronger organisation that delivers outstanding product services and customer satisfaction while fostering a stronger Shell culture among its employees. By Frandy B. Martir, Gilda Edep, Marinelle Torres, Chielthy Perlas, and Areza Ferroni

OTC Manila (Customer Service Centre) and its triumphs uite ambitious as it may seem when it was launched in 2011, but Offer-to-Cash (OTC) Organisation - Global Customer Service has proven many times that it has made a significant mark in Shell Business Service Centre (SBSC) - Manila’s Customer 1st journey - a programme that focuses on the need for staff to proactively put their customers first in everything that they do.


Continuing its trailblazing performance, Manila has recently hit the 8.1 Customer Satisfaction Index score - a few notches shy of the 8.5 target set for 2012. “Indeed, we have reason to celebrate big time! I feel that we have our fingers on the right buttons with Customer Service Centre (CSC), Quality Assurance, and our partners within the business. I am optimistic that we will hit the mark this year,”

says Eric Heng, General Manager, Global Customer Service Manila and Kuala Lumpur. On September 18-21, 2012, SBSC-Manila celebrated the “Customer 1st Week” for the second straight year together with the Centre’s employees and partners from other Shell business units. The celebration focused on creating and enhancing business partnerships with customers by delivering superior service to all of them. The week-long celebration featured visits to customer sites and factories. There were also a line-up of activities for CSC staff including “A Day in a life of an Account Manager” otherwise known as “Piggy Back”, where a CSC staff joined an account manager as he delivers his daily client call; talk sessions with invited customers and partners within Shell; and the Shell retail site ambassador programme – all are geared to achieve excellence in customer

interface among CSC staff. The celebration also featured the wellreceived “Trade Fair” that featured operating units (OU) from Australia, Philippines, United Kingdom, United States, International Marine and International Aviation. This year, partners from Order-to-Delivery, Supply & Distribution, Credit, and Lubricants Supply Chain (LSC) were among the exhibitors that showcased their business unit’s services. shell world philippines i 11

“Customer 1st I think is clearly our life plot. You all know the behaviours, the customer knowledge, the customer ownership, the collaboration – you have made this become life over the last 18 months. Where you have taken this to, I’m just absolutely amazed,” says Fabian Ziegler, Vice President for OTC. Evidence of the Customer 1st success in Manila has been gained through the teamwork and passion of its hardworking staff, constant review of OU performance, and effective communication to keep the team abreast with the progress of the journey. “You are the team who took customer satisfaction for probably 40% of Downstream customers from 6.8 to 7.5 to 8.1, and you did this because you live Customer 1st day in

roads lead to the beautiful Rio de Janeiro in Brazil! HR Services Manila: Internally Recognised, Externally Benchmarked Human Resources (HR) Services Manila made history when it received recognitions from both internal and external award giving bodies. With its combined teamwork and passion for operational excellence, HR Services Manila continues its winning streak here and abroad. Last September 6, 2012, HR Services Manila and HR Services Kuala Lumpur received two top awards in excellence in customer service and people/ communication categories during the 15TH Annual Asian Shared Services And Outsourcing Network Conference

story highlighted specific goals which are: adding more value to the business through return of investment; creating an attractive employee value proposition by having HR framework and good communication set-up; fostering and encouraging open communication internally for learning purposes; and establishing strong relationship with the business/country stakeholders through joined-up efforts. To ensure success in achieving these goals, strategic approaches were implemented on the areas of people development through training, talent segmentation, motivation, performance management, and stakeholder management. Overall, the approach to people and communication has been a journey. As the centres in Manila and Kuala Lumpur mature as organisations, so

OTC/CSC staff during the Shell Retail Site Ambassador programme which is part of the Customer 1st Week celebrations

and day out. And for all the efforts, a very big thank you,” Ziegler added. Last March 24, 2012, CSC Manila named its top performing employees who met the assigned metrics and qualifiers set by the businesses that CSC is supporting through a red carpet awards night held at the Newport Performing Arts Theatre of the Resorts World Manila. Among the 13 awardees, the three top performing staff were recognised. The winners were flown to the majestic Monaco as part of their Customer 1st incentive to meet the other winners from across the globe. With the successes of Customer 1st celebrations in Manila, 2013 would even be more exciting backed with the excellent record and service delivery of CSC Manila. With these outstanding records, we are optimistic that all 12 i shell world philippines

held in Singapore. In the Customer Service category, both service centres won first place. Projects implemented by the two centres to strengthen the collaboration between HR Services and HR in country were recognised. These efforts established a bond between the two branches of HR that positively influenced the quality of services delivered to Shell employees. The results determined communication and collaboration as key drivers to success. Ultimately, the effect of the combined initiatives is a true joined up HR mentality which stood out among other organisations’ achievements in the field of Customer Service. For the People and Communication category, where Manila and Kuala Lumpur won second place, their

are their approach to communication and how they manage their people in order to provide an interesting value proposition for them to work for Shell Service Centres and eventually evolve as world class organisations. Another recognition received by Manila was the Role Model in Delivery and Operational Excellence, given last June 26, 2012 during the Remuneration, Benefits and HR Services Conference held at Sanpoort, Netherlands. Though this is an internal recognition, this achievement highlights how Manila has achieved consistency in operational excellence. Regional Operations Manager for HR Services Manila Ed Payongayong shared his meaningful insights to the team based on his personal

experiences in managing the operations for the past 6 years in relation to all the recognitions received by the Centre. “This testifies the organisation’s focus on continuously sustaining and surpassing its performance through the hard work and dedication of its people. It entails strong influence from leaders and commitment from staff highlighting the concept of the Hand, Head, and Heart mindset. This approach enables the staff to use the hand effectively, leveraging on the skills that have been acquired, demonstrating excellence in performing tasks while using the head for strategising intelligently. Finally, using the heart by bringing the passion to build stronger and more concentrated partnership with our customers.” HR Services Manila continues to gear up for a stronger and performance-driven organisation which continuously delivers worldclass service by seeking new ways to enhance its operations by embedding a mindset of continuous improvement. Always aiming for excellence, these recognitions are a source of inspiration and motivation for HR Services Manila to consistently deliver outstanding performance and be internally recognised and externally benchmarked.

A Truly Connected Finance It was not the usual evening for Shell companies in the Philippines’ (SciP) One Finance Community last September 19, 2012. Everyone took a break from their normal routine to dress up and join the Connected Finance event with the Finance Leadership Team (FLT) of Royal Dutch Shell, led by Chief Financial Officer, Simon Henry, along with his team of EVPs across the Shell Finance organisation. Needless to emphasise that this year’s event was extraordinarily huge with the privilege of hosting the FLT and also because the invitation has been extended to a wider population, it was the first time to include Finance Operation’s JG 5s, comprised mainly of team managers from various processes where every member of the FLT were given the opportunity to be seated next to the local finance folks during dinner. It was a great time to converse casually on topics outside of work and it also reinforced interaction. Knowledge gained from the conversation can be shared back to the team in SBSC-Manila Vice President for Expenditure Paul Robinson and SBSC Manila GRA Manager Aireen Cabiles showed off their talk show talents when they acted as moderators before the VIP guests which included Ian Robertson, EVP Finance Operations, Carol Cameron,

Some CSC staff during the closing ceremony with Vic Pascual (2nd from right), Customer 1st Lead for Manila, and Eric Heng (extreme right).

EVP HR Global Functions, JeanBaptiste Juery, EVP Finance Upstream Americas and Simon Henry, Shell Chief Financial Officer. Discussions include popular topics like Diversity and Inclusion, where questions on opportunities for women to move to senior positions were tackled; Sustainability – where Simon Henry shared his insights on the importance of delegation—where trusting people in doing their jobs well is fundamental; Value Gap and People Development – where Carol Cameron shared the importance of maintaining a personal relationship with team members. The FLT also recognised individuals who excelled in the SciP Talent Development Programme for exhibiting great collaboration and making a distinct contribution in delivering the organisation’s goal. The evening’s festivities was capped with a content of talent wherein the PLT served as the panel of judges. In the end, the group from Shell Philippines Exploration, B.V. Finance Team took home the top award for their rendition of the famous “Gangnam Style Dance.” This year’s Connected Finance event gathered SciP’s One Finance Community and the Finance Leadership Team to celebrate milestones in this one-of-a-kind experience. SWP

(Left to right) Ornuthai Na Chiangmai, GM OTC Ops Southeast Asia, Fabian Ziegler, VP Offer-to-Cash, and Eric Heng, GM Global Customer Service. shell world philippines i 13

On the road to greatness: Delivering a world-class Commercial business Sustaining a strong performance from a robust and profitable business in 2012, the Commercial Fuels and Lubricants teams in the Philippines are leaving no stones unturned this year to deliver the highest service standards to Shell customers and relentlessly aiming to surpass targets for another year of remarkable achievements. By Jun Jay G. Jimenez

14 i shell world philippines

The Road to Flagship Globally, the business arena is getting more challenging and competitive. Businesses are in constant battle for supremacy in their respective industries. Thousands of brands are fiercely competing to win customers and aggressive in boosting their market share. There is no easy path to build a strong business. It takes a good combination of strategies and a strong army of dedicated people for a business to get ahead of the competition. And the outcome can be energising and rewarding for the business. For its recent achievement, the Commercial business in the Philippines proved it can deliver a strong finish in 2012 for Shell. Coming out strong each year with a topnotch performance, the Commercial Fuels (CF) and Lubes teams in the Philippines were proclaimed to have achieved Flagship Operating Status in all five areas of the Sales 1st Journey Progress Grid (JPG) on September 14, 2012. Flagship is a term used by Sales 1st in recognising “best

in class”. It is a combination of individual growth and business prosperity and is the highest operating level a business can achieve within Global Commercial. Sales 1st is a programme that constitutes vision and principles aiming to achieve world-class customer and sales focused organisation while delivering profitable growth. It supports the Downstream-One aim of creating a motivating selling environment. Soaring high with a goal to reap the Flagship status, the Commercial Fuels and Lubes teams worked cohesively and efficiently used all available resources to deliver successes in the following: • Integration/inclusiveness of Sales 1st journey throughout and cutting across the entire organisation (examples are cross functional deal teams, shadowing programme, multi-line of business lead generation process, employee referral programme, cross function town hall sessions and Sales 1st/Customer 1st Corners);

• Progress made despite amount of turnover during the last 12-18 months; • Seamless employee transitions for our customers and Shell; • Effective leveraging of Sales 1st behaviours/tools and processes to create a culture of excellence; • Full integration of the Sales CRM system – creating corporate memory and consistent usage; • Coaching Programme – commitment to pre and post call planning using POPSA and continuous improvements where everyone is learning; • Nominating Sales 1st champions and ambassador per team to ensure swift knowledge transfer; • Sales 1st council formed by Global Commercial Leadership team to ensure progress is monitored, action items are closed and follow thru is made for sustainability; • Sharing of best practices across teams; • Hosting mock review sessions to identify strong points and areas for improvement needed for each staff. shell world philippines i 15

Years of dynamism, dedication and teamwork by Philippines Fuels and Lubes teams have led to attainment of the Flagship status. The road to attainment of Flagship has not been easy. It demanded compliance to highest standards and business excellence to transform an internally focused company into a world class sales organisation. It was a welldeserved achievement which made the Philippines as the first country to achieve Flagship status for both Fuels and Lubricants businesses. United for success: Commercial Fuels and Lubes teams celebrate Flagship Operating Status, the highest operating level a business can achieve within Global Commercial; (Inset) Shell companies in the Philippines Country Chairman Edgar Chua, who also heads the Commercial operations in the country, triumphantly steers the business through the years. 16 i shell world philippines

Sales 1st Excellence Team Lead Tom Flematti said, “Leadership was definitely a contributing factor in achieving Flagship status. The Philippines has some of the strongest local leadership in Global Commercial”. The inspired leadership and drive of the Commercial leadership team led by Edgar Chua along with excellent business

integration yielded this Flagship achievement. The leadership at all levels from Cluster General Managers Emmanuel Mignot and Min Yih Tan, through to every Sales Team Leader and supporting function (SASU, LSC, Supply & Distribution, Finance, Pricing, Marketing, Technical, etc.) have instilled Sales 1st as a way of life. “Being given Flagship status which is based on very stringent standards confirms the world class professionalism and winning attitude of CF and Lubes teams. This gives us a good foundation for reaching our 2015 business aspirations which we call Olympic targets. We need to be on top of our game consistently to achieve this,” said Shell Pricing Manager Mao Vergel De Dios. “Aside from world class professionalism, Sales 1st Flagship also proves the world class teamwork in Shell companies in the Philippines,” he said. Shell Philippines Lubes Manager Dennis Javier said, “I am truly very proud of the entire Lubricants team.

The world outside is continuously changing and competition is closely watching us. Let us use the momentum of this milestone to propel us to greater heights of professionalism. - Edgar Chua

Despite the Sales and Marketing organisational changes, we were assessed operating at Flagship. It was a big task for Lubricants team, but we responded to the challenge. Indeed, this is a Shell companies in the Philippines achievement and without doubt, everyone is proud of it. We promise to keep moving ahead of the curve as the market landscape keeps changing.” Inspired for excellence Operating at Flagship status is like a beacon for Commercial Fuels and Lubes. It is a source of inspiration for team members to always aim for excellence in making every Shell customer experience a world class service that is sealed with quality and reliability. Moving forward with optimism, the CF and Lubes teams are aggressively moving on the road to greatness. As General Manager Commercial Fuels – East Min Yih Tan said, “this is not

a destination by itself. It is a major milestone – a breakthrough in our competence development journey. The key now is sustaining with the same focus and enterprise spirit as well as embedding the key elements that we have been putting forth as part of our culture.” While the ultimate aim is to always surpass expectations of Shell customers, CF and Lubes team members are now ready to face the challenge of exploring potential markets to seize more opportunities and deliver service excellence. Chua expressed pride in leading a team of achievers, and praised his team members for a job well done. “Our achievement of Flagship status was a culmination of two years of hard work by the Commercial Fuels and Lubes teams. I would like to thank everyone in the teams for putting in first class effort which enabled us to achieve this milestone,”

said Chua. He encouraged everyone to always deliver the best in their respective roles while continuing the Sales 1st Journey. “As we savour our success, we must make sure that we intensify our efforts to address areas for improvement and must keep raising the bar. This achievement is just a milestone in our continuing journey to excellence.” Motivating further his team members to always pursue excellence, Chua said, “the world outside is continuously changing and competition is closely watching us. Let us use the momentum of this milestone to propel us to greater heights of professionalism. Thank you for all your great work. I am truly proud to be part of this team.” Moving beyond flagship, the Commercial Fuels and Lubes teams are heading out to win more customers, grow the business further, and deliver significant milestones to sustain the success of Commercial business in the Philippines. SWP shell world philippines i 17

Creating opportunities for Unlad sa Pasada scholars By Maria Fatima Cruz

Jovellmar Olivarez, gold medalist

Shell Pepeng Pasada’s benefits to transport sector Established more than a decade ago, Shell Pepeng Pasada Club aims to strengthen Shell’s customer ownership among Public Utility Vehicle (PUV) drivers while improving their lives in the process.

Shell scholar fixes a jeepney machine as part of the automotive mechanic course requirements.


I’m happy right now, because I learned a lot and was able to prove to myself that I can do it! - Jovellmar Olivarez

18 i shell world philippines

“Shell Pepeng Pasada Club takes care of its members in the transport sector, and it also caters to the needs of their family members; and eventually, they give back to society. This is the only programme of its kind in the Shell companies globally and I’m proud to be part of it,” said former Pilipinas Shell Payment and Loyalty (PayLo) Manager Pantisha Lekhavata. “It clearly reflects the Filipino value of ‘bayanihan’ and is a manifestation of Shell’s belief on empowering the youth today for our future,” she added.

wenty scholars from the National Capital Region and Cavite, which comprised the pilot batch of Shell Unlad sa Pasada Scholarship Programme, recently completed and passed their rigorous training in Welding, Automotive Mechanic, Consumer Electronics, Food and Beverage Servicing, Bookkeeping, Basic Computer and Mobile Phone Repair courses. Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation’s Unlad sa Pasada, a nationwide scholarship programme for the dependents of loyal and active members of the Shell Pepeng Pasada Club (PPC), is being implemented by Pilipinas Shell Foundation, Inc. The Shell Unlad sa Pasada scholars’ graduation ceremony was held on November 19, 2012 at Shell House, Makati City.

Upon purchase of Shell products, each Shell PPC member earns points that get reflected in the Loyalty systems. An active member, with an average basket size of 200 litres of fuel per month, will be eligible to receive the S.I.R. benefits (Scholarship, Insurance and Rewards). Shell Pepeng Pasada Club are eligible to receive the S.I.R. benefits, which are Scholarship, Insurance, and Rewards. Under the Scholarship benefit, Shell PPC offers capacity-building programmes that enhance the skills and employability of the underprivileged beneficiaries of its members. The Insurance benefit, on the other hand, enables members to get free accident insurance which covers claims for partial and permanent disability and death. The Rewards benefit allows members to exchange their points for items such as major and minor home appliances, gadgets

Unlad sa Pasada’s first batch of students in the automotive mechanic course.

and PPC driver apparels like t-shirts, umbrellas, among others. Graduation Ceremony Unlad sa Pasada is designed to increase the Filipino youth’s productivity to contribute to nation-building. “In helping yourself, you also improve your community,” affirmed Pilipinas Shell’s South Luzon District Manager Chris Alli, as he spoke in behalf of Oying Yam, Pilipinas Shell’s Retail Sales & Operations General Manager. “Blessings don’t come easily. You have to work hard for them, but I can see that each of you have enough patience and determination to get whatever you aspire to achieve in life,” he said to the scholars. Pilipinas Shell Foundation Inc. (PSFI) Executive Director Edgar Veron Cruz expressed his pride for the first batch of Unlad sa Pasada scholars and encouraged them to take on the challenges of life head-on. “The programme [Unlad sa Pasada] is really not different from Sanayan sa Kakayahang Industriyal (SKIL) and the other Shell programmes that are meant to make the disadvantaged lead better lives”. New beginnings Outstanding Unlad sa Pasada scholar

Jovellmar Olivarez is a jeepney driver from Imus, Cavite. He took time-off from his daily rounds one day to gas up at his favourite Shell station. The highquality Shell products and the prompt service of Shell forecourt attendants have made him one of Shell’s most loyal customers. Jovellmar thought that it will be just an ordinary working day, until a forecourt attendant gaily encouraged him to apply to the Unlad sa Pasada Scholarship Programme.

personality, diligence and determination has won him his fellow scholars’ vote to be president of the batch. Still, this feat was not enough to make Jovellmar dream that he will one day graduate on top of his batch. “I never dreamed to be a gold medalist,” he said on his graduation day, with gold medal shining on his chest. “I’m happy right now, because I learned a lot and was able to prove to myself that I can do it.”

Jovellmar’s dream is simple: to make ends meet for his family. Believing that education opens more doors to better opportunities, he immediately grabbed the chance to become a Shell Unlad sa Pasada scholar. After a long time waiting for the results of the rigorous screening process, he qualified as one of the 22 scholars to join the pilot batch of Unlad sa Pasada. Automotive Mechanic was his chosen field.

In his graduation message, Jovellmar thanked PSFI and Shell for the Unlad sa Pasada Programme. “Aside from the skills, I learned how to communicate with people and have confidence in myself.” Jovellmar shared that his long working hours and almost 4-hour commute from his residence in Imus, Cavite to the Unlad sa Pasada training centre in Don Bosco Technical Institute in Makati City did not hinder his determination to achieve his goal of completing his education. “I thank Shell for giving us the opportunity to have a brighter future. I now believe that any dream, no matter how high, is possible to reach. Thanks to Pilipinas Shell Foundation, Inc.’s (PSFI) constant guidance and support. If it were not for Shell’s Unlad sa Pasada, my life would probably still have no direction. SWP

With his wife and son as his inspiration to succeed, his passion for work and learning was relentless. He rarely missed his classes nor was he ever late, despite the 4-hour commute from his house in Imus, Cavite to the Unlad sa Pasada training centre in Don Bosco Technical Institute in Makati City. His unassuming, down-to-earth

shell world philippines i 19

Shell Active Chess champions the Filipino youth The Shell National Youth Active Chess Championship (Shell Active Chess) started its search for the finest chess players nationwide in 1992. From its roster of winners, world-renowned grandmasters and international masters have been produced and are ceaselessly giving honours to our country at various national and international competitions. Going beyond prestige and honours, the annual competition pursues its journey to instill positive values among the youth to shape them to become better individuals. By Jun Jay G. Jimenez


fter two decades, the Shell Active Chess continues its journey searching for future grandmasters. Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation (PSPC) made that first step in helping the Filipino youth to develop his talents and discover his potentials in 1992, when it established the Shell Active Chess. To this day, the programme continuously reaches out to a wider base of Filipino students by conducting tournaments in strategic locations in the country, making it truly national in scope and participation.

champion Jerad Docena (Juniors Division-Boys), University of San Carlos-Cebu’s Kyle Rhenzi Sevillano (Kiddies Division-Boys), De La Salle University’s Rowelyn Joy Acedo (Juniors Division-Girls), and University of San Carlos-Cebu’s Vic Glysen Derotas (Kiddies Division-Girls) emerged as grand champions of the 20th Shell Active Chess. It was a back-to-back win for Docena, bagging the Kiddies and Juniors championship titles for two

Thank you for continuing to inspire us at Shell because you are the reason why we are celebrating 20 years of successful active chess tournaments in the country,” said Ampil. The championship was the culmination of five leg tournaments held in five strategic locations in NCR, Tuguegarao, Batangas, Cebu and Davao, where the 32 fiercest chess finalists battled for prestigious titles in the Juniors and Kiddies divisions.

20th Shell Active Chess champions flanked by Pilipinas Shell Social Investment Manager Jacqueline Ampil and Vice President for Communications Roberto Kanapi, together with a team of costume players.

Stronger and better after two decades Celebrating 20 years of Shell Active Chess, PSPC took on the challenge of innovating for the annual competition in order to elevate the caliber of chess among the Filipino youth. The introduction of Cosplay (costume player), a phenomenal aspect of youth culture, attained the objective of instilling the positive values such as Discipline, Diligence, Sense of Fair Play, Sportsmanship, Maturity and Responsibility, among the participants. In September 2012, in a two-day grueling championship held in SM Megamall in Mandaluyong City, 14 year old and 2011 Kiddies Division 20 i shell world philippines

consecutive years. Only Docena and youngest Filipino grandmaster Wesley So achieved this feat in the history of Shell Active Chess. Pilipinas Shell Social Investment Manager Jackie Ampil shared with the challengers Shell’s commitment to promote youth development in the country. “In holding this competition every year, Shell believes that we are helping empower the youth by giving them the opportunity to hone their skills and talents while instilling in them the positive values of perseverance, discipline and sportsmanship. We shall continue to discover new talents and lead their way to become top caliber athletes.

Moving forward Believing that the Filipino youth is the hope of our country, PSPC continues to invest in youth development programmes like the Shell Active Chess that help in nourishing talents to make them productive and equip them with the right values to tackle future challenges. A yearly competition, Shell Active Chess is a viable channel to encourage the Filipino youth to develop their chess prowess while giving them the opportunity to nurture positive values that can help shape them to become great thinkers and future leaders who are capable of leading our nation to sustained progress. SWP


Shell enables lives through Gawad Kalinga


MALAMPAYA ENTERS NEW PHASE: HARNESSING THE POWER OF NATURAL GAS Malampaya embarks on a new phase of development to power the nation’s future energy demands and continue its contributions to energy security.

Giving hope and dignity to the underprivileged through innovative and sustainable livelihood programmes.

Highlights Edition Young minds tapped for sustainable mobility Shell Eco-marathon studentteams showcased their energyefficient cars to inspire students about smarter mobility. shell world philippines i

ISSUE 4 2012


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YOUNG MINDS TAPPED FOR SUSTAINABLE MOBILITY Young engineering students from all over the country gathered to take up the challenge of smarter mobility.


SHELL TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATIONS: DELIVERING BUSINESS ADVANTAGE Shell as a global leader in power and energy showcased innovative methods for better customer solutions while aiming to deliver business advantage through smarter products and cleaner energy.


SHELL, DOT INK MOU TO STAGE ECO-MARATHON ASIA IN MANILA Forging a strong partnership to host the Shell Eco-marathon Asia, a competition which challenges high school and college students from Asia and Middle East to build energy-efficient cars.



Inspiring stories of Filipinos who have realised their dreams of working and living in the outback Australia.



IMPROVING COMMUNITIES THROUGH GAWAD KALINGA Shell provided a social enterprise and innovation centre as venue for livelihood opportunities for Gawad Kalinga residents.


2012: THE YEAR THAT WAS A collection of snapshots showcasing the various activities of Shell companies in the Philippines.



DIFFERENT STROKES OF ARTISTRY: CELEBRATING 45 YEARS OF SHELL ARTS The different stories of Filipino art students on the value and meaning of their masterpieces, and their aspirations for the society to see the essence of art in human life.





For its significant contribution to the power generation needs of Luzon, Malampaya embarks on a new phase of development to ensure energy security. shell world philippines i 3

Young minds tapped for sustainable mobility By Maria Fatima Cruz


hell Eco-marathon Asia studentteams paraded their cars at the 2nd Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers’ (PSME) National Student Conference—inspiring their contemporaries to take up the challenge of smarter mobility. Philippine cars that participated in Shell Eco-marathon Asia 2010 – 2012 competitions were exhibited in the 2nd Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers’ (PSME) National Student Conference on October 23, 2012 at SMX Convention Centre in Pasay City. Over 3, 000 students from 89 schools all over the Philippines had witnessed the public run of the energy-efficient cars. Shell Eco-marathon is Shell‘s programme on smarter mobility that encourages student-teams to design, build and test energy-efficient cars that would run the furthest distance using the least amount of energy. “This is the idea of Shell Eco-marathon: to encourage young people, especially young engineers, to come up with concepts and ideas on how to take energy efficiency further,” said Roberto Kanapi, Shell companies in the Philippines (SciP) Vice President for Communications, before he led the flag-off ceremony.

SPEX Engineer Jericho Rivera talks about smarter mobility and Shell Eco-marathon during the conference. 4 i shell world philippines

Futuristic, energy-efficient cars during test-run at the stretch of the road along the SMX Convention Centre.

(L-R) Shell VP for Communications Roberto “Bobby” Kanapi, PSME President Engr. Liberato Virata, and Shell NGO and Stakeholder Relations Manager Ronald “Suiee” Suarez lead the flag-off ceremony.

The Shell Communications team at PSME.

The exhibition of the most energy-efficient cars in the country.

Leading the flag-off ceremony with Kanapi was PSME President Engr. Liberato Virata who vouched for Shell Eco-marathon’s positive influence to the youth to think of solutions for a better energy future. His own son is a member of the University of the Philippines‘ (UP) Shell Eco-marathon team. ”This Shell programme inspires our youth, helps them think, plan, strategise, have good teamwork, conceptualise the best design, and most of all, learn and improve their knowledge on the discipline they are in while they contribute solutions to the future‘s energy needs,” he said.

Drivers pose with their cars before the test-run.

Later that day, former SciP Country Chairman Eli Santiago and Shell Philippines Exploration, B.V. (SPEX) Graduate Maintenance & Engineering Engineer Jericho Rivera gave separate talks on Smarter Mobility and Shell Eco-marathon. Rivera shared his past experiences as the team leader of Mapua Institute of Technology‘s

Shell Eco-marathon student-team and inspired the audience to ingrain smarter mobility in their goals as engineers. He encouraged them to join Shell Ecomarathon Asia in Malaysia in 2013, or in 2014 when the famed car marathon will be staged in the Philippines. Shell Eco-marathon is a glimpse into the future of smarter mobility. As Ronald Suarez, SciP‘s NGO and Stakeholder Relations Manager said,”The event is Shell‘s unique way of providing an opportunity to push the boundaries of design and fuel-efficient driving as well as build the cars of tomorrow—an important part of Shell‘s response to the energy challenge—to meet the world‘s growing energy consumption in a responsible and sustainable way.” Through Shell Eco-marathon, the future of smarter mobility is not anymore shrouded in haze and uncertainty, for the future is already thinking of energy efficiency solutions today. SWP shell world philippines i 5

Shell Technology and Innovations: Delivering business advantage By Jocelyn Diana-Diga


apid urbanisation, the growing number of industries, and population boom are all contributing to the world‘s growing demand for energy. In the power industry sector, the demand for better fuel and lubricants has increased significantly. Shell is continuously finding innovative methods for better customer solutions, delivering business advantage through advanced fuels and lubricants technology, smarter products and cleaner energy. A FORUM FOR TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATIONS In the 1st Shell Technology and Innovations Forum held recently, close to 250 valuable business partners from the power sector and industries attended the event. The successful forum is the pioneering project of Shell Commercial Fuels and Lubricants Team showcasing Shell‘s business advantage through firstrate insights from industry leaders. Shell Global Solutions Product Application Specialist Ronald Bakker discussed Shell Lubricants Technology Leadership and Shell in the Power sector, including numerous research and development activities, and its approach in developing sustainable energy. He said that Shell as a global leader in power and energy plays an active role in meeting energy demands by continuously investing for research and development, application of technological advancement, and strategic and technical partnerships. “Innovation is vital in Shell. We are an energy company that drives our success even further in technology.”

6 i shell world philippines

Powering Industries Shell is supplying the world’s leading companies in the power industry, with more than 1,500 power plants with lubricants and fuels, power generation and transmission companies in more than 75 countries with a full range of Power Lubricants, including factory plant maintenance oils and industrial speciality products that delivers continuity, consistency of supply and guaranteed product quality. ”We have over 100 power sector experts working with the world‘s leading power companies to help us understand industry challenges. We look at the best solutions and options to reduce emissions in industries‘ operations and ensure equipment efficiency and reliability,” Bakker said. As a leading supplier of lubricants to the power industry, on-the-ground expert supports are not only Shell‘s business advantage, but its global resources also ensure security of supply and consistent high quality products and services. According to Bakker, Shell‘s technical expertise and experience working with original engine manufacturers (OEM) enable Shell to create a lubrication plan that helps customers improve their bottom line, generate savings, and add further value to their operations. Meanwhile, Shell Technology Advisor for Shell Commercial Fuels in Middle East and Asia Sook Peng Foong talked about the advantage of using Shell‘s commercial fuel products solutions such as Shell FuelSave Diesel and Shell FuelOil Plus. She said that

Shell‘s differentiated fuels are meeting the needs of customers, providing them with a choice between buying competitively priced main grade fuel or a premium fuel that provides additional product benefits. Among the improved fuel efficiency benefits of using Shell FuelOil Plus are lower particulate and carbon dioxide emissions, reduced maintenance, and improved engine efficiency and increased equipment reliability. The one-day forum also featured presentations from Wartsila Singapore, Pte. Ltd Power Plants Business Development Manager Frederic Carron, Waste Recovery Corporation President Ken Green, and Therma Marine, Inc. of Aboitiz Power Group Jan Risager, who shared the latest in technology for power plant applications, proper waste oil disposal, and innovation within customers respectively. Aside from innovative solutions to industries, the power forum featured breakout sessions which included topics on Turbine Oils, Stationary Engine Oils, Transformer Oils, latest engine technology and future fuels. Shell booths on Shell Lubricants and Shell FuelOil Plus, HSSE, product quality, and Sustainable Development programmes through Pilipinas Shell Foundation,Inc., were also showcased. ”Today’s new technologies will form part of tomorrow’s lubricants,” Bakker said. He avered that Shell‘s continuous research and development activities on new and emerging technologies will shape better solutions for Shell customers. SWP

Shell, DoT ink MoU to stage Eco-marathon Asia in Manila from 2014 to 2016 Preparations are underway for the Shell Eco-marathon – Asia in Manila, a competition which challenges high school and college students from across Asia and Middle East to build energy-efficient cars.


he competition will be held at the Rizal Park, with its wide driveway along Roxas Boulevard serving as road track where energy-efficient cars designed and fabricated by student teams will be road-tested and judged by a panel of technical experts. “The Shell Eco-marathon Asia 2014 in Manila will be the first roadtrack circuit in Asia for the mileage competition and the first time for the competition to be held in the center of a bustling Asian city,” said Ronald Suarez, Shell NGO and Stakeholder Relations Manager.

The design-build-test challenge promotes innovation and technology among the youth by engaging them in a competition that pushes the boundaries of energy efficiency in the context of smarter mobility. Throughout the event, the best and the brightest student engineers will showcase their creativity through prototype cars that adhere to principles of aerodynamics and fuel economy. In addition to the contest, the event will launch the first interactive Energy

started approximately one year ago when the company started reaching out and working with local stakeholders in preparation for the bid to become the next host city for the regional competition. With the support extended by the Manila City government, the DoT’s National Parks Development Committee (NPDC), the Department of Energy (DoE), and various stakeholder partners, it successfully clinched for the Philippines the honour of hosting the key Shell event from 2014 to 2016.

“For this remarkable undertaking, the Department of Tourism (DoT) is an excellent partner for the Shell Ecomarathon Asia because we want to provide a fun learning experience for all, much aligned to the DoT’s ‘It’s more fun in the Philippines!’ campaign. With the department’s help we can also promote the country and provide a lasting positive reputation of the Philippines to event visitors from all over the world.” Shell companies in the Philippines (SciP) Country Chairman Edgar O. Chua and Department of Tourism (DoT) Secretary Ramon Jimenez signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to formalise the two parties’ shared objectives and mutual support as the Philippines takes its turn to host the annual global Shell Eco-marathon. Manila won the right to host the Asian leg of the competition as the three-year run in Malaysia’s Sepang International Circuit ends in 2013. Manila will host the event from 2014 to 2016. Held in the Americas, Europe, and Asia, the contest awards student-teams that design and run ultra-efficient cars which go the furthest using the least amount of energy.

Shell companies in the Philippines (SciP) Country Chairman Edgar O. Chua (2nd from right) and Department of Tourism (DoT) Secretary Ramon Jimenez (3rd from left) signed a memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to formalise their shared objective and mutual support as the Philippines takes its turn to host the annual Shell Eco-marathon Asia. Also in photo are NGO and Stakeholder Relations Manager Ronald Suarez, Shell Vice President for Communications Roberto Kanapi and Dutch Ambassador Ton Boon von Ochessée.

Fair that is expected to gather thousands of local and international visitors, especially the youth, in an environment that encourages the sharing of messages and ideas on the future of energy. A business forum will also be conducted where legislators, policy decision makers as well as key opinion leaders will be brought together to tackle topics that impact on energy and our future. According to Suarez, pre-work for the Shell Eco-marathon in Manila

Additionally, the year 2014 holds special significance for the Shell companies in the Philippines as the year marks their 100th anniversary in the country. Leading up to its centennial celebration, Suarez said that Shell looks to the next generation of Filipinos for inspiration and to be active contributors, inviting youths of all backgrounds and persuasions to “be part of the solution towards a sustainable energy future.” SWP

shell world philippines i 7

Dream Living the

By Malyn San Pablo


he starting point of all achievement is desire. Keep this constantly in mind. Weak desires bring weak results, just as a small fire makes a small amount of heat.” (Napoleon Hill, 18831970, author of Think and Grow Rich)

Whenever I recall this quote that an old friend posted on Facebook, I am reminded of how it simply embodies every aspect of this journey which continues to be my family’s greatest adventure. From the time we received the first email about a job opportunity in Australia to each working day at Coles Express Karratha Truck and Travel (TT), I am reminded of my desire to seek a better life for my family and I.

National Human Resources Manager), braving the long lines of various Philippine government institutions, and submitting requirements for Australia’s Department of Immigration and Citizenship’s visa process, all had their challenges but we kept our resolve because we knew that finally we had a chance to realise a life-long dream.

The Coles Express experience Working as Coles Express site manager is both difficult and rewarding. It is

We constantly put our best foot forward at every step. Interviewing for the job with Greg Kennedy (Coles Express Regional Manager for West Australia) and Rachel McIver (Coles Express

The San Pablos enjoy every moment working at Karattha Truck and Travel in Western Australia. 8 i shell world philippines

difficult because there is much to accomplish and to cope with for a busy store like Karratha TT. As soon as our doors open at 5:00am, truckers and travelers come in droves to gas up or get their morning coffee. This continues throughout the day as customers come in to get something to eat or drink and it gets so busy that it is a challenge to keep the shelves filled! It is rewarding because I can see our team do its best efforts to give our customers the best Coles Express experience. During the days when we can’t seem to cope, I always remind myself this: “The starting point of all achievements is desire.”

Living in the Outback Outback Australia can be beautiful and harsh. Living in the outback can either be wonderful or dreadful. Driving down the Northwest Coastal Highway, you could think about what you would do if your car broke down or notice the beautiful black hawk flying overhead. It is all a matter of mindset. There is a lot in the city that you cannot find in the outback, but there is a lot here that you cannot find in the city. We live in the small town of Dampier, where it took months to set up our internet, but the place offers

an irresistible five minute walk to the crystal clear waters of the sea.

In September 2011, Coles Express National Human Resources Manager Rachel McIver and Regional Manager for West Australia Greg Kennedy signed up Malyn San Pablo as Coles Express Retail Site Manager and Roberto San Pablo as Coles Express Assistant Manager to be based in Western Australia.

in November 2012. Chris Alvarez (former Presam Shell Service Centre Manager), husband and wife Eduardo and Chona Mae Prino Garabato (former manager at R.B. Gustilo Service & Gasoline Station and Motor City in Negros Occidental), and Marivic Bucao of New Ventures Shell Station in Cebu City, left the country in January 2013 to undergo a three-month extensive training and will eventually manage operations in Western Australia as retail site managers.

income to finance her father’s long-term medication and allow her to continue supporting community projects back in the Philippines.

Malyn and Roberto ‘Bobby’ San Pablo and Lormer Osorio-Gunda were the first batch of skilled Filipino Executives recruited by Coles Express in 2011 under its International Recruitment programme ‘Talents without Boundaries’ in partnership with Shell Retail Philippines and the Association of Pilipinas Shell Dealers, Inc. (APSDI).

Chona Mae Prino Garabato is ecstatic

They are now employed as Retail Site Managers at Coles Express’ Western Cole’s Chris Alvarez with contractors Australian operations. The San Pablos were former station managers for Shell retailer about this new chapter in her life, “I Nora Bordeos and consultants for Diwal am really very proud that I will be Corporation. Coles Express is Australia’s given a chance to advance my career number one fuel and convenience retail in Australia, out of the many aspiring network providing customers with quality applicants all over the Philippines. Shell fuels and a range of food and Being given a slot in the interview grocery items in over 620 locations process was already an achievement. across Australia. Getting a job offer together with my husband is a wonderful blessing to After the success of the pilot programme our family”. The job offer was a great ‘Talents without Boundaries’ in 2011, opportunity for Chona and her husband, another four skilled Filipinos became the who is an international seafarer, to second batch of recruits of Coles Express be together while ensuring a steady

Almost everybody knows each other and it is easy to befriend people like ‘Donkey the Pirate’, ‘Onslow John’, or ‘Howard the Comedian’. You may need to remember to close your mouth as you walk around our site on a windy day, or avoid stepping on the resident small lizard that roams the storage areas, which will not back down from a staring match. With the right mindset, you will discover the charm and appeal that comes with going on duty at Karratha TT. SWP

Christopher R. Alvarez, Operations Manager of Presam Shell Service Centre, felt great about the outcome of his application. “I am so happy and blessed. I feel great because this opportunity can help my family a lot. Hopefully, my experience can also inspire other people to give their best to reach their dreams.” Chris started his career as a service crew in Auntie Anne’s handrolled pretzel and worked his way up to become a site team leader in a Shell station, and eventually became the Operations Manager of Presam. “Everything is possible, just do your job right and keep on praying. Don’t forget to thank God and the people who became part of your success. Dream big, take action to achieve your dream, and have faith in God.” The alliance between Shell and Coles Express started in 2003. The recruitment programme ushers the Shell and Coles Express partnership one step further while strengthening the relationship with Shell Retail Philippines in developing local talents and in promoting business strength in the region. SWP shell world philippines i 9

Malampaya enters new phase: Harnessing the power of natural gas Malampaya continues to provide 40-45% of Luzon’s power generation needs from clean natural gas. While the challenge to produce enough power remains, Malampaya embarks on a new phase of development to power the nation’s future energy demands and to continue its contributions to energy security. By SPEX Communications, with reports from Chiqui Guison and Jun Jay Jimenez


he Malampaya Joint Venture Partners celebrated for a “Strike Steel” ceremony on December 7, 2012 to officially begin construction of the substructure and topside modules of the Depletion Compression Platform (DCP) at the Keppel Subic Shipyard in Subic, Zambales. The event kicked off the construction stage of the Malampaya Phase 3 (MP3), the next phase of development of the pioneering Malampaya Deep Water Gas-to-Power Project.

A joint undertaking between the Philippine national government and the private sector, the technologically innovative Malampaya Deep Water Gas-to-Power Project is spearheaded by the Philippine Department of Energy (DoE), and developed and operated by Shell Philippines Exploration, B.V. (SPEX) on behalf of Joint Venture Partners Chevron Malampaya LLC and the Philippine National Oil Company-Exploration Corporation (PNOC-EC) under Service Contact No. 38 (SC 38). Sebastian Quiniones, SPEX Managing Director, thanked the Philippine Government and all who worked for the Malampaya Project in behalf of the Joint Venture partners for their continued support and

ALL SET FOR MALAMPAYA PHASE 3 The Malampaya Joint Venture Partners and distinguished guests give the thumbs up sign after the “Strike Steel” ceremony to signify the readiness of the next phase of development of the pioneering Malampaya Deep Water Gas-to-Power Project. Photo shows (from l-r) Zambales Vice Governor Ramon Lacbain II; Chevron Malampaya LLC Asset Manager Sabino Santos; Keppel Offshore & Marine CEO Tong Chong Heong; Zambales Representative Mitos Magsaysay; Shell Philippines Exploration BV Managing Director Sebastian Quinioñes; DoE Undersecretary Atty. Josefina Patricia M. Asirit; PNOC-EC Chairman Gemiliano Lopez, Jr.; and Malampaya Phase 2&3 Project Manager Antoine Bliek.

Sebastian Quiniones, SPEX Managing Director, thanked the Philippine Government and all the people who worked for the Malampaya project in behalf of the Joint Venture partners for their continued support and partnership. 10 i shell world philippines

partnership. “The strong partnership among all sectors, national and local government, businesses and the communities, is what will help us to further grow and develop the Upstream Industry, an industry that promises more jobs, energy security and sustained development for the country,” he said. Guests of honour during the event were Atty. Josefina Patricia M. Asirit, DoE Undersecretary; Congresswoman Mitos Magsaysay of Zambales; Ramon Lacbain II, Vice Governor of Zambales; Mayor James ‘Bong’ Gordon of Olongapo City, and Mr VP Hirubalan, Singapore Ambassador to the Philippines. They were also treated to an appreciation tour of the fabrication yard extension and dry dock. The event highlight was the traditional “Strike Steel” ceremony, with the guests of honour activating a computer numerical cutting (CNC)

machine to cut the symbolic first sheet of metal of the MP3 Depletion Compression Platform. Assisting him were top management representatives from the Malampaya Joint Venture partners headed by SPEX Managing Director Sebastian Quiniones, Malampaya Phase 2&3 Project Manager Antoine Bliek, PNOCEC Chairman Gemiliano Lopez, Jr., Chevron Malampaya LLC Asset Manager Sabino Santos, Keppel Offshore and Marine CEO Tong Chong Heong, and Keppel Subic Shipyard President Leong Kok Weng. DoE Undersecretary Asirit, speaking on behalf of President Benigno S. Aquino - cited Malampaya as a public-private partnership project that strengthens nation-building by “putting premium on Filipino talent and ingenuity”. She also said that “the Depletion-Compression Platform of Malampaya Phase 3, the first of its kind in the country, will allow us to more efficiently harness the

power of nature for the benefit of our people. At present, we import an estimated 336,300 barrels of crude oil per calendar day for our energy consumption. But with the full operation of the Malampaya project, our reliance on oil imports to meet our growing energy needs will decrease. Our nation’s energy security is consequently ensured.” Aside from the local workforce from Subic, MP3 also harnesses skilled workers trained by the Malampaya Foundation, Inc.’s programme known as Bridging Employment through Skills Training (BEST). This batch of skilled workers hail from different parts of the province of Palawan, and is being trained in welding at Keppel Subic Training Centre. The Malampaya Project is one of the largest and most significant industrial endeavours in Philippine history, heralding the birth of the natural gas industry in the country. It is the biggest

Scholars from Malampaya Foundation, Inc.’s Bridging Employment through Skills Training (BEST) at the “Strike Steel” ceremony.

Scholars from Malampaya Foundation, Inc.’s Bridging Employment through Skills Training (BEST) at the “Strike Steel” ceremony.

shell world philippines i 11

indigenous energy source that the country has tapped and a concrete evidence of the potentials that our country has. Natural gas from Malampaya fuels three power stations with a combined capacity of 2,700 megawatts to meet 40-45% of Luzon’s power generation requirements, reduce oil imports, and provide a stable supply of energy and a cleaner source of power. Malampaya Phase 3, together with Phase 2, aims to maintain the level of gas production to fulfill commitments under existing gas sales agreements, thus ensuring the steady supply of natural gas to power the Luzon electricity grid. The development of Malampaya Phase 3 or Depletion Compression will involve

Department of Energy (DoE) Undersecretary Atty. Josefina Patricia M. Asirit spoke on behalf of President Benigno S. Aquino during the Strike Steel Ceremony.

the installation of a new platform by 2015. It is expected to maximise the recovery of gas from the reservoir and to maintain the level of gas production as the reservoir pressure drops and as the gas depletes. The project also yields more benefits in terms of increasing the number of local employment, bringing technical expertise into the country, and building up Keppel Subic Shipyard for future complex fabrication projects. “Our continued presence and investment in the Philippines demonstrates our great faith in this country and in what Filipinos are capable of achieving, given the unrelenting desire to succeed, while 12 i shell world philippines

All systems ready: The Malampaya Phase 3 Project team with the guests of honour.

paving the way from obstacles that keep us from reaching our goals,” said Quiniones, as he talked of effective partnerships that made the Malampaya Project possible. “We are partners in this historic and most noble effort, and we share with you this mandate of fulfilling the promise of the Malampaya Project for the Filipino people. As I always say to my team, kayang-kaya, kung sama-sama! (Together, We Can!). Natural gas is considered the fuel for sustainable growth and development, helping to

meet the world’s future energy needs as the cleanest-burning fossil fuel with a globally abundant and diverse supply.” The Malampaya Phase 3 Strike Steel ceremony was a fitting event in celebration of the National Energy Consciousness Month led by the Department of Energy. “Together, let us work harder to build a better Philippines. We know that with our continued partnership, we can realise greater, more meaningful change

for every Filipino, their communities and ultimately, the entire nation. We have already laid the foundations. And by working together, we can create bigger things, attain higher aspirations, and leave a more lasting legacy to future generations of Filipinos,” said President Aquino in his message delivered by DoE Undersecretary Asirit. For more information on the Malampaya Project, visit www. SWP

Quiniones and Malampaya Foundation Inc. Executive Director Karen Agabin congratulate BEST scholars who will be trained in welding at Keppel Subic Training Centre. shell world philippines i 13


Upholding its commitment to sustainable development, Shell companies in the Philippines (SciP) built the Shell Centre for Social Enterprise and Innovation at Gawad Kalinga (GK) Enchanted Farm in Angat, Bulacan to provide sustainable livelihood for GK residents. By Michelle Duguil, Jo Diana-Diga & Jun Jay Jimenez


he Shell Centre for Social Enterprise and Innovation was officially opened to the public through a ribbon-cutting ceremony led by Shell companies in the Philippines Country Chairman Edgar Chua, Gawad Kalinga (GK) Founder Tony Meloto, and Pilipinas Shell Foundation Inc. (PSFI) Executive Director Edgar Veron Cruz during the 2012 GK Countryside Expo held at the GK Enchanted Farm in Angat, Bulacan on October 7, 2012. The ceremony was one of the major highlights of GK’s 9th anniversary, which was held to honour stakeholders and partners for their continued support. Shell companies in the Philippines (SciP) is a partner of GK for more than seven years and a staunch supporter since the inception of GK villages for the underprivileged. To date, there are four (4) Shell-GK villages in Batangas, Southern Leyte, and Cagayan de Oro and 23 Shell GK Bayan Anihan farms in the Bicol Region. To complement the building of villages, the GK Bayan-Anihan (Community Harvest) was launched as food sustenance programme that aims to eradicate hunger one family at a time by empowering the residents to produce food for themselves. To help GK further in achieving its

14 i shell world philippines

target to provide more homes, Shell has completed building 122 houses in Barangay Calaanan, Cagayan de Oro which SciP Country Chairman Edgar Chua and Shell Vice President for Communications Roberto “Bobby” Kanapi turned over recently. During the turnover ceremony in December 2012, Chua announced that Shell is donating additional 78 houses and a multi-purpose hall which are set to be completed by June 2013. ”Many of us in the private sector are actually convinced that one of the best ways to bring our population out of poverty is to really participate in the activities of Gawad Kalinga,” said Chua. ”Gawad Kalinga is really bringing inclusive growth, but more importantly, Gawad Kalinga is bringing hope and dignity to our people dahil nakikita po natin yan at nakita rin natin yan sa sarili naming foundation sa Shell [because we can all see it, we even see it in our very own foundation in Shell],” Chua added. The Shell Centre for Social Enterprise and Innovation is part of the Shell Social Investment Complex, which also include the Shell grass villas and cabanas which are now ready for use. To promote a culture of entrepreneurship among GK residents,

A variety of fresh produce from the Enchanted Farm at Angat, Bulacan is sold at the Shell Centre for Social Enterprise and Innovation.

the centre provides a venue for social entrepreneurs to produce affordable and high-quality Filipino products using organic Philippine-grown raw materials. It also aims to establish socially relevant and high impact businesses that can compete in the market. To make the GK Enchanted Farm more accessible to the public, the 1.1 kilometre rough road of the farm was paved last year using Shell‘s Instapave Technology, an all-weather paving system ideal for rural roads. The GK Enchanted Farm is a place for new kinds of businesses with a big social conscience, where young entrepreneurs were given a space to experiment and learn real-life business concepts. The farm also features 40 villas as haven for people who seek a unique Filipino experience.

Shell worked with GK in building houses to help rebuild the lives of the typhoon Sendong victims in Barangay Calaanan, Cagayan de Oro.

Fresh produce from the Enchanted Farm at Angat, Bulacan, sold at the Shell Centre for Social Enterprise and Innovation.

Abaca bags and pillows are some of the produce of GK Enchanted Farm residents. Merchandise like abaka bags and pillows are also some of the produce of GK Enchanted Farm residents.

GK Country Fair Expo 2012 Over 1,000 social entrepreneurs, students, public and private partners and their employees, families, GK supporters and stakeholders, gathered at the GK Countryside Expo. Dubbed ”Eat, Pray, and Shop to end Poverty”, the fun-filled event was also an opportunity for people to see the development of the GK Enchanted Farm, with the support of Shell companies in the Philippines (SciP). Over 200 participants composed of SciP and PSFI staff and their family members trooped to the GK Farm to join the festive event. The day started with a plenary session graced by Bulacan Governor Wilhelmino Sy-Alvarado and Tony Meloto, and guest speakers SciP Country Chairman Edgar Chua, Hyundai Philippines President and

CEO Fe Agudo and Life Bank Foundation Position Manny Perlas. Eat, shop, and end poverty Aside from the tour, guests were treated to gastronomic delights by the social entrepreneurs. Loads of various items such as fresh vegetables and fruits, homemade longganisa, handicrafts, salted golden duck eggs, and local pastries were also sold at the countryside market. Guests joined the different social enterprise demonstrations, such as chocolate making in the grassroots kitchen, tea brewing in the food lab, golden egg colouring in the duck hut, karpentoy demo and childrens‘ paradise at the Batang Bayani Training area, and cheese making at the dairy hut. The GK Countryside Expo was not only an enjoyable activity, but also also an opportunity for GK to thank

Gawad Kalinga Founder Tony Meloto joins a youth volunteer for a snapshot during the expo.

its stakeholders and sponsors. The expo was also a fruitful event for GK entrepreneurs to learn about social enterprise as well as earn a living by selling their products. As Chua said, ”One thing is constant, if you give Filipinos an opportunity, they will seize that opportunity. They will really make something out of that opportunity.” SWP shell world philippines i 15

2 0 1 2 : T he Y ear From promos and product launches, to stakeholder dialogues, crises management, staff engagements and giving back to the society, Shell companies in the Philippines’ (SciP) passed 2012 with flying colours – all thanks to the camaraderie, teamwork and Enterprise First mindset readily demonstrated by its staff.

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ear that Was

shell world philippines i 17


By Maria Fatima Cruz

The Ayala Museum’s art gallery embellished with the works of the country’s future art luminaries.


was present in the awarding of the 45th Shell National Students Art Competition (NSAC) and I expected nothing out of ordinary that night. To me, it would just be a mere debut of young Filipino artists held on October 10, 2012 at the Ayala Museum. As the celebration started, the ordinary turned surreal when I found myself seated in the company of highly acclaimed painters Danilo Dalena and Raul Isidro and famous sculptors Nemi Miranda and Ramon Orlina. Awed by having these great artists for dinner companions, I am convinced that it was time to break out of my ignorance and read the souvenir programme in front of me. NSAC, Shell companies in the Philippines’ (SciP) programme for the development of Filipino young artists, is the first and longest-running tradition in the country’s art industry. As if that was not enough to make me fall from my seat, I further discovered that NSAC ‘graduates’ include Dalena, Isidro, Juvenal Sanso, Bencab, Jose Joya, Ang Kiu Kok and a handful of other

18 i shell world philippines

locally and internationally renowned art masters. One thousand two hundred fifty art entries were submitted from all over the Philippines and only the best works were featured in the Ayala Museum’s art gallery. Each piece had a unique artistry that showed potential. I had the privilege of interviewing the winners and I saw the passion in each them. The Philippine art scene will never have to worry about losing artistic brilliance among the youth. On the contrary, the young artists promise to contribute more valuable gifts to the country’s precious cache of art in the years to come. “Iba Ako” The 45th season of Shell NSAC was entitled “Iba Ako” (I’m Unique). Different expressions of uniqueness were showcased by student-artists who made a statement on why uniqueness is important in the art industry. It is like a magic spell that makes their art riveting, and in the Philippine art scene, a budding artist needs to create that magic.

I met with champion in watercolour Ferd Angelo Failano from University of the Philippines (UP) – Diliman, who obviously played with words when he named his surrealist painting “Juan’s Struggle sa Mundong Nobody’s Perfect.” The painting showed humanity’s helpless desire to achieve perfection. Like the subject in his painting, Ferd himself tried to be the ideal son. He was almost the newest addition to the list of engineers in his family, until the day he dropped his course to pursue fine arts. His father taught him to paint when he was young and since then he dreamed to become the artist that his father have always secretly wanted to be. Ferd shared that winning NSAC helped a lot in earning the admiration of his relatives as the family’s first artist and that his future plans involve travelling around the Philippines in order to learn the real essence of the Filipino and capture it impeccably in his art. Next, I chatted with Melvin Anglaser from University of the East (U.E.)— Caloocan who has this one advice for rising artists: “Don’t be afraid to

Catherine Salazar with her “The True Soul and Heart of Our Tribe”

Melvin Anglaser with his “Bandilang Di Tumutumba”

Didier Marc Alarcon with his “Buhay Makulay sa Pamilyang Tunay”

Ferd Angelo Failano with his “Juan’s Struggle sa Mundong Nobody’s Perfect”

Rene Sibulangcal with his “Tragic Bangus”

explore new ideas no matter how outrageous they might seem.” His best in sculpture “Bandilang Di Tumutumba” is an intricate depiction of Filipino “bayanihan” at its best. His creativity was inspired by how the country stood up as one after habagat (monsoon rains) wrought its destruction in the Northern Philippines in mid-2012. And like Ferd who wants to depict his love for our country through his art, Melvin aspires to make an indelible Filipino mark in different art galleries around the world. Melvin introduced me to his colleague Leomar Conejos also from U.E.— Caloocan and winner in the oil/ acrylic category with his “Child Trafficking”. The painting is a staggering representation of one of the Philippines’ most pressing social problems. Leomar’s piece reminds that art is not always meant to be pleasing. Art can have the power to spur people to take action against an almost neglected social issue like child trafficking. Like Melvin, Leomar dreams to be known in the international art scene for his distinctly Filipino artistic style. “Tragic Bangus” by Adventist University of the Philippines’ (A.U.P.) Rene Sibulangcal, best in the digital fine arts category, also compels people, this time to address environmental problems. The piece shows a fish’s quiet struggle in polluted waters— giving voice to nature and all living things that people mindlessly destroy. Before he joined the competition, he claims that he never expected at all to win. “The experience taught me to have faith in myself and in my work and that I think is NSAC’s best gift to me. Shell NSAC is really a big help for us who are only starting to get into this industry. It gives us a chance to show our talents to people…I hope Shell NSAC helps more young artists like me in the decades to come,” said Rene. “Buhay Makulay” Colour and life radiated from the side of the gallery containing the Shell NSAC calendar category paintings. Themed, “Buhay Makulay” (Colourful Life), the best depictions of the wonders

Emil Alarcon with his “Simpleng Makulay”

shell world philippines i 19

of the Philippines are featured in the 2013 Shell Art Calendar. I first run into the jovial brothers Didier Marc and Emil Alarcon from Polytechnic University of the Philippines (P.U.P.). Didier’s “Buhay Makulay sa Pamilyang Tunay” is a picture of a typical happy Filipino family embellished with vivid patterns and playful details that give us a glimpse into the bright life of the artists. On the other hand, in “Simpleng Makulay” Emil employed delicate brushstrokes, and subtle polish to show the innate cheerfulness of the Filipino community. The brothers came from a poor but happy family who always eats together. Emil and Didier have always joined art competitions to help their parents pay for tuition fees. The brothers also share the same dream of holding a joint exhibition of their works in the future.

Leomar Conejos with his “Child Trafficking”

Marie Rojie Vilbar with her “Just Look Around”

Jose Erlito Recto Jr with his “Tres Pintados”

Alvin Florentino with his “Destinasyon II”

Afterwards, I chatted with Bulacan State University’s Jose Erlito Recto Jr whose work, entitled “Tres Pintados” dramatises the mystique of the traditional Pintados festival in Tacloban City, Leyte. Making art is like the height of the Pintados festival for Erlito—when people abandon all reserve, splash paint on their bodies and dance the streets in joy. Only in front of the canvas can Erlito feel most free to be himself. He has been joining art competitions to earn money since high school in order to help his single mother make ends meet for their family. “My father left us when I was in high school because my mother refused to leave us to work abroad again,” he recalled, and declared his mother to be his sole source of inspiration in all his endeavours.

Last but not least, I interviewed Catherine Salazar and Marie Rojie Vilbar, both from Technological University of the Philippines (TUP). Brimming with details and colours, both paintings show the love and unity that bind Filipinos together. Catherine’s “The True Soul and Heart of Our Tribe” gives us a glimpse of our culture’s “bayanihan” forming from the celestial womb and essentially becoming part of the Filipino personality that will prevail through time. In the same way, Marie’s abstract painting “Just Look Around”, creatively reveals how Filipinos blend in harmony despite differing cultures, beliefs and backgrounds.

Freedom to explore the Philippines’ beautiful islands is the inspiration behind “Destinasyon II” painted by Alvin Florentino from Eulogio “Amang” Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology. The painting shows a dove poised to take flight towards another land, symbolising the Filipinos’ liberty and responsibility to explore and get to know the beauty of their own country. Alvin aspires to be one of the Philippines’ National Artists in the future.

One-of-a-kind SciP Country Chairman Edgar Chua said, “The artists not only showed us beautiful and vibrant masterpieces, but also manifested a one-of-a-kind point of view. They have clearly produced art pieces that are worthy of being included in our country’s art heritage.” The different paintings in the Shell NSAC gallery reflect not only the Philippines’ unique and diverse culture, but also the Filipinos’ inherent values such as warmth, hospitality, familial

20 i shell world philippines

bond and unbeatable happiness that make us incomparable with the rest of the world. Shell NSAC continues the legacy of honing young artists’ talents and oneof-a-kind point of view to be able to produce art that local and international critics will rave about. But the path to success still requires lots of hard work, patience, dedication and faith. As Ramon Orlina, multi-awarded glass sculptor affirmed, “The fact is, all of you are privileged and blessed…to make art is a gift from God. Not everyone can make art, and not everyone can make good art either!...Be confident in yourself and in your art…This is where you will discover yourself.” The event left me feeling happy— happy to rediscover Philippine art through the eyes and masterful strokes of our country’s future art masters; and happy to have lots of photos with my renowned tablemates to take home. The tradition continues this year as Shell will once again invite student-artists to participate in the 46th National Students Art Competition. SWP

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