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Shell Point’s Diverse Architectural Designs Create a Stimulating Campus B Y LY N N S C H N E I D E R A N D J A R E D P I K E

V ARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE Truly, when it comes to living at Shell Point, variety is the spice of life! So, it comes as no surprise then that the neighborhoods and architectural design at Shell Point would also reflect that same variety.


missionary who speaks four languages and has spent more than 40 years in Africa... a telephone company employee who juggles and rode a unicycle... a college president who recently built and flew his own personal aircraft... a military veteran who had a hand in designing night vision goggles… an artist who created set designs for Broadway… teachers, fire fighters, cafeteria workers, engineers, ranchers, postal carriers, executives, pastors, housewives, doctors, lawyers, and who knows, maybe even an Indian Chief – when it comes to the diverse residents here at Shell Point, the list goes on and on. The unique blending of Shell Point’s diverse individuals creates a dynamic community that thrives on the stimulating atmosphere created by all their varied backgrounds and interests. Plus, they come to Shell Point with a heightened desire to learn and try new things so the variety of lifestyle opportunities offered here must keep up with such a robust group. 4

Shell Point Life | April 2010

A Unique Location Shell Point is unique within the retirement industry in that the community has been built over a period of more than four decades and as such has been able to avoid the “cookie cutter” trap that many communities fall into when they are built all at once. “We realize what a blessing God’s timing has been and how it has greatly influenced the positive outcome of our community in a way that uniquely sets us apart from all others in the retirement industry,” said David Moreland, vice president of sales and marketing. “First, there is our location in Florida. From the very beginning, our location has put us in the

most desirable spot for a retirement community in the entire United States. Florida is ranked the number one destination choice for seniors. “Then you have our more specific location on the water,” he added. “Waterfront property is a rare commodity and The Christian and Missionary Alliance received the donation of land for what is now The Island at Shell Point at a most providential Aerial view of The Island at Shell Point located on the Caloosahatchee.

time. There is no better location available than Southwest Florida and in Southwest Florida, the best location is on water. “We could never afford to build a CCRC on waterfront property in Florida today and we recognize the benefit of our location as part of the overall package. It would simply be cost-prohibitive to develop a community like this from scratch today with current construction costs and government regulations. We also greatly benefited from the early group’s naïve optimism which was fueled more by passion and determination than practical financial considerations which would now make David Moreland, it impossible for the organizaV.P. of Sales and tion to consider such a venMarketing ture. “By building over the years, we have been able to create the number of unique building designs and floor plan styles that our residents now enjoy. This is great from a sales perspective,” said Moreland. “Our architectural diversity has ultimately allowed us to satisfy a much broader segment of the market, which in turn has contributed greatly to our ongoing success. The benefit of building out over multiple decades has allowed us to continually evaluate our product to deter-

Eagles Preserve was designed to be a private and exclusive neighborhood – an enclave of only 110 residences. Tucked away between the 14th and 16th fairways of the championship 18-hole Shell Point Golf Club, Eagles Preserve offers a secluded enclave of residences designed for the active retiree.

mine its effectiveness and to add to or evolve our community to its highest and best level thereby creating an expansive, diverse campus that is uncontested in the marketplace.”

Perfect Timing In the late 1980s, just as The Island at Shell Point had reached its maximum potential for development and was feeling the squeeze when it came to adding new recreation and lifestyle opportunities, a new opportunity came along. “Once again, we believe that God’s timing for Shell Point was perfect in that the large parcel of land that is now home to The Woodlands and Eagles Preserve suddenly became available,” explained Moreland. “The land along Shell Point Boulevard was tied up in governmental wrangling for all of the years that Shell Point was originally being developed. Had the land been available previously, the community would not have been strong enough to be able to afford the property or its development financially. Amazingly, the property only became available during the time in Shell Point’s history when the organ-

ization was able to afford not only its purchase but its development. Now that we have the opportunity of hindsight, we also see that the property became available to us prior to the drastic price increases that Florida experienced in this past decade. In other words, this extra property became available during a brief window of time when we could afford to purchase it at a conservative price. “Plus, Shell Point reached ‘build-out’ of The Island at the very same time the property became available, allowing for muchneeded expansion. It was as if God had been saving it just for our use and made it available at just the right time. Had the land for the expansion been originally available, Shell Point might have been tempted to spread out originally over a larger space and not made the most of the island setting before building on the additional land. Receiving the land for the expansion well after The Island was successfully built-out has allowed for Shell Point to grow but in a manner that was controlled by availability of space.” Continued on next page Shell Point Life | April 2010


Mid-Rises on The Island at Shell Point are right on the Caloosahatchee and provide water views.

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By being built over a number of years and designed by a variety of architects, Shell Point has achieved an overall design that offers something for everyone and plays successfully into the diversity demands of the ever-changing marketplace. The community’s variety of choices extends to the size and number of units, price levels, building heights, architectural styles, floor plans, views, and now, even neighborhoods. “We want to have everything and anything that people might ask for so that no one would turn away. We sum this up as Shell Point’s ‘size advantage,’” said Moreland. “Shell Point’s size and strength allow us to offer more amenities and features than any other community,” he said. “When it comes to retirement communities, bigger is definitely better. Plus, Shell Point’s size and strength provide security and stability, which allows for residents to rest assured that everything will be taken care of, whether it is the smallest problem with their individual unit up to a major problem with their entire building. They know that Shell Point delivers on its promises and they have a 42 year history to prove it,” Moreland concludes.

vide. This is evidenced in the expansive lay- assisted living and resident services, “The out of the community and the “separateness” size and scope of our two assisted living facilof many of its buildings. Shell Point’s ities is often larger than many other design is highly residential in charentire lifecare communities! acter and avoids the institutional “These buildings were designed feeling that comes when all of the to provide the connectivity that buildings in a community are conaging residents may desire while also nected to each other. The designers offering beautiful architectural of Shell Point placed a heavier Rita Southern, details and layouts, plus a variety of emphasis at the level of independfloor plan options, to create a stimDirector of ent living by creating separate build- Assisted Living ulating, yet comfortable environings and distinctive neighborhoods, ment in a smaller setting. Shell but accommodated those residents who are Point strives to make the lives of residents interested in a “smaller-scaled environment” easier which has been evidenced in the ease through the design of its two assisted living of access and the efforts to provide whatever facilities, the King’s Crown and The Arbor. services and amenities are identified as According to Rita Southern, director of important to ongoing quality of life.”

Bias Toward Independence Shell Point offers a comfortable environment with a heavier design emphasis on independence than most communities pro6

Shell Point Life | April 2010

The Arbor offers assisted living at The Woodlands

King’s Crown is Shell Point’s original assisted living building and is centrally located on The Island.

Commitment to Quality

The 2009 renovation of King’s Crown brought a freshly updated and beautiful Grand Salon, Media Rooms, and improved lighting throughout.

Throughout its 42-year history, Shell Point has remained committed to quality, which is not only evidenced in the contin“Shell Point recently paid $24 million uously updated and maintained buildings, dollars to renovate the Larsen Pavilion and but also the modernization which allows for the completion of that project last year was a keeping up with the times and changing proud accomplishment,” he said. “Now, we trends. The most recent evidence of have embarked on the expansion of this can be seen in the multi-milthe Larsen Pavilion with a new rehab lion dollar upgrades to the King’s center and entrance building, which Crown and the Larsen Pavilion, as are exciting projects that have been well as the current construction of organized and fueled by our residents. the new rehab building and the Due to our fiscally conservative approach Peter Dys, new entrance and administration and today’s economy, we would have President of building for the Larsen Pavilion. waited a bit longer to move forward on Shell Point Shell Point President Peter Dys the construction of these two buildagrees, “In considering the task of planning ings, but our residents came forward with a for the future growth and development of request that we move ahead, and have Shell Point, we have always been committed assisted by funding these two projects. It has to waiting on God, seeking His direction, act- been a blessing to our community, as well as ing on His blessings, being good stewards, and to those who will someday live here.” moving forward boldly in faith. We are comContinued on next page mitted to serving Him through the care of His people. We will only move with Him ever before us and when we look back, it is in gratitude for what He has allowed us to accomplish. The Larsen Pavilion Steinbach Chapel was opened in 2009 to serve as a quiet sanctuary for residents and family.

Shell Point Life | April 2010


Shell Point’s 18-hole golf course is Audobon-certified and open to the public.

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Naturally Beautiful

strength of our organization. Our time, space, environment and resources are components that have almost mandated our diversity. Shell Point’s ability to build over numerous decades has provided us with the diversity that makes us so unique and our expansion has allowed it to continue. Our strength as an organization has supported it and our commitment will complete it.”

Architectural designs should always take into consideration the setting in which a community is being built. Many communities are located in urban areas or are surrounded by medical complexes or parking lots. Shell Point is blessed with a beautiful, natural environment that attracts many of the residents who come here. Residents enjoy miles of walking trails, nature preserves, wooded parks, and expansive water views throughout, including the Caloosahatchee River, quiet canals, lagoons, lakes, and ponds. The championship golf course is Audubon-certified and is home to a variety of bird species. “We recognize the importance and impact of Sundial located on The Island our environment and continually add opportunities for residents to enjoy it,” said Dys. “As Shell Point continues to expand, we want to maintain our deep commitment to our mission and foundational values. Whatever growth occurs should emphasize the positive attributes of the Shell Point lifestyle and should take advantage of the great 8

Shell Point Life | April 2010

“We want to continue to provide the superlative of lifestyle with lifecare so that we can maintain our occupancy and be perceived as the number one community locally and a leader in the industry: by size, by innovation, by level of service, by beauty of campus and facilities, and by lifestyle through life-fulfilling experiences integrated with increased levels of sophistication. Now and in the future, the buildings, architecture, and neighborhoods of Shell Point must offer an environment that enhances our residents’ quest for a life-fulfilling experience – a purpose-driven environment, comfort, accessibility, convenience, value, and beauty. Shell Point can never become stagnant and must always provide continuous evaluation, proper planning, and a willingness to adapt. Plus, Shell Point must be able to provide the availability of resources.”

So Many Choices

Harbor Court and the Shell Point boat docks.

The word that pops up most often is “variety.” While some people prefer the Garden Courts over looking the water, others are accustomed to high-rise living with expansive views, while still others are interested in private homes. The visual variety of architecture and styles at Shell Point run the full gamut — offering something for everyone. “We’re in a unique position among retirement communities in Florida,” said Moreland. “Because our community was built up over several decades, we can offer a much larger variety of residences, locations, and styles to our customer.” Whereas other communities may offer a choice of 5 or 6 floor-

plans, Shell Point can boast of more than 30 floorplan options — many of which can be further customized during the move-in process. “In our experience, people don’t want to be shoe-horned into something that’s not right for them,” said Moreland. “We want their home to be right for their own personal style.”

Forty Years of Architecture In the 1960s the two-floor flat-roof Garden apartment style was common in Florida. Shell Point constructed nine of these Garden Courts, and while the buildings have been meticulously maintained and renovated over the years, the The Woodlands provides a wide choice of residences and is surrounded by nature preserves, “old Florida” architecture still attracts greenways and lakes, and is ideal for those who enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle.The neighborhood features winding, tree-lined streets, water views, and a grand boardwalk promenade. residents to The Island. “The Garden Courts residences on The Island have an enduring charm,” said Moreland. “There Moreland. “It keeps all the best parts of Likewise, the Eagles Preserve neighboris a lot to love in those buildings, and our the Mid-Rise concept, but also opens the hood was designed for people who desire the staff does a great job in keeping them up- common space to the open air, so residents wonderful aspects of Shell Point with golf to-date.” can get fresh breezes through both their course living. “The colors of Eagles Preserve During the 1970s the Mid-Rises on the front and back doors.” are also unlike anything we have at Shell north end of The Island reflected a more As the 21st Century began, it was clear Point,” said Moreland. “With a brick paver contemporary look, with long waterfront The Woodlands offered Shell Point a new, streetscape and golf course views, it’s quite a unique opportunity. “For visually compelling neighborhood.” 30 years, Shell Point had “Even buildings that look the same at The Island features a waterfront been in one private loca- first glance can contain small architectural lifestyle and many of the residences tion, set back two miles touches to distinguish them. Look at the top overlook the lagoon and the from the main road,” said of Oakmont; there’s a stone icon in the shape Caloosahatchee River. Moreland. “When we of an oak leaf,” said Moreland. “Rosemont designed The Woodlands, has a rose. The rooflines of the Eagles we wanted to make a state- Preserve buildings all differ, because we want ment — to announce oureach resident to feel like their building is selves to the world. We unique.” wanted it to be big.” Home Sweet Home Thus came Oakmont With such a wide variety of architecand Rosemont: eight floors over two levels of tural styles, showing perspective residents parking. They’re the the many choices available takes more balconies like on a cruise ship. Again, this tallest buildings at Shell Point and offer some effort, but according to David Moreland, was by design. “We wanted something dif- of the most incredible views. Beyond that, that’s a good problem to have. “Our 42-year history gives us a huge ferent than the traditional high-rises you’d The Woodlands is a advantage, and so our see on Florida’s east coast,” said Moreland. distinct neighborsales counselors really “The Mid-Rises were a great alternative. hood — with its have to know their stuff. They offer covered parking and elevator own street signs, The perfect residential access, interior hallways, and of course, guard gate, and style for someone may those wonderful balconies. And we give building color only be located in one residents the option to enclose their balcony scheme. “Living at building — or even just with glass or a screen enclosure, so even The Woodlands is one unit in a building — within the building, different residences different from living and we have to be able to mark different styles.” on The Island,” said pinpoint it.” When Harbor Court and Sundial were Moreland. “They all Eagles Preserve constructed near the marina, a new atrium- belong to the same For more information on the historical style building came to Shell Point. “Again, community and enjoy the same Shell Point with a new building, we wanted to intro- amenities, but the different architecture sets influences of Shell Point’s architecture see the story on page 16. duce a new architectural option,” said their home apart in a unique way.” Shell Point Life | April 2010


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This is my 2nd test.

Shell Point Life Article  

This is my 2nd test.