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Precautions required for surrogate mothers Never try out anything on your own is the best advice, which means before taking any actions like a change in the diet, lifestyle, or anything you must consult once the doctor and take up advices. There is utmost importance for the frequent visits given to the clinics before, during and after the cycles.

GENERAL HEALTH ADVICES FOR A SURROGATE 1. It is most important to follow the treatment schedule as ordered by the physician and no second chance must be given in terms of missing the doses of any hormonal therapies, or taking too much of what has been prescribes or making errors while consuming the treatments should be strictly prevented. 2. Follow strict dietary regimen as a surrogate. It is believed that the requirements of a surrogate pregnant is almost double the requirements of a normal women in terms of nutrition and it is especially true in terms of calories , iron and folic acid to prevent future issues like anemia for both women and newly arriving child. 3. Say strictly no to alcoholism; if it is unavoidable then it is better to consult the practitioner to understand the amount to be consumed in a set limit ranges.

4. Exposure to radioactive hazards, unnecessary confirmatory tests in terms of X-rays, gamma rays, and USGs must be prevented because these can harm the growing fetus inside mother’s womb. And say strictly no to smoking, marijuana, opium, drugs and other harmful injectable drugs that can cause miscarriage. 5. It is good to avoid journey in the early phase of implantation and embryo transfer as it can turn the fetus misplaced in any direction and making it a future difficult pregnancy. 6. Be cautious while changing your style of living, clothing, use chemical agents on the body as these cans also herm the baby.

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