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Face Lift without Surgery Facelifts are going out of fashion. That telltale ‘pulled up’ look is currently such a turn-off that, in keeping with a survey by beauty retail merchants most people women would say no to the surgeon’s knife. So what are the alternatives?

1. Feed your face For a younger, firmer skin, pour freshly extracted fruit crush in associate degree square block receptacle and place it nightlong within the freeze. Next day, pass the square block over clean skin. Leave for 5 minutes and wash out. Pineapple enzymes facilitate physical property, improve association, and exfoliate to reveal beamy recent ‘face lifted’ skin.

2 Lightening and alteration primers Look for primers (they go below your foundation and keep it in place) with ingredients that tighten and brighten your skin. If your skin isn’t too dry, use a primer rather than a moisturizer before a giant night out.

3 Contouring tricks Using powders to ‘sculpt’ facial contours to assist sharpen the definition of your jaw. Seek for matte merchandise that is slightly darker than your skin tone. Sweep sculpting powder on the jaw line and mix softly on the neck to avoid a ‘tide line’. Using an eye shadow brush, apply a contour powder over the attention sockets to line back overhanging lids.

4 Do the puffer fish! Working the ‘buccinator’ muscles within the cheeks can facilitate raise and firm your face. Puff out your cheeks and gently begin press them together with your hands.

5 Raise your brows A well-shaped brow will facilitate disguise lax eyelids, finding your natural arch is essential. Pick off slowly, removing hairs below the brows one at a time, following

the natural arch. Then enhance and outline with a brow pencil or powder. This makes you look tighter.

6 Massages Apply associate degree oil formulation to the whole face. Begin from the centre of the chin and massage, in tiny, circular movements. Next, operating inwards against the lines and wrinkles, massage round the eyes that specialize in the socket and then forehead. To finish, use light, movements everywhere. You’ll look upraised.

7 Offer your eyes some exercise Place your index fingers sideways below your eyes with fingers towards the nose and start rolling your higher eyelids solely. After thirty seconds shut your eyes for an instant and repeat. This helps in cutting back the hollows below the eyes and lifts the eyelids and lowers a part of your face.

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Face lift without surgery  

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