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Breast augmentation procedure and success rate Breast augmentation procedures are in demand and this is obvious from the statistics produced by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. It states that about 307, 190 procedures of breast implants were carried out in the year 2011 in the USA alone. Breast augmentation also known as augmentation mammaplasty, is a surgical procedure to place implants for increasing the size of the breasts. This procedure also improves symmetry and projection of the breasts.

The breast augmentation procedure is usually considered by women who are unhappy with their breast size and symmetry. It is also a choice for those who have undergone mastectomy or injury that have resulted in disproportionate breast size. In this procedure, breast implants are surgically placed in the breast to enhance its look. The various implants that are used include silicone gel and saline implants which are placed beneath the muscles of the chest. The procedure of breast augmentation is generally a method of choice for those women who wish to enlarge their breasts, which were naturally smaller than usual as a matter of heredity. It can also be used by those women who wish to restore their normal breast size that is lost after pregnancy and breast feeding. It has been seen

that there is a significant improvement in the self-confidence of these women after the breast augmentation procedure. Various studies have demonstrated a high satisfaction rate amongst women who have undergone the procedure of breast augmentation. However, it needs to be mentioned that it is a procedure that involves artificial implantation and there is a failure ration associated with it, which cannot be ignored. This procedure also involves risks and complications that are associated with any other normal surgical procedures. However, the fact remains that breast augmentation is the method of choice for the majority of the women these days. It is advised that women should weigh the pros and cons of this procedure with their doctor before they decide to undergo the surgery. The right decision will certainly save you from any miseries later on.

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Breast augmentation procedure and success rate  

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