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Smoking / Drinking and Drugs Quiz. Question 1 What does smoking do for a person’s appearance? 1. 2. 3. 4.

It makes them look sexy It makes them look mature It makes people take them seriously They look like they have a nasty habit that will affect their health and looks

Question2 Smoking is a good idea if you want to be slim – right? 1. Right – if you give up you’ll put on stacks of weight and never shift it 2. Wrong – cigarettes don’t keep your body weight down 3. Right – it’s better to be skinny in a coffin that a fat flump 4. Right – being slim is important, health problems can wait until I’m older

Question 3 Giving up smoking will only make me stressed – won’t it? 1. Exactly – smoking is relaxing and helps you to chill out 2. Spot on, smoking cures stress – which will stop you getting cancer 3. Yes, and you could get hit by a bus tomorrow anyway 4. No, smoking actually puts stress on the body and makes you anxious

Question 4 Why is binge-drinking bad for people? 1. It’s not – if you’re only drinking on weekends, it’s all good. 2. Drinking loads in one hit is much better than drinking one glass a day 3. Binge drinking can cause health problems such as heart and liver disease 4. Binge drinking is only bad news if you end up throwing up.

Question 5 Girls can drink just as much as blokes these days, can’t they? 1. Exactly, it’s just sexist talk, if a guy can drink six pints, so can a girl 2. No, women’s bodies are not built like men’s and it’s more dangerous 3. Sure – saying they can’t is just society’s way of keeping girls ‘ladylike’ 4. Exactly, in this day and age a girl can drink a guy under the table

Question 6 Are drugs 'pure' if your mate or dealer says so? 1. Of course – a mate’s a mate right? 2. Straight up. They know where it’s come from and that it’s fine 3. Dealer’s won’t stitch you up, they want the business 4. You can never be 100 per cent sure what you are getting

Question 7 Which statement about LSD is true? 1. If you do acid more than 10 times you’re classified as insane by the government 2. Anyone who takes LSD will go mad 3. LSD is harmless – you can have as much as you like 4. LSD can cause or worsen mental health problems if you are already prone

Question 8 Cannabis 'cleans the lungs' – true or false? 1. 2. 3. 4.

True – cannabis is a herb and herbs are good for you False – it doesn’t clean them but it doesn’t do them any harm True – that’s why people smoke it when they’re ill False – it damages your lungs – just like cigarette smoking

Question 9 What are the risks of taking an ‘E’? 1. You could develop a psychological dependence 2. Dehydration and overheating 3. A dangerous reaction – especially if you have an underlying health condition such as heart problems 4. The comedown from E is awful – and ‘mid-week blues’ are common. Question 10 Pick the wrong answer: If you take too much cocaine you can… 1. 2. 3. 4.

risk an overdose – this could be fatal only damage your wallet start to damage your nose have a fit or heart attack

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