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Celebrating Future Alumni All Student Employees at Howard University Libraries (HULS) & the Moorland-Spingarn Research Center (MSRC) Date: Friday, May 2, 2014 2:00pm – 4:00pm Location: The Browsing Room in The Founders Library Howard University 500 Howard Place, NW Washington, DC 20059

The Program Appreciation and Recognition 2013 – 2014 Student Employees & Graduates Howard University Library System (HULS) & Moorland-Spingarn Research Center (MSRC)

The Occasion………………………………………Dr. Howard Dodson, Director (HULS/MSRC) & Mrs. Carrie M. Hackney, Assistant Library Director & Divinity Librarian

Presentations and Congratulatory Remarks…………HULS/MSRC Ms. Kamili Anderson Public Affairs and Communications Specialist HULS Ms. Jeanise Ealey Media Center, HULS Niketha McKenzie First-Year Experience Librarian, HULS Ms. Shelley Stokes-Hammond Alumni Relations Officer, HULS Ms. Leida Torres, Head of Access Services & Social Work Librarian HULS Ms. Celia Daniel, Librarian and Coordinator of Reference and Instruction, HULS Ms. Joellen ElBashir Interim Chief Librarian, MSRC

Closing Remarks & Acknowledgements ………......Dr. Arthuree M. Wright, Associate Director, HULS

HULS/MSRC Work Study Students 2013-2014 HULS (Howard University Library System) Office of Public Affairs & Communications Jerome Inniss Office of Alumni Relations/Friends of the Library Nicole Billingslea* Shayla Mulzac* Radiah Shabazz* *Students marked with (*) have also worked with Access Services (Circulation, Inspection), Reference Service (“Amazing Library Race”), the Administration Office, and the Media Center.

Department of Access Services Desarae Brooks* Amber-Lee Brown* Kaylan Bryant Brandon Byrd Bryan Ellis Laporsha Ellis Nia English* Steven Hall Rianna Harper* Jordan Hunter

Gurlaine Jean Ta’rell Kelly* Marcus Livingston Jasmyn Mattis* Zipporah McCoy Ayanna Morgane* Tosin Ogunmusanmi* Jessica Potts Shakia Rayford Kyree Williams

Students marked with (*) have also worked for the Social Work Library.

Department of Reference Service Ojong Ashu Arah Broadnax

Christen Pickens Sandra Uweh

Moorland Spingarn Research Center Manuscript Division Leah Allen

Best Wishes to All Student Workers and Graduates from the Staffs of the Moorland-Spingarn Research Center and the Howard University Library System

The Graduates Howard University Library System (HULS) & Moorland-Spingarn Research Center (MSRC) Alumni Relations/Friends of the Library/ Friends of the Moorland-Spingarn Research Center, HULS Shayla Mulzac (Communication-Public Relations) Ms. Mulzac is from Brooklyn, New York, and plans to reside in the heart of New York City after graduation. She has worked for the Howard University Libraries for one year. She has been a tremendous help in developing alumni donor lists, researching the origin and history of donor accounts, building websites for the Friends of the Library and the Moorland-Spingarn Research Center website, and drafting marketing plans for the Library’s upcoming Capital Campaign. Upon graduation, she will be the primary coordinator and co-owner of her family’s business while working in sales, marketing or communications. On a part-time basis, she plans to attend graduate school to obtain her Masters degree in Marketing Management.

M. Radiah Shabazz (Communication-Print Journalism) Ms. Shabazz is from Richmond, Virginia. As a creative writer and designer, she has been helpful in developing the website for the Friends of the Library and the Friends of the MoorlandSpingarn Research Center. Her expertise as an editor has been invaluable on an article about Howard University’s library history.

Access Services, HULS Kaylan Bryant (Psychology) Ms. Bryant is from Los Angles, California, and has worked with Howard University Libraries for one year at the circulation desk in Access Services. After graduation, Ms. Bryant will attend graduate school for marriage/family therapy.

Nia English (Radio/TV/Film)

Ms. English is from Miami, Florida, and has worked for Howard University Libraries for one year.

Bryan Ellis (Graduate School/Sports Psychology) Mr. Ellis is a doctoral student who is working on his dissertation about Sports Psychology. He has worked in Access Services, as a wage employee (sometimes overnight) and also as a Saturday Coordinator for a year.

Jasmyn Mattis (Sports Medicine/Chemistry) Ms. Mattis formerly worked for the Howard University Bookstore. She has worked for Howard University Libraries for six weeks at the Circulation Desk and has answered telephone calls in the Administration Office. After graduation she plans on taking a year off, and may attend graduate school.

Reference Service, HULS Ojong Ashu (Nursing) Mr. Ashu will graduate with a degree in nursing. He has been working in Reference Services, Howard University Libraries, for two years, and was indispensable as a weekend person, especially after we lost two weekend staff members. He is originally from the South West Province of Cameroon, West Africa. While he hopes to pursue study in medicine in the future, right now, his plans are to start working after graduation.

Christen Pickens (Journalism / Advertising) Ms. Pickens is originally from Chicago, but has been living in Los Angeles, California for the past ten years. This May, Ms. Pickens will graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in journalism with a concentration in advertising. She will not be leaving campus anytime soon, as she hopes to pursue a Masters degree in Media Studies. While at the Reference Services desk, Ms. Pickens was an excellent desk worker.

Sandra Uweh (Biology) Ms. Uweh has been with Reference Services, Howard University Libraries for the past two years. Ms. Uweh’s home is in Diamond Bar, Southern California. Her parents are Nigerian. While Ms Uweh will not walk with her graduating class this May, she will graduate this summer. After graduation, Ms. Uweh hopes to pursue a career in medicine. In Reference Services Ms.

Uweh worked the evening and night shifts. She was very reliable. One can always depend on her to be at the desk. She was a most excellent worker.

Arah Brodnax (Psychology) Ms. Broadnax is from Los Angles, California, and has worked in Reference Services, Howard University Libraries, for one year. As a Reference Services desk worker, she showed excellent work ethic and employee skills. She will graduate this May with a degree in Psychology. She hopes to relocate to Los Angeles where she will pursue a Masters in Forensic Psychology.

Manuscript Division, MSRC Leah Allen (Africana Studies) Ms. Allen will graduate with a degree in Africana Studies. She volunteered her time to the Moorland-Spingarn Research Center (MSR) and was a very diligent worker. She plans to attend a graduate school program in library sciences.

Celebrating Future Alumni at Howard University