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Presidential Campaign

2012 Presidential Election Candidates

Democratic Party

Barack H. Obama President

Campaining Costs: $934.0 million raised, $852.9 million spent, $134.7 million on hand Education: Occidental College, Columbie University (BA), Harvard Law School (JD) Political History: Illinois State Senate, US Senate, US President

Joseph R. Biden Education: University of Delaware (BA), Syracuse Law School (JD) Political History: US Senate, US Vice President

Becoming the leader of the United States of America is quite possible one the most difficult tasks an individual could take on.


Initially, there are the absolute basic criteria a candidate must meet order to be eligible to run for president. First, you must be a native-born American citizen or, if born abroad, be born to two native-born American citizens. Next, you must be a minimum of 35-years-old. Last, you must have lived in the United States

for at least 14 years.

W. Mitt Romney President

Campaining Costs: $881.8 million raised, $752.3 million spent, $193.3 million on hand Education: Brigham Young University (BA), Harvard Law School (JD), Harvard Business School (MBA) Political History: Governor of Massachusetts

Paul D. Ryan

Vice President

It will take more than a dream for you to become the president of a nation.

Republican Party

ages, therefore, we continually judge everything and everyone we see based on appearance alone. If you’ve gained followers with your look, you will then need to convince them to listen to you with the force of a personality that makes them feel as though you are looking out for them as well as doing what is best for your people.

Despite the fact that you may meet each of the standards listed, it remains highly unlikely that you will be able to obtain the presidency. You will also need looks, personality, smarts (both street-wise and academ- Once you’ve gotten the people to pay attention to your thoughts ic), and money. and ideas, you need to be sure The looks and personality you that those thoughts and ideas must have in order to get the are based on an in-depth knowlvoters’ attention. Although many edge of the topic. You must be would refuse to admit, we are able to thoroughly explain who a society driven by visual im- your plan is helping, what it will

Vice President

Education: Miami University in Ohio (BA) Political History: US Representative for Wisconsin

do to make their situation better, and why it will work. People have to know that the person that they are putting all of their trust in knows what he/she is doing and will get the job done effectively.

there is much fundraising you can do and many wealthy donors to contribute. However, in the early stages of your political career, it’s going to mostly be out of your own bank account. Which brings us to the next point of matter, your must-have political career. You don’t have to hold every governmental position available in order to become president, but it’s important that you have, at least, held some political position that will make you somewhat known and have you educated in the world of politics.

Finally, the money. The other factors affecting your road to the White House may seem like the most important; unfortunately, in order to make all the other things matter, you must have the cash to back it up. Campaigning effectively is costly, but if you want to make sure that your name, face, and goals are known, you have to sacrifice some millions. Luckily, You will also need to find

a compatible running mate to eventually become the Vice President should you win. It is also necessary that he/she meets some, if not all, of the criteria already listed in this article. We have only just begun to skim the surface of how difficult it is for a person to become President of the United States of America. You have been equipped with the absolute bare necessities to allow you to grow into this nation’s leader; for a more in-depth assessment of this topic, feel free to visit the White House for a conversation with the president himself.



315million US citizens


T. Roosevelt was the youngest president at age 42 Ronald Reagan was the oldest president at age 69

no female has ever

W successfully 51.2% ran for




114,251,000 69 Americans between the ages of 40 & 69


American men

between the ages of 40 & 69

American citizens expect their president to be intelligent and well-informed. American men between the ages of 40 & 60 who are college educated


41.2% 0.4%

Americans Undergrads

in Ivy college League attending

American men between the ages of 40 & 60 who are college educated from an Ivy League


Every president since Ronald Reagan in 1984 has been Ivy League educated.



American men between the ages of 40 & 60 who are Ivy League Educated and identify with one major party


half of the population

is gifted in public speaking


American men between the ages of 40 & 69 who are Ivy League educated, identify with one major party, and are gifted at public speaking



31% 27%



George Washington

is the most recent

president who didn’t identify as one major political


American men between the ages of 40 & 69 who are Ivy League educated, identify with one major party, are gifted at public speaking, and are attractive


0.000042% chance that you will one day be

the president



of the population

is attractive

Presidential Campaign  

ePaper for JOUR 232

Presidential Campaign  

ePaper for JOUR 232