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MAY 2013

MAY 2013

LITTLE LAMB CLUB NEWSLETTER Welcome back to our newsletters! What a crazy start to the year! My baby Ashton is now over 8 months (so sad how that time just flies on by!), we have welcomed new staff, introduced new brands to the store, went on our annual buying trip and much to my excitement Little Lamb is now 3 years old! I’m FINALLY back on board with the newsletters so I’ve made it a BIG one! I am excited to provide to you a sneak peak to the next summer season of clothing to arrive at Little Lamb beginning mid year. In line with every year this summer season of clothing will be even bigger than before including introducing new leading brands. Just before Mothers day I posted a little Prose about my honest thoughts on motherhood and have asked to share it with you here as well (page 10). I hope you all like it. We are also holding a sale in store now so come in and grab a bargain! I hope you enjoy this newsletter. Love Stevie xxoo

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NEW Brands Arthur Avenue and Quince!

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My top 5 baby products!

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Giggle and Hoot, tooth fairies and PJ sets-NEW

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Bebe and Fox & Finch Preview

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Love Henry Preview

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Introducing staff

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My honest thoughts on motherhood

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MAY 2013 Sale on now!

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SALE!! Ends May 31st

We are clearing stock to make way for new arrivals! Find items at 10-80% off items in store now! Including: 50% OFF KAS CANVAS PRINTS 30% OFF ALBUMS 70% OFF PALATTE PLATES









NEW Brands Arthur Avenue and Quince! Two small collections from independent brands Quince and Arthur Avenue are to join Little Lamb’s beautiful range. Both independent brands are owned Australian mum designers who create unique beautiful clothing from 100% cotton. Arthur Avenue is in store now with more to arrive this month. Their stunning collection of uber vintage inspired baby clothing is handmade by Owner Natasha Dwyer. She has picked up several awards for her enchanting designs and has been featured in numerous fashion parades, magazines and newspapers, as her label and unique style gain momentum.

We are loving the vintage look from our two new brands. With lace and vintage prints, you’ll love these timeless pieces!

The owner of Quince found herself drawn to prints when choosing clothes for her baby but as they were hard to come she started designing them herself. She works with a small factory in the United Arab Emirates who create a very high quality of workmanship. The range from Quince will include both a baby and a children’s range from playsuits for both the boys and girls to vintage print shirts and gorgeous party dresses. Arriving later in the month.


My top 5 baby products!

Here are my favorite baby products that I have absolutely loved for Ashton! Aden and Anais cotton muslin and bamboo muslin wraps The lightweight open weave cotton (pack of 4 $51.95) or bamboo muslin (pack of 3 $54.95) permits air to circulate around the baby's body, which in turn allows for the body temperature to regulate itself while still providing comfort and warmth without the worry that the baby may overheat. They are gentle on baby’s skin and durable for everyday use and measuring 120cm x 120cm these wraps make swaddling a breeze! I absolutely LOVE these and use them EVERDAY! While i don’t swaddle Ashton, i use them when breastfeeding, over my shoulder as a burp cloth, against my skin when holding him on a hot day, as a light cover and as a sunshade over the pram. I find the bamboo ones a lighter and cooler fabric so particular perfect when breastfeeding or covering the pram, (and so soft i find myself rubbing my face against the fabric! ) but the cotton ones are more absorbent so great to soak up dribble, a bit of milk and sweat on a hot day! GORGEOUS NEW PRINTS NOW AVAILABLE IN BOTH COTTON AND MUSLIN!

Aden & Anais muslin sleeping bags Sleeping bags are recommended by Sids & Kids as a safe alternative to loose sheets or blankets. The Aden+ Anais sleeping bags are made from the same beautiful 100% muslin cotton as their wraps meaning ultimate in breathability and softness. Each bag zips from the bottom, making nappy changes easy and a strip of muslin over the zipper by your little ones face provides extra comfort. They are available in super lightweight single layer muslin ($39.95) or 4 layer for warmth while being breathable ($54.95). Great to create a bedtime routine as well.

Ashton sound asleep in his sleeping bag

MAY 2013 Marquise studsuits

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Marquise is one of Australia's oldest and most respected children’s label and is celebrating 80 years this year! I particularly love their stud suits which have a lovely fit, very cute prints and are made from super soft cotton which washes and wears just beautifully- making them perfect for everyday (or night) wear. Ashton wears these under his sleeping bag when we have the air conditioner on, and will be perfect for the approaching dry season. The stud opening makes putting them on and taking them off a breeze, which is also good for daddy’s! Sold in packs of 2 for $39.95 A Book About Me – Australia’s number 1 baby record book I only stock 1 baby book in store simply because i think it is the best! The most stylish, well thought out and comprehensive book i have come across. I had the same one for Emma and now have the updated version for Ashton. Record every priceless (and amusing) memory and milestone in this a stylish, practical and easy to use baby book! It has all Australian spelling, has cute, practical and often amusing prompts, from first tooth and steps to first paintings, pets and haircut, as well as an ‘Unforgettable Moments’ page to record the funnier side of parenting. I especially love the “My Australian childhood” page including “my first freddo’’. Too cute! You can remove and rearrange the pages with the unique loose-leaf format, and can customise your book to reflect your journey including optional pages about pregnancy, fertility treatments and adoption, Christenings or naming days . Includes space for both mum’s and dad’s experience and even lets you record the thoughts of a modern extended family (rather than just four grandparents). And the best thing is that any thing that isn’t appropriate for you or you don’t end up filling in you can simply remove the page! The B.Box The award winning’s ($35.95) have become many a mum’s friend at change time! They are a sturdy plastic case that hold your wipes, a couple of nappies and changemat which is included. You can access the wipes from the outside or the inside when you open the up. “I love that the keeps change gear in one easy to use case. I pop it in my handbag or under the pram. When Ashton was younger and I used a nappy bag, I would still put the in the bag so when it came to change time I could take just the box out and have everything on hand. My husband lists this as a “must have” product and takes it with him. I even used the for my daughter up until she was 2 years old as even though she was toilet trained, as you always use wipes and we carried spare knickers for the “just in case” scenarios.

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Sleepover PJ+ Bag Sets

We love these sleepover gift sets from Purebaby! They include a gorgeous set of super soft organic cotton PJs (sizes 3-6 only) with a fabulous overnight bag. The sturdy bag has a outer pocket and a zipper to keep everything safe and is a great size to fit everything you would need for a sleepover or travelling on the plane or in the car. The PJs will be perfect for the coming dry season! $49.95

Tooth Fairies

Giggle and Hoot

TOOTH FAIRIES! $22.95 each These two adorable tooth fairies (yes there is a boy one too!) have a little pocket on the back of their clothes to keep tiny milk teeth in waiting for the real tooth fairy! Each come in a beautiful box with magnetic closure lid to keep them safe and can be used to hold what the Tooth Fairy brings in exchange for their teeth. A delightful alternative to a traditional tooth keeper.

From Super Hoot to Hootabelle cuddle pillows, a Hoot which sings the goodnight lullaby to swim bags and backpacks– fans of Giggle and Hoot will be delighted with this range!

MAY 2013

Bebe and Fox & Finch! We are over the moon to be bringing leading brands Bebe and Fox & Finch to our store! The collection is just stunning it blew us away so much so that our private showcase viewing and ended up taking 5 hours I have ordered up a storm and our range will be worthy of a department store! Bebe will be in sizes 00000-2 while Fox & Finch will have a baby collection (0000-2) and a kids 3-6 range. These beautiful brands will begin to arrive in July with new arrivals monthly.

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Sneak peak to new season Love Henry It’s been a pleasure to watch clothing brand Love Henry grow from humble beginnings and expand and develop their designs to become a favourite of many customers in amongst the more well known big brands. Their summer range is expected in store in July and definitely wont disappoint! Here’s a tiny sneak peak...

Love Henry’s signature vintage print fabrics and detailed appliqués make this collection unique and oh so special. The range includes playsuits, rompers, dresses and their best selling singlet's and nappy covers in sizes 0000-2 along with matching bibs and wraps.

A singlet and nappy covers set have never looked so good!


Introducing new Little Lamb Staff!

We have warmly welcomed new staff members to our Little Lamb family. Customer service is my number one priority and I am sure you will love these lovely ladies. Nina has a 9 month old son named Noel and started working for Little Lamb a few months ago. When asked what she liked about Little Lamb she said “I just love working in this harmonic fun loving store. My favourite part is to meet all the beautiful babies that you lovely mums bring with you in to the store! It`s also a pleasure to work in a store with so much beautiful baby clothing. My favourite brand must be Marquise or Purebaby. Marquise with their 80 years of experience never seems to let me down. And then we have Purebaby with their unique, organic clothing! I can`t seem to get enough, and my baby has never been better clothed =)” Nina has previously managed a large children's store in Sweden including sourcing new exciting products for them, so she is right at home at Little Lamb!

Shelley has a 2 year old son and is our newest employee. Shelly jumped at the opportunity to work at Little Lamb, being an avid Little Lamb customer herself. Shelley has many years of experience with customers and understands the importance of great personal customer service. Shelley says “I love the genuine warm caring atmosphere at Little Lamb coupled with the fact that I get to meet and talk to wonderful and inspiring mums every day. I just love kids and it truly makes my day seeing them running around and having fun with our toys- it's how life should be :) I love the Aden + Anais as its such a beautiful, soft range and I also really love all our wooden toys. I think there's something special about kids having wooden toys to play with. To me, wooden toys seem to build memories and last a lifetime.”

Jo has a 2 1/2 year old little girl Alynah and I loves everything about babies! She says her favourite part of working at Little Lamb is meeting all the happy mums and their little ones (and also playing with the toys! Haha!) I suspect her little one loves mummy working here too as it often end up with a little pressie :) Jo has just commenced study for midwifery so will now only be working occasionally in the store but looks forward to meeting more lovely people and going over babies on the days she is here!

My Honest Thoughts on Motherhood NEWSLETTER TITLE By Stevie Vowles, Owner of Little Lamb

No one can explain to you the love you will feel for your baby- the overwhelming, heart wrenching, chest tightening love. From the moment you become a mum you never sleep soundly, never stop worrying, and rarely get to go to the bathroom in peace again. There is nothing that makes me happier, nothing I love more than my amazing kids and being a mum. But that doesn't mean I don't sometimes look forward to 12 o'clock when preschool starts so I can get 3 hours of space. Or their bedtime when I can finally sit back, have a cuppa and catch up on the facebook world, look up recipes or plan parties (some of my other passions), or send text messages to some friends on how sexy Ricky Martin is looking (haha!) without the "muuum muuum muuuuuum". Motherhood is incredibly gratifying, rewarding and inspiring. It's love and laughter, fun and silliness and makes you wonder what life was before them. It can also be truly exhausting, incredibly hard and stressful. It can sometimes be riddled with guilt and self doubt. I question myself constantlydo I do enough? Is my disciplining right? Will they turn out ok? I should have done this and I definitely shouldn't have done that. Some days I am proud of myself while on others I think I'm surely failing. I struggle to balance everyone's needs, along with the work -family balance. The house work often gets neglected-I feel gratitude for my i-robot vacuum and am thinking of giving it a birthday to celebrate its hard work. There have been days where I have thought my child is a little monster and days where I think I may have turned into one as well. I then go into her room when she's sleeping and see her-mouth open, drooling, lying diagonally on the bed with legs hanging off and think of how much I love her. I ask myself "surely the day wasn't really that bad" when it probably really was. I love watching my two children sleep and dream and at those moments I am amazed at just how wonderful they are. I tell myself on a bad day- “tomorrow will be better� and go to sleep thinking of what joy tomorrow might bring. I think we beat ourselves up too much and our expectations are often unreachable. No one will get it perfectly right but you know what...that's perfectly ok.

Little Lamb Club May Newsletter  
Little Lamb Club May Newsletter  

Little Lamb Club May Newsletter