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Cedar Park 7th Grade Humanities 2013-2014 School Year

Welcome to the 2013-2014 school year here at Cedar Park and 7th Grade humanities class. This course syllabus is intended to communicate what we will be Teacher: Shelley Frey Email Address: Shelley_frey@bea School Address: 11100 Park Way Portland, OR 97225 School Phone 503-672-3620 School Fax 503-672-3626 Principal Ken Struckmeier Assistant Principal Jeff Wright Student Manager Selina Semon Counselors Elizabeth Williams Andrew Witt Secretaries: Tona Hattery Heidi Poole Leslie Redman Anne Yardley

learning and how it will be assessed. New to this year, academic progress will only be assessed by MYP Criteria.

Assessment for 7th Grade Humanities All summative (final) assessments will be scored with MYP Criterion Rubrics and will be communicated in progress reports and report cards.

MYP Criteria for 7th Grade Humanities Humanities A Knowing and Understanding B Investigating C Critical Thinking D Communicating

Language A A Content B Organization C Style and Language

Late work will not be accepted after two weeks from due date. Students will have more than one opportunity to meet proficiency in each MYP Criterion.

Progress Report Dates are: • • • •

Oct. 11, Dec. 2, March 14, April 25,

Personal Management / Behavior Learning Targets. Academic behaviors are absolutely critical for student success. These behavior scores are often indicators for a student’s success on a final MYP Assessment. Behavior Consistently and Generally (G) Sometimes or Type Independently (CI) Rarely or with Reminders (Need Improvement) (R) Personal I can consistently I can generally I can sometimes or Responsibility manage my manage my rarely manage my responsibilities as a responsibilities as a responsibilities as a student. student. student. Self Directs I can consistently I can generally selfI can sometimes or own learning self-direct my direct my learning. rarely self-direct my learning. learning. Team Work I can consistently I can communicate I can sometimes or communicate effectively and work rarely effectively effectively and effectively within a communicate and consistently work team group sometimes or rarely effectively within a work effectively team group within a team group

How parents/students will access information about classwork/homework7th Grade Humanities students will be given hard copies of all assignments in class. Students and families will be able to access second copies via Synergy. (Look for link on BSD Website) This program is a safe and reliable place for students to find extra copies. Parents can see the assignments, the instructions, and the due dates. CPMS website will have all the course outlines and descriptions posted and they will be available on back to school night. Homework Expectations. Schoolwork that is not finished in class is expected to be finished at home. Some assessments will need more time and our expectation is that students will complete them at home with your support. Students need to come to class every day with: Specific Handouts Humanities Binder w/tabs Planner Pencils, sharpened Assigned reading (SSR Book) These supplies need to be in your locker: 1 box of colored pencils Extra pencils Scissors Glue sticks Thin black Sharpie marker

Specific humanities needs from parents: When field trips or special events are planned, we will ask for volunteers and field trips may require a fee. We are hoping to expand our novel sets to share among 7th grade Humanities classes. We are asking for a $5.00 donation. Please send the $5.00 in with your student to be delivered to their Humanities teacher.


This is a class description for 7th grade Humanities

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