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Class Description for 7th Grade Writing - Ms. Frey Welcome to 7th Grade Writing: This class syllabus will be helpful in understanding what students will be learning throughout the year in Writing.

Academic Learning Targets for 7th Grade Writing: Learning Targets are intended to clearly identify and align the expected learning. These targets are consistent across all eight of the Beaverton middle schools. I can write with a clear main idea and supporting details. ‣ I can write a clear main idea using a variety of strategies (e.g. definition, classification, compare/ contrast, cause/effect). ‣ I can use relevant facts, definitions, concrete details, quotations, or other information and examples to develop the main idea. I can use organizational structure appropriate to the writing mode. ‣ I can write an effective and engaging introduction that previews the main ideas. ‣ I can use transition words to create cohesion and clarify relationships among ideas and concepts. ‣ I can write an effective conclusion that supports the main idea. I can use writing conventions correctly. ‣ I can use phrases and clauses correctly. ‣ I can use simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex sentences to show relationships. ‣ I can use commas to separate adjectives of equal value. ‣ I can spell words correctly. I can use the writer’s craft to enhance the effectiveness of my writing ‣ I can use precise, subject-specific language to inform or explain. ‣ I can establish a formal style appropriate to the audience. Attendance, Organization, and Student Responsibility ● Students must be in their seats by start time. ● Students must keep their binder organized and complete. ● Students must have all materials needed for class. ● Students must work individually to achieve each of the Learning Targets. ● Students must cooperate with others in partners, small groups, and whole class. ● Students must complete all assignments (classwork and home-practice). ● Students must participate actively, asking clarifying and probing questions as necessary. ● Students must seek help when needed from peers and/or teacher (teacher appointments).

Behavior Expectations: ‣ AHP school and classroom rules will be followed. ‣ It is expected that every student (and teacher) will contribute to a learning atmosphere. ‣ Voices should be kept respectful of others’ learning. ‣ Actions must be appropriate to the school setting. ‣ Students should use the bathroom one at a time, signed in and out. ‣ No food, gum, cell phones, ipods, etc. are allowed in class. ‣ Students will clean up their desk/work area. ‣ All work must be done with integrity – no plagiarism. Grading: ‣ PROFICIENCY GRADES: Based on each Learning Target ○ 4 – Highly Proficient ○ 3 – Proficient ○ 2 – Nearing Proficiency ○ 1 – Working Toward Proficiency ‣ BEHAVIORAL GRADES: C/I (consistently), G (generally), R (rarely or needs improvement) Responsibility Self-direction/independence Teamwork

Rubrics: This is how we will judge student progress on the learning targets and provide feedback to students on what must be done to improve their proficiency or mastery of the learning. Working Towards Nearly Proficient PWT (1) PNP (2) Underdeveloped evidence Partially accurate of meeting learning target evidence of meeting learning target

Proficient Highly Proficient PRO (3) PHP (4) Accurate evidence of Thorough or enhanced meeting learning target evidence of meeting learning target

Teacher contact availability: Please feel welcome to contact me via email at any time! ‣ ‣ ‣

Lunch time (with pass) After school (by appointment) By email (I will either email you back or call you back. Contact me by 4:30 with questions).

7th Grade Writing Syllabus  
7th Grade Writing Syllabus  

Syllabus for 7th grade writing at AHP