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March 2014

Community Newsletter About Self Design and Seven Summits: Seven Summits is heading into its second year of operation in partnership with SelfDesign Learning Community and the Red Mountain Academy and offers a learnercentered, inquiry-based learning approach, including the entire B.C. grade 8-12 high school graduation program, as well as a diverse suite of dynamic independent study choices and community initiatives. SelfDesign Learning Community, an independent distributed learning school, is an internationally recognized and award-winning leader in the field of education including the “Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence in Education Innovation.” All courses are certified by the B.C. Ministry of Education and all mentors are certified teachers with the Ministry of Education. The learner/mentor ratio is low and mentors are available to collaborate with parents on individual learner needs. Learners will be challenged to think for themselves, to be accountable for their studies and deadlines, and to organize their thoughts in order to communicate clearly and well. In short, learners will be given good foundations to help them meet the challenges of the future and succeed no matter their individual goals.

We are not a ski academy family, our children were doing well in the traditional school system and we did not have any major opposition to our children traveling to Trail to attend JL Crowe for grades 10–12. We chose Seven Summits because of the educational model that was presented — independent and self directed.

—7S parent

So far in such a short time!


s Seven Summits Centre for Learning gets closer to the end of its first year, it’s worth reflecting on how far we’ve come in so short a time. A year ago we had only just received word that RSS would no longer offer grades 10 to 12. We had no building, no teachers, no educational provider, and only the dogged belief that it could be done. Today we are celebrating a thriving, high-quality educational alternative that offers Rossland learners the full range of courses, electives and community-based “extras” here in town. Our mentors and learning consultants (B.C. certified teachers) Jonny Coleshill, Melanie Boothe and D’Arcy Ziprick are inspiring 35 full and part-time students to work hard at their core academic and elective studies, as well as participate in many community-based programs and initiatives including camping,

avalanche and backcountry training, first aid training, yoga, guitar lessons, biathlon, and more. Red Mountain Academy athletes also attend Seven Summits, and work with flexible hours so they can focus on their training and racing. The majority of our students are local, but we also have nine international and out-of-province students who homestay, providing a great cultural experience for our learners and the families they live with. As well, two BC students moved here with their families to attend Seven Summits. | | |

Community-based programs and initiatives

Soleil Patterson: U16 champion at BC Provincials

Student achievements Chiaki Yamamoto took 2nd place in the BC Cup 7.5km x-country ski race; 1st place in the Kamloops BC Cup; 5th in junior girl at World junior trials; Western Canadian champs – 5th individual start, 4th in sprint; Western Canadian champs – 5th individual start, 4th in sprint; BC champs 4th individual start.

Seven Summits learners have had the opportunity to participate in many exciting programs outside of their regular academic courses, involving volunteers and others from our community. These have included: • Art with Stephanie Gauvin • Fall camping trip to Kootenay Lake • AST 1 course with Keith Robine • Science with Elaine Klemmensen • Search & Rescue workshop with Craig DeLong • Tennis, chess and guitar with Paul DeVilliers • Biathlon with Mike Heximer • Cross Country skiing with Ann Quarterman • Yoga with Marge Cherry • Gym time at Better Life Fitness • Outdoor Education Week with CBT Wildsight • Winter Safety & Survival Week with CBT Wildsight • Ski & Snowboard Day at Red Mountain • Duke of Edinburgh Award presentation • Selkirk College Day • Math tutoring with Dave Morel

Soleil Patterson: Two golds in GS at the U16 BC provincials and a gold and silver in the Super G races. Sophia Rodyakin, Jane Andison, Soleil Patterson and Morgan Gash have qualified for the U16 CAN/AM races at Apex. Gavin Patterson has had three Kootenay zone podium finishes this season with two bronze and a silver. Sammie Gaul took the silver in ski cross at the BC Games, and is 9th overall in the province. Patrick Cometta and Madison Eggert continue to score results in their first year FIS racing, recently competing in a FIS speed event in Kimberley. Hannah Klemmensen received 1st prize in the Kootenay Literary Competition, Grade 7 to 9 category, and also competed in the debate provincials. James Klemmensen scored 93% on his Social Studies 11 Provincial. Aaron Finke is working at an internship at Gerick Sports

Red Mountain Academy Update


ed Mountain Academy has been very pleased this year with our new educational partners (Seven Summits Centre for Learning and Self Design). Our student/athletes have retained the ability to pursue their sports to the fullest while still receiving a high level of education. This year we have student/ athletes visiting from the UK, Japan, Switzerland, the US, Ontario and other parts of BC to train and learn with our local youth. Having Seven Summits Centre for Learning to partner with has allowed the Academy to continue offering its programs, and our athletes to continue realizing their successes.

Meet our Mentors Jonny Coleshill is the Humanities/ English mentor at Seven Summits, and brings over 10 years of teaching and travel experience from over 40 countries to the Learning Centre. He shares an appreciation of the world and the people in it and a friendly approach to interacting with youth, as he facilitates learning with each unique learner. He has degrees in Linguistics, English and Anthropology, Spanish language skills, and experience working with community development projects in Africa and South America, as well as in Canada. He lives in Rossland with his wife and two small children. Mélanie Boothe has a B.Sc. in Environmental Science and experi-

ence teaching French and sciences in English, French Immersion and French high schools. Her experiences with youth have moved her from the prairies to Switzerland, to Vancouver Island and now to the Kootenays. She resides in Rossland with her husband and two young sons. In her spare time, Mélanie enjoys hiking and biking, getting her hands dirty in the garden, playing with her boys and most things artsy. Mélanie is the science/math/French/art mentor at Seven Summits Centre for Learning.

2014/15 facilities Fee Structure


e are looking forward to an even more successful second year, as we build on what we’ve accomplished to date. A key change will be the hiring of a professional administrator, something we’ve all come to realize is needed to ensure strong communication with families, allow mentors to better focus on learners’ needs, and further expand programming. While this means a higher quality experience for learners and parents, it will also mean increased costs. This was a tough decision for us, but it was inevitable, both from a quality perspective and from the perspective of sustainability. Our fee structure for the 2014 – 2015 year will be as follows (Note that we will continue to offer assistance to those in financial need, and a payment plan is available): • $2100 if paid by December 1, 2014 • $2000 if paid by September 1, 2014

D’arcy ZIPRICK is the senior math and science mentor at Seven Summits Centre for Learning. His interests include skiing, mountain biking and hockey.

Second sibling rates are: • $1850 if paid by December 1, 2014 • $1750 if paid by September 1, 2014

Mountain Bike Program coming!

Applications will be accepted starting April 1st for the coming school year, with priority being given to returning students and siblings.


even Summits Centre for Learning is pleased to announce a new mountain bike program, running April to June 2014.

head Enduro Race over the August long weekend. In May and June, learners will also start riding with Kootenay Mountain Bike Coaching on Monday and Friday afternoons.

For the month of April, Nate Lott from D.I.G. to Ride will be in the Centre on Monday mornings to introduce the learners to digital mapping and website development technology in order to build their own website that they'll use for the duration of the mountain bike program. Learners will use their website to create a unique and personal account of their experience.

While we're still working on the details, this year's program may also include some time on the North Shore mountains, attending a B.C. Cup Race and riding the epic Seven Summits trail.

Revolution Cycles will be doing two mountain bike maintenance clinics, and starting in May, learners will be spending Mondays on Red Mountain, designing and building a new section of trail that will be featured in the upcoming Rossland Rubber-

Grade 9-12 learners taking theses courses are able to receive credits towards graduation.

The new rates still leave us more affordable than comparable independent schools in the Kootenays and much less costly than such schools in the rest of the province. However, we understand that these increases will not be easy for some. The board commits to focusing on fundraising this year in the hopes of reducing tuition fees in the future. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

As a grade eight student attending Seven Summits Centre for Learning it was such a great year! From the amazing camping trip to Kokanee Glacier Park to being able to try out biathlon. I loved the ability to work at my own pace and complete grade eight and nine science! My mentors and peers were awesome, I was very happy with my year at this centre!

—7S Student

Everyone from admins to mentors are trying to make [my daughter’s] interest into forensic anthropology come to life. We have everything from a real skeleton and animal skulls to finding someone to help mentor her — all because someone listened to a child's interest.

—7S parent

Tutoring for all! Seven Summits is offering tutorial sessions beginning in April for all students in Rossland needing help in senior math or science! Students from any school who are taking these demanding courses are encouraged to register. D’Arcy Ziprick will be running tutorial sessions for the following courses - Math 10, Science 10, Pre Calculus 11 & 12, Calculus 12, Chemistry 11 & 12 and Physics 11 & 12. The sessions will be held in the evenings on Mondays and Wednesdays and will run for four classes. With a maximum of six students per session, these classes will fill quickly. Please email info@sevensummitslearning. com to register or for more info.

For [my daughter] this year has provided an opportunity to work at her own pace and move forward with projects that really excite and interest her in a way that she would not be able to do in a traditional learning environment. Science and math are two subjects that she completely enjoys and yet has been frustrated in these classes in the traditional school setting. This frustration is due to the pace of learning — at the Seven Summits Centre she is able to work at her own pace which keeps her interested and engaged.

—7S parent

Do Seven Summits students spend all their time doing online courses? Why not just homeschool if that’s the case? Seven Summits students use an effective combination of online interactive learning and face-toface learning. Currently we have one full-time and two part-time mentors, as well as special education and ESL support.

Do all the students have to be in the Red Mountain Academy? No, not at all. Currently 17 of 36 Seven Summits students are in the Academy.

What about sports? Are there basketball and soccer teams? Aside from the academy programs and the mountain biking course, we do not currently offer sports teams. However, Seven Summits students who are interested in sports can join teams in the public system through the B.C. School Sports program.

Are there regular hours or can kids come and go as they please? Students are expected to be at the centre during scheduled school hours, unless given parental permission to work elsewhere. Academy students stay later so that they can spend part of their days training.

Is there arts and music instruction? This year, students participated in arts and music workshops with Stephanie Gauvin and Paul DeVilliers. We hope to expand these offerings in the future.

Are teachers or other supervisors at the centre all the time that students are there? Yes, always.

What courses are available for grades 10-12? Self Design offers the core academic requirements of Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics and the Sciences as well as a full range of electives at the high school level. See descriptions.html

Can students take some courses at RSS or Crowe, and some at Seven Summits? Preference will be given to full-time students, but if there is space, grade 10 to 12 students can cross-enrol.

What about holidays and pro-d days? Seven Summits follows the same holiday and pro-d schedule as SD20. How do I get more information on registering my child at Seven Summits? Email info@sevensummitslearning. com, call 250-362-7772 or go to our website at www.sevensummits

Our mission: Seven Summits Centre for Learning is a not-for-profit educational centre that provides a highly supportive environment, which welcomes diversity in learning style and cultural background. We guide and nurture learners to discover their passions as academically minded, self-expressive and socially conscious individuals who are inspired to be active for life. Our vision is to be an innovative, self-sustaining, accessible and internationally recognized educational provider with strong local and global partnerships. Our learners will advance with the knowledge, values and skills that they will need to meet their own goals and to be a positive force in the world. Their skills will be developed through participation and exploration in a supportive, nurturing environment, leading them to embrace life long learning. Seven Summits Centre for Learning, Box 2216, Rossland, B.C. V0G 1Y0 Ph: 250-362-7772 email: web: www.

Seven Summits Community Newsletter March 2014  

Community newsletter for the Seven Summits Centre for Learning, Rossland, BC

Seven Summits Community Newsletter March 2014  

Community newsletter for the Seven Summits Centre for Learning, Rossland, BC