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How to Find A Company That Believes In Green Shipping Practices When Newgistics started in 1999, the company’s purpose was to make the returns process more efficient for the just-starting e-commerce industry. This green shipping option would permit companies to accept returns more easily. The initial system used the Newgistics labeling system to allow customers to make returns more readily when needed by putting a pre-printed, barcoded label onto the packaging. The company – and Newgistics – could track the package easily. Over time, though, the company’s shipping solutions expanded to include both incoming and outgoing packages from e-retailer using Newgistics. As a shipping company, Newgistics offers what they call 360 degree shipping. This process works in a way to increase efficiency and environmental impact. When a customer places an order with a retailer that uses Newgistics as its shipping company, Newgistics handles the paperwork to process and ship that package. Most shipping companies come to the retailer, package, and then ship at the nearest USPS, FedEx, or UPS location. Instead, Newgistics travels with the package to the shipping point closest to the buyer’s destination. In this way, Newgistics drivers are able to pick up packages at a number of retailers along a route and drop them all off closest to their destination point, a service that makes Newgistics heads above other shipping companies. This process is a green shipping method that permits the Newgistics company to provide the best available service more efficiently and effectively. The customer gets the package more quickly because it is not being routed through regional centers with major shippers, and the customer and retailer can track the package from beginning to end with the Newgistics tracking label. Finally, Newgistics is able to offer shipping solutions that are more environmentally friendly by using a fleet of trucks to move packages from a number of retailers. Packages travel in a more direct route, reducing the carbon footprint of each package considerably. So if you are looking for a company that believes in green shipping practices, there really is no need to go further than looking at Newgistics, the company that pioneered this practice for the e-commerce industry.

How to find a company that believes in green shipping practices  

A tip when choosing green shipping companies is to check which among them is recommended by previous customers. Although it is easy to find...