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Welcoming Words As AIESECers, we always strive to achieve peace and fulfillment of humankind’s potential by young people and we enable to develop their leadership through practical experiences in challenging environments by

doing cross-cultural exchange. We hope that IXP Program can help you to get an insightful Inner and Outer Journey for you to enjoy Global Volunteer and bring back your

experience to our beloved home entity, which is AIESEC LC UNDIP.

Integrated Experience Program

(IXP) is a

program to prepare current AIESEC members from any roles to take an

exchange in our


Volunteer Program to bring back the experience & learning to the home entity and develop their leadership quality: “Empowering Others�

• Any AIESEC member who has joined the organization and probation members.

• Good Understanding of AIESEC Operations (AIESEC History, AIESEC Way, acronims and current state of his/her LC reality). • Eager to bring back learnings and a new project to LC UNDIP. • Future Leader Program Participant for Bring Back to UNDIP.

EntityAmbassadorship Collaborate with the hosting entity to create international partnerships in terms of Global Volunteer, Global Talent, and Global Entrepreneur

Learning and bring back to my LC Learn from the hosting entity about their general operation, good case and bad case practice to provide insights for home entity

Future Leader Program

Job Description Exchange Participant Participate in Global Volunteer and have cross cultural experience with people from different background

Proactively contribute to the social project and give positive impact towards the society, not just participating without giving value added

Sri Lanka



Malaysia Czech Republic

Thailand Turkey



Read the IXP Booklet

Attend Get to Know Global Volunteer

Send Message to nandavirdiaa98 “I am Ready for IXP 2018”

Attend Preparation Meeting(s)

Create YOPaccount and get MATCHED

Bring back everything to AIESEC UNDIP

Go volunteer and become our ambassador

IXP Elements you should take ... Mini CEEDERSHIP Going exchange to work in a certain AIESEC department to improve their current condition, develop its processes, inspires with new ideas, & help to build a stronger global network in the organization with the related country or LC

IR Boost by being Ambassador

*For Newie, you can only take the elements on blue boxes

Future Leader Program

After coming back from your exchange, we hope that you can bring back IR advantages which are partnerships with the related country

Make some initiatives into action that generate positive impact based on real activities or it could be any kind of activity that raise awareness of certain topics

Support Crisis Management in Host LC

*Boost Exchange Culture in Home Entity

*Empowering Others Development

Not only become an EP but you can also provide insights for the host entity you are doing exchange at and give feedbacks to improve their condition while doing the project

Provide brand advocacy to invite more people to develop their leadership through cross cultural exchange in challenging environments

Increase behavior of Empowering Others, which are: communicates effectively in diverse environments, develops & empower other people, engage with others to achieve a bigger purpose

• We will provide you several topics or mission every week • Submit your story and documentation through your facebook channel or through LINE in AIESEC UNDIP’s group • Your story could be in many forms: video shooting, boomerang shots, or photos which are completed by your story

Are you ready to be our ambassador? Contact us!

Kezia Albertha LCVP Talent Development 1819 08129036300 /


Widayu Mutiya Ramadhani LCVP Talent Development 1819 082113967616 /


Booklet IXP GV 2018  
Booklet IXP GV 2018