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VESUVIUS ERUPTS August 24th, 79 AD

You will be shocked

Vesuvius One of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world

SEE FOR YOURSELF‌ Here you will read about the time of the events, the eye witness accounts, the aftermath and the facts.

It all started when the area around Vesuvius started violently shaking with a 5.8

Herculaneum, which kills any residents that were still there. At 5am, an even hotter surge

magnitude earthquake on August 24th, 79

then before literally buries Herculaneum. The

AD. Then at 8am, small eruptions began happening. Nothing too major. On 1pm,

people who did not escape, could not breathe in the thick cloud of ash, so they

Vesuvius erupted with tremendous power. A black cloud rose 20.5 miles into the sky and

died. At 6:30 came a even stronger pyroclastic surge. It reached Pompeii but the

started engulfing Pompeii. At 3, the volcano

town walls didn’t allow it to pass.

showed no signs of slowing down. Hardened lava begun hailing over Pompeii. At 1:30am

Unfortunately, the walls did not hold up long enough and the surge reached the town.

the next day, mud flows begin to make there way to the town of Herculaneum. There was

Toxic fumes and ash swept over the remaining people and they were almost

so much debris that it was reaching the top

instantly killed. At 8am, the strongest surge

stories of buildings. At 4am, the pyroclastic flows start. The first one goes to

hit Pompeii. Along with a storm. Even the tallest buildings were burned to the ground. Vesuvius


Did You Know?


This volcano is considered one of the most dangerous in the entire world. It’s a stratovolcano and its also active. Although it has had no recent activity.

This is what people saw before death. An ash cloud engulfing them

From the people who were there… Pliny the younger, (Gaius Caecilius) A Roman author and poet who

really did. Not long after, tons and tons of lava and ash were being thrown out

witnessed this catastrophe has written “Ashes were already falling, hotter and

of the volcano. It was petrifying. The sun was completely gone. All I saw was

thicker as the ships drew near, followed by bits of pumice and

a giant black cloud of ash. We were racing as far away as possible

blackened stones, charred and cracked by the flames . . .

from the cloud trying to engulf us. Somehow, we managed to get

Meanwhile on Mount Vesuvius broad sheets of fire and leaping

away from it. Later, we learned that many people stayed at the

flames blazed at several points, their bright glare emphasized by the darkness of night” Also, a young girl by the name of

area thinking the eruptions were minor, and many others didn’t


Shelie Fishman has told us “It was insane, we were just all

because of the toxic fumes. As the lava and ash was racing

minding our own business, and then the earthquakes started, it

towards them, it literally made them turn into stone. They were

rocked and rocked us. We didn’t think much of them, until the

preserved extremely well and in the position they were in right

eruptions started from the volcano. At first, they were small. My family and I evacuated immediately though, fearing that it could get worse, and it


have enough time to flee. They died almost immediately

before death. There were dogs, pigs, children and even pregnant women who were preserved”






Aftermath The aftermath of the eruption of Vesuvius was horrendous. It killed over 25,000 innocent people who had not had time to flee. The city of Pompeii was completely buried until 1748 with about 5 meters of ash. This volcano released pumice at the speed of 1.5 million tons per second. Since the volcano had spewed stone and ash over 20.5 miles into the sky, the sun was blocked off and life had a extremely hard time restarting.

Facts Some facts about this eruption are that Vesuvius comes from the Oscan word “Festf” which means smoke. It is also a stratovolcano meaning its built of alternating layers of lava and ash. It’s on the gulf of Naples, Italy. It has a population of about 2.5 million people living around it, which is really bad because if it were to erupt, those people would be greatly effected. These days, you can go up to the summit which is 1281 meters tall

This volcano is the only active one in the European Mainland.

Mount Vesuvius Erupting




Vesuvius Volcano  

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