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Shelby Knott Journal Entry #8 Store Visit/Trends Topshop Trends that dominate the store: 1. Oversize sweaters 2. Skinny jeans (different colors, styles, fabrics) 3. Crop/short tank tops (variety of colors) 4. Eccentric dresses 5. Huge shoe selection 6. Tall/petite options Oversize sweaters: Topshop has always had really cute sweaters. The good ones are usually $70 and above, even some of the not so cute ones, but it’s usually worth it for the cute ones. They always keep in trend with what’s in and what’s not in, so you’ll never see a green sweater when blue is the new green that season. Skinny jeans: usually buy my jeans from specialty or department stores, because although they’re more expensive, they fit better and last for a really long time. I actually bought two pairs of the Leigh skinny jeans and they fit really well. I noticed that topshop and other stores like that were upping their denim game around 2009, maybe because of the recession, but probably just because good jeans are/were so expensive, and you’re basically just paying for the logo or design on the butt. I

Crop/short tank tops: I don’t find myself wearing tank tops that often, because I have better legs than arms, but I always find the cutest tank tops in topshop that I always want to buy but I know I’ll never wear them. Again, they’re always really on trend with the season and what’s in. Eccentric dresses: Again, topshop always has really cute clothes, and their dresses are no exception. They have so many cute ones, and not to mention the individual mini brands within the dress section. They’re a little more designer and a little more expensive, but they’re so cute, and not to mention really unique. which is ironic because I think that’s actually one of the mini brand names...Unique.

Shoe section:

Online, and in the store, they AGAIN, always have great They always remind me of like London and Sweden, that’s where the topshop is based I think. But out of everything I would buy, the shoes would probably be on bottom of the list, just because they’re expensive, and eccentric. And I’d rather spend $270 on a dress than less” heals.

shoes. because the “heal-

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