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Topic: Alberta, focusing on paleontology and fossil heritage in Alberta and its landforms Date: November 2011 Subject: Fourth Grade Social Studies Time Teaching Points Notes 3-4 min  Ask students if they have visited places such  Engage students about as Drumheller or anywhere in the badlands. their travels o What did they notice about the difference in the land compared to other places such as the prairies?  Ask students if they have ever heard of The Royal Tyrell Museum 3 min

Talk about how they will be learning about: o Paleontology: What it is and its history. o And some of the landforms around the badlands- hoodoos, canyons, etc.

Outline what they are learning

30 min

Make notes on the board about dinosaurs, paleontology, and landforms such as hoodoos and how they are formed.

Making sure to emphasize the important points Asking questions for understanding such as: 1. Before moving onto next note slide, ask if everyone has the notes and that they understand them. 2. Kids will visualize what the skeletons and landforms look like. They will also be able to identify some of the more important points of the unit by what is written on the pictures.

3 min

Watch photo story: My Adventures in Drumheller

15 min

Handout worksheet to be done in class about what was just learned, they may use their notes but it is encouraged to try it on their own first.

5 min

Go over worksheet- giving them the correct answers and correcting any wrong ones. And ask if there are any questions? Discuss homework assignment

Ensure all students are grasping the concept by answering questions and in turn asking questions to the class

Sample Lesson  

A sample lesson for a fourth grade social studies class.

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