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Full Story Treatment: Theater Girls We see a group of three girls, JESSICA, CHELSEA, and BRITTANY eating a very late breakfast chatting away excitedly. They are in a comfortable looking place with wooden booths and both breakfast and lunch menus. We know that it is warm outside because everyone is wearing summer attire and the sun is shining in through the window. They are all well dressed with their hair done and perfect make up. They are very pretty and seem put together except they look tired from the night before. It is also obvious to us that they are quite quirky due to their fashion choices. We see Chelsea, Jessica, and Brittany dressed up. It’s night time and they are taking shots with their friends. They are already pink in the face and look happy and tipsy. They are at their small yellow painted apartment. The group consists of the Chelsea, Brittany, and Jessica as well as four other girls and 8 guys. The girls all decide it would be funny to start speaking in different accents and take on new names for the night. We see the group at the bar. We can tell the bar has a lot of energy because there are a lot of people and loud music is playing. One of the boys that Chelsea, Jessica, and Brittany came to the bar with is friends with a handsome stranger, NICK. He introduces Chelsea. They start to flirt. They seem to have great chemistry and the screen fades. We observe Chelsea as she wakes up confused for a second. She is now in a small room painted light blue. Everything is put together except for the covers which are everywhere. She looks at her watch, mutters something under her breath, finds her clothes, and dashes out the door. The handsome man from the night before, NICK is in the kitchen and realizes she is gone when he hears the door close behind her. He seems to be cooking something and to be upset that she left. Chelsea sits in her first period class next to Jessica. They don’t have any time to say anything before Nick walks to the front of the class and says something before noticing Chelsea sitting in the second row. A look crosses his face before he turns his back to the class then turns back to her. He now has a very different look and seems to be enjoying himself while she is mortified.

Theater Girls By Shelby Hiltunen




We see a sign on a college campus that reads, “Welcome Back!”. The camera shows us a beautiful old looking campus before zooming in to a restaurant on a trendy street. We see three pretty girls talking. One of them is trying to get the waitresses attention. CHELSEA But summer was so great. I can’t even tell you. I mean I love being back here but uhhh summer.(distracted) JESSICA Wahh wahh wahh. Poor you. Literally this is my first day of freedom since forever. CHELSEA First of all, you’re the one who decided to work at camp because you “love kids” (sarcastically). Second....(loses train of thought).......Can I have some creamer please? WAITRESS (Gives her creamer) CHELSEA Thanks. Anyway..oh!! I forgot to tell you!(to Jessica) For our class together--the teacher apparently used to work in New York and has major connections and is giving his best student an internship for the summer! JESSICA What internship!!? Who did you hear that from!? CHELSEA I don’t know but apparently gives you amazing connections though.. I want it so bad!! I heard.. BRITTANY WHO IS THAT!? (gestures to a boy who just walked in) JESSICA Ew. Don’t. He’s a douche. BRITTANY How do you know him?! JESSICA He was in calc with me. When he talks I want to vomit.

CHELSEA What’s he say that’s so bad?..... Or, is he one of those people with the nasally voices that never shuts up? JESSICA Ding ding ding! It really sucks that they can’t hear themselves like we hear them because if they did they would NEVER talk. BRITTANY That doesn’t make him a douche! And it’s not like I want to listen to what he has to say anyway. He’s just fun to look at. JESSICA eh. I think I heard the voice first and that ruined it for me. CHELSEA I know this one guy who literally sounds like Alvin from the chipmunks mixed with like..I don’t know, a 6 year old boy. JESSICA I would die.... BRITTANY It would be kind of entertaining. I would never pay attention to the conversation though.. you know? CHELSEA I couldn’t do it for very long....Excuse me, can we have the check please? WAITRESS Together or separate? CHELSEA Separate, thank you..So we’re going out tonight, right? JESSICA School. tomorrow. 8am...remember.. BRITTANY

It’s our last night, come on!! JESSICA agh I can’t stay up too late. I really need my sleep.. CHELSEA oh my gosh remember that one time when we were at that house party and ate all their ice cream?! BRITTANY (laughs) YES!! oh my gosh. Then we thought we were being so stealth when we were hiding the spoons but realized the next morning that we literally threw them to hide them!! JESSICA I was GONE that night.. CHELSEA (laughs) we all were!! WAITRESS (brings their checks) CHELSEA How the hell does an omelet cost $15!? JESSICA That’s ridiculous. Let me see. BRITTANY The french toast was only $6.(puts money on table) CHELSEA What the hell! I’m pissed. JESSICA It’s because you put all that stuff in it. Just the avocado was a dollar fifty. CHELSEA SO frustrating. (puts money on table) Jessica (puts money on table) You do know how to order a good omelet though. That was AMAZING.





The camera moves from the outside of an apartment to the inside where a big group of people is yelling and drinking. Everyone seems happy and there is music playing in the background. One of the girls yells to everyone. CHELSEA TO SUMMER!!!! (everyone takes a shot) JESSICA I think im drunky drunky!(with a crazed smile) BRITTANY (assume british accent for the rest of the night) Oh dear. Darling, you really should have a spot of tea! JESSICA (whiny british accent) But I don’t want a spot of tea! I want a spot of WHISKEY!! BRITTANY Perhaps in a bit dear, but maybe some water would be better for now. Just a bit, come dear.(Gets Jessica a glass of water) CHELSEA Oh my gosh!! your accent is so freaking good! I’m jealous! (begins southern accent) I can only do this one...(to one of the boys) Oh and don’t you look like a SNACK tonight. BLUE SHIRT BOY (rolls his eyes) Oh boy here we go.. BRITTANY oh darling, act like you aren’t amused by us.. you must admit, we are entertaining... CHELSEA ohhh ohhh ohhh ohh!!! I have an idea! Tonight you’ll be Elizabeth from England..

BLUE SHIRT BOY That’s original.. CHELSEA SHUT UP FOR ONCE! I’ll be Sarah from Alabama..and (to Jessica) you can be her cousin Stephanie from England too.




The camera takes us inside a bar.We see the group from before ordering drinks at the bar. The music is loud, but not loud enough to prevent conversation. The girls are still speaking in their accents.Chelsea and Blue Shirt Boy make their way back to the bar. They wait for the bartender. BLUE SHIRT BOY Holy shit Nick! Where have you been man!? NICK (they man hug)What the hell are you doing here!? BLUE SHIRT BOY I’m just with a couple buds. Are you living here now? NICK Yea. Just moved in a couple days ago. I was going to call you.. BLUE SHIRT BOY What are you doing this weekend? We should catch up. NICK Yea just give me a call. Do you still have my number? BLUE SHIRT BOY (checks) CHELSEA (to Nick) so how do you know each other? NICK We’ve been family friends since I can remember. I’m sorry, what’s your name?

CHELSEA Sarah. Nice to meet you. BLUE SHIRT BOY Yea I got it man..(someone gets his attention)I’ll be right back. (CHELSEA and NICK start talking) 4



The camera shows us Chelsea sleeping in someones bed alone and her hair is a mess. It is quiet except for the sound of a coffee maker. The other side of the bed is empty. We see Chelsea wake up, look at her watch and scramble for her clothes. CHELSEA (under her breath) SHIT. (gets dressed, runs out the door.) 5



The camera takes us down a busy hallway and into a class room that seats about 40 people. The walls are a beige and the chalkboard is clean and ready. Students are getting to their seats and getting organized with papers. Chelsea runs in and joins Jessica in the second row. JESSICA Where did you go last night!? I looked for you! You could have texted. CHELSEA Story for later. JESSICA Were you with that guy? I saw you talking to him forever. CHELSEA ughhh.. Nick walks in, sets his things on the desk at the front of the room and looks at the class. NICK

Hello class, my name is Nick Kider. You can call me Nick. Go ahead and get out your syllabus. (notices Chelsea. Is shocked. Turns around to gather himself.) CHELSEA (to Jessica, mortified.) HOLY SHIT. JESSICA you have got to be shitting me. At least if you get the internship you know you’re good in bed.. NICK (Turns back around, smiles.)

Writing this script was a very interesting and fun experience for me. Originally, I was just going to base my story off of a sitcom that I am a character in. I decided later that I would be able to write more like myself if I just created the whole story by myself instead. I actually gathered the idea for this from my 11th log line. I feel that I created a story with

great characters and an interesting story. I think that it adds to the work when the climax is towards the end of the work, especially in short films. I hope that I created something that leaves people wanting more. I found that the activity that we did last week of listening to other peoples conversations greatly impacted my way of going about the dialogue that I used. In addition to the random people that I recorded, I also recorded one of my friends and I. I was so amazed at how quickly the subject would change and to what. I think that the dialogue can really tell a lot about a person. I made the characters theater girls because I am actually a theater major and I really love the openness of people who work in theater. I was an athlete in high school and probably could have come up with a story about athletes, but I think that it made it more interesting to my story that I did not pick necessarily cliche characters.

Theater Girls  
Theater Girls  

This is my first T206 script. This includes story treatment, script, and a reflection. Enjoy!