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May 26, Guided tour of Zion National Today’s guided tour provides an overview of the 3 main regions of  Zion National Park. Kolob Terrace, Zion Canyon and Zion’s East Entrance/Tunnel will be highlighted with many photo opportunities and a chance for scenic walks.  Zion Canyon Shuttle, Zion Lodge and the Zion National Park Visitor’s Center are also part of the tour.  May 27, Zion to Bryce.  Bryce Canyon National Park is approximately 2 hours from Zion National Park.  You will have time in Bryce Canyon for multiple rim views and enjoy scenic walks on and below the canyon rim.  From Bryce, we recommend a visit to Cedar Breaks National Monument and the Route 14 scenic drive to Cedar City on the return to Zion.  (Optional private raptor presentation by a world leading expert in Cedar City.) The presenter will talk about working with Eagles, Hawks, Owls and other birds of prey.  He is the only person in the US who can legally train a Golden Eagle to hunt for him. The raptor presentation is $300 for the group.  



Zion to Lees Ferry/Vermillion Cliffs to Grand Canyon North Rim May 29, Overnight Grand Canyon North Rim. Guided tour of Grand Canyon North Rim, including trip to Lees Ferry/Vermillion Cliffs en route to the North Rim. You meet your guide at Jacob Lake, at 10-11am on the way from Zion for a tour to Lees Ferry/Vermillion Cliffs. Because of the distances, you will save a lot of backtracking on the drive time this way. You can tour the Grand Canyon from where it officially starts, the ‘Zero Mile’ of the  canyon is at Lees Ferry, at the foot of the Vermillion Cliffs National Monument. The tour offers an interesting look at the history of the area, as this was the only possible river crossing for hundreds of miles, in the days of the horse and carriage. A  possible tour of the California Condor re-population program at Lees Ferry (if approved by the facility). The North Rim has a few viewpoints that are many miles apart. It is not like the South Rim, with a long row of adjacent, easily accessible viewpoints. We recommend 8-10 hours for this tour of Lees Ferry/ North Rim. May 30, Day on your own to explore or we can set up a guide for hiking.



May 31, Drive to Amangiri, day at leisure to enjoy the Via Ferrates and the onsite excursions. June 1, Morning tour of Canyon X/Antelope Canyon – This private tour begins in Page. You will meet the guide’s vehicle for an off road approach to Canyon X, then to Antelope Canyon. Canyon X is a private canyon, with some hiking ability required.  It is no more demanding than climbing 5 flights of stairs.    From Antelope Marina you will tour Lake Powell on a private speedboat, with an expert local captain.  The tour includes a few secluded slot canyons, as well as a tour of the most famous rock formations on the lake.  A tour to Rainbow Bridge National Monument may be available.      Lake  Powell was created inure to enjoy the property and 1963 when the Glen Canyon Dam held back the waters of the Colorado River, forming a vast blue lake surrounded by beautiful sandstone walls. Remarkably, it took 17 years for the lake to fill the canyon to the high water mark (3700' above sea level), giving America its second largest man-made lake - and a playground like no place else on earth.  

M O N U M E N T VA L L E Y June 2, Amangiri to Monument Valley. Overnight Monument Valley (optional) or visit en route to Moab. Meet your Private Navajo Guide and tour Monument Valley 3-4 Hours including Navajo history and culture and views of the The Three Sisters, John Ford Point, Ear of the Wind, The Big Hogan, Rain God Mesa, The Totem Pole, Thunderbird Mesa, Artist Point and others.

SORREL RIVER RANCH Arrive at Sorrel River Ranch to enjoy the adventures they offer such as the float trips, river rafting, horse-back riding, hiking, canyoneering, and biking. Depart for home on June 6, recommended via Salt Lake City for the 530pm nonstop to New Orleans.

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