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Paper Clip Chaos


t starts with one “sticky note,” and then it’s a pile of stuff here and a pile of stuff there! Then, before you know it, it’s gone— the top of your desk, that is. How you define your “desk” is up to you. It could be a conventional desk with filing drawers and a center drawer to hide a multitude of things. Lisa Phillips, owner of SimpleWorks, Maybe it’s a flat surface with no drawers. Mobile office is another option. 205.981.7733 Whatever the definition of your desk, having a space that is clean, streamlined and organized produces more time, energy and focus than a desk that is covered up with to-do lists, scraps of paper scribbled with phone numbers and invoices dated last month. It begins with gaining clarity of what you want to accomplish at your desk. Do you see clients in this space? Should this be a creative zone? Productivity and practicality go hand in hand. • Define the purpose of each space. The rule of thumb is to keep your active files closest to you, reference files accessible yet not in prime space, and permanent files can be in another room or storage area. • Keep only “high use” items on your desk. Computer, phone, calculator, stapler, pens, notepad, inbox/ outbox. If you use a hole punch every day—keep it within reach. • Use vertical space for calendars, photos, flow charts, etc. • Organize drawers with office supplies. Use containers to prevent complete chaos. You should not have a “junk drawer” at your desk. • Have wastebaskets where they are needed. Near the shredder, where you process mail, at your desk, etc. • Create zones. Incoming/outgoing mail, filing, work surface. Keep them clean. • Set a time to file every week if you don’t do it immediately. • Use “like” desk accessories. All wire mesh, clear acrylic or leather. Don’t mix and match. “A place for everything and everything in its place” will create a more efficient work space resulting in more accomplished at the end of the day. This in turn helps you feel more in control. By making your space organized and clutter-free, you are reducing stress and freeing up time and energy, thus improving your productivity! It’s that simple. l

By making your space organized and clutter-free, you are reducing stress and freeing up time and energy.

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Shelby Living May 2014  
Shelby Living May 2014