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Hey everyone! I know Summer has just begun, but I hope that so far your Summer has been everything you want it to be and more!!

Summer can be chaotic with vacation and Summer jobs, but I hope you all are making time to volunteer and serve your community. Key Club doesn’t go on a break just because it’s Summer. Make sure your club is continually doing service throughout the Summer. Take lots of pictures and get lots of documentation! Send me some pictures of you volunteering or you doing service and I promise you that they will be in the newsletter. If you have any projects or meetings you’d like me to attend, call me/text me at 918-214-9099 or email me

This goes out to all the Secretaries! There is a new monthly reporting sheet that needs to be filled out. I have sent an email out to all Advisers, Club Presidents, and Secretaries that I have emails for. If I do not have your email, please send it to me so I can send you the information you need. I have also sent you the new reporting points system and the monthly reporting video tutorial.

If you need help with reporting, you can call me, text me, or email me. If I can’t answer your question, you can email District Secretary, Usman Hyder, at ALL MONTHLY REPORTS NEED TO BE POST MARKED BY THE 5TH OF THE MONTH. IF THE 5TH IS A SUNDAY OR HOLIDAY, IT WILL BE DUE ON THE 6TH

The Governor’s Project How many of you know someone that has been bullied?

How many of you have been bullied by someone, whether they are a stranger, an acquaintance, a friend, or even family? How many of you have bullied someone, even if you have just claimed to be messing around?

A similarity between all of us is that we all have been a victim of bullying. Another similarity between all of us is we have bullied someone in some way, shape, or form…. This year’s Governor’s Project is focusing on Bullying Prevention. Though we might not be able to ensure that bullying never happens again, we can educate society on the detrimental affects of bullying, start a campaign to prevent bullying in our school’s, and help those who are being bullied.

Join the Texas-Oklahoma District in Stomping Out Bullying!!

Officer Contact Information I have officer contact information from the following clubs  Booker T. Washington  Dewey High School I have some of the officer contact information from the following club  Miami High School –I have the President’s email (need your phone number) and I have all of the Secretary’s contact information

I need officer contact information from the following clubs  Bishop Kelley  Cascia Hall Preparatory School  Pawhuska High School  Sperry High School  The Street School Inc. I need the name, position, phone number, school, and email address for every officer. Please send this to me as soon as possible! It is important that I have this information so I can keep all of you update throughout the year.

Have any AMAZING projects you want me to attend? Maybe you want me to come JOIN YOU in one of your meetings? I’d definitely ENJOY coming to visit YOU and your CLUB!!!! As Lieutenant Governor, I’m required to visit each club at least once. I don’t want to invite myself to any of your projects and events, so if you all have any meetings or projects you’d like me to attend, please let me know! Since it’s Summer, I’m more available to attend your projects and meetings! Hit me up and let me know when a great time to visit would be! I look forward to seeing all the amazing members of your club!

Luke Broussard T-O District Governor Call/Text 325-998-1384

District Secretary Usman Hyder Call/Text 817-715-5111

Tashrima Hossain Call/Text 713-505-2252

District Treasurer Isaiah ValleQuinones Call/Text 580-458-1432

May Newsletter  

Here is the newsletter for May.