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LETTER FROM THE ARTIST The moment of seeing what you have envisioned develop onto something tactical like paper is transcendent. It is this surpassing experience that cued my curiosity and inspired me to explore photography. Through the process of receiving my Photography Certificate from SAIT Polytechnic, as well as my Bachelor of Applied Arts in Visual Communications over the past three years my photographic style has developed greatly, and as a result changed my favored format from digital to film. My current photographic style is quite palpable and raw. Recently I have had great influence from photographer Diane Arbus, and Alec Soth. Diane Arbus’s documentary style has predisposed my images to become less constructed and more candid. The way she records real people and their strange attributes is very honest and admirable. I have also had great conceptual inspiration from studying Alec Soth’s bizarre and beautiful work. Using everyday people and places inspires me to approach conventional situations with an irregular perspective. Within the world of art no medium seemed to translate what was in my head to the final rendered result. Photography allows for nothing to get lost in translation, allowing me complete creative control. To me photography serves the purpose of capturing a certain viewpoint of a place or person in hopes of expanding a viewer’s perspective towards that subject. It is a way to share my thoughts while provoking others’. Photography is my passion and I would enjoy to continue growing, and exploring within this medium. Having technical skills second nature allows for concept and composition to be my focus while shooting. Utilizing this creative strength for editorial photography or something within the publishing world is a challenge I am hoping to tackle in the near future. Coming out of post-secondary with knowledge of fine arts, graphic design, and a solid body of work within photography makes me optimistic for whatever career path may come my way. I am excited to see where my acquired skill set, along with my ambition and passion will take me. At this point I am open to whatever the future may have in store for me.

-Shelbi Noble

//SURROUNDINGS Spontaneous shots of objects, people and the world around. Using both black and white along with color, these images materialize from an organic moment and portray a certain honesty about the subject.


// COLLABORATIONS Working with talented graphic designers to create concepts for different advertising. Creating an image that communicates and works with text and logo elements is an interesting challenge. Page 15 - Posters design by Marina Boese Page 16 - Poster design by Lucas Howlett


// DESOLATION Exploring the idea of what it means to be isolated, along with abandoned urban landscape to create the series Desolation. Working strictly with high ISO film to create a grainy, gritty photograph.



Current Photo Portfolio