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Shelbi Beaulieu

Statement Everything that is created by my hands has a deep and personal meaning in the way I approach my work. I often spend a lot of time putting as much of myself into my creations as I possibly can. Every single thing that is placed in each of my pieces is there for a very specific reason, whether it be a deeply personal symbol, like the meaning of a specific flower, or the color could mean something special to me. These small touches are hidden within plain sight that pulls the piece together as a whole. While I use a variety of different art mediums such as photography, watercolors, or Photoshop, the final product is always approached and created in the same way as the rest of my work. I try to take advantage of the time spent on my work and push myself to make it better. I believe every element is important. I get so deeply connected to my artwork so that way it can become clearer of its purpose. It is my goal to create work that makes myself and other people happy when looking at it, just like other works of art I have seen from artists that I truly admire and adore. My life and the world inspire me to create the work that I do, and I want others to feel the same way when looking at my artwork. Family, friends, music, colors, and other pieces of beautiful artwork are just a few of the things I draw my inspiration from. I want to create things that how my love and passion for what inspires me. I want others to smile and study my work, to come to a realization of what the piece could mean or just enjoy it for what it is, a one of a kind piece of art, created by a one of a kind artist. Bulletproof Corel Psinter 2013

About the Artist Shelbi Beaulieu was born in the small community of Antelope, California, and has spent a few years living up in Wyoming before returning back to the Golden State that she loves so much. She mostly works in the medium of paintings, using her favorite watercolors to bring forth life to her colorful imaginative thoughts. However, as of late, she is working with digital programs such as Photoshop and Corel Painter. Shelbi is currently attending Sierra College where she plans to get her A.S. degree in Applied Art and Design Illustration as well as skills certificate for Visual Arts and Media by 2014. She has had her art displayed in the Huncho Gallery at Sierra College for an open house event in 2013. Shelbi also received an award in 2011, a Certificate of Achievement for Recognition of Excellence in the field of Family and Consumer Science. She is currently working on developing a collection of pieces she hopes to sell at a local convention as well as developing her skills and techniques in different mediums. After receiving her A.S. degree from Sierra College in 2014, Shelbi hopes to transfer to a four-year university and further her education in the field of arts.



Pink Tiger Lilies Watercolors 2012

Underwater Dreams Watercolor 2012

Fly Away Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator 2011

Hidden Friends Watercolor 2011

Camoflauge Watercolor 2011

Ocean’s Beauty Watercolor 2012

Creationist Watercolor 2012

Dance Spectrum Watercolor 2011

Sakura Princess Watercolor 2011

Starlight Watercolor 2011

Glowing Flowers Watercolor 2011

Black & White


Winter Warmth Digital Photograph Model: Erika Koonce 2013

One With Nature Film Photograph Model: Hana Blake 2013

Simplistic Beauty Film Photograph Model: Erika Koonce 2013

Passage of Time Film Photograph Model: Hana Blake 2013

Outdoors Serenity Film Photograph Model: Hana Blake 2013

Quiet Light Film Photograph Model: Hana Blake 2013

Heaven’s Glow Film Photograph Model: Hana Blake 2013


Shelbi Beaulieu

Objective To find an internship that will provide a supportive and creative atmosphere where I can develop my skills in illustration and creative problem solving while gaining experience in a real world working environment.

Education AS in Applied Art & Design: Illustration Concentration Sierra College, Rocklin, CA 2014 Visual Arts and Media Skills Certificate Sierra College, Rocklin, CA 2014

Related Experience Freelance Illustrator and Artist 2011-current

Hardware Mac and PC platforms printers, drawing tablets, scanners

Software Adobe Creative Suite: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign Corel Painter

Art Materials watercolor, chalk pastel, oil pastel, acrylic paint, charcoal, colored pencil


DSLR’s, film-based processes, darkroom processes

Projects Support for artists: editing, production and assistance with sales Volunteer work assisting with arts and crafts projects Table-based mural projects

Exhibition Record Hunjo Gallery, Sierra College Digital Paintings March 2013

Awards Certificate of Achievement for Recognition of Excellence in the field of Family and Consumer Science from Roseville High School 2011

Live.Laugh.Love. The World Is My Canvas: Shelbi Beaulieu  

A collection of colorful and imaginative paintings along side surreal black and white photography, inspired by the world around me. Contact...

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