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Shela Mathis Visual Communications Portfolio

Shela Mathis

3864 River Road Lyons Falls, NY 13368 Home: (315)348-8324 E-mail:

Objective: To obtain an entry level position for a reputable Graphic Design company Personal Summary: Energetic, hardworking, willing to learn and accept constructive criticism Strong motivation for advancing in a career Enjoy contributing to a team effort and creating a pleasant working environment

Technical Skills: Platforms: Mac OSX, Windows XP, Windows Vista Hardware: Digital Camera Scanner Heat Press Software: Microsoft Excel Microsoft Paint Adobe Illustrator

Printer Miscrosoft Powerpoint Adobe InDesign Adobe Photoshop Adobe AfterEffects Microsoft Word

Design Skills: Logo Design Identity Design

Color Theory Typography

Working with deadlines Photography

Kinetic Typography


Enchanted Forest Water Safari, Old Forge, New York

Summer 2008

Food Area/Cashier Served customers’ needs by providing them with quality food Child Care Provider, Correna McKinnon, Harrisville, New York

2007- Present

Watched children while mother was at work, made breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Cleaned house, washed dishes, and provided laundry services Dog Care Provider, Anne Huntress, Lyons Falls, New York 2006- Present Walked two dogs for 30 minutes each, and stayed for a couple hours and let them out to the bathroom

Education: South Lewis High School, Turin, New York -Merit List Howard G. Sackett Technical Center, Glenfield, New York -Technical Merit List

2005-2010 2008-2010

Extracurricular/ Volunteer: Skills USA Swim Team / Dive Team Youth Group S.A.V.E

*References and Portfolio available upon request.

French Club Book Club N.Y.S.S.M.A Solo Fest Chorus

Track and Field AASP Community Service Select Chorus

Shela Mathis 3864 River Road Lyons Falls, NY 13368 Home: (315)348-8324 E-mail:

References Alisa Andre: Counselor

South Lewis High School P.O. Box 40 Turin, NY 13473 315-348-2530

Naomi Kelly: Reverned

Forest Presbytarian Church 4109 Center St. Lyons Falls, NY 13368 315-348-8119

Amy Wolff: Visual Communications Instructor Howard G. Sackett Technical Center 5836 State Rt.12 Glenfield, NY 13343 315-377-7300


Hard Work

Leadership Community Svc.

Team Work Determination

New York Area

2010 New York Area






75183 Park View Drive Burlington, Vermont 05401


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Design Annual 09

April 2009 Twenty-Four Dollars Shela Mathis- Visual Communications



Vis Comm

Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Adobe InDesign Adobe After Effects Adobe Premiere Adobe Fireworks Adobe Dreamweaver


Web 2.0 Tools

Howard G. Sackett Technical Center 5836 State Route 12 Glenfield, NY 13343 (315) 377-7300

H.G. Sackett Technical Center (315) 377- 7300


HOWARD G. SACKETT TECHNICAL CENTER 5836 State Route 12 Glenfield, NY 13343-9704

Visual Communications Portfolio  

In 2009-2010 I attended Howard G. Sackett Technical Center in Glenfield, New York for Visual Communications. This is some of my work from my...

Visual Communications Portfolio  

In 2009-2010 I attended Howard G. Sackett Technical Center in Glenfield, New York for Visual Communications. This is some of my work from my...