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Poems by Sheillah Shadia


I’ve been always asking myself why I don’t have a lover, All my friends have been laughing at me, Thinking that I was crazy to reject all boys’ proposals, But I never felt like being with any of them.

I’ve been loved and so much than I expected, The problem is that I never knew how to love them back, It is not because I don’t know how to love, The reason is I never felt like sharing my love with them.

I love because my heart has a feeling for that person, I do not love because my mind pushes me to, The richness of a heart is love and stability, The richness of a mind is wealth.

I do not know how it came, Not even where it came from, I do not regret this at all, I have feelings for you.

You made me feel what I never felt, You make me smile when I’m sad, Now, I know why I never loved before, You were not yet there.

You are handsome and charming, But that is not the reason I love you, I love you, because of who you are, A guy, whom I started to see in all chapters of my life.

The only thing I desire from the bottom of my heart, Love me now, hate me never, I don’t want to imagine my life without you, Hold me tight for the rest of my life.


They’ve born crying and grew up talking, They were about to shut up for a moment, Oops! They got a new hot topic to talk about, You and I

Now, they are talking and talking, About a beautiful couple which raised, A couple which is making everyone jealous, We have got one thing, others cannot find.

When we pass everyone holla at us, They like how we are always holding hands, Some couples are breaking up, Girls are crazy about you and boys want me.

We cannot let to show how deep we are in love, They are surprised by the way you and I never fight, Not fighting doesn’t mean we are innocent, You and I got something strong ever.

You and I plan different projects together about the future, You and I believe in ourselves for anything that can happen, You never let me cry, you clean my tears, I never let you fall, I catch you.

You and I are being cute than Romeo and Juliet, There’s something they missed, Going out for a romantic dinner, Oh, you and I

You and I are not famous but we’ve admires than Nicki Minaj, You and I are not rich but we are comfortable, You and I are not only lovers but we’re also best friends, Oh, you and I


The moon rises and the night falls, We’re alone again together, The weather is perfect for a couple, The cold makes me want your hold.

I’m waiting for you to come back home, With many hours spent at work, I miss you! The day is too long without your touches, I like how you come straight home.

With a loving heart, I’m preparing for you dinner, Your favorite food and wine are ready, For you to have a wonderful dinner.

I’m glad you’re home sweetheart, A kiss and a hug are so cute from you, It is time I take care of my precious, You are the only one in my eyes.

Warm water in the bathroom and, A good massage for you to relax, You deserve all care needed, Now you are relaxed my love.

Now, it is my time with you only, We talk about everything expect nothing, But not in the sitting room, The bedroom is decorated with roses and candles.

For us to pass a romantic night, With screams of love, With tears and laughter’s of joy, That is our night!

4. I blow it!

I’m sorry! Sometime, I miss what to do or say I act like a stupid I blow it! Today as yesterday I did the same mistake You game me a chance And I blow it! I had to tell you how I feel To know if you feel the same But I missed the courage of I blow it! I think you know what I feel

I know you want me to say it You asked it many times But I blow it! I should have, You could have, Make it mutual But I blow it

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This is my first small book with 4 poems that I wrote months ago. like love me now, hate me never. etc...

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