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Prestonpans Infant School Newsletter October 2013

On Thursday 31 October 2013, Miss Carr will retire after 23 years of teaching the children of Prestonpans. Many of you will have fond memories of being taught by Miss Carr and so many of the parents of children Miss Carr has taught speak very highly of the excellent teaching she has given to the children. We will all miss Miss Carr and thank her for the outstanding service she has given to Prestonpans Infant School. Enjoy your retirement Miss Carr. I believe Miss Carr will return for the P2 ceilidh on 25.11.13. Miss Lauren Bremner has been appointed to teach P2/1 until July 2014. She comes from Renfrewshire and we look forward to welcoming her on 4 November 2013. We are also very happy to welcome Miss Rachel Savage as our 2nd dining room supervisor and Mrs Susie Graham as our Playground Supervisor for this session. Mrs Christine Knox and Mrs Gillian Burke join our Nursery Team as Additional Support Needs Auxiliaries Mrs Michelle Stewart joins the Nursery Team as a Nursery Nurse to run Wee Pans Stay and Play on Friday afternoons (1-3pm).

The very last chance to have a Christmas Card designed by your child is TUESDAY 5.11.13. Please hand your designs and money into the school by then If you have lost your form, you can get another one from the office.

If you would like to bring other family members to have your family photos taken in school, please come to the gym hall on Wed 30 October 2013 at 8.45am. We will take photos of family groups who have children/babies not in P1-3 first. Then we will take photos of children in P1-3. Please dress P1-3 children in their school uniform. The photos are being taken by Kittle Photography who took the last class photos. Almost everyone was delighted with the photos and I am sure it will be the same this year.

If you know any children who will be 5 between 1 March 2014 and 28 February 2015, please let their parents/carers know that we will be enrolling children for P1 in August 2014 on Monday 4 and Tuesday 5 November all day. From 6.11.13 enrolment continues to 15.11.13. Just come to the office.. Thank you.

We know you were disappointed that we didn’t get involved in Children in Need last year. We have listened and this year children are invited to dress up for Children in Need Day. We also invite you to give a donation to Children in Need on Friday 15 November 2013. Sadly some of you have been telling us that your children have had headlice in school. Please check your children’s hair for headlice. It’s only when everyone checks their children’s hair that the pests can be eradicated. Two disabled parents/carers have been given permission to use the staff car park. NO OTHER PARENTS OR CHILDREN SHOULD EVER USE THE CAR PARK.

Prestonpans Gala Day will be on 21 June 2014. Forms to enter are available now at the Community Centre and Library until end of November 2013. Our P1 children can apply to be Flower Girls or Page Boys. Go for it!

Our lovely and popular Christmas Shopping Night will be on Thursday 28 November 2013 from 6.30 - 8.30pm. Tables can be rented for £15? Speak to the office if you would like a table. Otherwise put the date in your diary for an evening of fun and getting ready for Christmas.

The traditional Nativity will be performed this year on Thursday 12 December at 1.45pm and at 6.30pm. P3 are the main performers but we hope ALLCHILDREN WILL RETURN AT NIGHT TO GIVE THE 6.30PM PERFORMANCE. We want to let you know this now so you can plan for the evening. Our custom is to give parents 2 tickets—1 evening and 1 afternoon ticket. Then parents and carers can swap tickets to suit their needs for an afternoon or evening performance. I wanted to let new parents and carers know t h i s well in advance.

We would welcome any help you wish to give the school if you have a spare hour or so on a regular basis. You could help at Reading Club, garden or lend any of your skills to enhance the education we can give to children. Please return this slip if you would like this. _____________________________________________________ My name is . I would like to help out in school by __________________________________________________ My child’s name is

Wed 30 October Thurs 31 October Mon 4 November Tues 5 November Thurs 7 November

Wed 13November Fri 15 November Sat 16 November Mon 25 November Tues 26 November Thurs 28 November

Family and Individual Photos 9am Farewell Miss Carr Welcome Miss Bremner ENROL for P1 Aug 2014 Return Christmas Cards to school ENROL for P1 Aug 2014 Parent Council 6.30—7.15 Keeping Prestonpans Children Safe 7.15—8.30pm Support from the Start—All welcome Longniddry Church 9.15—11.15 Children in Need—Dress up or down Prestonpans Primary Autumn Fair am P2 Ceilidh 1.30pm Gym Hall P1-3 go to Brunton Panto Christmas Shopping Night 6.30-8.30

Well done to everyone who helped the Fundraising Group to give the children a great Halloween Disco. Some of you asked if we could have a wee ones disco for Nursery—P1 and a P2-3 disco at Christmas. We can only do this if we have more helpers. Please send this slip back to the office if you are willing to help at a Christmas Disco. _________________________________________________ I am willing to help at a Christmas Disco. My Name _________________________________ My Child’s name _______________________ Class________

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