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Prestonpans Infant School Newsletter January 2012

What a great way to start 2012 - with a playground full of workmen installing the new playground equipment you have all raised money for. Already we have a new blackboard area for chalking on. Thank you Steven for spending a cold Saturday putting the boards up. The children love them. This week, Jupiter Play have begun putting up the climbing wall on the outside of the gym hall in the P2-3 playground. On Monday 23 January, the climbing frames and den will be installed. It will take all week so from 23—27 JANUARY, THE CHILDREN WILL BE PLAYING ON THE FIELD at break and lunchtime. Please can you make sure they have good shoes or wellies to play in? If this is a problem for you, let us know so we can help. When the children come back to play on the new equipment on Monday 30 January, all children will be allowed to play in either playground. It’s sensible to have a P1 area when the children first come to school but they often gaze longingly over the red line to the P2/3 area so from now on, they can all play where they like. We will encourage the P3s to be gentle and considerate. Isn’t it all exciting? Come along on Sunday 5 February 2012 from 12 to 3pm to help plant trees, finish a path, paint planters, put up habitat boxes, fill up the ponds and have fun. Children welcome.

All the playground improvements have been paid for by your generous support of the fundraising events the Fundraising Group have organised. Thank you all so much. Thank you to the fundraisers who work tirelessly to apply for the grants and run the events that have made the new equipment possible. The fund now stands at £25300, which is amazing. We’ll be discussing fundraising at the Parent Council on Wednesday 25 January at 6.30pm. If you have an opinion, you are very welcome to come and join the debate. We aim to look at all the events planned in the next 6 months and work out a balance between some fundraising for the final phase of the playground developments and not asking parents for too much money.. We have listened to what you have said about this and hope some of you may come along on the 25th to join in the discussion.

A RACE NIGHT and fundraising auction for parents and for the community to raise money for the playground will be held in Prestonpans Labour Club on Saturday 3rd March - Tickets are £5 each and include buffet & disco. If you've never been to a race night they are great fun. Tickets can be bought from the school office or most of the Parent Council members or contact Kevin Davanna on 07768 316039 to get tickets. Kevin is also looking for sponsors for 7 races and to sell a total of 56 horses. If you own or run a small business, or know someone who does, and would be willing to sponsor a race for £30 (sponsorship gets you 2 tickets+lots of advertising) please get in touch. Horses cost £5 and you can name it anything you like. If your horse wins you get a CASH prize!

Some of the school staff are putting on a Bingo Night for parents and for the community. (No children this time, sorry!) This is to raise money for the Prestonpans Children’s Gala, which is struggling for funds this year. We appreciate the prizes already handed in and if you have any unwanted Christmas presents we could use, just hand them into the office. The Bingo Night is on Thursday 9 February 2012 from 7-9pm. Books cost £5 which includes your games and refreshments. Tickets from School Office. Thank you for filling up the Ragbag. Those of you who saw me running round the playground with a cheque, will know that we got £77.50 for the Playground Fund when they emptied it and you’re filling it up again already. Thank you. There’s a bag coming home with this today for the next time you’re having a clear out. Keep the clothes, curtains, sheets, towels, etc coming. :)

We are now paying so that we can send texts to Nursery parents and carers in the same way we send texts to school parents and carers. This will mean we can communicate important events to you in the same way we can to the school. It became obvious we needed to do this when the windy day closure saw us phoning 60 nursery parents with only 2 school phone lines to do that. Unfortunately it means more of you will get more than one text. Be assured we don’t pay per text so though it’s annoying to you, better to be told twice (or three times!) than not at all, we hope. or Whichever address you prefer, you can use. We now have 18 folk signed up for email/twitter/Facebook alerts every time we post news so sign up on the right hand side of the website. Nobody gets to know your details. The Parent Council are trialling a Prestonpans Infant Facebook page. It’s at Have a look, “like” the page and feel free to post and comment. A great way to keep up to date with what the Parent Council are involved with.

...from 22 to 28 January highlights that eating a healthy breakfast can make you feel healthier and happier. Next week between 9.00-10.30am we will hold a Breakfast Fair where the children will taste 4 different breakfasts. On Thursday 26 January all parents are welcome to come to the dining hall to sample and see the type of breakfasts we are offering and perhaps at home encourage them to eat a similar breakfast. We are also running a Healthy Breakfast Competition for all our P3s. All entries are to be in this Friday and the winner will go to Preston Lodge where an S3 pupil will help them make their breakfast. The winning recipe will be judged by Angela Leitch, our new Chief Executive. This is an exciting Food and Nutrition initiative which all Prestonpans School are taking part in.

Tim Porteus is teaching P3 about Tam O’Shanter and they will help him perform this famous Burns poem to P3 parents and carers on Thursday 26 January in the gym hall at 2.15pm. Tim also has a Storytelling Ceilidh in the Goth on Sunday 21 January from 2.30. Adults £5, children £2. Some of our children are taking part. Thank you Tim.

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Prestonpans Infant and Nursery School Newsletter January 2012