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Prestonpans Infant School Newsletter February 2012

These are the things our children love about our school and their wishes to make the school a better place.... • • •

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I like art/painting/colouring in /drawing. x 18 I like school because I have friends/playing with my friends. x 17 I like school because we have gym x 14 I like the teachers x 11 I like learning. I like teachers because they are fun and they always teach us good things. I like maths/numbers x 10 I like writing x 10 I like golden time x 10 I like singing x 9 I like playing in the playground x 8 The dinner ladies are nice./ I like school dinners. x 13 I like lunchtimes because sometimes I am really really hungry. I like macaroni at school dinners and I eat all my macaroni. X2 I like when it’s work time/ do our jobs. 8 I like playing in the Post Office and being the postman. It’s good. x 7 I like when we go outside x 6 I like choosing time. x 6 I like playtime x 10 I like computer. I like reading x 5 I like playing football x5 I like Lego x 5 I like dancing/running in the gym hall. x 4 I like when it’s home time x 4 I like the house corner. x 3 I like when I do jobs x 3 I like the playground toys. x 3 I like that I’ve learned all my letters/ sounds. x 2 I like Christmas time x2 I like painting in the classroom. I don’t have any paint in my house.

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that there was more baking x2 that we had playdough in red. there was more golden time/ we had more golden time we had more work. no work more maths / no maths challenge. we could do more singing x 5 I wish I could read already. Gym every day the playground to be changed x 6 we had a climbing frame. I want soft ground. the football pitch was here. the playground had more toys x3 we had more footballs/ more time for football x 2 to make the wall better outside where we play. I would paint it a nice colour.

I want to change the train in the playground x 2 paint it I will like it better when the big toys are in the playground. one day when we can bring in toys. x4 I wish everyone could be happy in school. I would like to see nobody skidding in the corridor. x 2 I would like the children to behave. everyone was good. Nobody was naughty. x 3 I would like served at school dinners, like the Christmas one. packed lunches could change I would like to take photographs and put them in the gym hall and dinner hall.

wallpaper on the classroom walls. paint the corridors red. paint the walls green. change the colours of the toilets. x3 that Ms Laing would spend more time with us. one day that we can wear our own clothes to school x 3 I would like animals in school. / I wish there was fish. don’t change anything. I haven’t got any friends. I would like to make some friends. I want to change the birthday train to a birthday card for everyone. I would like for the boys and girls who can’t afford scarves, hats and gloves to have some. • there was lots of sweets. • it was always Christmas at school.

Many of the children’s wishes are already in place. Here you can see our fantastic new playground equipment and the children are loving it. Thanks to everyone for working so hard to provide it. We have at least one member of staff supervising each of the climbing frames at break. Before and after school, parents and carers are responsible for making sure their children are safe on the equipment. Please keep a close eye on them all. Thank you.

Can you believe that just by clearing out your old clothes and putting them in our Ragbag, you have contributed ÂŁ187.50 to the Playground Fund. Wow! Our fabulous field was great fun to play in during January and some of the children are missing playing on the field and in the woods. So for the rest of this term, the children will play on the field at break and lunch EVERY WEDNESDAY. Please make sure they have their wellies or strong shoes on WEDNESDAYS. We will be discussing this at Parent Council on Wednesday night (22nd Feb).

On Mondays and Fridays this fortnight, we are selling fairtrade items at our snack trolley. Fairtrade cookies from Prestonpans Small World shop are the favourites!

Thanks to Mrs Harris’ great idea and hard work, we raised £273.50 for Prestonpans Children’s Gala at our recent Bingo night. Thank you to all who donated prizes, came and played and came and worked. Great fun.

Come to our Race Night at Prestonpans Labour Club on Saturday night, 3 March 2012, at 7pm. It only costs £5 to get in and there’s a chance to win great prizes and take part in a tremendous Fundraising Auction. This is a big attempt to raise a lot of money for the Playground so spread the word and invite your neighbours along.

We are celebrating World Book Day on Friday 24 February. So this is a great opportunity to dress up IF YOUR CHILD WANTS TO. The idea is to dress up as a character from a book. It’s free and fun so please don’t get stressed by it but if your child wants to join some of the staff dressed up, then that will be grand. (BUT REMEMBER .... THEY DON’T HAVE TO!)

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