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Prestonpans Infant School Newsletter December 2011

Christmas Shopping Night Thank you all for coming along in such great numbers to the Christmas Shopping Night. You came, you shopped, you chatted, you listened to the great Christmas music from the band and you raised ÂŁ2500 for our Playground Fund. This brings our total so far to ÂŁ23,890, which is really amazing. Here are some great photos from the evening.

We now have our own Ragbag Bank in the playground. Every time we fill it up, we will make money for the playground fund so please have a clear out before Christmas. Bring your old clothes, shoes, belts, curtains, towels and bed linen and put them in the Ragbag Bank. Some of these items will be recycled, some exported to countries that can use them and some are made into industrial clots. Today your child will come home with a plastic bag for you to fill. After that, please tie clothes etc up in carrier bags then put them in the Ragbag Bank. At Saturday’s Work Day in the grounds, some dads sawed down the final sticking up tree trunks. The woods have now been entirely cleared by Community Service work parties, who have also laid a lovely path of shredded bark/leaves. The woods are safe and ready for children to play in. We are so lucky and we plan for all children in the school to be out there at least once before the Christmas holidays. Families also fixed the planters and dug in our wee ponds around the bridge. The ponds were made from baby baths, with rocks in and around to help small creatures to get in and out of them, as advised by Judith Wood, Education Health and Safety Officer. The willow tunnel and a path through it area also emerging by the bridge. Take your children round after school one day and have a look. A huge thank you to everyone who has worked there to create these interesting spaces for children. East Lothian Council are going to come soon to do some of the heavy lifting. Everyone is working together to create safe and interesting grounds for learning.

We have a few fruit trees and some fruit bushes but we have been awarded a grant to plant 12 more trees. The trees will arrive soon but at Saturday’s Work Day some strong dads dug some holes ready for when they arrive. Prestonpans Primary School were also successful in their bid for an orchard so we plan to compare each others orchards as they grow. We are grateful for the support received from Forth Environment Link and the Central Scotland Green Network Development Fund. The Forth Valley

Orchard Initiative is funded by the Central Scotland Green Network Development Fund. The Central Scotland Green Network Orchard Grant Scheme 2011/2012, which is part of the initiative, covers the whole of the CSGN area.

The Bouncy Castle Obstacle Course that Paul McMaster of East Lothian Bouncy Castles kindly allowed us to use free of charge for Children in Need raised £274.06. The children had an exciting time. Thank you Paul. Well done everyone for your generous giving once more..

Have you noticed our new Information Board outside the office? We will write up the week’s diary for you so you know what is happening in school. We hope you find this helpful. We are also hoping to buy an outside noticeboard for the P1 playground so that each playground will have a noticeboard to give you information.

We are improving our systems for handling money. If you have to give your child money for a trip or baking etc, it would help us a lot if you could put the money into an envelope with your child’s name, class , what the money is for and how much it is. If you want to buy school uniform, we will now only accept cheques made payable to Patricia Bewsey or cash in a sealed envelope, which we will give to Patricia Bewsey. We will still hold a small stock of sweatshirts but will pass all money on to Patricia. If you prefer to contact Patricia directly you will find her at Fenton Barns Retail Village, North Berwick, EH359 5BW. Patricia’s telephone number is 01620 850788.

As you know the address for our school website is It’s not exactly catchy is it? So the Pupil Council are thinking of a new website name. It may be for example. We will purchase the chosen name and it will make it much easier for you to find the lovely photos we are posting regularly of children learning and playing at school. You can now sign up to get a twitter, Facebook or email alert when we post onto the website by signing up on the Right Hand Side of the website. Nobody else will get your email address from this. We currently have 7 folk registered. Let’s try for 20! Meanwhile, if you have a Smartphone and scan this image, it will take you directly to the school website. Amazing, isn’t it? Thanks to Jan Barker for teaching us about this.

We are very grateful to one of our parents, Heather Dryburgh, for using her imagination, time and energy to put on a Clairvoyant Night which was held at Prestonpans Labour Club. Heather gave the profits from that night, an incredible total of £640, to the Playground Improvement Fund, boosting our total once more. Thank you so much, Heather.

Advance Notice that on Thursday 9 February 2012 from 7-9pm, our lovely School Administrator, Elaine Harris, has come up with the idea of having a BINGO NIGHT to raise much needed funds for the Prestonpans Gala 2012. More information to follow but put the date in your diary, tell your friends and let us know if you are able to help us on the night. Elaine is calling the numbers and getting a bingo machine. HOUSE!

Our Pupil Council have made a great start to the year and are consulting children on a name for the website, playing on the field and the route for upstairs classes to come up the stairs after break. All important issues for them.

We held a competition and one design from each class was chosen. A very kind parent, Kate Fenton, has had these printed up with 12 different cards in every pack. These will sell at £3 and are a great way to spread some Prestonpans Infant Christmas Cheer amongst your family and the community. They are on sale from the office.

Every page of this lovely calendar, which is the brainchild of Mrs Colquhoun, is created by the children . The calendar has a wee space for you to write your appointments in and will sell for £4 each or 2 for £7. These are for sale from the office.

This year, P1 will have Christmas Lunch on Tuesday 13th December and on that day, P2 and P3 will have a packed lunch from the school. When P2 and P3 have their lunch on Wed 14th December, P1 will have packed lunches from the school.

As you know, we work in partnership with Prestonpans Primary. Some of their P6 and P7 pupils will come to help at our parties and P2+3 children will go to see them perform The Snow Queen on Wed 14th December, which will be lovely.

As you will know from the letter you got earlier this week, we are taking every child in P1-3 to see Aladdin at the Brunton Theatre on Monday 12 December 2011. This will cost us almost £10 per child but we are subsidising each ticket by £2 from our School Fund( actually a subsidy of £354), leaving families

to pay £8 per child. We will give every child juice and a sweetie treat at the interval so you won’t have to buy any treats for them to bring or pay more than £8. We are sorry this is so expensive, especially for families with a few children. Next year, we will collect this money earlier so you are not having to pay for it over Christmas time. It will be a lovely Christmas treat for the whole school to enjoy.

From Monday 5 December, the children can post Christmas cards to their friends in school. Please make sure the envelope is marked clearly with the name and class of who you are sending the card to. You may want to consider sending one card to the whole class for cost and environmental reasons.

We have a large hall but it’s not big enough to accommodate everyone who wants to see our children's Nativity Performance safely in compliance with Health and Safety regulations. So as in previous years, each P3 family will be given the chance to buy 1 tickets for the afternoon and 1 ticket for the evening performance of the Nativity, which is on Thursday 15th December at 2pm and at 6.30pm. Please swap tickets with another family if the times don’t suit you. The tickets cost £3 each and the money made will pay for Prestonpans Infant School to sponsor our 2 African children so they can attend school throughout 2012. Our children’s photos are by the office. They are Brenda from Uganda and Barri from India. So as well as having a really lovely time at our Nativity, you can know that you are supporting children to have an education around the world.

We have made a plan with East Lothian Council for really bad weather. If we have deep snow, the janitor will clear a path to the main door and to the fire exits. However, the East Loan gate will remain locked at such times as that is not an emergency path.

9 Dec Parent Council Christmas Party 6pm 12 Dec P1-3 go to Aladdin at the Brunton 13 Dec P1 Christmas Lunch 14 Dec P2 and P3 to Primary to see Snow Queen 14 Dec P2-P3 Christmas Lunch 15 Dec Nativity 2pm and 6.30pm 15 Dec P2s singing on Radio FM East Coast 19 Dec P3 Christmas Party 1.10pm 20 Dec P3 Carol Singing 21 Dec P2 Christmas Party 1.10pm 22 Dec Dress Down/Dress Up day £1 22 Dec P1 Christmas Party 8.50 am 22 Dec Nursery Party 9.15—11.15am 22 Dec Nursery Party 12.45—2.30 22 Dec Christmas holidays at 3.05 or 3.10pm 10 January 2012 Back to School

On the last day of term, Thursday 22 December 2011, we invite staff and children to pay £1 to dress up or dress down. This is optional and is one of 3 dress down/up days between now and June to help us achieve the target for the playground developments for the children to play on.

Use a smartphone to scan this and it will take you straight to our school website. 6

Prrestonpans Infant School December Newsletter  

School Newsletter

Prrestonpans Infant School December Newsletter  

School Newsletter