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The majority of women with career who has just undergone child birth often are faced with the dilemma of between staying home to look after their infant or return to work. This is the very reason why home-based business for these women are the perfect solution since they are able to kill two birds with a single stone! Having mentioned that, these women should take the necessary steps before jumping into the work-from-home bandwagon. At the very least, they should possess the knowledge or/and skills required to start off these ventures. One of the most common home-based business ideas that mums at home can choose is selling crafts. Women who are into knitting, sewing, quilting, crocheting and other hobbies can utilize their hobbies and turn it into a income-generating activity. All you have to do is to knit, sew etc in your spare time when your baby is asleep and use the Internet to market your products. You can either sell it on your own website or even through middlemen. In addition to selling through the Internet, you can also sell your goods at venues such as shops, markets, craft fairs and many more. Stay-at-home mums can offer tutorials to students based upon their level of knowledge and area of expertise. At the very least, you can choose to offer tuition from your home for grade-school children in subjects such as Mathematics, Science or Language (Spanish, German or English to non English-speaking students). Home-tuition is a venture with a minimal investment. With the technology available today, you can even opt to provide online tutorials through web sessions and web seminars (webinars). Advertising can be made through the Internet as well as through conventional methods such as through local newspaper ads or through word-of-mouth etc. For mothers who are capable of looking after multiple children at a go, child-minding services is a viable and feasible work-from-home idea. It is no secret that child-minders are paid handsomely for their services. However, having mentioned that, you might require a license to operate as a legal child-minder depending on where you are. For those of you who are unaware, there are companies over the Internet who over PTC and PTR services (Pay To Click and Pay To Read respectively). This simply means that companies will hire individuals just to surf the website and click on a given link or even to read. They can be as low as $0.01 to $3-$4 even PER CLICK/READ. The above are among some of the ideal home-based business ideas for stay-home-mums. All the above require absolutely no investment or at the most, a minimal amount. It can be the perfect solution until your child is older where the situation can be re-examined.

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==== ==== Stay at Home Moms ==== ====


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