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Designing A Menu For A White Smile Eating certain foods can actually help maintain your white smile. Consider the foods below to design a menu that includes healthy foods for your smile.

Your white smile is only part of your overall health requirements. While certain foods may be good for your smile they may be bad for your waistline. Other foods may not be advisable for you to consume because of a medical condition. Balance all your health requirements when eating.

Rinsing off particles of food and maintaining healthy mouth moisture levels helps prevent the accumulation of acids that can erode enamel. In order to maintain healthy moisture levels in your mouth, drinking water is very helpful. Fluoridated water adds the benefits of fluoride for your tooth strength. When you exercise protecting your teeth is another good reason to remain hydrated with water.

Eating certain fruits and vegetables such as apples or carrots tend to produce more saliva in your mouth while you chew. This additional saliva is helpful in reducing acids that accumulate on teeth from other foods and can help maintain your white smile. Raw onions are associated with a healthy white smile because they help eliminate bacteria that can contribute to dental problems.

Healthy teeth need calcium so that calcium-rich foods are helpful in maintaining a healthy white smile. Because of the benefits of chewing harder foods in terms of creating saliva, harder cheeses are often good for your teeth because you get the calcium and increased saliva production from chewing.

Chewing on foods that are hard such as ice or even popcorn kernels that get mixed in with your popcorn can chip and weaken your teeth. While most dentists don't advise their patients to stay away from these foods all the time, they do advise gently biting down on such foods rather than chomping as a way to help prevent tooth damage.

Some dentists recommend drinking beverages that can damage or stain your teeth through a straw in order to minimize contact with your teeth. Whether you subscribe to the straw idea or simply choose

to rinse your mouth or brush your teeth following beverages that can stain or erode the enamel on your teeth, minimizing the exposure your teeth have to such beverages is helpful in avoiding tooth damage.

Treat your acid reflux if you have it. Acid reflux where stomach acid rises up into the esophagus can actually be a source of damage to the enamel on your teeth. Getting treated for acid reflux to reduce its symptoms will help prevent enamel erosion from the acid. Chicken is often a food tolerated well if you have acid reflux and is considered a good food to maintain your white smile because it has calcium and phosphorous.

Rinse after eating plaque producing foods that include sticky foods like raisins. These foods produce bacteria in your mouth when left on your teeth and resulting bacteria which can erode your teeth. Brushing and flossing can help prevent plaque build-up.

Your menu can help maintain your white smile. Consider incorporating some of the menu recommendations above to eat for a white smile. Click Here To Find Out More

Designing A Menu For A White Smile  
Designing A Menu For A White Smile  

Rinsing off particles of food and maintaining healthy mouth moisture levels helps prevent the