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Benefits Of Mutual Organisations Sheffield Mutual Friendly Society is a mutual organisation and we provide our customers with great returns and other benefits. This means that there is no such thing as shareholders who make all the decisions; it’s all down to our members! Large businesses such as banks enjoy economies of scale and they usually appear to be outperforming mutuals in attracting customers with their ‘lower unit costs’; however, this couldn’t be further from the truth! Many people are choosing mutuals and here are a few reasons why: 1. Sheffield Mutual is an organisation that is fully owned by its members. This means that every single penny of surplus profit that is made goes straight back to the customer. No payments or dividends are given to any external shareholders. 2. Friendly Societies have been around for hundreds of years and the original idea behind them was to help those who were struggling in times of need. Yes, times may have changed but the same morals are still there. We still endeavour to supply products to improve the financial wellbeing of our members today! 3. We offer something for just about everyone. We have a variety of products so we can ensure that every member of the family will be covered, whether you’re looking to set up Junior ISAs for the kids or a Tax Free ISA for yourself. We like to keep our products simple and easy to understand. We also offer some great extras, such as our Tax Exempt Savings Plans, which are totally unique to Friendly Societies like us. 4. We are experts when it comes down to with-profits policies! These are policies that share in the Society’s investment returns and other profits without exposing members to big risks. This is why we will only invest in a range of low to medium risk assets. 5. Our main aim is to provide above average returns over the life of our policies and we’re proud to say that we have consistently delivered good returns to our members over several years. If you’d like to compare our bonus rates with other organisations, then please visit Money Management magazine and Moneyfacts. 6. We pride ourselves on customer service and there is always someone here who will personally deal with your request or query. All of our services are carried out at our head quarters in Barnsley, so please don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an e-mail via our website. 7. We treat all of our members fairly. It is our members who own our organisation, so our decision making and policies are driven by you and not shareholders! 8. All of our investments are ethical ones. We aim never to invest in any companies which are known to be involved in the production of tobacco, pornography or armaments.

9. We are a strong and well managed organisation and we pride ourselves on the safe and secure way we manage our members’ funds. We have a careful investment policy, but if you require that extra peace of mind we are also a member of the UK Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

If you’d like to find out more about any of our products, then please visit the Sheffield Mutual website –

This blog provides generic information and opinions of the writer and should not be relied upon for making investment decisions. No advice has been provided by Sheffield Mutual. If you are in any doubt as to whether a savings or investment plan is suitable for you, you should consider contacting a financial adviser for advice. If you do not have a financial adviser, you can get details of local financial advisers by visiting Advisers may charge for providing such advice and should confirm any costs beforehand. Any reference to taxation is based on the writer’s understanding of current tax legislation and practice, which could change in the future.

Benefits of mutual organisations  
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