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This is Sheffield Discover the unique and independent, in a city centre like no other

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Welcome Stroll through the heart of Sheffield and you’ll discover treasures unlike any you’ll find in other cities. In one corner of the city centre you’ll find charming independent shops and boutiques with bags of style. In another, a trail of galleries will fill you with inspiration, while heirs to Sheffield’s proud tradition of making are busy in the background. A series of characterful coffee shops will see you through the daytime and, as evening sets in, the cosy pubs of the country’s beer capital lie in wait. Running between them all are streets coloured by the work of the best street artists around. Spirits are high in the city centre all year round, as students revel and relax, festival-goers saunter between stages, and locals make the most of all their hometown has to offer. Created by Sheffield BID, this book is a showcase of all that’s unique and independent in Sheffield city centre. It shares stories from the city’s makers and doers – like a cafe owner who serves the stars of theatreland, an architect who fell in love with Sheffield’s modernist buildings, and a gallery chief who finds inspiration in the city’s energy and ambition. This is Sheffield. Cultural Sheffield, green Sheffield, lively Sheffield, creative Sheffield. A friendly city of makers and music, of beer, of hard workers, and of sanctuary.

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City of Makers

Sheffield is known far and wide as a city of steel. Cutlery and tool making is in its blood, and it’s down to the city’s heritage of metalwork that “Made in Sheffield” is an official, globally recognised brand. A number of manufacturers working with steel are still going strong across the city – many of them have specialised and adapted, and continue to be pioneers in their field into the 21st century. Today, though, the city turns out metal plus a whole lot more. Sheffield city centre is now a welcoming and inspiring home for a diverse and innovative array of makers, who produce everything from music, film and theatre to jewellery, video games, advanced technology and digital art. Much of this creativity and innovation happens in the many studios and workshops that cluster around the Cultural Industries Quarter. With a lineage that can be traced back to the little mesters, the buffer lasses and the discovery of stainless steel, 21st century Sheffield remains a proud city of makers.

– City of Makers –


Seiko Kinoshita


Seiko Kinoshita is an artist based at Yorkshire Artspace in Sheffield’s Cultural Industries Quarter. She creates beautiful, increasingly large-scale installations, such as the textile piece ‘Blue Bird’ that falls from the ceiling in Sheffield’s Central Library. What’s the best thing about being based in Sheffield? I think people are very friendly and always happy to help – so many creative minded people are here. Where’s your favourite place in the city? Some people think I am a bit sad, but I absolutely love being in my studio. It hasn’t changed since I moved to Sheffield over 10 years ago. What makes Sheffield so appealing to aspiring artists and makers? There are so many different craft people and artists with different skills. We can collaboratively work together to create something you cannot do yourself. I have been so lucky that I have all friends, makers and artists nearby to help and advise me when I am working on something new.


The Art House

The Art House

Bloc Studios

Just off Division Street in the city centre, The Art House is driven by the belief that natural creativity can be unlocked in anyone, given time, tuition and the right environment. It offers workshops and taster sessions for all ages on everything from pottery to perfumery to painting, and is a great place to have a cup of tea while looking at art.

Bloc is an old knife workshop turned creative hub located in Sheffield’s Cultural Industries Quarter. Four art college graduates set up the studios in 1996, when there was a shortage of affordable studio facilities in the city. Bloc Studios is home to 65 artists, while the connected Bloc Projects gallery regularly hosts contemporary art exhibitions.

8 Backfields, S1 4HJ / 0114 272 3970

198 Arundel Street, S1 4RE / 0114 275 5525

Sheffield Makers Shop Sheffield Makers began as a Christmas pop-up shop in 2015. After a successful season, it took over a unit in the beautiful Winter Garden (p106) at the heart of the city. The shop is filled with everything from photography to pottery, screen printed textiles to woodcrafts – made by an ever growing list of Sheffield’s independent creators and designers.

90 Surrey Street, S1 2LH 8

– City of Makers –

£1million Yearly turnover of Sheffield’s artists’ studios

Yorkshire Artspace Yorkshire Artspace is one of the country’s largest studio networks. A team of art graduates established the artspace in 1977 and since then it’s grown to fill three sites in Sheffield with over 170 artists and makers. Persistence Works is a purposebuilt, award-winning complex in the city centre, while Exchange Place Studios is a beautifully converted art deco building at nearby Castlegate, and Manor Oaks is an eco-designed space just outside the city centre. Artists at all three sites open their doors to the public each November for Open Studios weekend.

21 Brown Street, S1 2BS / 0114 276 1769

Meet some of the artists from Yorkshire Artspace overleaf.

Yorkshire Artspace

– City of Makers –


Image courtesy of Our Favourite Places

Neil Woodall

Jo Peel

Printmaker Neil Woodall has been creating etchings and woodcuts for almost three decades. He’s an expert in the increasingly rare printing technique known as aquatint, which results in beautiful prints that resemble watercolour paintings. Look out for Neil’s etched stainless steel pieces of public art from the mid-90s on Grinders Hill, between Site Gallery and The Workstation.

Jo Peel is a painter both of and on urban landscapes. She’s inspired by cities – their people, their architecture, their developments – and her work can often be found covering walls in Sheffield and beyond. You’ll find one of her distinctive murals, created during Feature Walls week (see p90), in the Wellington Street car park, and some of her prints are on sale at APG Works (see p13).

Yorkshire Artspace: Persistence Works, 21 Brown Street, S1 2BS

Yorkshire Artspace: Persistence Works, 21 Brown Street, S1 2BS


– City of Makers –

Penny Withers

Image courtesy of Our Favourite Places

In her lovely, light-filled Persistence Works studio, Penny Withers works away on a range of charming ceramics in all shapes and sizes – from fluid, decorative vases to practical pottery inspired by archeological finds at Sheffield’s Manor Lodge. Her weekly classes are often fully booked, but look out for an opening if you’re keen to take to the pottery wheel yourself.

Yorkshire Artspace: Persistence Works, 21 Brown Street, S1 2BS

Image courtesy of Jo Peel

– City of Makers –



– City of Makers –

APG Works Specialist cutlery craftspeople, known as little mesters and buffer girls, once filled small workshops much like the one now occupied by APG Works. Today, the trade that’s plied in this building is no longer metal, though it’s just as specialised. Established by Rupert Wood, APG Works is a screen printing and framing studio. As well as offering printing and framing services, APG also showcases artists and sells work by some of the artists it works with – who, in the past, have included Kid Acne, Phlegm, Boards of Canada, The Designers Republic, Emily Forgot and Tado. Visit the gallery to browse its wares – and to take a peek at a well-preserved building filled with historical charm.

16-20 Sidney Street, S1 4RH / 0114 263 4493

– City of Makers –


Image by Hugo Glendinning, courtesy of Forced Entertainment

Forced Entertainment


Since 1984, the six artists that make up Forced Entertainment have, from their base in Sheffield, created ground-breaking provocative theatre pieces that have been toured and presented across the UK, Europe, and the rest of the world. The group have sustained a unique collaborative practice for more than thirty years, producing work that explores and often explodes the conventions of genre, narrative and theatre itself, drawing influence not just from drama but from dance, performance art, music culture and popular forms such as cabaret and stand-up.

Artistic director Dawn Walton founded theatre company Eclipse in 2010, with the aim of creating a more diverse theatrical landscape in the UK. Since then it’s become, according to The Guardian, “one of the UK’s foremost black-led theatre companies”. Eclipse brings overlooked plays to the stage – like A Raisin in the Sun, which it premiered at the Crucible in 2016 and toured around the country – and also creates new black British stories to enrich the canon.

The Workstation, 15 Paternoster Row, S1 2BX / 0114 279 8977 14

The Workstation, 15 Paternoster Row, S1 2BX / 0114 312 2249

– City of Makers –

Third Angel Since 1995 Sheffield-based theatre company Third Angel have created some of the country’s most interesting and innovative pieces of storytelling, on subjects ranging from birth to the place of the human race in the universe. Led by artistic directors Rachael Walton and Alexander Kelly, Third Angel are a Resident Company at Sheffield Theatres (see p95) and can often be found on the Crucible Studio stage. You’ll also catch their shows – combining any combination of conversation, music, illustration, standup and film – at Edinburgh Festival, where they’ve become regulars, or around the UK and beyond.

Third Angel performs The Desire Paths. Image courtesy of JSP Photography

The Crucible, 55 Norfolk Street, S1 1DA / 0114 201 3875

– City of Makers –


Universal Everything Founded by Matt Pyke in 2004, Universal Everything (UE) is a digital art and design studio that’s collaborated with the likes of Apple, Google, MTV, Nike, Radiohead, and Vice Media. UE are innovators in moving image, creating multi-sensory installations that combine video, sound, light, architecture and interaction. Based in Sheffield’s contemporary art gallery, Site (see page 84) UE are in demand across the globe, and they’ve created exhibitions and installations in London, New York, Tokyo and Sydney.

Site Gallery, 1 Brown Street, S1 2BS


– City of Makers –

Images courtesy of Universal Everything


25,000+ number of people working in Sheffield’s digital sector.

Also based at Site Gallery, Boneloaf is a small independent video game studio set up by brothers James, Jon and Michael Brown. The studio is currently putting the finishing touches to multiplayer Gang Beasts, its first commercial release – due out on Playstation 4 in 2017. Before the Playstation release, Gang Beasts was available on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Steam OS as an Steam Early Access game and as an Oculus Early Access game for the Oculus Rift headset. Boneloaf won the 2016 Gamer’s Voice Award in the Multiplayer category at SXSW in Austin Texas.

Site Gallery, 1 Brown Street, S1 2BS – City of Makers –


Ernest Wright and Son Limited Ernest Wright and Son has been hand-making the finest quality scissors and shears for well over a hundred years in Sheffield, the birthplace of stainless steel. The company, as well as its tools and skills, has passed down through five generations – today, its Endeavour Works factory is managed by Nick Wright. In 2014 Ernest Wright & Son was the subject of The Putter, a short film by Shaun Bloodworth, which saw a resurgence of awareness of and interest in the company and brought orders flooding in from around the world.

58 Broad Lane, S1 4BT / 0114 273 9977

Ernest Wright and Son

Ernest Wright and Son


– City of Makers –

Image courtesy of The Company of Cutlers in Hallamshire

The Company of Cutlers in Hallamshire

The Company of Cutlers in Hallamshire The Company of Cutlers has played a central role in Sheffield’s cutlery and steel manufacturing for almost four centuries years. Today, it’s made up of 400 representatives of manufacturing in the city, and is overseen by an annually elected Master Cutler. It’s responsible for supporting and promoting manufacturing in the region, and ensuring the “Made in Sheffield” brand continues to be associated with high quality products. As well as upholding the city’s proud heritage, the Company also hires out the beautiful Cutlers’ Hall for a variety of events.

Church Street, S1 1HG / 0114 272 8456

Pryor Marking Technology In 1849 William Pryor bought a mark-making business in Sheffield, where his son Edward was an apprentice. The company went on to become internationally renowned for its work engraving and permanently marking parts and components. Pryor continues to lead the way in 21st century identification technologies.

Egerton Street, S1 4JX / 0114 276 6044

– City of Makers –


Syd & Mallory

Syd & Mallory Stocked with hand-made and hand-printed clothing, infused with elements of grunge, folk and punk, Syd & Mallory is a great high street alternative for finding modern and stylish clothing. Using vintage styles with modern fabrics and contemporary styles with vintage fabrics, this store offers shoppers a clothing range which is both original and individual.

158 Devonshire Street, S3 7SG / 0114 270 6482


– City of Makers –


谢菲尔德是一座广为人知的钢铁城市。 餐具和工具制造的基因早已融入了这座 城市的血脉之中,金属加工也深深扎根 于此,“谢菲尔德制造”是一个全球认 可的品牌。



近四个世纪以来,莱姆郡的卡特勒公司(Cutlers)在支持和 促进谢菲尔德餐具和钢铁制造业方面一直发挥着核心作用。 今天,该公司由全市的400名制造业从业者组成,由每年评 选出的刀具大师把关品质。 除了传承这项传统外,该公司还对外租赁位于市中心、布局 精美的Cutlers’Hall,以举办各项活动。 许多实力强大的钢厂依然活跃在这座城市中,其中不少制造 商经历了专业化和适应性的发展,进入21世纪后继续担当各 自领域的先驱角色。 例如,欧内斯特·赖特父子公司(Ernest Wright and Son) 在不锈钢的发明地——谢菲尔德手工制作质量最上乘的剪 刀,至今已有一百多年的历史。 该公司及其工具和技艺已经传承了五代人,目前的订单来自 世界各地。 还有像普赖尔标记技术(PMT)之类的公司,这家公司始创 于1849年,时至今日仍然处于标记技术的前沿。 然而,如今这座城市的创造远不止于金属加工产品。



谢菲尔德市中心现已蜕变成一个深受多元化的创意人士亲睐 的大本营,创作的产品包罗万象,囊括音乐、电影和戏剧、 珠宝、视频游戏、先进技术和数字艺术等等。 这些创意和创新大部分诞生于文化产业区周边遍布的众多工 作室和工作坊。 文化产业区是约克郡艺术空间的所在地,大约有80位艺术家 和制作人在专业工作室里辛勤创作。在一年一度的工作室开 放周末,您可以前往他们的工作室与其面对面交流。 Bloc工作室也值得一提,这里曾经是一座工厂,现已摇身一 变成为了各类艺术家的创作基地。 数字设计工作室Universal Everything和视频游戏开发商 Boneloaf等也落户于市中心的创新区。



在路过冬园(Winter Garden)的谢菲尔德工匠商店 (SMS)时,您不妨挑选些由这座城市创意社区精心创造的 商品。 如果您对新技艺更感兴趣,则不妨探访艺术之家(The Art House)的工作室之一。 作为不锈钢的发明地和拥有小坊大匠辉煌历史的城市,21世 纪的谢菲尔德是一座自豪的创造之城。



City of Music

Whether it’s smooth jazz in a cosy wine bar, local rockers in a lively pub or a big name gracing the City Hall stage, you’ll easily find great live music any night of the week in Sheffield city centre. Sheffield has long been associated with electronic music, since the likes of The Human League found international fame for their synthpop singles and hairdos in the 1980s. Today, the city has a rich reputation for varied musical exports – from Britpoppers Pulp, with their hip-twirling frontman Jarvis Cocker, to dance poppers Moloko to quiff-haired crooner Richard Hawley to current arenafillers like the Arctic Monkeys and Bring Me the Horizon. And they’re just the ones who’ve hit the mainstream. According to a 2015 report, there are 465 bands in the city, who have access to 65 recording studios and 70 dedicated music venues. Go out and give them a listen.

– City of Music –


Mark Hobson


Corporation – or Corp, as locals fondly call it – is a legendary club in Sheffield’s Devonshire Quarter. It was established nearly 20 years ago by Mark Hobson along with a group of promoters and DJs, who “wanted to bring entertainment here that the city was missing out on, and at affordable prices”. They succeeded, and the Corp family has now expanded to include Local Authority and Trafalgar Warehouse next door. What’s the best thing about running a business in Sheffield? From the point of view of the live music and nightclub sector, I feel our close cooperation is one of our biggest achievements. This detailed level of communication has resulted in a united group that represents the sector. This is something that is unique in the country. Corporation won Best Live Venue in the Live UK Music Business Awards 2013. Which live shows stand out the most for you? This is a tough one as we’ve had so many legendary bands, covering lots of different genres, play stand-out performances here over the years. A few that spring to mind are; Bring Me The Horizon – it’s great watching a local band find their feet, and you could see they had something special. Lamb of God supported by Chimaira – one of the most ferocious gigs ever to happen at Corporation. Bowling For Soup – they are literally the funniest band to see on stage. Murderdolls supported by Black Veil Brides – this tour happened just as Black Veil Brides broke and it was mental. Skindred – they just tore the entire place up, an absolutely blinding show from start to finish. 27

BBC Music Day In 2015, the first BBC Music Day brought people together to celebrate all that’s great about music, with communities up and down the country shining a spotlight on their musical talent. The event returned in June 2016 – and this time, Sheffield really went to town. The city centre became the stage for a huge and diverse – and free – showcase of local music. Every generation was entertained, in public spaces ranging from the Peace Gardens to Sheffield Station to the steps of the City Hall. There was opera on the Town Hall balcony, a headphone disco in the market, an exhibition of music memories in the Winter Garden, steel drumming on the Wicker, a massive free rave. Music even made it onto the trams, where Sheffield legend Jarvis Cocker was on the tannoy and homegrown bands busked up and down the lines. Look forward to the next annual BBC Music Day, for more unique musical events in the most unlikely locations.


Number of acts at Sheffield’s 2016 BBC Music Day.


– City of Music –

– City of Music –


Images courtesy of Jacqui Bellamy, Pixelwitch Pictures

Tramlines Tramlines weekend is the liveliest weekend of the year in Sheffield. The inner-city music festival fills three outdoor stages with incredible bands and artists from near and far. In the very centre of the city there’s the Devonshire Green stage, and beyond that there’s the Folk Forest in Endcliffe Park and the main stage at Ponderosa. The fun doesn’t end there, though; official after-parties keep people dancing into the early hours at venues including o2 Academy. And the Tramlines fringe sees bars all over the city put on their own lineups of local acts, together creating a diverse celebration of music. The festival’s family has grown in recent years to include Outlines, a Tramlines Jr. for the colder months.

Sensoria Each autumn, Sensoria takes over some of the city’s more unique and atmospheric venues for a festival of film, music and digital. Now approaching its 10th edition, the Sensoria programme has included live soundtracks, drive-in cinemas and outdoor screenings, multi venue gigs, SynthFest UK and audiovisual installations. The festival also hosts SensoriaPro Industry Day. It’s anyone’s guess what this ever innovative festival will do next.

Music in the Round Music in the Round is here to make classical music accessible to all. It hosts top-notch chamber music concerts in the intimate Crucible Studio, often featuring MITR’s resident group Ensemble 360, and puts on an international classical festival each May. First-timers and those under 35 can get £5 tickets, while some events are even ticketed on a “pay-what-youwant” basis. There are plenty of workshops and concerts to keep children and families entertained too.

For more Sheffield festivals see page 102 30

– City of Music –

100,000+ Number of people who attended Tramlines 2016.

Image courtesy of Tramlines

– City of Music –


Bungalows and Bears


– City of Music –

Bungalows and Bears A fire station turned bar and music venue, Bungalows and Bears is right in the heart of the Devonshire Quarter. Gigs here tend to include up and coming indie rock acts from across the UK and US. And Bungalows also serves a delicious pre-band burger.

50 Division Street, S1 4GF / 0114 279 2901

The Washington A music pub on the edge of the Devonshire Quarter, The Washington regularly puts on gigs from some of the finest bands on the Sheffield circuit. And if you head here at the weekend, you’re guaranteed a lively night. Take your pick from a cosy corner or the dancefloor – in the latter, the resident DJs will keep you on your feet until 3am, spinning anything from Blondie to The Prodigy to Dolly Parton.

79 Fitzwilliam Street, S1 4JP / 0114 276 1960

Frog and Parrot For a long time, this student-friendly boozer has been a Devonshire Quarter favourite. On Saturday nights, the Frog and Parrot tends to host specialist DJs, spinning anything from Motown and northern soul to ska and reggae. The pub also regularly hosts free gigs by local talent – good luck getting a seat during its packed Tramlines fringe weekender.

94 Division Street, S1 4GF / 0114 272 1280

– City of Music –


Leadmill The Leadmill is an icon of independent music in Sheffield, having been at the centre of the city’s music scene for three decades. The 80s brought everything from post punk to the Culture Club to the venue. In the 90s it was Britpoppers Oasis, The Verve, Elastica and Suede, and the grungier likes of Babes in Toyland and Mudhoney. Then in the 00s, it was time for The Strokes, The White Stripes, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and – of course – Arctic Monkeys to take to the Leadmill stage. It still hosts a gig, live comedy or club event most nights of the week.

“a right of passage”

6 Leadmill Road, S1 4SE / 0114 272 7040

Corporation The home of rock and alternative music in Sheffield since 1997. Corporation spans three floors on a corner of the Devonshire Quarter and, according to a vote in Kerrang! magazine, is one of the country’s top three rock clubs. Corp is well established on major bands’ touring circuits, attracting gig goers from far and wide, and also regularly puts on the latest up and coming acts from Sheffield’s underground scene. It plays host to varied club nights, filling four rooms with everything from pop to indie to hardcore to soul, and is also home to the infamous “blue pint”.

2 Milton Street, S1 4JU / 0114 276 0262

See page 26 for our interview with Mark Hobson, founder of Corporation


– City of Music –

Franz Ferdinand to Arcade Fire on playing the Leadmill.

Image courtesy of The Leadmill

– City of Music –


The Plug One for the indie kids, Plug is home to live events with the sorts of bands and artists who come highly recommended by the NME. The venue also hosts huge club nights – many are aimed at students while others follow themes, which in the past have ranged from Beyonce to This is England to Harry Potter.

14-16 Matilda Street, S1 4QD / 0114 279 5039 Crystal

West Street Live It’s a rare night at West Street Live when there isn’t a live band playing. Based on one of the city centre’s most bustling streets, the bar is open late every day of the week. Bands will entertain you through to 11pm, while DJs will take you into the early hours – all free of entry.

128 West Street, S1 4ES / 0114 249 2785 Crystal


Images courtesy of Crystal

One of many examples of a former cutlery works finding a new lease of life in Sheffield, Crystal is a cool space, all exposed brickwork and parquet floors. The intimate nightclub is popular with students on weeknights, and on Saturdays it gets people moving to house, R&B and soul music.

O2 Academy Sheffield The brutalist building that now houses the Academy has a long legacy in Sheffield’s music scene, having entertained previous generations as the Top Rank Suite and Roxy Disco. Gigs in its big auditorium range from rock to reggae to rap, while club nights regularly keep crowds dancing into the early hours.

37-43 Arundel Gate, S1 2PN / 0114 253 7777

23-32 Carver Street, S1 4FS / 0114 272 5926

Trippets Lounge Bar “Fizz, gin, and all that jazz”, goes the Trippets tagline. Tucked away just off West Street, this lounge bar hosts live jazz every Friday and Saturday, as well as the occasional themed brunch or wine tasting event.

89 Trippet Lane, S1 4EL / 0114 276 2930 36

– City of Music –


无论是温馨酒吧的抒情爵士,还是热闹 夜总会里的当地摇滚,亦或是隆重亮相 市政厅舞台的大牌明星,在每周的任何 一个夜晚,您都可以在谢菲尔德市中心 发现精彩的现场音乐。



自从人类联盟乐队在20世纪80年代凭借其流行电子音乐单曲 和摇滚发行赢得国际声誉以来,谢菲尔德始终让人联想起电 子乐。 今天,这个城市的各类音乐输出收获无数美誉,从 Britpoppers Pulp及其领军人物贾维斯卡克,到pop舞者摩 洛克,乃至低吟歌手理查德·霍利,以及现今大红大紫的北 极猴子乐队和飞越地平线乐团,可谓不胜枚举。 他们还只是属于已经脱颖而出成为主流的那一部分。



根据2015年的一份报告,全市共有465 个乐队,65个录音工作室和70个专用音 乐场馆。 其中包括Leadmill——谢菲尔德独立音 乐的一个标志性建筑,三十年来,一直 处于这座城市音乐界的中心。 自1997年以来,占用三层楼的夜总会 Corporation始终是谢菲尔德摇滚和另 类音乐的大本营,而西街现场(West Street Live)则几乎夜夜笙歌。 Crystal、Plug和o2 Academy等场 馆很受学生族和当地人的欢迎,而 Bungalows和Bears则经常上演来自英 国和美国的最新独立摇滚乐。 如果您更钟情爵士乐,不妨前往 Trippets,这家音乐酒吧就位于西街附 近。古典音乐爱好者则可以前往Music in the Round,他们在气氛私密的 Crucible工作室举办室内音乐会,门票 最低只需5英镑。



每年夏季,Tramlines内城音乐节会都吸引了当地和国外的乐 队和艺术家前来献艺,充斥了整座城市的舞台。 这是谢菲尔德市中心一年中最繁忙的一个周末,大多数酒吧 也会借此机会组织起自己的当地演出阵容,将音乐氛围推至 巅峰。 冬季期间,Tramlines的组织者会举办小型的Outlines音乐 节。春季的BBC音乐日让所有年龄段的人们以各种方式免费 享受音乐。 而在秋季,不要错过颇具新意的Sensoria电影、音乐和数码 艺术节,活动地点设在更独特、更具氛围的场馆。 既然市中心有如此多的舞台上演如此多的音乐,何不走出门 外,聆听精彩的音乐,一饱“耳”福。



City of Beer

Sheffield’s city centre is a great destination for real ale enthusiasts. Benefiting from the city’s reputation for beer, which has grown to almost the same heights as its reputation for steel, the beer scene here has developed quickly. In 2016 the University of Sheffield published the Beer Report, making the case that Sheffield is one of the world’s best beer cities. The evidence? Sheffield City Region is home to 57 brewers, with 23 of those based within Sheffield itself. This equates to one brewery for every 23,991 people in the city – a ratio four and a half times more impressive than London’s. And around 400 unique beers are available on any typical day in the city’s many characterful pubs – more than in other beer cities like Nottingham, Norwich, York, Derby and Leeds. Sheffield’s breweries follow a longstanding tradition of small-scale, independent artisans, which can be traced back to the ‘little mesters’ of the city’s industrial past. Between them, they produce around 1000 different beers each year. Almost three quarters of this beer is sold within the City Region, meaning you can enjoy beers here that would be hard to find anywhere else in the world. It’s time the beer world discovered its best kept secret. – City of Beer –


Jules Gray


What Jules Gray doesn’t know about beer in Sheffield isn’t worth knowing. Jules is behind the annual Sheffield Beer Week – the week-long celebration of beer which coincides with the popular SIBA conference and Beer X festival in March, and spans pubs and breweries across Sheffield, including city centre venues Sheffield Tap, The Bath Hotel, The Red Deer, Devonshire Cat, Tap and Tankard, and The Three Tuns. What do you think has caused such a boom in breweries popping up over recent years in Sheffield? The beer boom has been growing for some time in Sheffield, reignited by Dave Wickett and The Fat Cat/Kelham Island Brewery in the early 90s. Having a driving force in a scene can really inspire others. I found out on a trip to Norwich recently that Sheffield’s Fat Cat pub inspired a namesake pub and brewery in that city too – so influences can reverberate nationally. Economically, the 2002 introduction of progressive beer duty influenced the growth of microbreweries. New and traditional breweries are now exploring and experimenting with beer styles and brewing techniques outside of that classic golden cask ale sphere. From a consumer point of view, there’s been a realisation, similar to the resurgent interest in food, that beer is a handmade product. Beer can be brewed on a small scale with great ingredients and attention to detail, and the end product is a joy to drink. People then become fascinated with the craft of the brewing process and want to learn more about the breweries and beers out there. It becomes a wonderful lifelong journey.


True North Brew Co Since the early 90s, the team behind True North Brew Co have been responsible for running some of Sheffield’s favourite watering holes. It began with The Forum, the Devonshire Street bar that in summer blissfully spills out onto Devonshire Green. True North now operates its own brewery just next door to The Forum, where it brews its regular range, plus some more experimental beers, and also distills the distinctive True North Sheffield Dry Gin.

127-129 Devonshire Street, S3 7SB / 0114 272 0569

Check out some of True North’s city centre drinking dens on page 134.

The City of Sheffield has one brewery for every

23,991 people.


– City of Beer –

– City of Beer –


Sentinel Brewhouse

Sheffield Tap

A short walk from Sheffield station, Sentinel is a destination brewery, opened in 2016 by master brewer Alex Barlow. It brews a core range of British, continental and American style beers as well as seasonal casks and occasional limited edition bottles. They all travel a matter of metres from the brewery tank to the hand pulls and taps – fresh, unfiltered and unpasteurised. The food menu includes pizza, meat and cheese boards, and even some beer-tinged meals (pilsner battered haddock, for instance), while the brewery also hosts film nights and courses for those looking to get a deeper understanding of beer styles, flavours and food pairings.

Sheffield Railway Station’s popular on-site pub is housed in a series of elegant rooms on platform 1B. It was once a first class refreshment room, but reopened as the Sheffield Tap in 2009. The bar stocks over 200 beers, both local and international, and there’s even a small brewery in the back room. It’s a stunning place to sink a pint before catching a train.

1b, Sheffield Station, Sheaf Street, S1 2BP / 0114 273 7558

178 Shoreham Street, S1 4SQ / 0114 399 9888

Sentinel Brewhouse



Sheffield has 4.7 times as many breweries per capita as Greater London.

– City of Beer –

Sheffield Tap Image courtesy of Our Favourite Places

Beer Central The Moor Market’s resident ale shop, Beer Central is stocked with beers brewed both locally and internationally. Its owners Sean Clarke and Deborah Jackson are always forthcoming with suggestions, making this the city centre’s go-to place when you want to enjoy a great drink at home.

The Moor Market, Earl Street, S1 4PF / 0114 275 5990  @BeerCentralLtd /BeerCentralLtd

For more on the Moor Market see page 158.

Beer Central

– City of Beer –


Alex Barlow


Brewer Alex Barlow established Sentinel Brewing Co in 2016. The brewery and tap is a beacon of beer bliss in the Cultural Industries Quarter, an area that Alex loves for “its history and gritty realism; you can tangibly feel old Sheffield, yet it’s becoming modern and more vibrant.” What’s the best thing about running your business in Sheffield? In many ways it’s the same reason so many of us, particularly those originally from elsewhere, love Sheffield: the friendly nature. Brewing is friendly and collaborative and doing business in Sheffield is much the same. What sets Sentinel apart from other microbreweries in the city? I like to think we’re a complimentary addition to the already great Sheffield beer scene. Having a bar from which you can see the entire journey from grain to glass in 20 metres is pretty unusual. As far as I know we’re the only place in the world selling hand-pulled beer straight from brewery tank. And 70% of the brewery’s perimeter is surrounded by glass, all of which makes us a bit different.


The Devonshire Cat The roomy Dev Cat is a landmark of the Devonshire Quarter. The pub offers a huge, ever changing array of beers – from Belgian fruit beer to German wheat beer to local pale ales – as well as traditional ciders and hearty pub grub.

49 Wellington Street, S1 4HG / 0114 279 6700

The Wick at Both Ends

149-151 West Street, S1 4EW / 0114 272 3039

The Bath Hotel

The Bath Hotel

Image courtesy of The Hop

A Thornbridge-run pub, The Bath is tucked away from the Devonshire Quarter’s busier streets. It’s Grade II-listed, with beautiful stained glass windows, a fire, and a cosy atmosphere.

66-68 Victoria Street, S3 7QL / 0114 249 5151

The Red Deer

The Hop

The Hop Based within West One in the Devonshire Quarter, The Hop is run by Yorkshire-based Ossett Brewery. It’s a lively two-storey pub with a great love of music, hosting live acts every weekend and decorating its walls with vintage posters. Meanwhile the American pit masters at BBQ Collective take care of food, serving fresh ribs, fried chicken and more.

Close to the uni, The Red Deer is popular with academic types. As well as excellent ales, it also offers a food menu that’s particularly strong on veggie and vegan options.

18 Pitt Street, S1 4DD / 0114 272 2890

West One Plaza, Fitzwilliam Street, S1 4JB / 0114 278 1000 50

– City of Beer –

Image courtesy of Our Favourite Places

The Wick is a laid back late bar, sitting amidst the bustle of West Street. Unwind with a beer or cocktail, while enjoying after-work offers and resident DJs.

Image courtesy of Vox Multimedia

Rutland Arms

Rutland Arms

The Three Tuns

The Rutland is a popular, laid back pub in Cultural Industries Quarter. The bar offers local real ales from breweries such as Blue Bee and Geeves, as well as craft beer from the likes of Magic Rock and Mikkeler. Meals on the specials board lean towards bistro fare, while the standard menu includes a great chip butty.

The triangular Three Tuns may win the prize for Sheffield’s most unusually shaped pub. It also pulls a great ale, and is ideally situated on the route from the city centre to the beer quarter of Kelham Island.

86 Brown Street, S1 2BS / 0114 272 9003

39 Silver Street Head, S1 2DD / 0114 327 6211

Tap and Tankard Run by Kelham Island Brewery, the Tap and Tankard is a traditional pub, just a minute’s walk from the city centre’s main shopping streets.

24 Cambridge Street, S1 4HP / 0114 272 3045

– City of Beer –


Number of different beers available in Sheffield’s pubs on a typical day. 51

Image courtesy of Vox Multimedia



Dog and Partridge

Fagan’s is a cosy hidden gem in the city centre. It’s known for its tough pub quiz and its mural by one of Sheffield’s favourite artists, Pete McKee.

Take a seat in this snug traditional pub with a cask ale or bottle of craft beer. True to its name, it prides itself on being dog-friendly.

56 Trippet Lane, S1 4EL / 0114 270 6156 /TheDogandPartridgeSheffield

69 Broad Lane, S1 4BS / 0114 272 8430  @FagansPub

Sheffield is good at street art. For more, see our feature on page 90.

The Grapes Portraits of JFK, James Connolly and Michael Collins peer out from the walls of this atmospheric Irish pub down Trippet Lane. It’s also famously where Arctic Monkeys played their first gig.

80 Trippet Lane, S1 4EL / 0114 249 0909

£3.2million investment planned by breweries in 2016.

Brew House Tucked away off Cambridge Street, the Brew House is a smart and cosy pub dedicated to craft beer. Head to the back room to see/smell beer being brewed.

10-14 Wellington Street, S1 4HP / 0114 273 8742 52

– City of Beer –


谢菲尔德市中心是铁杆啤酒爱好者的绝 佳去处。 这座城市的啤酒颇具美誉,与钢制品的 声誉几乎不相上下,从而促使这里的啤 酒产业飞速发展。 在谢菲尔德市中心及其周边地区,手工 啤酒吧的数量快速飙升。



2016年,谢菲尔德大学发布了一份啤酒报告,宣告谢菲尔德 已成为全世界最好的啤酒城市之一。 证据呢? 谢菲尔德市地区(包括南约克郡和北德比郡,以及诺丁汉郡 的部分片区)拥有的啤酒厂多达57家,其中23家位于谢菲尔 德市内。 相当于这座城市的每23991人就拥有一家啤酒厂,这一比例 比伦敦高出足足4.5倍。 在这座城市众多特色鲜明的酒吧里,每天有大约400种独特 的啤酒供人品鉴,远超诺丁汉、诺维奇、约克、德比和利兹 等其他啤酒城市。



Sheffield Tap酒吧是开启谢菲尔德啤酒探寻之 旅的最佳去处。 该酒吧位于火车站内,可从1B站台直接进入, 内部装修考究优雅,有产自本地和国际的200 多款啤酒任您挑选。 从火车站步行不远就可以到达一家颇具盛名的 啤酒厂——由酿酒大师亚历克斯·巴罗于2016 年对外开放的Sentinel Brewhouse,在这里, 您既可以亲眼目睹啤酒的酿造流程,又能品尝 新鲜酿制的啤酒。 Rutland是文化产业区内一家宾客盈门的休闲 酒吧,而宽敞大气的Devonshire Cat酒吧已然 成为德文郡区的一处地标。 在其他地方,沿着市中心的一条条小道, 分布着许多舒适惬意的传统酒吧,如Bath Hotel、The Red Deer、The Three Tuns、 The Grapes and Fagans。



谢菲尔德的啤酒厂一贯坚持小规模经营、独立酿酒的传统, 其历史可以追溯到这座城市工业时代的“小型作坊”。 真北啤酒公司(True North Brew Co)就是其中的一家, 其总部设在德文郡区,自营有包括The Forum、The Old House和The Common Room在内的多家酒吧。 谢菲尔德的所有酿酒厂每年共生产约1000种不同的啤酒。 将近四分之三的啤酒在都市区出售,这意味着您在这里可以 品尝到别处难以觅得的啤酒。 参加一年一度的谢菲尔德啤酒周庆祝活动,让自己真真正正 地融入啤酒氛围中,在摩尔市场的啤酒中心拿起一瓶瓶或产 自当地或来自英国其他地方的啤酒,开怀畅饮吧。 此时此刻,让我们去探寻啤酒世界深藏的秘密。



City of Charity

It’s often remarked that Sheffield’s a friendly city, and in 2007 it became the UK’s first City of Sanctuary. This status is given to places that proudly welcome people in need of safety, and grew out of local community groups’ and the council’s commitment to support refugees and asylum seekers. Sheffield’s culture of friendliness and hospitality extends to anyone and everyone in the city centre, where charities and social enterprises offer a hand with everything from housing to healthy eating.

– City of Charity –




A group of University of Sheffield students initiated the Foodhall project, transforming a former industrial building into a thriving community cafe aimed at tackling issues of food waste, food poverty and social isolation. The team also work their transformative power in the kitchen, turning reclaimed and donated food into high quality meals that are then served on a pay-as-you-feel, not-for-profit basis. Where is Foodhall based? We work in the Cultural Industries Quarter. It has a broad demographic and hosts a wide range of social and cultural groups, which we love meeting and working with. We serve people from all backgrounds, and bringing them together over food creates some very special moments. Tell us a little about the “pay-asyou-feel” concept. The pay-as-you-feel model allows those in need to access food regardless of their ability to pay. This enables everyone a seat at the same table. Those who donate generously subsidise those that can’t pay.


Cathedral Archer Project

Ben’s Centre

The Archer Project dates back to the 1980s, a decade of industrial decline and rising levels of unemployment and poverty in Sheffield. At that time, Sheffield Cathedral became a regular place of shelter for many in the city, welcoming homeless people and offering them a basic breakfast. The charity has grown from there and is now based in a purpose-built area within the Cathedral, where it provides support with issues including homelessness, ill health and substance abuse.

A sanctuary for Sheffield’s street drinkers since 1996. Ben’s Centre grew out of a self-help group of street drinkers, who met regularly to provide mutual support to each other, with the support of then PC Ian “Ben” Sherman. The charity’s drop-in service provides hot food, clothing, washing facilities and shelter during the day, and helps link people to services that can help them recover from alcohol and drug addiction. Look out for Ben’s 21st birthday celebrations in 2017, which will include exhibitions and events in the city centre.

Sheffield Cathedral, Campo Lane, S1 2EF / 0114 263 6970

Roundabout Youth housing charity Roundabout provides secure and supportive shelter for homeless young people in Sheffield. With a hostel, bedsits and shared housing across the city, the charity helps young people live independently and learn how to break the cycle of homelessness. Roundabout also offers advice on alcohol abuse and managing money, while in the city centre the charity’s well-stocked shop shares a building with its homeless prevention service. You can support Roundabout at one of its fundraising events, including the annual sleep out, a firewalk or a 10K run.

The Circle, 33 Rockingham Lane, S1 4FW / 0114 253 6789

ASSIST Through providing temporary accommodation, food and support, ASSIST aims to alleviate the hardships of destitute and vulnerable asylum seekers in Sheffield. The charity is also dedicated to raising awareness of the plight of asylum seekers and integrating those who use their services into the wider community, by organising art workshops, talks, concerts, carol services and more.

15 North Church Street, S1 2DH / 07771 897 086

Help Us Help People can find themselves on the street through a number of circumstances and bad luck. It’s only natural that you’d want to help when you see someone begging but the best way of making a lasting difference that isn’t always clear, and not everyone’s needs are the same. Help Us Help is a collaboration between all the varied services and charities who provide practical support, compassionate care and advice to the homeless in Sheffield city centre – like the Cathedral Archer Project, the King Street soup kitchen, and the Sunday Centre, who offers refuge, hot meals, activities and conversation on Sunday afternoons at Victoria Hall. Visit the Help Us Help campaign’s website to learn how you can donate to or volunteer for these agencies, see how they’ve helped people build fulfilling lives away from the street, and find out who to call if you’re concerned about someone.

Norfolk Street, S1 2JB / 0114 275 4960


– City of Charity –


Number of bed-nights at emergency accommodation provided by ASSIST in 2015/16.



Number of young people Roundabout supports every day in Sheffield. They need to raise at least £200,000 each year through fundraising.

Number of destitute asylum seekers ASSIST help each week with shelter, food and support.


The number of interventions that organisations deliver within Sheffield.


Number of breakfasts the Cathedral Archer Project serves to homeless people each year.

– City of Charity –


Gail Gibbons


Star House is the welcoming hub of young people’s charity Sheffield Futures, based in the vibrant heart of the city and managed by CEO Gail Gibbons. This one-stop-shop offers confidential support with education, employment, training or personal issues, though the charity’s services spread far and wide, into communities, schools and youth clubs across the city. What’s the best thing about being based in Sheffield? Sheffield is so different to other cities, it’s unique in both people and place, and it feels like the city is having resurgence. The people of Sheffield are so proud to be from here and I find that loyalty very inspiring. I believe that our city is built on a community of doers and grassroots culture. Sheffield’s innovative history, in industry, music and more has paved the way for the next generation with DIY ethics. It’s the people of Sheffield’s creativity, friendliness and passion for the city that make it a great place to run an organisation. What advice would you give to a young person who is unsure about getting in touch with Sheffield Futures? I would say “go for it, what do you have to lose?” Our team are helpful and friendly – we’re there for as long as it takes to support young people to fulfil their potential. Young people have shaped our services, to guarantee that it meets their needs.


Sheffield Futures

£810million The value the Third Sector generates for the city.

Voluntary Action Sheffield Celebrating its 90th year in 2016, Voluntary Action Sheffield (VAS) is the city’s go-to organisation for voluntary and community groups, with the main aim of improving the quality of life for all of Sheffield’s communities. VAS offers a wide range of information, advice and support for charitable and voluntary organisations across the city, including HR advice, IT services, payroll and more. It runs the Circle – flexible conferencing, meeting and office space open to all, but particularly to provide a hub for the sector in the city centre. VAS runs the Sheffield Volunteer Centre, connecting those who want to volunteer with organisations who involve volunteers, through weekly drop-in sessions, an online database of opportunities and a regular Volunteer Fair. It supports community services such as lunch clubs for older people in the city, with everything from financial advice to volunteer training. On top of that, the charity offers dedicated support to refugees and asylum seekers to find new roots through volunteering in their new city.

The Circle, 33 Rockingham Lane, S1 4FW / 0114 253 6600

Sheffield Futures is dedicated to helping people in the city achieve a better future and reach their full potential, regardless of their background. Whether it’s questions of careers, sexual health or after-school activities, the charity can point people towards the answers. As well as offering confidential, nonjudgemental advice, Sheffield Futures values the voices of young people in the city, and ensures these voices get heard across Sheffield and beyond through projects like Sheffield Youth Cabinet, Sheffield Young Advisors and UK Youth Parliament.

Star House, 43 Division Street, S1 4GE / 0114 201 2800

Foodhall A colourful entranceway on Eyre Street leads to Foodhall, where everyone is welcome in both the kitchen and cafe. The grassroots social enterprise has seen volunteers in the kitchen ranging from Michelin star chefs to local people who just want to do some good with their love of cooking. In the cafe, people enjoy vegetarian meals made from food that may otherwise go to waste, in a friendly setting that promotes equality, inclusion and sharing. Foodhall’s pay-as-you-feel, communal model is inspired by the Commonwealth Cafe, a low-cost cafe and meeting place set up by the socialist poet and early LGBT activist Edward Carpenter in Shalesmoor in the late 19th century.

121 Eyre Street, S1 4QW

The Children’s Food Trust

Covering the north of England, WISE Ability offers employment support, skills development and community investment projects for disadvantaged people in the area.

Guided by the conviction that “when children eat better, they do better”, the Children’s Food Trust shares its expertise so that families can make nutritious choices when preparing food for children. The national charity’s HQ is in central Sheffield.

St James House, Vicar Lane, S1 2EX / 0114 276 8004

1 East Parade, S1 2ET / 0114 299 6901

WISE Ability


– City of Charity –


人们常说谢菲尔德是一座友好的城 市,2007年她成为英国首个官方的避 难城市。 这项殊荣是授予对需要安全的人们张开 怀抱的城市,是源于当地社区团体和市 政委员会为难民和寻求庇护者提供支持 的承诺。



谢菲尔德市中心设有数家慈善机构和社会企业,为有需要的 人们提供从住房到健康食物等一切力所能及的帮助。 谢菲尔德未来组织(Sheffield Futures)致力于帮助不 同背景的年轻人充分发掘潜力,而青年住房慈善机构 Roundabout为谢菲尔德无家可归的年轻人提供安全的救济 性住所。 90多年来,谢菲尔德志愿行动组织(VAS)一直支持着当地 人群,并提供包括老人午餐俱乐部在内的服务,其主要目的 是提高这座城市各个社区的生活品质。 包括Roundabout和Cathedral Archer Project在内的慈 善机构为谢菲尔德的无家可归者提供食物、支持和住所等服 务,而ASSIST组织则侧重于帮助贫困、易受伤害的寻求庇护 者。 基层社会企业食物大厅(Foodhall)是一家由志愿者经营的 厨房和随心付费的咖啡馆,致力于促进平等、包容和分享。 儿童食品信托基金(CFT)是一个全国性慈善机构,总部设 在谢菲尔德;WISE Ability覆盖英格兰北部,总部位于谢菲尔 德的Vicar LaneVicar Lane路上,主要提供就业支持。 您将会看到,这座城市里的每一个人都传承着谢菲尔德友善 好客的文化。 66


City of Learning

Innovative thinking. Visionary collaboration. Open debate. Endless routes to discovery and invention are open at Sheffield’s centres of learning. The city is first choice for students from both near and far. Around 60,000 students fill the labs, libraries and lecture halls at Sheffield’s two universities, with a significant number of these students coming from overseas. A good mix of local and international students doesn’t only make a difference academically, but it also has a huge positive cultural and economic impact on Sheffield. Between them, the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University attract students and staff from almost 150 countries, creating truly global communities here in the city. Add to the universities a spectacular public library and colleges specialising in everything from computing to cutlery making, and the possibilities for learning are endless in Sheffield. As well as being an inspiring place to study, the city centre is also a vibrant place to live. It’s no wonder, then, that such a high number of students stick around after graduation.

– City of Learning –


Sheffield Hallam University Sheffield Hallam University grew out of the merging of several Sheffield colleges, the oldest of which dates back to 1843. Today, SHU is the sixth largest uni in the country. The university campus is constantly evolving and innovating, and an impressive new entrance is set to open opposite Sheffield station, at the gateway to the city, in 2017. Its state-of-the-art facilities attract large numbers of students from overseas and also make a big impact locally, recruiting over 65% of home students from the city region and contributing £424m a year to its economy. Notable alumni include actor Sean Bean, Olympian Kelly Holmes, cutlery designer David Mellor, Nick Park of Wallace and Gromit fame, and graffiti artist Kid Acne.

Sheffield Institute of Arts Sheffield Institute of Arts dates back to 1843. It’s since become part of Sheffield Hallam University and, in 2016, opened an exciting new chapter in its long history, as it relocated to the beautifully refurbished former head post office. The new home for the arts welcomes students in subjects including fine art, fashion, jewellery and metalwork, and design. The general public can also take a peek at the work of some of its students – as well as the building’s original mosaic floor and spectacular spiral staircase – during exhibitions and events.

Sheffield Hallam is the 6th largest university in the UK.

Fitzalan Square, S1 2AY 68


– City of Learning –

– City of Learning –


Image courtesy of Sheffield Hallam University

The University of Sheffield Three 19th century institutions – Sheffield Medical School, Firth College and Sheffield Technical School – came together to form the red brick University of Sheffield. A member of the Russell Group of leading UK research universities and a world top 100 university, the University of Sheffield is guided by its aspirations to transform lives for the better around the world and its strong sense of civic duty. Its civic heritage can be traced back to its origins, when Sheffield’s factory workers donated pennies to the proposed university, and is still strong today, stoking fruitful and innovative collaborations between academics and organisations in the city. The likes of Britain’s first astronaut Helen Sharman and Wolf Hall author Hilary Mantel have studied within the University of Sheffield’s laboratories and lecture halls. While the main campus is in Western Bank, the campus extends into the city centre with buildings like St George’s church turned lecture theatre, the Mappin Building, Jessop West and The Diamond. The university is proudly international; in 2013 it launched #weareinternational, a campaign that has since spread to 100 other organisations, aiming to show students and academics from around the world that they are welcome and valued.


– City of Learning –

Image courtesy of The University of Sheffield


The university is rated 84th in world in the 2016 QS World University Rankings. – City of Learning –


Freeman College Opened in 2005, Freeman College offers day and residential education and care for students aged 16 to 25 who have special educational needs and disabilities. Teaching at Freeman combines practical skills – such as cutlery making, jewellery, horticulture, music, textiles – with therapeutic education. As well as gaining qualifications, the young people who study here get experience in real-life work and living situations, preparing them for life after college. Some of them also grow and serve much of the food in the connected Fusion Organic Cafe.

Sterling Works, 88 Arundel Street, S1 2NG

Freeman College


– City of Learning –



Red Tape Central

Students with technical ambitions can join University Technical College from Year 10 or 12. There, they’ll study the usual GCSE or A Level curriculum, plus a specialist area of technical learning: engineering & advanced manufacturing, creative digital media, computing, health sciences or sport science – and graduate ready to enter the world of business.

Everyone from Pulp to the Spice Girls has rehearsed or recorded at Red Tape over the years. It opened in 1986 with support from Phil Oakey, who was topping the charts around that time with The Human League, and is perhaps the only recording studio in the country to be run by its local council. Here, music industry professionals teach courses in areas like music technology, music performance, the music business and composition, all with the aim of helping students get into the music industry.

111 Matilda Street, S1 4QF

50 Shoreham Street, S1 4SP


employers & both universities work with UTC Sheffield.

– City of Learning –


Sheffield Central Library

Sheffield Central Library Forming one side of Tudor Square is a beautiful neoclassical building that houses Sheffield Central Library and the Graves Gallery. The library has been a much used resource for the city since 1934; today, its staff are always eager to help, shelves always well stocked, and its reading rooms a great place to spend an hour or two lost in a good book.

Surrey Street, S1 1XZ


– City of Learning –


创新思维。 高瞻远瞩的合作。 自由辩论。 在谢菲尔德的学习中心,有无数条通 往发现和发明的大道。



这座城市是远近学生求学的首选之地。 大约有6万名学生在谢菲尔德两所大学的实验室、图书馆和讲 堂辛勤忙碌着,其中不少是来自海外的留学生。 本地学生和国际学生相聚一堂,不仅有助于在学术上有所作 为,而且对谢菲尔德的文化和经济也起到巨大的积极影响。 谢菲尔德大学和谢菲尔德哈勒姆大学吸引了来自近150个国 家的学生和教职人员,在这座城市里打造出真正意义上的国 际社区。



红砖名校谢菲尔德大学由创立于19世纪的三所院校合并而 来:谢菲尔德医学院、弗斯学院和谢菲尔德技术学校。 英国首位宇航员海伦·沙曼、喜剧演员艾迪·伊扎德和《狼 厅》的作者希拉里·曼特尔等人都是谢菲尔德大学的知名校 友。 在合并了谢菲尔德的数所学院后,谢菲尔德哈勒姆大学不断 发展壮大,其中最古老的一所学院可以追溯到1843年。 而今,谢菲尔德哈勒姆大学是全英规模第六大的大学,学生 来自世界各地。 其知名校友包括演员肖恩·宾、奥运冠军凯利·福尔摩斯、 餐具设计师大卫·梅勒、《超级无敌掌门狗》导演尼克·帕 克,以及涂鸦艺术家基德·艾克尼。 除名校外,这里还有一座恢弘大气的公共图书馆,以及从计 算机到餐具制作等各有专精的学院,谢菲尔德的求学之旅永 无止境。



谢菲尔德中央图书馆是一座精致的新古典主义建筑,自1934年以来一直为 这座城市服务。 想要在计算机、创意和数字媒体、高级工程和制造、健康科学领域大展身 手的学生可以加入大学技术学院(UTC),毕业后定能学有所成,信心满 满地走上工作岗位。 同时,在文化产业区内,弗里曼学院(Freeman)为16至25岁、有特殊 教育需求和残疾的学生提供日间、居家教育和照料。 弗里曼的教学将实用技能(如餐具制作、珠宝、园艺、音乐、纺织)与治 疗教育相结合。 这里的年轻人还可以在合作的风行(Fusion)有机咖啡园里种植作物和烹 饪多种多样的食物。 市中心不仅是一个学习的好去处,也是一个充满活力的生活之所。 因此,不少学生在毕业后不愿离开,选择留下来,也就不足为奇了。




Sheffield’s a city of culture, home to some of the most exciting theatres in the country, a landmark indie cinema, a neverending festival season, and a string of galleries that make for a great art trail. And that’s not to mention all the art and poetry to be discovered in the streets. It’s also, famously, a green city – and the green isn’t just at its hilly edges; it’s in the very heart of the city, where an urban glasshouse sits next to a beautiful public garden. There’s fun for all the family here, whether it’s at a huge leisure complex or an indoor adventure game. In between all that, there are historic sights to check off that nod to a proud industrial heritage, and after a busy trip, some great spots to slow down and relax. Getting to Sheffield is easy – the city’s well connected by railway and motorway. And when you’re here, the Supertram and expansive local bus network will help you get around without a hitch.

– Visit –


Kim Streets


Kim Streets is CEO of Museums Sheffield, the charity that’s responsible for Millennium Gallery and Graves Gallery, in the city centre, and Weston Park Museum, near the University of Sheffield. Between them, these inspiring sites welcome over a million visitors a year from across the city and beyond, as well as schoolchildren from pretty much every primary school in the city. What’s the best thing about working in Sheffield city centre? The city centre has stunning public realm and a strong sense of how important that is for our population. There is a real energy and determination to make sure that Sheffield continues to thrive as a creative, successful, vibrant city and it’s a privilege to be part of that ambition. There are some brilliant networks and it’s an inspiring place to be. The art scene in Sheffield has truly revealed itself over the past few years. Which has been your favourite exhibition since you started working for Museums Sheffield? Yes, it has! There are so many exhibitions to choose from. The one I’m most proud of is the Made in Sheffield show – a breathtaking fusion of art, design and industry that featured the work of over 140 individual artists, makers and manufacturers. It made me feel very proud of Sheffield.


Millennium Gallery Located in the heart of Sheffield, this gallery and museum is the city’s premier destination for art, craft and design. It’s home to an exquisite collection of metalwork and a fascinating exploration of beauty in the Ruskin Collection, while its changing galleries host an intriguing and accessible array of exhibitions. The gallery also facilitates regular talks, tours, craft clubs and workshops – with adults, families, schools, colleges and universities all catered for – and its shop is certainly worth a visit for prints, homeware, clothing, stationery and books, many of which are made by local Sheffield makers.

Arundel Gate, S1 2PP / 0114 278 2600

Graves Gallery


– Visit –


Millennium Gallery is the most visited free attraction in the North of England.

Graves Gallery Situated above the Central Library since 1934 the Graves Gallery has been the longstanding home of visual art in Sheffield, featuring permanent exhibitions of work spanning the centuries, as well as significant touring shows. The Graves sees the likes of Turner, Blake, Bridget Riley and Damien Hirst on its walls – with a few local heroes in the mix too. It is host to regular events, such as an art club and curator talks and tours, and a shop for art and gifts: often with a Sheffield twist.

Surrey Street, S1 2LH / 0114 278 2600

– Visit –


B&B Gallery Founded by artists and curators Bradbury and Blanchard, B&B is gallery, screen-print studio and residency programme set up for emerging and established contemporary artists.

95b Mary Street, S1 4RT

Bloc Studios Bloc is an old knife workshop turned creative hub located in Sheffield’s Cultural Industries Quarter. Four art college graduates set up the studios in 1996, when there was a shortage of affordable studio facilities in the city. Bloc Studios is home to 65 artists, while the connected Bloc Projects gallery regularly hosts contemporary art exhibitions.

198 Arundel Street, S1 4RE / 0114 275 5525

Bank Street Arts This exhibition space and artists’ studio plays host to everyone from poet laureates and Turner Prize winners to first time artists and school children.

32-40 Bank Street, S1 2DS / 0114 346 3034 84

Site Gallery A stalwart of Sheffield’s creative spaces, Site Gallery is an ever-evolving place for practicing artists to produce and exhibit their work. By supporting artists specialising in moving image, new media and performance, the gallery pioneers emerging art practices through partnerships with local, regional and international collaborators and nurtures artistic talent.

1 Brown Street, S1 2BS / 0114 281 2077

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£1.7million The amount Site Gallery is investing in its ambitious expansion programme.


APG Works

Digital arts are the main focus of this exnightclub turned DIY gallery and performing arts space. It’s also become known for its progressive programming, hosting lively and inclusive nights featuring everything from improv comedy to drag to electronic music open mic.

Set in an old cutlery factory, APG is a gallery, a picture framers and specialist screen-printers, exhibiting the work of the artists that use their services.

32A-34 Cambridge Street, S1 4HP

For more on APG Works see page 13.

16-20 Sidney Street, S1 4RH / 0114 263 4493

– Visit –



– Visit –

99 Mary Street Describing itself as a post-industrial concept space, 99MS is a vibrant hub of creative activity, showcasing a variety of different disciplines. Check out their site to see what’s coming up.

99 Mary Street, S1 4RT – Visit –


Florence Blanchard


Florence Blanchard is one of the two artist-curators behind B&B, having opened the gallery and screen print studio with Ed Bradbury in 2013. As well as showcasing emerging and established contemporary artists , B&B’s work goes beyond the gallery – in 2016, they invited internationally renowned street artists to paint the city in Feature Walls. You’ll spot a fair few murals by Florence on the city centre’s streets too. Tell us what it’s like running an independent gallery in Sheffield. We started B&B in 2013 and have had an incredible response from the people of Sheffield, whom have provided continuing support. There is a very responsive audience for independent businesses of all kinds, which makes it exciting and gives us a kick to push ourselves further. Where’s your favourite place in Sheffield? Sheffield has many amazing places to visit. We love our cobble stones on Mary Street, with the Leadmill, Millennium Gallery and APG nearby. You grew up in France and have lived in the US. What then drew you to Sheffield? I visited Sheffield on holiday in 2006 and fell in love with the place. I was still living in New York back then, and I was ready for a change. I felt Sheffield had this diamond in the rough type of quality, a place where there was still room for new things to happen, lots of potential – a big contrast and advantage compared to New York!

Image courtesy of Florence Blanchard


Image courtesy of B&B Gallery

Feature Walls In autumn 2016, artists Ed Bradbury and Florence Blanchard, of B&B Gallery, invited sixteen internationally renowned street artists to Sheffield to create canvases of the city’s walls thanks to funding from Sheffield BID, Arts Council England and the University of Sheffield. As they put it, “Sheffield has a long tradition of spontaneously lending walls to its most creative street artists” – and they wanted to add to this tradition. The artists showcased a diverse range of talents and styles, and together left behind a colourful, lasting and unique outdoor gallery in the city’s streets. Locations of Feature Walls murals include Wellington Street car park (Jo Peel, Will Barras, Michael Fikaris, Kid Acne) and Charles Street (Agostino Iacurci, Faunagraphic) – for the full map of all the murals created during the event, dotting the city centre, see the B&B Gallery website. 90

– Visit –

Image courtesy of B&B Gallery

See page 89 for our interview with founder of B&B Gallery and curator of Feature Walls, Florence Blanchard.

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Dan Bates


Sheffield Theatres is the largest theatre complex outside of London, comprising the Crucible, the Lyceum and the Crucible Studio. Since he joined as chief executive in 2009, Dan Bates has overseen an exciting time in the company’s history: the reopening of the iconic Crucible following a huge refurbishment and its annual Christmas musical becoming an institution, as well the World Snooker Championships continuing to define springtime in Tudor Square and the likes of Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen treading the Lyceum boards. What’s the best thing about working at Sheffield Theatres? Definitely the people – the people we work with, some of whom have been with us for many years, and the people who come to see our shows. We have around 7,500 people coming to see our shows every week and the feedback we get from them is invaluable and helps us to constantly improve. They can be very frank! You’ve showcased some fantastic performances at Sheffield Theatres recently – which has been your favourite? I think my favourite would have to be Flowers For Mrs Harris, which we produced last summer. It was a Cinderella story and a really wonderful piece of theatre. It also won four awards at the UK Theatre Awards, including joint best musical production with another of our productions, Show Boat.



– Visit –

Crucible Theatre The Crucible Theatre is known for being the next theatre stop on show tours after London. With famous faces treading the boards and having won The Regional Theatre Award twice, the Crucible is a big tick in the box for acting lovers. Specialising mainly in plays it boasts a main theatre of 1000 seats and a smaller adjoining space, the Crucible Studio, which holds just under 400. The Crucible is the main feature of the stunning Tudor Square and it’s just a short walk from the train station. It’s also surrounded by a wonderful selection of cafes and restaurants, handy for a perfect evening at the theatre.

55 Norfolk Street, S1 1DA / 0114 249 6000

Lyceum Theatre The Lyceum is one of Sheffield’s oldest and grandest theatres. There’s been a stage on-site since 1879 and it has gone through many regenerations in its life. It’s now home to a 1068 seat theatre and acts as a touring theatre for some of the country’s largest scale musical and opera performances. It is also home to the yearly pantomime, a much-loved and cherished Sheffield tradition. The Lyceum sits next to the Crucible in Tudor Square opposite the picturesque Winter Garden and it’s surrounded by some of the city’s best bars and restaurants.

55 Norfolk Street, S1 1DA / 0114 249 6000

Meet some of Sheffield’s theatre companies on pages 14 & 15.

Sheffield Theatres is the largest theatre complex outside London.

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Sarah Sharp


– Visit –

Theatre Delicatessen specialises in turning disused buildings into thriving arts hubs, hosting some of the country’s most innovative theatre companies. The organisation started out in London and in 2014 it looked north, taking up residence in the cavernous shell of what was once Woolworths. You never quite know what’s in store at a Theatre Delicatessen show – it might involve anything from audience participation to virtual reality to beat boxing. What do you like best about being based in Sheffield? We offer something quite unique and I think Sheffield is a great place to do that. Everyone loves supporting local business and local artists and that is exactly what we do here at Theatre Delicatessen. Thanks to wonderful things like Our Favourite Places, I also feel a lot of support for cultural activities. What does the future hold for Theatre Delicatessen? The future is always relatively uncertain for Theatre Delicatessen! As we work in temporary spaces, everyone’s always asking us ‘so when are you moving? Where are you going?’ In honesty, we don’t always know. One thing is for certain – we would like to stay in Sheffield, and we have even bigger plans for immersive theatre in 2017. Watch this space!

Theatre Delicatessen Theatre Delicatessen started as a London project but now resides here in Sheffield. The team work with commercial property owners to take abandoned buildings and turn them into artistic hubs. These hubs are then opened up to artists, groups and charities who can use them to create performances. They mainly support emerging theatre makers working with non-traditional styles of performance. Theatre Deli have taken over the “Old Woolworths” on The Moor in the city centre and transformed this abandoned space into a place where the general public can take in new and cutting edge work being created in Sheffield.

The Moor, S1 4PF

Montgomery Theatre The Montgomery Theatre is based in a city centre multi-purpose venue and features performances crossing a multitude of genres, and specialising in children’s and family programming.

Montgomery Hall, Surrey Street, S1 2LG / 0114 272 0455

The Library Theatre An art-deco venue in the heart of Sheffield’s theatreland, The Library Theatre is committed to supporting local theatre, arts, music and film.

Surrey Street, S1 1XZ / 0114 273 4102

– Visit –



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Showroom Cinema As one of Europe’s largest independent cinemas, the Showroom offers a unique cinematic experience to the people of Sheffield and far beyond. Housed in a converted 1930s car showroom, this distinctly idiosyncratic cinema is the home of the international documentary film festival, Doc/Fest, and is paired with the longest-running creative business centre in the city, the Workstation. In 2015 the Showroom celebrated 20 years of showing the best and most diverse range of independent and world cinema, ranging from animated shorts to science fiction classics. Motivated less by profit and more by passion, the Showroom is a well-established part of Sheffield’s identity.

15 Paternoster Row, S1 2BX / 0114 275 7727

Showroom is one of Europe’s largest (and best) independent cinemas.

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– Visit –

National Emergency Services Museum In the centre of the West Bar area of town, rather appropriately located adjacent to the central police station, the National Emergency Services Museum is another of Sheffield’s treasures. Home to over 50 emergency service vehicles from throughout history, the museum offers visitors a fantastic insight into the heroics and the methods employed by our emergency service workers through the ages. With three floors of exhibits depicting everything from burning buildings to an accurately smelly Victorian police cell, this is the place for the whole family to experience the sights, sounds and smells endured by the lifesavers of the past.

Old Police/Fire Station, West Bar, S3 8PT / 0114 249 1999

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Sheffield Festivals & Events



Sheffield Food Festival


May Fayre

BBC Music Day

Music in the Round May Festival

Sheffield Comedy Festival



Heritage Open Days

Off the Shelf


Sheffield Design Week

Festival of the Mind (biennial)

Celluloid Screams 102 – Visit –



Festival of Debate

Art Sheffield (biennial)

Outlines Festival

World Snooker Championships

Outdoor City Weekender

Open Up Sheffield

JUL Tramlines

AUG Sheffield By The Seaside Peace Gardens


Sheffield Grand Prix



Yorkshire Artspace Open Studios

Christmas Light Switch-On

Sheffield Print Fair

Crucible Theatre Christmas Musical

City Centre

– Visit –


Sheffield City Hall One of Sheffield’s most famous landmarks, the Grade II listed City Hall was designed by renowned architect Vincent E Harris and opened its doors in 1932. Having forged an extensive entertainment and musical legacy, it has become Yorkshire’s premier music venue and conference centre, playing host to a fantastic array of events from ballroom tea dances, comedy and opera to ballet, exhibitions and charity fundraisers. It is also home to the Sheffield International Concert Season, a highlight on any classical music fan’s calendar. And they even offer pre-show dining so you can enjoy a delicious three-course meal less than a minute’s walk from the auditorium.

Barker’s Pool, S1 2JA / 0114 278 9789 104

– Visit –

Women of Steel Standing proudly next to City Hall, the Women of Steel statue marks a celebration of Sheffield women’s amazing contribution to the war effort in both world wars, specifically in the steel industry. Serving as an inspiration to young women today as well as rewarding the invaluable efforts of the women of steel, this statue symbolises the struggles women were forced to overcome in those chaotic times, from having to take on incredibly dangerous and demanding roles whilst managing a family. Constructed by Martin Jennings, the Women of Steel statue is an important part of Sheffield’s history and landscape today.

Holly Street, S1 2HB


Number of events held at Sheffield City Hall each year.

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Number of plants from around the world that you’ll find in the Winter Garden.


– Visit –

Winter Garden

Sheffield Cathedral

Located in the heart of the city and home to more than 2500 plants, the Winter Garden is one of Sheffield’s most cherished sites thanks to its beautiful glass architecture. This vibrant area is the perfect afternoon stroll location for taking in the picturesque plant life and it’s a great lunchtime spot too, with cafes offering hot drinks and light refreshments. The Winter Garden also contains several retail units, many of which stock the works of local makers and artists. There’s no doubt that it’s a wonderful attraction, with its calm atmosphere, and direct connection to the Millennium Gallery.

The Cathedral has been a focal point of the city centre for over 1000 years. It is the oldest building to still be used on a daily basis within the city. The first brick was laid on this site by William de Lovetot when he was building the township of Sheffield and has had a rich and lively history ever since. Not only is it a place of worship but the Cathedral is also home to some fantastic projects, such as the Archer Project which supports adults at risk of homelessness. They provide care and support to all they can and long term care to those who need it most.

90 Surrey Street, S1 2LH / 0114 273 6895

Church Street, S1 1HA / 0114 275 3434 – Visit –


Spa 1887

Spa 1887

Unity Yoga

Not far from West Street, this luxurious spa provides a range of treatments including facials, massages and waxing, to get you feeling your most beautiful. As well as offering several spa day packages, you can enjoy a session in its invigorating Victorian Turkish baths for a truly relaxing experience within beautiful surroundings.

Based in the city centre, this yoga studio offers a range of yoga classes, suitable for beginners and more advanced yogis, in its airy and comfortable studio space.

150/153, first floor Carver House, Carver Street, S1 4FS

67 Victoria Street, S3 7QD / 0114 221 1877


– Visit –

Image courtesy of Kojo & Lee

Kojo & Lee

Kojo & Lee

La Coupe


Based on Devonshire Street, Kojo & Lee offers a unique and personalised hairstyling experience, quite unlike anywhere else, within a beautiful rustic interior.

Based in Orchard Square, this hairdresser offers a range of high-quality and professional haircuts and styles in its modern and monochrome hairdressing studio.

With a clutch of Best Salon awards to its name, Laundry offers comfortable luxury in stylish surroundings. With its on-site cold pressed juice bar and friendly staff, a trip to Laundry is an all round treat.

109-111 Devonshire Street, S3 7SB

29 Orchard Square, S1 2FB 0114 275 0505

151 Sellers Wheel, Arundel Street, S1 2NU 0114 276 3645

Image courtesy of Laundry

Image courtesy of Spa 1877


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Russell’s Bicycle Shed Visitors can explore the city on two wheels as soon as they step off the train in Sheffield, thanks to Russell’s Bicycle Shed. The bike shop is based just by the entrance to the station, and as well as selling and servicing bikes it also hires them out at decent day, overnight and week rates. The shop is just next door to the station’s Cycle Hub, a secure bicycle lock-up, complete with changing rooms and accessible 24/7 with a key fob, which you can buy from Russell’s. You’ll also find free-to-use cycle stands on platform 6.

Sheffield Railway Station, Cross Turner Street, S1 2BP 0114 273 0539


– Visit –

Image by Studio Polymath courtesy of Russell’s Bicycle Shed

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Image courtesy of Ponds Forge International Sports Centre

Ponds Forge International Sports Centre

Ponds Forge International Sports Centre

The Great Escape Game

Found in the heart of the city centre this sports centre has been honing some of Britain’s best athletes since 1989. There really is something for everyone at Ponds Forge, from the Olympicsized swimming pool and the family fun leisure pool boasting slides which wind their way around the outside of the building, to a fully equipped gym and fitness centre; there’s enough to fuel anyone’s health kick. Or for those of you that are after a more relaxing day, there is a sauna and steam room at your disposal.

Sheaf Street, S1 2BP / 0114 223 3400

Described as “like being in a real life video game”, Sheffield welcomes a new and exciting game which challenges a group of people to escape from a room, in the allocated time slot of 45 minutes. Get ready to test your clue solving skills and common sense before time runs out.

Avec Building, 3-7 Sidney Street, S1 4RG / 07982 842213

Quasar Pure entertainment for all ages, think sci-fi adventure, armed with your own personal laser gun and sent out to conquer a faraway planet, whatever the weather.

4 Bank Street, S1 2DS / 0114 272 1400


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谢菲尔德是一座文化城市,拥有一 部分全英国最具魅力的剧院、一家 具有历史意义的独立电影院、一个 永不停歇的节日季和多家美术馆, 足以开启一段精彩的艺术之旅。



谢菲尔德的大部分剧院都位于城市中心地带的都灵广场周围。 当夜幕降临,广场渐渐苏醒,随处可见往返于 Crucible、Crucible、Lyceum或Library Theatre剧院的观众。 在市中心的另一端,Theatre Delicatessen上演有别具一格、常 带有些互动性的当代表演,时不时还会组织实验性的演出。 除了谢菲尔德剧院一条街外,市政厅作为全郡最著名、最美轮美 奂的场所之一,举办从舞厅舞蹈到喜剧、乃至摇滚和歌剧的各种 舞台演出。 而在市政厅外面则傲然树立着多座塑像: 钢铁女工雕像于2016 年揭幕,旨在向两次世界大战期间让谢菲尔德的钢铁厂开足马 力、夜以继日地运行的无名英雄们致敬。 要感受谢菲尔德的历史变迁,不妨移步进入谢菲尔德大教堂内。 谢菲尔德大教堂成为谢菲尔德市中心的焦点场所已有1000多年之 久,这里拥有丰富鲜活的历史。 大教堂不仅是一个做礼拜的地方,还经常举办音乐会和展览,并 开展慈善工作帮助有需要的人们。



如果您想了解谢菲尔德的艺术,则务必要参观千年美术 馆——这座城市艺术、工艺和设计的首要目的地。 其长期陈列的展品包括谢菲尔德大名鼎鼎的金属制品收藏和 旨在探索审美观念的拉斯金个人收藏系列。 年代更久远的格拉夫美术馆则是一个更加宁静而传统的画 廊,陈列有全市收集的数百年前的艺术品。 这两家美术馆都有着激动人心的临时展览和巡展计划。 在谢菲尔德一些较小的当代艺术画廊,例如Site Gallery、 Bank Street Arts、APG Works、B&B Gallery和99 Mary Street等,也有许多令人惊喜的展品供人品鉴。 更不要说街头随处可见的艺术和诗歌。 谢菲尔德拥有数以百计才华横溢的艺术家,他们中的许多人 把这座城市视为画布尽情描画。 2016年,特色画墙节邀请了世界各地的街头艺术家在谢菲尔 德的户外画廊留下浓墨重彩的画作。 自1991年以来,谢菲尔德诗歌节Off the Shelf也诚邀诗人在 城市的大街小巷留下其印记。 因此,当您漫步在城市街道时,不妨留意下建筑物外墙上五 颜六色的画作和诗歌。 游览


谢菲尔德也以绿色城市而闻名遐迩,不只在城市的丘陵边缘满眼皆 绿,城市的心脏地带也随处可见绿意盎然,而冬季花园(Winter Garden)的温室与风景如画的和平花园仅咫尺之隔。 在这里,一家人都能找到各自的乐趣,无论是规模庞大的休闲中心 Ponds Forge、Quasar的室内冒险,还是大逃脱游戏体验,都能 让您全家乐不思蜀。 孩子们定会爱上国立应急服务博物馆,里面陈列有互动性展品,以 及包括各个时期的超过50辆应急服务车辆。 在一段忙碌的行程后,前往Spa 1887休闲一下午,或在独立的 Showroom电影院吧度过一个晚上,放缓脚步,让这座城市的休闲 胜地帮助您放松身心。



Eat & Drink

Expertly brewed barista coffee in cafes oozing charm. Warming homemade dishes in one-of-a-kind restaurants. Healthy, locally sourced food in a hurry. Eclectic flavours from around the world. Locally distilled gin in a nighttime hotspot. Sheffield city centre has it all, and plenty more besides. A host of independent eateries and bars have set up shop here alongside trusty, familiar names. Between them they offer everything from the truly indulgent to the budget. You’re spoilt for choice, so get out there – Sheffield’s vibrant cafe, restaurant and bar culture has to be tasted to be fully appreciated.

– Eat & Drink –


Clare Nye


A relatively quiet lane leads between Sheffield’s theatreland and its bustling high street. There you’ll find Marmadukes, opened by Clare Nye and her family in 2012. It’s no surprise the coffee shop’s become one of the city’s most popular spots for a good brew – there’s attention to detail in every cup and dish, and on every beautifully decorated wall, in Marmadukes. Where’s your favourite place in Sheffield? That’s easy: the Crucible. Being in the midst of Sheffield’s fabulous theatre district is a complete joy. Sir Ian Mckellen recently enjoyed one of our homemade homity pies. We loved it when he popped back a couple of days later and had another. The theatres bring in stars of stage and screen, but more importantly they attract potential customers to our city. The challenge for businesses like ours is to be ready for them, to be better than the chains. The actors who come to stay for a production often become regulars – many of them were told by fellow actors that they must pay Marmadukes a visit. I so want them to go back to London with a positive impression of Sheffield and what it has to offer, beyond the stage door. What do you think makes Marmadukes such a popular spot? Independent coffee shops are sought out by coffee lovers. People know that at Marmadukes, for less than £3, they can get a coffee as good as anywhere in the world.




Nestled in the heart of Sheffield, Marmadukes is the perfect weekend lunch location thanks to its delicious deli sandwiches and salads and its superb range of drinks. Be sure to take in the beautiful rustic interior while enjoying their rich coffee and cakes.

An organic cafe which offers freshly-made and locally-sourced dishes on a daily basis, Fusion is renowned for its great salads and light bites as well as its coffee.

22 Norfolk Row, S1 2PA / 0114 276 7462

Butcher Works, 74 Arundel Street, S1 2NS / 0114 252 5974

HowSt HowSt’s modern and stylish interior combined with its nourishing meals and creamy coffee make it the perfect choice for breakfast, brunch or lunch.

46 Howard Street, S1 2LX / 0114 270 0101 /HowSt1



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The Holt

The Holt The Holt serves freshly-made and locallyproduced meals and sweet treats, including delicious cakes and coffee which are sure to satisfy even the greatest hunger.

Foodhall is Sheffield City Centre’s first “pay-as-you-feel” cafe.

156 Arundel Street, S1 4RE

Foodhall With a pay-as-you-feel approach, Foodhall uses food which would have otherwise gone to waste to create healthy meals to serve in its DIY interior space.

121 Eyre Street, S1 4QW

Read more about Foodhall on page 59. Foodhall

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Urban Deli

Urban Deli

Roma Bar

Discover a place where everything is locally sourced, from food and drinks, to the artwork on the walls. Positioned on the corner of a street lined with tasty traders is this gorgeous independent eatery. Build your own sandwiches or salads and pair it with a smooth coffee or refreshing cold drink.

This cafe is considered one of the best thanks to its speciality pizzas and Italian dishes along with its friendly atmosphere and attentive service.

11 Castle Street, S3 8LT / 0114 327 3733 /romabar

27 Campo Lane, S1 2EG / 0114 276 3218

Cafe Piazza


Nestled in the city centre, Cafe Piazza serves up some of the best pizza in Sheffield, along with beautifully cooked Italian dishes and drinks.

Situated in one of Sheffield’s most vibrant areas, Couch is great for breakfast or lunch thanks to its range of hearty meals and delicious drinks.

18 Church Street, S1 2GN / 0114 275 1500 /Caffe-Piazza

29-31 Campo Lane, S1 2EG / 0114 275 6361


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Lucky Fox

Lucky Fox Lucky Fox serve exceptional American-style food and drinks in a cheerful atmosphere. Try their famous fried chicken and wash it down with a cold beer.

72 Division Street, S1 4GF / 0114 278 0811

Cake R Us

Blue Moon Cafe

This cake bakery sells an extensive selection of rich cakes and sweet foods, from chocolate mousse and cheesecake, to highly decorated cakes for special occasions. Cake R Us can make and decorate cakes in elaborate and original presentations unlike any other.

142 Devonshire Street, S3 7SF / 0114 276 0305 /

Blue Moon Cafe Found in the heart of the city centre, the Blue Moon Cafe offers a variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes at fantastic prices. Its friendly, airy atmosphere and superb homemade food make it perfect for a light bite and a catch-up with friends.

2 St James Row, S1 2EW / 0114 276 3443

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Tamper: Sellers Wheel

Tamper: Sellers Wheel

Ink & Water

Tamper, arguably one of the best coffee places in Sheffield, certainly lives up to its status thanks to its carefully made and flavoursome gourmet coffee inspired by the practices of New Zealand’s coffee brewers. While it shines because of its wonderful coffee, that’s not the only thing that makes Tamper so special. Its baked goods and New Zealand-style food, along with its friendly atmosphere and rustic decor, makes it the perfect spot for a coffee break, Saturday lunch and – because of its Friday After Hours policy – evening dinner too.

As well as providing web and graphic design, this cafe also serves tasty food and coffee right in the heart of Sheffield.

149 Arundel Street, S1 2NU / 0114 275 7970

8 West One Plaza, Fitzwilliam Street, S1 4JB / 0114 272 0005

LOL Bubble Tea LOL Bubble Tea is one of the best bubble tea places in Sheffield thanks to its friendly atmosphere and the extensive range of flavours on offer.

15 West One Plaza, Fitzwilliam Street, S1 4JB / 0114 327 4575

Tamper: Westfield Terrace The original Tamper coffee shop, known locally as ‘Little Tamper’. Enjoy fresh New Zealand coffee, delicious baked goods and tasty meals in the cafe’s intimate interior.

9 Westfield Terrace, S1 4GH / 0114 327 1080 124

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Steam Yard Steam Yard was chosen as one of the 2017 Sunday Times’ Top 25 UK Coffee Shops.

Located on one of Sheffield’s most adored and liveliest streets, Steam Yard has a cool atmosphere and great outdoor seating area. It’s regarded as one of the best beverage places in town thanks to the high quality of its coffees and the scrumptiousness of its baked goods, most notably its donuts and bagels.

1-2 Aberdeen Court, Division Street, S1 4GE

Steam Yard

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Street Food Chef The Chef’s takeaway-only burrito bar offers a selection of quick, authentic Mexican-flavoured goodness at a steal from breakfast to lunch – crafting each specially for your spice tolerance.

98 Pinstone Street, S1 2HQ / 0114 273 7909

California Fresh As stated in the name, fresh is at the focal point of this trader’s ethos. America and Mexico collaborate to bring a burrito-based 1950s-esque surf spot to Sheffield.

Nourish Nourish is a little pocket of fast food healthiness. The interior epitomizes freshness and works nicely alongside the nutritious, locally-sourced food on offer. The friendly staff certainly know a thing or two about food and offer a fantastic range of bagels, wraps, salads and smoothies. Their menu changes with each new season and it’s kitted out with useful symbols to help understand all the ins and outs. Eat in and soak up the clean cut interior, or takeaway and savour the goodness for later.

18 Pinstone Street, S1 2HN / 0114 275 3228

257 Glossop Road, S10 2GZ / 0114 327 2331 /californiafreshuk

Edo Sushi From lunch to dinner, dive into this Japanese takeaway and enjoy a fresh selection of sustainable seafood.

24-26 Highcourt Chambers, S1 2EP / 0114 275 5123

QC’s Bagels

Fanoush This falafel and halloumi bar is a firm favourite in Sheffield and caters for a whole host of dietary preferences. It’s a paradise for vegans and vegetarians alike.

A little gem tucked away in the city centre, here you can find freshly prepared and quirkily named bagels created with a mouth watering selection of fillings.

8 Orchard Street, S1 2GX / 07715 662731 / QCsBagelBar

100 Pinstone Street, S1 2HQ / 0114 327 3134

Grace and Flavour Open at the crack of dawn for early morning caffeine fixes and throughout lunch is this classic salad and sandwich deli bar.

10 Orchard Street, S1 2GX / 0114 279 7980 126

QC’s Bagels

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Mama’s and Leonies Combining friendly service with a thoroughly welcoming atmosphere, this family restaurant has served tasty and authentic Italian food since 1968 and continues to do so today.


111-115 Norfolk Street, S1 2JE / 0114 272 0490

The year Mama’s and Leonies first opened its doors.

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Image courtesy of Silversmiths


Silversmiths Using fresh, local and seasonal produce, Silversmiths is known as The Yorkshire Restaurant thanks to its classic yet constantlychanging menu which serves some of Yorkshire’s most adored delicacies, notably its pies and Yorkshire puddings. Complemented by its warm atmosphere and friendly service, Silversmiths is for those who want a true Yorkshire dining experience.

111 Arundel Street, S1 2NT / 0114 270 6160

Fear X Loathing Serving some of the finest burgers that Sheffield has to offer, Fear X Loathing’s select but high quality menu offers a range of burgers with innovative fillings including chilli jam, sun-dried tomato and garlic sauce, all to be washed down with some of Yorkshire’s finest ales or a delicious cocktail.

101 West Street, S1 4EQ / 0114 213 4745

Street Food Chef


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Street Food Chef


From its humble beginnings as a catering service in a van to now representing four outlets in Sheffield, the Street Food Chef has won the hearts of many thanks to its delicious Mexican cuisine, including chicken mole tacos, veggie quesadillas and beef brisket burritos, as well as authentic Mexican beers and sodas.

Efes, near West Street, offers Turkish food of a quality which is unmatched anywhere else in Sheffield, made all the better by its friendly service and atmosphere.

278-280 Glossop Road, S10 2HS / 0114 278 1369

Image courtesy of Street Food Chef

90 Arundel Street, S1 4RE / 0114 275 2390

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Leopold Square This delightful square homes in on the eclectic flavours of the world and is a jewel within Sheffield’s cosmopolitan culture. You’ll find live music on offer almost every night of the week within several of it’s venues. Between May and September Leopold Square hosts an extensive programme of weekend live entertainment ranging from funky jazz bands to soulful swing vocalists and free ‘Salsa in the Square’ events on bank holiday Sundays, it’s the place to go for fun and frivolity. Home to well known restaurants Wagamama, The Botanist, Cubana, Zizzi and Strada amongst others, its a convivial spot for dinner and drinks.

Leopold Street, S1 1RG

Leopold Square


– Eat & Drink –

Cubana Located in a beautiful building in Leopold Square, Cubana is a vibrant tapas bar transporting its customers to a colourful and authentic Cuba.

Unit 4 Leopold Street, S1 2JG / 0114 276 0475 Cubana

Image courtesy of Craft and Dough

Image courtesy of Cubana

They’ve tapped into a great combination at Cubana; merging both Spanish and Latin-style tapas dishes together with a fantastic choice of cocktails and live music. It’s a great spot for dinner, and afterwards you’ll be ready to continue the evening dancing downstairs.

Craft and Dough

Craft and Dough Craft and Dough are renowned in Sheffield for their innovative take on pizza. They’re not afraid to experiment with unusual topping combinations and their selection of craft beers and cocktails make this restaurant a great choice for a unique yet relaxed dining experience, be it for brunch, lunch or dinner.

44 Campo Lane, S1 2EG / 0114 272 2150

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Image courtesy of VeroGusto


VeroGusto Right in the heart of Sheffield, close to the Crucible and Lyceum theatres, this elegant restaurant serves some of the finest Italian cuisine, and the best desserts, in Sheffield. From the Orecchiette con manzo to the Filetto di manzo, its food never fails to amaze. Along with great wine and great service, VeroGusto is the perfect restaurant for a special evening.

12 Norfolk Row, S1 2PA / 0114 276 0004

Bloo 88 Serving an eclectic range of pizzas, from classic to veggie to Americana, along with a stellar list of cocktails, Bloo 88, housed in one of Sheffield’s most beautiful old drinking dens, is certainly worth a visit.

182 West Street, S1 4ET / 0114 270 6264 Bloo 88


– Eat & Drink –

Oisoi This bright and cheerful restaurant serves a superb variety of Asian dishes with a fusion of flavours. From Vietnamese to Korean cuisine, Oisoi offers an abundance of choice including fresh noodles and curries. Its kitchen imports the finest sauces and ingredients from Korea, Thailand and beyond, to create some of the most authentic Asian food outside of Asia. Its menu changes on a daily basis, meaning there is always something new and exciting to try, and the patisserie counter is impossible to resist.

2 St Paul’s Place, S1 2JL / 0114 275 6566 / OisoiFood

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Forum Cafe Bar

Forum Cafe Bar One of the coolest bars in the city centre, the Forum is located at the forefront of Sheffield’s bustling independent bar district. Friendly staff welcome diners and drinkers alike to relax and enjoy the vibe, either outside on the beachthemed deck chairs or inside in a cosy booth beneath bespoke neon signs. From coffee and waffles at breakfast to afterwork cocktails and burgers, it’s a great place to join friends or colleagues at any time of day – and its Slice Bar stays open late for when you need a night-time snack.

129 Devonshire Street, S3 7SB / 0114 280 8227

The Old House Stocking 100 different locally and internationally distilled gins, it’s fair to say The Old House know what they’re talking about when it comes to this popular spirit. Match beers and ales with traditional British food and relax in the stylish interior whilst enjoying the art and trinkets strewn across the walls.

113-117 Devonshire Street, S3 7SB / 0114 276 6002

The Old House


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Common Room Tucked away above the Forum awaits a perfect place for food, beer and a catch-up. Partake in a game of pool with your mates or watch some live sport on the TV.

127-129 Devonshire Street, S3 7SB / 0114 280 8221

Common Room

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Image courtesy of The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby


Situated in the heart of Sheffield, this bar encapsulates a modern twist on the lustful 1920s era. Armed with a vast range of liquor, cosy chairs and DJs making a regular appearance, The Gatsby will entice you into its music-filled rooms. They’ve even got the food side of things covered, with in-house Shy Boy Cantina chefs serving a range of Mexican-inspired dishes throughout the day. On those darker evenings, you will be greeted with glimmering fairy lights and a bustling atmosphere full of people reconnecting with old friends and making new ones.

Upstairs at The Great Gatsby you’ll find Daisy’s – a calm oasis above the hubbub, with the best cocktail list in the city centre. Its table service, and its tiny, so we recommend you book in advance – but don’t miss the chance to relax and indulge in these delightfully retro surroundings.

73-75 Division Street, S1 4GE / 0114 273 1050

Don’t miss our City of Beer section (p41) for more great pubs and bars. Daisy’s


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Image courtesy of Daisy’s

73-75 Division Street, S1 4GE / 0114 273 1050

The Green Room Live music is at the heart of this bar. The vibrant tunes and great drinks prices will have your toes tapping until the early hours of the morning.

150-154 Devonshire Street, S3 7SG / 0114 200 0000 /GreenRoomSheff

One Nine Two Hidden away from the city’s main nightlife hotspots, One Nine Two shakes a great cocktail, hosts house DJs a couple of Saturdays a month and offers private karaoke rooms. All in a RIBA award-winning building.

192 Shoreham Street, S1 4SQ / 0114 275 2886

Maggie May’s A free live music venue hosting indie and rock bands almost every night of the week. They also serve homemade Scottish food all made with locally-sourced produce.

23 Trippet Lane, S1 4FG / 0114 276 0640 / maggiemaysbar

The Roebuck

Soyo Occupying what was once one of Sheffield’s historical Methodist churches is now a stylish late bar. Soyo’s interior is dominated by elaborate armchairs and high tables scattered strategically around the floor plan, allowing large groups of people to come together. Be entertained by the attentive staff whilst partaking in one of their famous cocktail masterclasses or just enjoy a laid-back drink after work. Local resident DJs provide the perfect soundtrack to wind-down and put on your dancing shoes, and with some cracking drinks deals running throughout the night, you’ll be left with money in your pocket.

Ideally located near the train station, this traditional English pub is just a stone’s throw away from the city centre and serves local ales and hearty food.

72 Charles Street, S1 2NB / 0114 272 1756

117 Rockingham Street, S1 4EB / 0114 276 7552 – Eat & Drink –


Noodle Doodle

Harmony Cafe


Serving Malaysian and Chinese cuisine, Noodle Doodle offers an extensive selection of authentic and flavoursome Asian dishes in great portions and at great prices.

Just off West Street, Harmony Cafe offers a wide range of delicious Asian cuisine, all of which is high quality and well-priced.

This conveyor belt sushi spot offers a super selection of Japanese cuisine, from Don Buri to Ramen noodles at its quiet but friendly location in the city centre.

34 Trippet Lane, S1 4EL 0114 272 7688

Mr Miyagi Sushi & Noodle Bar This conveyor belt sushi spot boasts a fantastic choice of Japanese dishes, from gyoza to yakisoba. It’s a sushi lover’s heaven.

74 Division Street, S1 4GF 0114 275 3832

Zing Vaa Zing Vaa serves a delicious range of Chinese dishes which are sure to tantalise the taste buds, with a speciality for dim sum and Szechuanese cooking.

55 The Moor, S1 4PF 0114 275 6633

Noodle Inn Centro A Chinese restaurant based in the city centre, Noodle Inn Centro serves its speciality noodles with a range of tasty and sumptuous Chinese dishes.

11 Westfield Terrace, S1 4GH 0114 272 7433

Ginseng Serving a wide selection of Korean dishes from traditional recipes to Korean barbecue, Ginseng offers a cuisine unlike anywhere else in Sheffield.

Sushi Express From tempura to gyoza, Sushi Express offers an extensive selection of Japanese dishes and a rich fusion of flavours right in the heart of Sheffield.

12 West One Plaza, Fitzwilliam Street, S1 4JB 0114 327 1514

8 Milton Street, S1 4JU 0114 279 7669

Wa Ding

Butlers Balti House

With an Asian market on the floor below, the Wa Ding canteen offers a wide range of Asian dishes which are full of flavour.

Loved by the locals, this modern restaurant serves authentic and aromatic Indian dishes quite unlike anywhere else in Sheffield, with spice levels to suit all tastes.

7 West One Plaza, Fitzwilliam Street, S1 4JB 0114 272 8893

U Buffet This all you can eat Chinese buffet offers a wide variety of freshly-made Asian dishes, all well-cooked, bursting with flavour and at great prices too.

58-60 West Street, S1 4EP 0114 272 3668

15 Westfield Terrace, S1 4GH 0114 270 0735


27 Campo Lane, S1 2EG 0114 273 7399

– Eat & Drink –

44-46 Broad Lane, S1 4BT 0114 276 8141

Sai Nivas Located on The Moor, this South Indian and Sri Lankan restaurant is well known for its exceptional curries and other authentic dishes.

8 Cumberland Street, S1 4PT 0114 275 1215 /sainivassheffield


咖啡馆里专业现磨的咖啡飘出诱人的香 气。 在独一无二的餐厅里享用温热可口的自制 菜肴。 食材来自本地的健康佳肴即刻端上餐桌。 源自世界各地、兼容并包的风味。 夜场里来一杯当地酿制的杜松子酒。 在谢菲尔德市中心,美食美味,一切应有 尽有。 美食佳酿


这里不仅有大品牌和连锁店,许多独立的餐馆和酒吧也纷纷 在此开店营业。 如果您想暂歇脚步喝杯咖啡,则可以光顾谢菲尔德众多新潮 咖啡馆中的一家,他们坚持用心做好这种咖啡因饮品。 Tamper可能算是市中心最酷的咖啡店,您可以前往其在 Westfield Terrace的小店,也可以光临其位于Sellers Wheel 的大型咖啡馆,那里还供应丰盛的美食。 想找一处可爱乡村风格的咖啡馆品鉴美味咖啡,不妨前往人 气颇高的Marmadukes。 Steam Yard的甜甜圈无可媲美,配上精心磨制的咖啡可谓 相得益彰,而Ink and Water和The Holt则是品茶的好去处。 想尝点甜品? 走进中式烘焙店Cake R Us或LOL珍珠奶茶店,里面有种类 繁多的甜味冰镇饮料供您选择。 想享用经典丰盛的午餐,不妨尝试风行(Fusion)有机 咖啡馆、蓝月亮(Blue Moon)素食咖啡馆、食物大厅 (Foodhall)随心付费厨房、德里城(Urban Deli),以及 主打美式餐厅风格美食的幸运狐狸(Lucky Fox)。 该地区的外卖选择有Nourish的健康快餐、素食天堂 Fanoush,以及California Fresh、Street Food Chef、QC 百吉饼和江户寿司。



当夜幕降临时,人气十足的餐厅也比比皆是:Silversmiths 主打约克郡人最喜爱的现代美食,Craft and Dough专攻 创新比萨,Fear X Loathing供应汉堡包,Sakushi专供寿 司,Cubana主打西班牙小吃,Aagrah烹制正宗的印度 菜,Ginseng推出韩国烧烤,VeroGusto奉上最好的意大利 美食,而Efes则供应高品质的土耳其美食。 还有许多餐馆专门提供各类中餐,有Noodle Doodle、Zing Vaa、Noodle Inn Centro和Harmony Cafe等。



市中心最棒的独立式酒吧聚集在时尚、热闹的德文郡区。 Forum咖啡馆酒吧、老房子酒吧和伟大的盖茨比(Great Gatsby) 酒吧可调制可口的鸡尾酒。 Common Room很受学生族和体育迷的欢迎。 Soyo是一家营业到深夜的酒吧,DJ掌控气氛恰到好处,而绿色房间 (Green Room)和玛姬五月(Maggie May’s)的最大亮点则是 现场音乐。 想要去休闲传统的酒吧,我们的啤酒之城(参见第50页了解更多)有 The Devonshire Cat、The Bath Hotel和The Red Deer可供选择。 这些餐厅和酒吧有的可让您开怀饕餮,有的则让您的预算物超所值。 如此多的选择定会让您目不暇接,因此千万别忘了好好品鉴市中心充 满活力的咖啡馆、餐厅和酒吧文化。




It’s easy to shop independent in Sheffield city centre. You’ll find indie shops dedicated to books, plants, unusual gifts and records. Others where local makers show off their wares. And, in the Devonshire Quarter, a cluster of designer boutiques and vintage shops that create a hub of student life. That’s not to say the city doesn’t do high street, though – big names and national treasures, including John Lewis, Marks and Spencer, Hotel Chocolat, Pandora, Primark, Debenhams, Lush and Topshop, can be found down Fargate and on The Moor. Add to all that a shiny new market filled with fresh produce, and you’ll want to grab your purse and go shopping in no time.

– Shop –


Collard Manson


There’s nowhere quite like CollardManson. The boutique is in part of a listed building, which was once the servants’ quarters for the bishop’s residence. Owners Zara and Tim have lovingly restored it, creating an atmosphere that’s unique among Sheffield shops, with curious portraits on the walls, dark tones, carefully selected clothes and their own line of leather goods. What’s the best thing about running your business in Sheffield? Sheffield is like one big village with a great community spirit. People think for themselves and are open to something that is a little different. The other thing that’s good is that there are so many talented people – we’ve collaborated with photographers, graphic designers, seamstresses, silversmiths and other skilled crafts people. Where do you take your inspiration from? Travelling, books and music. I lived in India, Amsterdam, and the Channel Islands all before the age of 6 so some of that must have rubbed off. There’s definitely a nomadic vibe to the shop. We actually now sell more and more of our clothes to Japan than to the UK – with all our recent trips there, I can see Japan being a new source of inspiration.


COW Found on West Street, COW offers shoppers the opportunity to find rare and authentic retro pieces alongside handmade vintageinspired pieces adapted by COW’s very own rework team. Blending contemporary styles and modern trends with classic fabrics and influences, the company develops its own collection of apparel to go hand-in-hand with the carefully picked and globally-sourced vintage items. Featuring an array of dresses, jeans, crop tops and jumpers as well as bags and shoes, there is something for everyone within COW’s stylish black-bricked store. With its friendly service and cool atmosphere, this vintage shop is certainly worth a visit.


156-160 West Street, S1 4ES / 0114 272 6276

A New Shop Based on Division Street, A New Shop is one of Sheffield’s best vintage shops thanks to its wide range of men’s garments, from American sportswear to polo shirts, as well as its womenswear. Not only does it have plenty of vintage, but it also has a collection of original men’s graphic tees and an equally large collection of vinyl. At the back, you can find the brand Rains, a collection of rainwear, as well as a barbershop. With this rare mix of independent brands, vintage and hairdressing all in one shop, A New Shop offers a unique shopping experience.


25 Division Street, S1 4GE / 0114 272 0234

Brag Vintage This basement shop is filled with vintage delights. Its rails are constantly stocked with pre-loved denim jackets and retro shirts – have a rummage and you’ll find some special, oneoff dresses and jumpers at decent prices too.

33 High Street, S1 2GA / 0114 275 9974 A New Shop


– Shop –

Vulgar Vulgar’s thoughtfully picked rails of vintageinspired garments and authentic retro designer pieces make it a fun and colourful shopping experience.

2 The Forum, 127-129 Devonshire Street, S3 7SB

The Thrifty Store Filled with seemingly endless amounts of vintage, this is a shop you can get lost in for hours, discovering the rare treasures and hidden gems within – especially during their regular kilo sales.

Castle House, Angel Street, S3 8LN

Mooch Vintage Stacked with authentic vintage treasures and renowned for the friendly service, Mooch is a champion in Sheffield’s vintage scene.


76 Division Street, S1 4GF / 0114 327 4393 / moochvintage

Freshmans Boutique Filled with vintage gems, Freshmans Boutique is the longstanding destination for men’s and women’s vintage in Sheffield.

Image courtesy of A New Shop

6-8 Carver Street, S1 4FS / 0114 272 8333


– Shop –




As one of the Devonshire Quarter’s longeststanding traders, CollardManson is known for being a fine purveyor of stylish clothing and accessories, shrouded in dusky lighting and a cool green exterior. Stocking a line-up of monochrome clothing from both designer brands and its own collection, you can find carefully designed dresses alongside graphic tees. The truly stunning elements are the jewellery collection – intricately-made gold and silver statement pieces – and the range of homeware; cushions, chandeliers and crockery to give any home a chic and elegant look. CollardManson’s collection is designed in Sheffield and manufactured in London.

Funded by the Renew Sheffield project, Roseannah sells fairly traded and ethically sourced clothing and accessories. Motivated by a desire for fairtrade in the fashion industry, many of Roseannah’s products help bring economic independence to lives affected by poverty, violence and human trafficking.

125 Devonshire Street, S3 7SB / 0114 273 7755

Orchard Square, Upper Balcony, S1 2FB / 0330 088 9534

Melody Couture Melody Couture have been in business for over 30 years, dressing bright young things in the latest looks at affordable prices.

64 The Moor, S1 4PA / 0114 249 3174



– Shop –

Syd & Mallory

Syd & Mallory

Slugger Skate Store

Stocked with hand-made and hand-printed clothing, infused with elements of grunge, folk and punk, Syd & Mallory is a great high street alternative for finding modern and stylish clothing. Using vintage styles with modern fabrics and contemporary styles with vintage fabrics, this store offers shoppers a clothing range which is both original and individual.

A one-stop shop for all your skating needs. Stocking major brands of footwear, hardware, clothing and accessories, plus a host of skaterelated knickknacks. While you’re there, make sure you check out the other Forum boutiques for a further taste of independent Sheffield.

158 Devonshire Street, S3 7SG / 0114 270 6482

The Forum, 127-129 Devonshire Street, S3 7SB / 0114 275 5131

Naked Ape Specialising in quality outdoor wear for climbing, running, skiing, snowboarding and fitness, Naked Ape is also an official stockist of Vibram five finger shoes, Patagonia outdoor clothing, and Carhartt workwear.

96 Pinstone Street, S1 2HQ / 0114 273 9777 – Shop –





Eton has been proudly flying the flag for designer fashion in Sheffield since the late 1980s. Stocking the latest designer collections for both men and women throughout the seasons, Eton is undoubtedly the place to go if you’re looking for new threads for any occasion. Their rails feature a cool and carefully chosen selection of well-known brands, from Kenzo and D Squared to Burberry and Vivienne Westwood. And in addition to the clothes, you’ll find the perfect shoes and accessories to augment any outfit, with the help of staff who are renowned for their fashion knowledge and attentiveness.

A menswear shop in Sheffield’s Devonshire Quarter, Sa-kis stocks the latest designer menswear garments, from Vivienne Westwood to Edwin, in its wide, multi-railed space. Its collection of streetwear clothing from both well-established and emerging brands makes Sa-kis a place which offers its shoppers original and authentic clothing unlike anything to be found on the high street. With a stock of t-shirts, tracksuits, shoes, jackets, shirts and jeans, there is something for everyone at this shop and it is certainly a number one destination among those who have an interest in men’s fashion.

65 Division Street, S1 4GE / 0114 272 4487

32-34 Division Street, S1 4GF / 0114 278 7124

Concept by Seasons The always beautiful window display should be enough to tempt you to step inside this carefully stocked designer clothes shop. Here you’ll find labels like Paul Smith, Farah, Coach, Calvin Klein, and Folk.

20-22 Carver Street, S1 4FS / 0114 275 5031 /ConceptSeasons 150

– Shop –


– Shop –




Within Reason


Almost like walking into a thriving indoor garden, this florist offers an extensive variety of gorgeous flowers and beautiful potted plants to decorate the home in its shop on Division Street, as well as a range of services including hand-delivering beautiful bouquets of flowers and creating innovative flower displays for weddings.

Selling everything from candles to jewellery to dresses, this little gem on Devonshire Street is full to the brim with treasures and trinkets that are certain to catch one’s eye. Whether you want to decorate your home or buy a gift for a loved one, Within Reason is the perfect shop for it.

This independent retailer specialises in designer brand clothing, luggage and accessories, and features names such as Hugo Boss, Paul Smith, Michael Kors and Barbour. From hip flasks and Hunter wellies to totes and dog coats, if you’re looking for a little slice of luxury then be sure to pay Sinclairs a visit.

144-146 Devonshire Street, S3 7SF / 0114 249 3346 /withinreasonsheffield

266 Glossop Road, S10 2HS 0114 275 0333

70 Division Street, S1 4GF / 0114 270 6779

Within Reason


– Shop –

Sheffield’s go-to shop for original and eccentric gifts, MoonKo stocks one-of-a-kind jewellery, stationery and home decor, all handmade by independent and emerging makers and carefully selected by the shop’s owner. The ceramic ornaments and plant selection create a serene environment in which to find a perfect present, whether you are wanting botanical, sartorial or domestic. With its aim to support young budding artists and local brands being at the heart of this company, you can expect to regularly see new treasures appear in this colourful shop.

89 Division Street, S1 4GE / 07981 361502

Image courtesy of MoonKo



Bird’s Yard Stocking a wide collection of works by local artists and makers, including homeware, clothes and cards, Bird’s Yard is the perfect shop for unique and quirky gifts.

44 Chapel Walk, S1 2PD 0114 278 8709

All Good Stuff This gallery shop at Butcher Works sells a range of arts and crafts, from pottery to jewellery, made by local artists and makers at reasonable prices.

72 Arundel Street S1 2NS 0114 252 5985 /AllGoodStuffatButcherWorks Birds Yard

– Shop –


70 Pinstone Street

70 Pinstone Street Nomadic independent print purveyors La Biblioteka settled into no. 70 in 2016, with funding from the Renew Sheffield project. The shop fills a gap in the market for unique and creative magazines that you’d struggle to find anywhere else in the city. It’s also a great place to pick up holiday inspiration, stocking a great selection of alternative and independent travel guides to cities near and far.

70 Pinstone Street, S1 2HP


– Shop –

Rare & Racy

Sheffield Scene

One of Sheffield’s most adored shops, this second-hand shop on Devonshire Street has an array of out-of-print books, vinyl and CDs which you’d struggle to find anywhere else. From books on politics to poetry, Rare & Racy is home to such an eclectic selection that there is no doubt you’ll stumble across something you’ll love.

Located in the heart of the city, Sheffield Scene sells a range of gifts and artefacts, particularly those which reflect Sheffield’s character, and also specialise in silverware.

49 Surrey Street, S1 2LG / 0114 273 1723

164-166 Devonshire Street, S3 7SG / 0114 249 3324

Bear Tree Records Based in Orchard Square, Bear Tree Records holds an extensive and carefully-picked collection of both new and used vinyl of all genres, ranging from jazz to punk to techno. With a description by the owner on every record, this record shop offers an intimate shopping experience quite unlike any other.

Workshop 4, Orchard Square, S1 2FB / 0114 275 1309

Five Magics Tattoo This professional tattoo studio is home to a selection of award-winning tattoo artists who are ready to make your ink dreams come true. Walk-ins welcome.

Aberdeen Court, Division Street, S1 4GE / 07943 186901 /fivemagicstattoo

Balance Considered to be one of Sheffield’s best head shops, selling a variety of smoking apparatus and oil gears, Balance also sells homeware, posters, throws and clothing.

156 Devonshire Street, S3 7SG / 0114 249 1220

– Shop –



– Shop –

Atkinsons is Sheffield’s oldest and last remaining independent department store. It all began in 1872, when John Atkinson opened a small drapery shop at 90 South Street (which became The Moor during postwar reparations). The store now boasts 36 departments and four restaurants, and sits side by side exciting new developments including retail giants and a multi-screen cinema and leisure complex. We spoke to Tony Gillott about his time at Atkinsons. What do you like about being based on The Moor? Both the store and The Moor have transformed many times since our humble beginnings. We proudly stand as ambassadors for the new regeneration in this vibrant retail area – The Moor is now more than ever the key focus in Sheffield’s varied and exciting retail experience.

Atkinsons Dating way back to 1872, Atkinsons is Sheffield’s oldest independent department store – in fact, it’s now Sheffield’s only independent department store. The familyrun shop and its cafes are as popular as ever, with its friendly service, expertise and discount card keeping its discerning customers loyal – and winning over new ones, even after all these years.

Why do you think Atkinsons has stood the test of time? At one point in Sheffield’s history there stood more department stores of any city outside London. Great independent institutions like Walsh’s, Cockayne’s and Robert Brothers. All now sadly gone. When John Atkinson opened his shop back in 1872, it was always his policy to offer quality, value and exemplary service. Today, nearly 145 years later, with John Atkinson’s great grandson Nicholas at the helm, we are proud to say that nothing has changed. With our strong heritage we can look to the future and stand by this commitment to our customers, both old and new.

78-82 The Moor, S1 3LT / 0114 276 8811

– Shop –


Moor Market With around 90 independent businesses, Sheffield’s Moor Market has the biggest collection of indie retailers under one roof in the region, and it’s at the heart of new developments in The Moor shopping district. So think local and give its stalls a go next time you’re shopping in the city centre – whether its fresh fruit and veg, meat and fish, local beer and coffee, fabric, jewellery and makeup, or toys for your pet, the market traders will sort you out. You’ll also find flavours from around the world while you’re there; take your pick from Chinese won ton, Portuguese tarts, Greek olives, indulgent burgers, Thai treats, a traditional British cottage pie, and much more.

77 The Moor, S1 4PF / 0114 273 5281


– Shop –

Simmonite Simmonite is a fantastic butcher, fishmonger and delicatessen with friendly and accommodating staff. They really do have it all – whether you’re after a lovely joint of lamb for your Sunday dinner or a sumptuous spread of shellfish for a special occasion, you’re sure to find something to tickle your fancy.

11 Division Street, S1 4FT  @Simmonitedivst – Shop –


Green and Benz There’s a team of jewellery experts waiting to help you find the perfect piece in this award-winning jewellery store, whether it’s an engagement ring, earrings, or a “just because” gift. Their collection includes jewellery from around the world, featuring some of the best names in the industry. Located on a street lined with independent shops, this contemporary jeweller is a highlight of the stylish Devonshire Quarter. With platinum and diamond specialists in store, these people really do know their carats.

71 Division Street, S1 4GE / 0114 270 6366

H.L. Brown Founded in 1861 by Harris Brown, this jeweller’s has stood the test of time to become one of Yorkshire’s leading jewellery specialists. The family-run, independent business offers a stunning range of gold and silver jewellery, watches and clocks, and also stocks a magnificent selection of gem, antique and period pieces. Knowledgeable staff are always on hand to provide sound advice and to assist with valuations, refurbishments, repairs and servicing. The shop is also renowned for its beautiful diamond collection, if you’re looking for something that sparkles. Green and Benz

2 Barker’s Pool, S1 1LZ / 0114 272 4388

Michael Spencer Jewellers These artisans have over 40 years of experience crafting and repairing bespoke jewellery, with design and trade all taking place in their workshop in the centre of town.

Unit 6, Craft Workshops, Orchard Square, S1 2FB 0114 272 9367


– Shop –


在谢菲尔德市中心独立购物可谓易如反 掌——书籍、碟片、衣服、家居用品、 盆栽植物、珠宝、礼品、食物等——一 切应有尽有,只待您去发现。



您可以找到专门的书店,其中包括收藏众多书籍的Rare and Racy和精心布局的70 Pinstone Street书店。 Plantology和Moonko等商店里可以淘到奇特植物和原创礼品。 熊树唱片(Bear Tree Records)是寻找新歌唱片的最佳去处。 All Good Stuff和Sheffield Scene则摆设着当地工匠的得意之 作。 而Reason和Birds Yard的可爱装饰品和家居用品,会令您的小屋 倍感温馨。



德文郡区是谢菲尔德独立购物和学生课余生活的中心。 设计师精品店和古色古香的商店遍布街道两旁。适应不同 个性的时尚标签可以在Collard Manson、Concept by Seasons、Sa-Kis和Eton时装店找到。 除了繁华的商业街外,Syd和Mallory’s是另一个好去处, 这里手工制作、手工印花的服装只此一处,别无仅有。 Slugger是一家一站式的滑板装备店,所有畅销的滑板品牌 装备和滑板均有售。Green和Benz是当代风格的珠宝精品 店。 如果您对曾经风靡一时的复古服装感兴趣,想要淘些大减 价商品的,则可以径直走进复古服装店:Cow、A New Shop、Mooch、Freshmans和Vulgar,以及德文郡区外的 Brag Vintage和The Thrifty Store。



谢菲尔德独立精神的另一个地标是阿特金森百货大楼。 这家家族式经营的百货大楼始创于1872年,时至今日是谢菲 尔德唯一一家独立百货商场。 凭借友好的服务和专业知识,该百货大楼至今仍拥有一批忠 实的顾客,其内部的咖啡馆也一如既往地颇受欢迎。 此外还有新建的摩尔市场,上架有来自90多个当地企业的新 鲜农副产品,定会让您迫不及待地抓起钱包前去挑选。




It was Sheffield’s workers who made the city internationally famous in the 19th century, pioneering developments in steel that changed the world. Though heavy industry has declined in recent decades, much of the city’s workforce keeps alive its heritage of technological innovation. And Sheffield’s reputation for cutting-edge enterprise continues to define much of its changed economy. The city centre is now home to thousands of public and private enterprises. Many of these are in the professional, scientific and technical industries, while the number of creative and digital industries has boomed since the 80s. These industries are focussed in central hubs like Electric Works, The Workstation and Sheffield Technology Parks, creating an exciting community of startups and ventures both large and small. The city centre’s unique character, as well as its good connections to rail and road networks, have also attracted global and national corporations. The likes of DLA Piper, Mott MacDonald, Ove Arup, Sky and Zoo Digital have invested in Sheffield, becoming major employers that stand harmoniously alongside the independent business community. Together, all of this makes for a vibrant and dynamic city centre, driven by an innovative and creative workforce who reap the benefits of working, socialising and living here. The following pages give just a flavour of some of the businesses who have chosen to invest in the city centre.

– Work –


Tom Rhys Jones


Good friends and University of Sheffield architecture alumni Bryan Jefferson and Gerry Sheard went into business together as Jefferson Sheard and Partners in 1958. The practice is responsible for some of the city’s most iconic postwar landmarks, and today has offices in London, Peterborough and Manchester, as well as at the heart of the Cultural Industries Quarter in its native Sheffield. We spoke to Jefferson Sheard’s Managing Director, Tom Rhys Jones about working in Sheffield. What’s your favourite building in Sheffield? Obviously we are biased, but it has to be the Moore Street Electricity Substation. This brutalist icon is recognised all over the world as a classic of the movement. We are very proud that this building, designed by our founder Bryan Jefferson, was grade II listed in 2013 and will hopefully be appreciated for many years to come by the people of Sheffield and further afield. It’s a striking form in the cityscape, in particularly when floodlit in iridescent shades of yellow and orange. Jefferson Sheard was founded in 1958. What was special about Sheffield at that time that enabled the company to go from strength to strength? At that time postwar reconstruction and radical remodelling of the city was gaining momentum. This gave the practice the opportunity to make its mark on the city with designs such as the aforementioned Moore Street Substation and a series of less muscular but still elegantly nonsense-free developments such as a cinema and entertainment complex on Pond Street (known to subsequent generations of Sheffielders as the Fiesta, Roxy or o2). These developments were the catalyst to enable the practice to spread its wings, designing buildings the length of the country and overseas, firmly placing it on the architectural world stage. 167

Electric Works Opened in 2009, Electric Works is the landmark of the first phase in the currently evolving Sheffield Digital Campus – a £110 million development opposite Sheffield station which, once complete, will be one of Europe’s most technologically advanced business sites. The unique, ultra-modern office and events space has quickly become home to a lively hub of creative, digital, IT and multimedia companies, including cloud computing company WANdisco, architecture and design practice Six AD, and arts education not-forprofit CapeUK. Offering hot-desking, short-term project office hire and a range of flexible spaces, it has something to suit the small startup and the large-scale organisation alike. And if that wasn’t enough to put smiles on its tenants’ faces, Electric Works is also home to a huge, three-story helter-skelter, sliding from the top floor to the reception.

Sheffield Digital Campus, S1 2BJ 0114 286 6200


– Work –

– Work –


Workstation The Workstation is the flagship business centre for creative and digital industries. Connected to the independent Showroom cinema next door, it’s a natural home for film related organisations – including the international documentary film festival Sheffield Doc/Fest; the BFI’s Film Hub North, a network of exhibitors committed to engaging people with world cinema in the region; Cinema For All, the national support and development organisation for community cinemas and film societies; and film production company 104 Films. Other creative tenants include app developers 57 Digital, design studios Field and Diva, plus theatre companies Eclipse, Forced Entertainment and Dead Earnest. And it’s from the Workstation that community radio and TV station Sheffield Live! broadcasts to the city by day and night.

15 Paternoster Row, S1 2BX 0114 279 6511


– Work –

– Work –


Sheffield Technology Parks Close to Sheffield station, the Millennium Gallery and the excellently brewed coffee of Tamper: Sellers Wheel, the Sheffield Technology Parks couldn’t be in a better location. The non-profit specialist IT and technology business centre is home to innovative, entrepreneurial businesses including software companies like GWD Media and Pace Software Development; kids’ app developers Stripey Design; digital consultancy firm Rocca Creative; DEFDISCO, the indie record label who represent Public Enemy and Kasabian; and many more.

Cooper Buildings, Arundel Street, S1 2NS 0114 221 1800


– Work –

– Work –



Jefferson Sheard Architects

Melling Ridgeway + Partners

This firm of architects was founded in 1958 and has been honing its expertise ever since, within a diverse range of sectors including education, healthcare, travel, residential and retail. Jefferson Sheard prides itself on its clever, creative thinking and on taking the time to really understand each project.

2 Sidney Street, S1 4RH 0114 276 1651

Respected architectural design group HLM is renowned for its high quality work and positive approach to the needs and resources of its clients and the wider community.

AXIS Architecture

Talbot Chambers, 2–6 North Church Street, S1 2DH 0114 249 0944

Robin Ashley Architects Hawk Works, 105 Mary Street, S1 4RT 0114 258 7450

SIX Architecture & Design

HLM Architects

2nd Floor, The Ruskin Building, Tudor Square, S1 2LA 0114 263 9600

Charter House, Moore Street, S3 7UR. 0114 272 3321

Electric Works, Sheffield Digital Campus, S1 2BJ 0114 286 6263

Studio Polpo

18-20 Union Streeet, S1 2JP 07973 815874


The Workstation, 15 Paternoster Row, S1 2BX 0114 258 7323

Birkett Cole Lowe 105A Mary Street, S1 4RT 0114 275 7260

Globe Architects

4th Floor, Abbey House, 11 Leopold Street, S1 2GY 0114 272 7912

hpda architecture

Summit House, 151 Eyre Street, S1 4QW 0114 275 6270 174

– Work –

Construction & Engineering Allcott Associates

Rider Levett Bucknall UK

The Balance, 2 Pinfold Street, S1 2GU 0114 358 3487

6th Floor Orchard Lane Wing, Fountain Precinct, Balm Green, S1 2JA 0114 273 3300



2 Broad Street West, S1 2BQ 0114 278 3001

Level 5 North, Derwent House, 150 Arundel Gate, S1 2JY 0114 352 0175

CD International BSE

Turner & Townsend

Unit 414 The Workstation, 15 Paternoster Row, S1 2BX 0114 221 0221

2nd Floor, 1-3 East Parade, S1 2ET 0114 272 9025

Hostombe Group

Waterman Group

Minalloy House, Regent Street, S1 3NJ 0114 272 4324

Materials and Engineering Research Institute

Belgrave House, 47 Bank Street, S1 2DR 0114 229 8900

Sheffield Hallam University, City Campus, S1 1WB 0114 225 3500

Mott MacDonald

Mott MacDonald House, 111 St Mary’s Road, S2 4AP 0114 276 1242

Ove Arup & International Partners Ltd

9th Floor, 3 St Paul’s Place, Norfolk Street, S1 2JE 0114 272 8247

– Work –


Creative, Digital & Media Ant Marketing Ltd


Access Space



HJC Product Design

BBC Radio Sheffield

Llama Digital

Creative Sheffield




Antenna House, St Mary’s Gate, S2 4QA 0800 0737 300

AVEC Building, 3-7 Sidney Street, S1 4RG 0114 249 5522

178 Shoreham Street, S1 4SQ 0114 399 0680

54 Shoreham Street, S1 4RS 0114 273 1177

11 Broad Street West, S1 2BQ 0114 223 2345

Cooper Buildings, Arundel Street, S1 2NS 0114 286 6353


99 Mary Street, S1 4RT 0114 273 1799

Design Futures

Cantor Building, 153 Arundel Street, S1 2NU 0114 225 6759


Bloc Studios, 198 Arundel Street, S1 4RE 07397 191951

Workstation, 15 Paternoster Row, S1 2BX 0114 258 6200

192 Shoreham Street, S1 4SQ 0114 278 8888

Cooper Buildings, Arundel Street, S1 2NS 0114 307 2340

Workstation, 15 Paternoster Row, S1 2BX 07712 116775

16 Moore Street, S3 7US 0114 272 7574


Sheffield Technology Parks, S1 2NS 0843 886 9424


Electric Works, Digital Campus, S1 2BJ 0114 286 6366

– Work –

Technology & Software ARM Limited


Belgravia House, 115 Rockingham Street, S1 4EB 0114 279 7779

To date, ARM has shipped more than 86 billion of its silicon chips, which have been used in digital devices reaching more than 80% of the global population.

SDL Sheffield

Rockingham Court, 152 Rockingham Street, S1 4EB 0114 282 8000

Aspect Court, Pond Hill, S1 2BG 0114 253 5300

Ask4 Limited An expert internet service provider specialising in high-speed internet solutions and managed data services for student accommodation, with a special focus on maintaining customer satisfaction.

Devonshire Green House, 14 Fitzwilliam Street, S1 4JL 0114 303 3200


4th Floor, Fountain Precinct, Balm Green, S1 2JA 0114 262 2000

Good Things Foundation 1st Floor, 1 East Parade, S1 2ET 0114 349 1666


City Gate, 8 St Mary’s Gate, S1 4LW 0114 267 7500

Plusnet plc

Sky plc

Digital Campus, S1 2BP 03442 41 41 41

Sopra Banking Software 3rd & 4th Floor – Office 1, The Square, 2 Broad Street West, S1 2BQ 0114 253 5500

Tribal Ltd

55 St Mary’s Road, S2 4AN 0114 281 6100


Electric Works, Sheffield Digital Campus, S1 2BJ 0114 303 9985

Zoo Digital

Floor 7, City Gate, 8 St Mary’s Gate, S1 4LW 0114 241 3700

The Balance, 2 Pinfold Street , S1 2GU 0843 504 7390

– Work –



Bell & Buxton

Howells LLP

Best Solicitors

Kennedys Law LLP

DLA Piper

Lupton Fawcett LLP

Telegraph House, 11-15 High Street, S1 2GA 0114 249 5969

Broughton House, 48-50 West Street, S1 4EX 0114 358 3134

1 St Paul’s Place, S1 2JX 0870 011 1111

Freeth Cartwright LLP

2nd Floor, Leopold Wing, Fountain Precinct, Balm Green, S1 2JA 0845 077 9696

15-17 Bridge Street, S3 8NL 0114 249 6666

Ventana House, 2 Concourse Way, Sheaf Street, S1 2BJ 0114 253 2000

47 Bank Street, The Synergy Building, Belgrave House, S1 2DR 0114 276 6607

Norrie Waite & Slater 11-12 East Parade, S1 2ET 0333 577 0215

Graysons Solicitors

Slater + Gordon Lawyers


St John’s Buildings

Hill Dickinson LLP

Taylor&Emmet LLP

hlw Keeble Hawson LLP

Thompsons Solicitors

4-12 Paradise Square, S1 1TB 0114 358 9009

Fountain Precinct, Balm Green, S1 2JA 0114 274 3700

The Balance, Pinfold Street, S1 2GU 0114 229 7907

Commercial House, 14 Commercial Street, S1 2AT 0114 276 5555 178

3rd Floor, Fountain Precinct, 1 Balm Green, S1 2JA 0114 276 6868

7 Leopold Street, S1 2GY 0114 273 8951

20 Arundel Gate, S1 2PP 0114 218 4000

The Synergy Building, Campo Lane, S1 2EL 0114 270 3300 – Work –


Wake Smith Solicitors Ltd


Withers and Rogers LLP

Bluestone Credit Management

Wrigleys Solicitors

Bucknell Whitehouse

No1 Velocity, 2 Tenter Street, S1 4BY 0114 266 6660

Derwent House, Arundel Gate, S1 2FN 0114 273 3400

3rd Floor, Fountain Precinct, 1 Balm Green, S1 2JA 0114 267 5588

5th Floor, Fountain Precinct, Balm Green, S1 2JA 0114 203 4600

Derwent House, 150 Arundel Gate, S1 2JY 0114 242 6628

The Masters House, 92a Arundel Street, S1 4RE 0114 272 6789


4th Floor, Fountain Precinct, Leopold Street, S1 2JA 0114 285 9500


13-17 Paradise Square, Sheffield S1 2DE 0114 272 9476

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP St Paul’s Place, 121 Norfolk Street, S1 2LE 0114 272 9141

UK Steel Enterprise

The Innovation Centre, 217 Portobello, S1 4DP 0114 273 1612

– Work –




Fowler Sandford


Knight Frank

BNP Paribas Real Estate

Lambert Smith Hampton

Brownill Vickers

Lane Walker

Commercial Property Partners

Mark Jenkinson & Son

Crosthwaite Commercial

Paul Lancaster Properties

Devonshire Green Commercial Properties

Places For People

Devonshire Green House, 14 Fitzwilliam Street, S1 4JL 0114 272 9687

Old County Court House, 56 Bank Street, S1 2DS 0114 252 5900

Eadon Lockwood & Riddle

SMC Chartered Surveyors

2 Pinfold Street, S1 2GU 0114 321 0720

2 Campo Lane, S1 2EF 0114 358 6047

Fountain Precinct, Balm Green, S1 2JA 0114 263 9200

82 Queen Street, S1 2DW 0114 273 8377

11 Leopold Street, S1 2GY 0114 273 8857

Queens Buildings, 55 Queen Street, S1 2DX 0114 272 3888

Townhead House, 10-14 Townhead Street, S1 2EE 0114 276 1277 180

8 St. James Street, S1 1XN 0114 275 1441

The Fountain Precinct, 7th Floor Balm Green, S1 2JA 0114 272 9750

2 St Paul’s Place, S1 2JF 0114 275 3752

Watsons Chambers, 5-15 Castle Street, S1 2GH 0114 275 3260

8 Norfolk Row, S1 2PA 0114 276 0151

Courtwood House, Silver Street Head, S1 2DD 0114 279 2852

54 Campo Lane, S1 2EG 0114 281 2183

– Work –

Training & Recruitment


Barber McLelland

Chase Medical


Hallam Medical

Medex Group

One Medicare

Modis International

Westfield Contributory Health Scheme

Courtwood House, Silver Street, S1 2DD 0114 279 2843

Velocity, Tenter Street, S1 4BY 0114 275 7421

Ruskin Buildings, Tudor Square, S1 2LA 0114 272 1470

9th Floor, City Gate, 8 St Mary’s Square, S1 4LW 0844 335 0395

Medex House, 10th Floor St James House, Vicar Lane, S1 2EX 0114 266 5264

The Synergy Building, Campo Lane, S1 2EL 0114 273 0281

Office Angels

Rockingham House, 75 Broad Lane, S1 3PB 0114 241 2700

87 Division Street, S1 1HT 0114 250 2000

5 St James Row, S1 2EU 0114 273 0888


7b Leopold Street, S1 2GY 0114 228 8900

Vision for Education Ltd The Quadrant, 99 Parkway Avenue, S9 4WG 0114 243 5555

– Work –





十九世纪,谢菲尔德的工人令这座城市 名扬四海,他们率先发展钢铁行业,改 变了整个世界。 近几十年来,重工业走向衰落,但这座 城市的众多劳动者依然保持技术创新传 统。 谢菲尔德因前沿企业所享有的卓著声誉 仍在继续塑造其变革经济领域中的众多 组成部分。



市中心拥有数以千计的公立与私营企业。 其中多家企业处于专业、科学和技术行业,创意和数字产业 自上世纪80年代以来也一直呈蓬勃发展之势。 谢菲尔德的创意产业集中在市中心,创造出由不同规模的新 兴及创业企业组成的活力社区。 电气工程(Electric Works)是谢菲尔德最具活力的创新中心之 一。 这座现代化办公楼于2009年投入使用,是正在发展的谢菲尔 德数字园区一期工程的地标,该工程全面完工后将成为欧洲 技术最先进的商业园区之一。 它还拥有一座从顶楼直通大厅的螺旋滑梯。



工作站(Workstation)是文化产业区的创意与数字业的旗舰商 业中心。 工作站与隔壁的独立Showroom影院相连,堪称电影制作公 司、电影节以及其他电影相关组织的理想家园。 工作站的其他租户包括应用开发商、剧团、设计工作室,以 及谢菲尔德社区电视和广播电台。 谢菲尔德科技园毗邻谢菲尔德火车站、Millennium Gallery 和Tamper,拥有得天独厚的优越位置。 这个非营利专业IT与技术商业中心是创业型企业的大本营, 租户包括软件公司、应用程序开发人员和独立唱片公司。 城市中心独具特色,坐拥四通八达的铁路与公路网络,吸引 全球和国内公司纷至沓来。 DLA Piper、Mott MacDonald、Ove Arup、Sky和Zoo Digital等公司都在谢菲尔德开展投资,成为与独立商业社区 和谐共存的大型雇主。 所有这一切共同创造出生气勃勃、活力四射的城市中心,作 为城市中心的发展动力,具有创意和创新精神的劳动者正在 这里享受着美好的工作、社交与生活。



Sheffield BID In 2015, over 500 businesses in Sheffield city centre collectively decided to invest in improving their environment. They wanted a busier, more vibrant city centre. They wanted a city centre that’s cleaner, safer, and easier to access and navigate. And they wanted a stronger voice. That’s where Sheffield BID comes in. The BID (Business Improvement District) is the very centre of Sheffield – marked out by the boundary of the old inner city ring road. Within this area, Sheffield BID’s five-year action plan is to provide services requested by any and all local businesses, across all sectors, and to support them in achieving the aims laid out above.


– Sheffield BID –

This book is just one of Sheffield BID’s projects. Another BID initiative is Alive After 5, which promotes all that happens in the city centre when daytime turns into evening, and encourages businesses to open for late night shopping on Thursdays. To date, the BID has been involved in events including BBC Music Day, the Herd of Sheffield sculpture trail, Feature Walls street art festival, and the Cliffhanger outdoor festival, which moved to the city centre for the first time in 2016. It’s also partner to ReNew Sheffield, which helps start-up enterprises to take up vacant units in the city centre, and sponsor to Best Bar None, a scheme that recognises responsible licensing practice. Sheffield BID works collaboratively to make the city centre more enjoyable, more social, safer, healthier and easier to get around.

To discover more about Sheffield BID please visit: – Sheffield BID –


Getting to Sheffield

Getting around

By train

By tram

Sheffield is well connected, with regular direct trains to most of the country’s major cities. Leeds, Manchester and Nottingham are each less than 1 hour away by train; London St Pancras 2 hours; and Edinburgh 4 hours.

Hop on the Supertram at various points across the city – stops include the Railway Station, the University, Sheffield Cathedral and West Street.

By bus

By coach National Express coaches regularly pull up at Sheffield Interchange, right in the city centre. Megabus drops off and picks up at Meadowhall, a tram ride away.

Sheffield’s bus network reaches far and wide. Pick up a timetable from Sheffield Interchange (over the road from the Railway Station), or use their handy journey planner.

On foot

By road

The city centre isn’t huge, and you’re bound to discover more of the little things to love in Sheffield when you’re able to amble any which way you fancy!

There are a multitude of parking options in the city centre. Alternatively you can Park and Ride at a number of spots just outside the city. Coming from the M1, park at Nunnery Square or Meadowhall, or from the west park at Middlewood, and catch the Supertram into the centre.

By air Sheffield is easily accessible by air. The closest airport is Doncaster Sheffield, around 30 minutes from the city centre by car. Manchester, Leeds Bradford and East Midlands airports are all just over an hour away by car. A direct rail link between Manchester airport and Sheffield also takes just over an hour. The London airports of Heathrow and Gatwick can be reached by train within 3-4 hours, with a change in London. 188

– Getting to/around Sheffield –

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rth orp e

Ro ad

B ar


Ne the

West Bar

tB es W

St ree


Solly Street



Up pe

rA lle n

Que en S


S er nt Te

Paradise Square



Hawley St

ne po La Cam

reet Sheffield Cathedral

Townhe ad St



ld Str ee

Leopold Square





La pet Trip

o op

n Stre

The University of Sheffield

Church Street


eet m Str

Brook Hill


y Lane Baile

ngha Rocki


Orchard Square

Portobello Street

Backf ields

r Str Carve



Town Hall

Peace Gardens

Winter Garden


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rter Squar ha


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Ch arle s



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illiam Fitzw


Brunswick Street

Devonshire Green


Surre yS

l Poo er’s

Pinstone Street


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ion Divis

hire St reet

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r Lane Carve

City Hall

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Norf o



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tfie Wes

Victoria Street

Glossop Road

Upper Hanover Street

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Ma tild

The Moor Market

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Ch ar lot



– Where to go –

Lane Bramall

le Ecc

Ro sall



te R




St Mary’s

Lond on Roa d

rn B


tre e


Where to go

y Way

La dy’s B

rid ge


Heart of the City

Bridge Stre et Castlegate

Bank Street

Castle Street

Exchange Street


w Park ffield


Sheffield’s welcoming centre, where its main galleries, theatres, library and offices gather among beauty spots, striking architecture and public gardens.

Cultural Industries Quarter

Po nd

Str ee t

The creative heart of the city, home to an independent cinema, artists’ studios, colourful street art, and a trail of small independent galleries.

Ponds Forge

Flat Street

The Moor


eet Str


ke Du

Pond Hil l

Tudor Square

Lyceum Theatre

Sheffield Interchange

Graves Gallery and Library



South Street

r n

Sheffield Hallam University

ate Ho wa rd

Str ee

Pond Street

Devonshire Quarter et tre


S ot Talb Sheaf Square

Sheffield Train Station

No rfo



oad ee t

L ea dm ill S

The centre of student life in Sheffield, where vintage fashion and one-off shops meet cool cafes and cocktail bars.

Cathedral Quarter The city’s main professional and business quarter, filling streets steeped in history around the landmark of Sheffield Cathedral.



Turner Street


Leadmill Road

Yorkshire Artspace

R olk Suff

Site Gallery

sb u ry R



Sh rew

ow Br

t ee Str

Sh ore

lG de

Millennium Gallery

A pedestrianised retail strip, recently redeveloped with a huge indoor market, a new cinema, and high street favourites.

She af S tree t


Crucible Theatre







ville Squar an

Queens Ro





u nd



Granville Road

Where once stood Sheffield Castle, now lies this rapidly developing area connecting the riverside and the city’s bustling centre.


lk Park


– Where to go –