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Sheffield BID Annual Review 2019-2020

JANUARY 2021 Sheffield City Centre BID Ltd


£4 million for the city A review of our activities (2015-2020)

Sheffield City Centre BID Limited (Sheffield BID) is a non-profit private company set up to administer the city centre business improvement district (BID). We are one of over 320 BIDs in the UK and are funded by a 1% annual levy on business rates applied to city centre properties with a rateable value of at least £40,000 per annum. The city centre BID is a five-year programme which became operational in August 2015, following a successful ballot of local businesses. Our purpose is collaboration, working together to create improvements with an annual investment of £800,000 collected through the levy. We also have a baseline agreement with Sheffield City Council that guarantees a fixed standard of local authority services. The activities and services provided by Sheffield BID are additional to those supplied by Sheffield City Council or property owners. Through our five core themes of Cleaner, Safer, Busier, Easier and Together, our role is to enhance the cleanliness, safety, image and competitiveness of the city centre.


In March 2021 Sheffield BID will conclude its first term. Following a halted renewal ballot in March 2020 and an eight-month extension to the time-limited BID arrangements, we are very much looking forward to rescheduling our renewal ballot in January 2021. If successful, Sheffield BID’s second term will commerce, with revised priorities, on 1 April 2021 until 31 March 2026.

Sheffield’s Business Improvement District

In a city centre that is reeling from the devasting damage of COVID-19, the BID is more important than ever to give our members a single voice to raise the issues that matter most.


“I am pleased to introduce the fifth Annual Report from Sheffield BID. During our fifth year, the BID continued its focus on delivering projects and services that support your ambitions for a safer, cleaner and busier city centre, one that is inclusive, more accessible and easier to get around. Prior to the pandemic, Sheffield BID had made good progress in turning your aspirations for the city centre into a reality. Many of our initiatives have been delivered in partnership and only made possible by the support from our businesses and their belief in what Sheffield BID is trying to achieve. As we look to the future, we all continue to face many economic and social challenges but are responding to these challenges by creating the conditions for a vibrant economy – through multi-agency partnerships to tackle social issues, to visitor initiatives that promote the city centre as a leisure and cultural destination, encouraging footfall and dwell time and through marketing campaigns that drive new visitors and street-to-store conversions. Over the past five years we have achieved so much together but have only just begun. It is my hope that, despite Coronavirus, we can achieve a successful ballot outcome in 2021 and continue to serve the city centre for a further five years. Thank you for your support.�

Amanda Phillips Chair of the Sheffield BID Board



Since Sheffield BID became operational in October 2015, we have worked together to bring about a step-change within the business communities of Sheffield city centre. For many, our core activities have become a familiar part of everyday life and there is a clear view that these should continue.


“When we launched our original renewal plans in 2019, we could never have imagined the challenge of a global pandemic ahead of us. It has been a very challenging year for most businesses and like our BID levy payers we have taken steps to restructure the business to ensure we can remain operational during such turbulent and unprecedented times. Much of our investment is directly designed to support the businesses that pay the BID levy but also the wider business and local communities. Our street teams help to create a visible and reassuring on-theground presence. Our Clean Team keeps on top of the graffiti problem and proves directly beneficial to many businesses in cleaning up early morning detritus from rough sleepers and the night-time economy, and the removal of hazardous waste and sharps. Additional crime prevention measures and a range of security initiatives – such as high-tech mobile cameras, anti-ram bollards, body-worn cameras, knife wands, personal alarms and, more recently, SmartWater® – have proved to be effective anti-social deterrents specifically for BID members. Our investment in a dedicated police sergeant in term one has provided additional support and advice around issues such as retail crime and anti-social behaviours. Our BID sergeant has worked closely with the local neighbourhood police team and British Transport Police to share intelligence and support longer term problem solving. The Council’s CCRAC radio network has proven to be a valuable and successful mechanism for preventing crime and shoplifting. Funding through the BID has ensured the network is now fully digital to the benefit of our members who use it. Our Welcome Team has been instrumental in representing Sheffield BID on the street, engaging with both businesses and visitors to provide reassurance, information and customer service. Our investment in these services and projects has created a step-change in the commercial environment and place management of Sheffield city centre. These are positive changes that BID members have recognised and endorsed as priorities in the years to come. An environment that is vibrant and rich in culture generates footfall, enhances the visitor, community and student experience. It also attracts and retains skills for businesses. We have brought new festivals and experiential visitor events to the city centre at the same time enhancing existing events, cultural activities and street art to inject greater energy and momentum. There has been a shift in the views of businesses who now


believe the events calendar is sufficiently strong and the emphasis should be about maintaining and enhancing the quality of existing activities. Sheffield BID has created high-profile marketing and promotional campaigns to highlight the diverse cultural and leisure offer to visitors, students and residents, and to drive street-to-store conversions. Members cited the need to focus campaigns on attracting and retaining the local pound, further developing the early evening culture and improving the Sunday trading environment. Sheffield is a city whose physical landscape is changing, and this brings short term challenges as well as longer term economic benefits. COVID-19 has accelerated the challenges facing the high street. Like most cities we also face societal issues often outside of our control but within our ability to support. A Business Improvement District that can help its members respond to challenges and to change is vital. Over the next five years we want to grow Sheffield BID by generating new income streams that are additional to the levy on businesses. There is also an opportunity for the business community to consider other BIDs within the wider city, with the central Sheffield BID acting as a hub to connect other areas of the city where there are shared problems to address and shared opportunities to leverage. Despite the havoc wrought by COVID-19, our aim is to continue to improve the competitiveness of Sheffield city centre for the benefit of all.�

Diane Jarvis Sheffield BID Manager


A bold move by the business community After several years of decline, stalled developments and a slower pace of regeneration, and against a backdrop of national economic and societal challenges, local businesses grasped the opportunity to launch a new business-led initiative to help create better trading conditions. A successful ballot led to the establishment of Sheffield BID in 2015 at a time when there was a strong, collective ambition to grow and develop Sheffield and to put it back on the map as a major city. Today, that collective ambition to keep growing, to keep developing is stronger than ever.

Creating credibility and a track record for delivery Over our first term, Sheffield BID has implemented projects based on tried and tested models across other UK locations, sharing best practice with colleagues in other northern city BIDs. We have also been at the forefront in developing our own unique ideas, events and activities that have not been done before. Sheffield BID’s annual investment in the city centre is around £800,000 and this is predicted to rise over the next few years as regeneration projects such as the £450m Heart of the City II come to fruition. We have delivered a consistent pipeline of projects to improve, enhance and animate Sheffield city centre. We have been vocal about the need for basic infrastructure such as free public-access WIFI, leading to the successful implementation of the Sheffield FREE WIFI project. We have given our support to proposals to attract further funding and investment such as the bid for a share of the Government’s Future High Street Fund led by the City Council in partnership with the University of Sheffield.


Making the city centre busier

In our first term, we have supported economic growth through investment in activities that deliver increased footfall, encourage dwell time and drive visitor spend. Our events and promotions are strategically planned to animate the city centre and boost visitor numbers by promoting a vibrant destination, and to help retailers, leisure and hospitality businesses through tough trading periods at the same time raising the area’s profile as a vibrant place to live, work, study and invest. We promised to ... -

Create a strong marketing programme to raise the profile of the city centre with seasonal retail and leisure campaigns. Provide additional funds to support existing events that boost business. Establish new events during quieter trading periods which increase footfall and spend. Champion start-up businesses and to deliver initiatives that support independent businesses. Bring empty units back into temporary use. Develop a digital strategy that includes WIFI, social media and mobile applications to improve the visitor experience. Promote cultural, shopping, dining and leisure activities to stimulate the early-evening economy post 5pm.


We delivered ... -







Two new major festivals. Cliffhanger and the Fringe @ Tramlines (with annual funding for both). Together the festivals attract an additional 110,000 visitors each year. Two annual visitor trails. Sheffield Bricktropolis and The Sheffield Christmas Trail were inspired by our original investment in the Herd of Sheffield sculpture trail and designed to encourage families to explore many different parts of the city centre. Over 237,000 visitors have participated in these activities so far. An uplift to the existing Christmas offer. Investment in the hugely successful Santa’s Post Office attracts over 10,000 participants each year and new 3D light installations enhance the Christmas Lights Switch-on. Support for enhancements to existing events. Off-the-Sheffield, Sheffield Makes Music (part of BBC Music Day), Classical Sheffield, Global Soundtracks, the SHAFF Adventure Film Festival and the No Bounds Music Festival have all benefited from support from the BID. Seasonal campaigns. A series of visitor guides showcase the independent offer, Sheffield in the Evening, in the Spring and Summer and at Christmas, together with 200 Years of Shopping at Chapel Walk and The Heart of Independent Sheffield – a guide to the Devonshire Quarter. These are complemented by our popular restaurant guide, ale trail and club guides. To date, 268,000 guides have been distributed across Sheffield as well as Leeds, Manchester and Nottingham. Alive After Five. A strategy to bridge the gap between the day and night-time economies with signature events such as Dine Sheffield’s twice-yearly Restaurant Week, the annual fashion week of Style Sheffield, shopping events and a coordinated digital marketing campaign (#SheffAfter5) to promote everything that happens in the early evening. Meanwhile use. Funding for ReNew Sheffield to support more than 15 business start-up projects in meanwhile premises including an initiative at Castlegate. Our own activities have sought to transform vacant units by hosting Santa’s Post Office and interactive LEGO-workshops (part of Sheffield Bricktropolis) through temporary agreements for empty premises. The Sheffield Gift Card. Designed to lock in spend into the local economy with almost 90 city centre venues now accepting the Card as payment. Free city centre WIFI. Lobbying for free public-access WIFI resulting in the Council agreeing a 10-year deal with IDAQ Networks for Sheffield Free WIFI, a gateway project that lays down the foundation to a digital city.


Making the city centre cleaner

We have provided operational support to BID members to raise standards to help make the city centre trading environment noticeably cleaner and more attractive. We promised to ... -

Enhance existing cleaning services by cleaning up key gateways, the night-time economy environment and cigarette-related litter. Provide a free, external graffiti-removal service. Add Seasonal colour to city centre thoroughfares with street art and banners.


We delivered ... -



A free graffiti removal service operating seven days a week through the BID’s Clean Team together with crime-prevention advice from South Yorkshire Police, graffiti prevention measures such as mobile cameras and deterrents including the “Bag a Tagger” campaign. An annual spring clean campaign to purge graffiti grot-spots, opening-up the service to all city centre businesses. An additional early-morning clean-up team, the BID Street Rangers; a supported-employment initiative that clears up the mess left by rough-sleepers and late-night revellers whilst providing the living wage to people who once found themselves homeless and are now getting their lives back on track with meaningful employment. Investment in the University of Sheffield’s Feature Walls initiative which created 13 street murals to brighten up city centre streets. A colourful and seasonal advertising programme on street-furniture and lampposts that advertises and promotes BID-funded events to drive visitor participation. Daily operational solutions resolved by a dedicated BID Operations Manager concerning the hygiene impacts of streetscape works, litter removal, environmental hazards, tree pruning and other cleaning requirements.


Making the city centre safer

We have invested in people and initiatives to help make the city centre a more secure environment, day and night. We promised to ... -

Provide a friendly face to the city through the provision of additional ambassadors and an additional police presence. Review policies on anti-social behaviour with the aim of reducing street culture such as drinking and begging. Develop a better link between daytime and night-time economies through information sharing. Encourage more businesses to make use of the City Centre Retailers Against Crime (CRAC) radio network.


We delivered ... -





A dedicated Police Sergeant’s post to provide additional support, advice and solutions around issues such as retail crime, vandalism, begging, street-drinking and other anti-social behaviour. An early morning rough sleeper patrol by a PCSO. An increase of two city centre ambassadors as part of the existing Council team, which later gave way to investment in our own team of “City Hosts” who provide support to both businesses and visitors. Known as the BID Buddies, the team are Sheffield BID’s “eyes and ears” on the street, engaging with businesses as well as reporting environmental issues and anti-social behaviour. Funding for the Help us Help campaign to encourage people to give to the charities that support people on the streets rather than to the individuals themselves. Support for a multi-agency partnership to tackle the growing number of users of the substance known as Spice, chairing a series of meetings involving the Council’s Drug & Alcohol team, South Yorkshire Police and local businesses. Anti-terror and major-incident training through Project Argus, involving more than 300 businesses. The installation of outdoor defibrillators through the PulsePoints initiative and first aid training. An upgrade to the CRAC radio network to ensure that both day and night businesses benefit from digital rather than analogue handsets, improving consistency of technology, better connectivity and coverage, and making further benefits available through access to the Business Crime Portal to share information. Provision of high-tech mobile cameras to monitor known hot spots and deter anti-social behaviours. Body-worn cameras loaned to retail, leisure and hospitality businesses to enhance customer security and deter anti-social behaviour. Knife wands have also been distributed to late bars and clubs. SmartWater® - a high-tech traceable liquid issued to selected night-time premises to who undergo training to become an accredited SmartWater venue. Used as a deterrent, trained staff can tag those involved in serious offences such as assaults. Help and advice on security measures to prevent criminal damage to business premises through a Crime Prevention Officer. Additional support for the city centre’s Purple Flag status and the Best Bar None accreditation scheme to ensure best practice and high standards in the night-time economy. A new after dark security team in the wake of COVID-19, operating 7 days a week, 10pm to 6am to monitor closed premises and deter criminality.


Making the city centre easier to access and navigate

We have invested in projects that remove some of the barriers to using the city centre, making it easier for people to find their way around and to access information and services that help improve the visitor experience. We are committed to promoting diversity and equality of opportunity for all. We promised to ... -

Review existing wayfinding and to enhance this to make it easier for visitors to find their way around. Champion parking and transport initiatives which deliver benefits to businesses. Support established disability groups in their plans to improve city centre access. Create a strategy to support the development of the visitor economy.

We delivered ... -

A team of City Host’s known as the BID Buddies to provide visitor reassurance, wayfinding and customer service.







The Sound as a Pound and Quids In carparking campaigns to promote the special £1-£2 fixed rate after 4.30pm until 8am, resulting in a 225% increase in usage. More recently the campaign has been extended to highlight the new cashless payment parking now available at Council-owned carparks. Partnerships with our public transport providers and commercial carpark operators to offer discounts and codes specifically for BID-events and city centre initiatives adding to the overall customer-service and visitor experience. A series of visitor wayfinding visitor guides to help people explore all parts of the city centre. From This is Sheffield at Christmas to Experience Sheffield in the Summer, our guides focus on delivering information about what is on, what to do, where to go and how to get here, making it easier for people to engage with the city centre as a genuine destination. A community toilet initiative known as the Lavatory & Ablution Venue Scheme (LAVS) which permits anyone to use the toilets of participating venues, providing access to clean, safe toilets which provide male and female facilities, accessible toilets and baby changing facilities. The scheme also signposts facilities with specially equipped Changing Places. Mobile Sheffield, in partnership with the Local Authority to fund a new city centre mobility scheme for people with limited mobility. Experience Sheffield – a series of initiatives to help visitors navigate their way around the best the city centre has to offer, from seasonal guides to experiential events and a dedicated high-street facility which is home to the BID Buddies, Experience Sheffield has been a collaborative visitor marketing strategy to showcase the best of the city centre.

Shaping the future together We are witnessing seismic changes in the British high street and city centres and not just because of COVID-19. Buying habits have changed irrevocably, with the growth of online shopping giving rise to different pricing and promotions models. The challenges facing the high street are well documented and that means, of course, that we must evolve to survive. High streets in five years’ time will look and feel very different and we have the opportunity now to shape ours even more. And so, against this backdrop it is vital that Sheffield BID continues to work with local and regional partners to do all we can to support Sheffield city centre. Working together to INVEST EVEN MORE. As a major city centre BID, we have worked hard to measure our performance and success so far. And, after almost six years of hard work in January 2021 we will ask our businesses to re-endorse our plan for a further term.


Delivering change through collaboration As our first term comes to an end, it is time to reflect on five great years helping to make the city centre safer, cleaner, busier and easier to navigate, TOGETHER! How we invested the BID levy ...

Dealing with the grime and crime

Supporting a noticeably cleaner and safer city centre A dedicated police sergeant. Funding an additional police post ensured that Sheffield BID had access to a firstline Police supervisor who could facilitate the tasking of police officers and PCSOs to support the priorities of the BID area. This was additional to statutory policing and enabled Sheffield BID to quickly escalate placerelated issues with South Yorkshire Police and for intelligence from the business community to be relayed via the BID Sergeant to the neighbourhood police team. The BID Sergeant worked closely with other partners on multi-agency plans to identify persistent offenders and vulnerable individuals on the streets. Our BID sergeant also had sustained involvement in Sheffield’s purple flag status, ensuring the good work in the evening economy continues to be showcased.


Excellent day to day working relationships are now embedded with South Yorkshire Police. To reflect the changing requirements of our BID levy payers we have evolved our safer agenda to deliver a dedicated BID Security Team who patrol the BID area after dark, working 10pm to 6am 7-days a week. City Hosts - BID Buddies. The recognisable BID Buddies in their bowler hats quickly became a valued city centre resource. Their on-street presence, assistance and advice added to the safety and friendliness of the city centre 363 days a year. Because of COVID-19 we have brought this team inhouse as a newly branded “Welcome Team”. They remain the BID’s “eyes and ears” on the street. They identify, log and report issues such as graffiti, fly posting, flooded roads, blocked gullies, abandoned vehicles and vandalism daily. This starts a process that measures the response time against our baseline agreement with the local authority.

Street Rangers and Clean Team. There are many challenges of everyday use in a busy city centre and a wellpresented and clean environment remains critical to the overall experience, appeal and economic success. Sheffield BID’s Street Rangers have always played an invaluable role in helping to keep exterior business premises free from detritus and litter. This is a seven-day service which includes an early morning cleaning round of the known hotspots followed by a scheduled deeper clean of specific zones and supported by a rapid response call out service. As well as providing extra cleansing and sanitisation, our Street Rangers remove sharps, needles and hazardous substances, thereby supporting both a cleaner and safer environment.


The continuation and expansion of this service adds a valuable feature to the management of Sheffield city centre, one that not only benefits the businesses who need the team’s help but also improves the environment for those living, working and studying in the immediate vicinity. In 2020, we consolidated our Clean Team and Street Rangers into one unified Clean Team who continue to tackle environmental issues affecting business premises, graffiti removal and graffiti prevention.

Our Clean Team is a collaboration between Sheffield BID and the Cathedral Archer Project’s social enterprise, Just Works. Providing additional cleaning and sanitisation our team tackles the many challenges of everyday use in a busy city centre, whilst providing supported employment to people who have suffered homelessness, including former rough sleepers.

Enhancing the visitor experience Making the city centre busier, inclusive, more accessible and easier to get around Sheffield BID works to enhance the visitor experience through activities that animate the city centre and increase vibrancy. We bring people together to create new momentum and deliver measurable change through marketing and promotional activities.


We help to make the city centre busier through footfall initiatives that increase visitor numbers, dwell time and spend. We provide additional entertainment, interactive experiences and marketing campaigns that improve the profile of the BID area. You may be familiar with some of our more high-profile investments such as The Herd of Sheffield sculpture trail (180,000 visitors), the outdoor festival Cliffhanger (45,000 visitors annually) and more recently the official Fringe at Tramlines (100,000 visitors). Our own events include the twice-yearly Dine Sheffield restaurant week and the annual Style Sheffield fashion showcase. In the summer of 2018 we launched Sheffield Bricktropolis, a stunning spectacle featuring 21 world landmark monuments, capital buildings and skyscrapers made of LEGO-bricks and hosted by venues around the city. Bricktropolis also featured many interactive experiences and fringe activities. Attended by over 25,000 visitors, Sheffield Bricktropolis is set to become an annual event with an exciting new theme already planned for 2019.


Each Christmas we deliver the hugely successful interactive experience of Santa’s Post Office which attracts around 15,000 visitors. More recently we have invested in enhancing the Christmas offer with several amazing additions to create a trail of light and magic during the 2018 festive season. We sponsor activities, ideas and events that bring people and trade opportunities to the city centre. We make it easier for people to access and navigate the city centre through provision of wayfinding initiatives such as our visitor guides, on-street concierge services and a visitor information hub. We have been a regular sponsor of ReNew Sheffield, bringing arts-based business to vacant units and commercial spaces. We have also provided funding for the street art initiative Feature Walls which created 13 street murals, as well as helping to enhance events such as Sheffield Makes Music (part of BBC Music Day), SHAFF Adventure Film Festival and Magical Books (part of Off-The-Shelf). We market the retail and leisure offer to higher spending visitors outside of Sheffield using seasonal and leisure campaigns (delivered through digital and mobile marketing) to ABC1 consumers in addition to engaging with students, residents, employees and investors. The local pound is equally important and Sheffield BID operates a city centre Gift Card to help lock in spend into our local economy.


Street concierge Sheffield BID’s Welcome Team (formerly the BID Buddies) act as an on-street concierge service. Our streetbased team is additional to Sheffield City Council’s own ambassador team. They provide welcome, orientation and reassurance to visitors, helping to promote local attractions, events and BID businesses, undertaking business liaison and engagement as well as promoting BID opportunities to our Levy Payers. Our team provides a positive and lasting impression of friendliness and vibrancy to shoppers and visitors as well as those who work and live in the city centre. They offer help, advice and local knowledge of the city centre, signposting visitors to the most relevant locations for their specific needs, proactively informing people of the best deals, offers and promotions, and cross-selling opportunities across all the sectors that the BID represents from retail, food and leisure to cultural and business destinations. High street presence

When the Local Authority closed the Tourist Information Centre in favour of a digital service, Sheffield BID moved quickly to take on the vacant unit, refurbishing it to a high standard to host a new Visitor hub which acts as a live city guide, signposting visitors to what is on, where to eat, shop and be entertained. Visitor welcome packs


There are many great festivals, music and sporting events happening in the city centre. To capitalise on major events by promoting local businesses and driving visitor spend during high profile events, we produce a bespoke Visitor Welcome Pack which our BID Buddies hand out to those arriving in the city centre. Access to mobility equipment

In partnership with Sheffield City Council, we have funded a city centre mobility scheme – Mobile Sheffield – delivered by mobility experts Clark & Partners. Getting around easily is an everyday challenge for people with limited mobility. Mobile Sheffield operates out of the Moor Market and helps those with mobility issues get from A to B.


Community toilets

The Lavatory & Ablution Venue Scheme (LAVS) is the BID’s community toilet initiative. LAVS permits anyone to use the toilets of participating premises whether they are a paying customer or not, providing access to clean, safe toilets in convenient locations. All the LAVS locations provide male and female toilets, accessible toilets and baby changing facilities. The facilities at the Moor Market include specially equipped Changing Places toilets for people with more complex disabilities. Levy Payers who are part of the scheme receive a quarterly grant towards the upkeep of their toilets, branded marketing materials and two outdoor street signs.


Free public-access Wi-Fi

Sheffield BID successfully campaigned for free public Wi-Fi and, in November 2017, Sheffield City Council and IDAQ Networks Ltd announced a 10-year deal to deliver free high-speed Wi-Fi internet access in the outdoor areas and public buildings of Sheffield city centre. The deal also means that businesses in Sheffield City Centre will now benefit from access to superfast broadband. No access to fast broadband was something that the Centre for Cities previously cited as a barrier to investment.


Life-saving defibrillators

Sheffield BID launched PulsePoints in association with Westfield Health Charitable Trust and supported by the Yorkshire Ambulance Service. Through the Pulsepoints initiative we installed life-saving defibrillators at over 10 outdoor locations across the city centre, providing access to this equipment 24 hours a day, 7-days a week. Quids in ... carparking Parking is at a premium in the city centre and free parking often serves to increase the volume of search traffic which has a negative effect on the visitor experience. As part of Alive After Five, Sheffield BID has promoted the fixed-rate Sound as a Pound campaign whereby on-street parking and Council-owned car parks. Purple Flag and Best Bar None


Sheffield city centre has a strong night-time economy and remains one of the safest places to enjoy a night out. In 2018, it received Purple Flag status for the seventh successive year. The Best Bar None Scheme is also firmly embedded which demonstrates how businesses work together to operate premises to an exceptionally high standard, reduce alcohol-related crime and address the issues of vulnerability in the city centre. Whilst both initiatives pre-date the BID, we take part in the judging panel for Best Bar None and are an awardsponsor each year. As well as being involved in the accreditation of businesses for Best Bar None, our BIDfunded Police Sergeant also lead the process of maintaining the prestigious Purple Flag on behalf of the Council and local businesses.

Raising the city centre’s profile Working together through collaboration Sheffield BID has provided a collective voice for over 500 businesses in Sheffield city centre. Through collaboration with local businesses, we support projects that invest in the development and promotion of the BID area. Alive After Five

This is a collaborative idea based on the dual principles that the UK early evening economy is an important driver of tourism, leisure and business growth within cities. And that the revitalisation of the High Street requires creative and cultural regeneration projects that capitalise on the attraction provided by the night-time economy. This means extending economic, social and cultural activities beyond day and through into the night to develop a vibrant early evening economy. We have managed a co-ordinated seasonal retail and leisure campaign and a web-based city centre presence highlighting events, experiences and local offers and promotions, which all businesses can get involved in.


Style Sheffield

Each Spring, through Alive After Five, we bring fashion fever into the city centre with our take on Fashion Week. Independent boutiques and high-street brands deliver a week of VIP shopping, demonstrations and fashion shows, as part of a collaborative platform to showcase fashion in the community and the diversity of the city centre retail offer.


Dine Sheffield

Part of Alive After Five, this twice-yearly showcase of the vibrant restaurant culture is based on the tried and tested “Restaurant Week” first launched in New York. Dine Sheffield is a fortnight celebration with amazing savings on a variety of menus. And over 50 of the city centre’s favourite eating places serve up fixed price offers to promote the outstanding diversity of our vibrant food offer. Student Shopping Festival / Freshers’ Week More than 60,000 students live in Sheffield and with an influx of new students each September, retailers, with support from Sheffield BID, come together to show off the city centre’s fantastic shopping, food and drink, and entertainment offer. Businesses provide exclusive discounts and experiences between 6pm and 8pm in a bid to inspire students to discover the city centre, and to encourage return visits throughout their time studying in Sheffield. Bars and restaurants also help provide a full evening offer for visitors. Experience Sheffield Visitor Guides From a showcase of all that is unique and independent in Sheffield city centre to seasonal variations that promote some of the great things happening in the city during the summer, in the evening and at Christmas, our regular visitor guides are designed to encourage people to experience the city centre, explore different parts and discover hidden gems and unique stories. Our place-specific guides such as 200 years of Shopping at Chapel Walk to the entrepreneurial spirit of the Devonshire Quarter, promote Sheffield’s heritage through the eyes of our local businesses. We distribute visitor guides throughout Sheffield and the city region, as well as Leeds, Wakefield, Huddersfield and Manchester.


Sheffield Gift Card

Designed to lock in spend into the city centre economy, the gift card is a pre-loaded debit card which can be used at more than 80 participating businesses here in the city centre. The card works in the same way to a store gift card but can be redeemed at a wide range of retailers, restaurants, leisure and entertainment venues here in Sheffield city centre. It is free and easy for businesses to get involved.

Advocacy An influential voice for business As an apolitical, non-profit organisation, Sheffield BID is well placed to advocate on behalf of our members regarding issues that affect the city centre and the local economy. Our role is to listen to the issues and concerns of our members and, where appropriate, to act to amplify their voice, or directly advocate on their behalf by representing their interests to government, the local authority, the police or other organisations. Sheffield BID is one of the largest business groups in Sheffield. Representing over 400 of the city's biggest businesses as well as independent traders who fund the BID. This, combined with a 78% in favour vote at our original ballot, provides a strong mandate to champion business issues and get things done. In practice, the focus of our work varies considerably, from the strategic (capital projects, inward and indigenous investment)


to the operational (cleansing, loading bays, A-boards, bin disputes, street begging, rough sleepers, scaffolding, peddlers, noise and pollution, etc). The BID’s management team, our Chair and Board of non-exec Directors sit on the board of many different stakeholder organisations and steering groups, meeting regularly with local businesses, council leaders, local MPs and other senior figures in Sheffield. Since 2015, the BID team has dealt with over several thousand enquiries relating to city centre issues. Championing City Growth To help communicate a vibrant city centre, Sheffield BID has, in partnership with The Star newspaper, championed success stories in the city centre through sponsorship of a City Growth campaign. So far, the hashtag #CityGrowth has reached a total of 846,009 people with 2.3m impressions on Twitter.

Financials for the year end July 2020 Summary Sheffield City Centre BID Ltd is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee. It is funded by a levy based on the business rate which, under legislation, is collected by the Local Authority. In the current term, the Company’s income is paid in two instalments on the 1 August and the 1 February each year. The Local Authority retains, temporarily, 10% of the income for bad debt provision. The overall collection rate for the financial year ended 31 July 2020 was 98.3%. The Company is exempt from corporation tax on its levy income, except for tax on investment income such as bank interest and any future income from secondary sources. “The total annual income in year five was £932,181. Programme expenditure and administrative expenses of £890,340 was reported in the financial year. The Board agreed a spending plan and an annual budget for the period of 1,000,772 which included additional income of £41,922 and the retained earnings of £68,591 carried forward from the previous financial year and redistributed across programme expenditure. Since 2016 the Company has typically carried forward an operating surplus resulting from an underspend against the 2015/16 budget where, due to the time needed to set up operations, delivery of projects in year one was slower than in subsequent years. Each year, surplus is redistributed across the core work programmes. Overall, operating expenditure has remained at 20% of the total programme income since the BID became operational in October 2015, which is in line with BID industry guidelines.


INCOME STATEMENT - 1 August 2019 - 31 July 2020


31.07.20 £889,837

31.07.19 £815,439

Programme expenditure






Administrative expenses

£286,607 -£503

£228,901 -£332,952

Other operating income















INCOME AND EXPENDITURE ACCOUNT - 1 August 2019 - 31 July 2020 31.07.20 £110,352


31.07.19 £68,591

*Includes the annual levy collection fee paid to Sheffield City Council. ** includes bad and doubtful debt.

The accounts for the Company year ended 31 July 2020 were audited by Hodgson & Oldfield. With many long-term projects and services now implemented and several activities that reoccur each year, the levy investment has been fully realised by 31 July 2020.


Programme overview 2015-2020 Theme investment

Programme budget 2015-2020 £ 500,000 390,000 1,500,000 672,000 60,000 3,122,000

Safer Cleaner Busier Easier Together Total

Actual expenditure 1 August 2015 to 31 July 2020 £ 496,574 455,700 1,481,900 566,473 63,012 3,063,142

Get involved! Become a Company Member Being a company member enables you to influence how Sheffield BID invests the money it receives from businesses. Your representative will be entitled to vote on resolutions presented at Annual General Meetings (and any other members’ meetings that may be held). You may appoint a proxy to vote on your behalf if the appointed representative is unable to attend one of the meetings. As a member, your representative will be entitled to stand for election to the Board (one third of which will rotate on a bi-annual basis) thereby becoming a director of the Company. The Company is a private company limited by guarantee. Members guarantee that if the Company becomes insolvent, the members will contribute towards the repayment of creditors. If you opt to become a member of the Company, your liability under the guarantee is limited to maximum of £1.00.

Sharing best practice We are members of the national BID Foundation and a founding member of the Northern BIDS Group which includes Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, York, Newcastle and Sunderland BIDs. Governance Sheffield City Centre BID Limited is a company limited by guarantee and operates within regulations set by government on Business Improvement Districts. A non-executive Board of Directors provides direction and strategic input and is responsible for the conduct and performance of the Company. The primary goal of the Board is to ensure that the Company’s strategy creates long-term value for businesses. The Board meets on a quarterly basis. The Board is chaired by a BID levy payer and there were 14 Directors who served during the financial year ended 31 July 2020. The on-going delivery of the Company’s programme is the primary responsibility of the BID Manager, Diane Jarvis.


There are three elements to the BID’s investment criteria, as follows: 1. BID Business Plan: Each individual project should fall into one of Sheffield BID’s core programme areas (term one), which are: • • • • •

Cleaner – a noticeably cleaner city centre Safer – a safer day and night-time environment Busier – more visitors, vibrancy and economic growth Easier – a city centre that is easier to access and navigate, and Together – an influential voice for levy-paying businesses.

2. That there is commercial benefit to business: Whilst recognising that each of the projects Sheffield BID delivers will benefit different business sectors and geographical areas within the city centre more-orless directly, the overriding requirement is that each delivers commercial benefit as widely as possible, with the combined package benefiting all. 3. That the portfolio meets the needs of all geographical and sector constituencies: Sheffield BID has a very broad constituency ranging from: • • • • • • • •

Retail (37%) Office and professional services (23%) Education (10%) Night-time economy (7%) Public services (8%) Food and restaurant (5%) Leisure and culture (4%) Transport (4%)

As well as commercial enterprises this also includes the City Council, both universities, Sheffield College, South Yorkshire Police and South Yorkshire Transport Passenger Executive. The range of projects delivered by Sheffield BID is therefore necessarily diverse. Directors during the financial period ended 31 July 2020 were: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Retail: Amanda Phillips, Centre Manager – The Moor, Jones Lang LaSalle (Chair) Professional Services: John Baddeley, Director, Wake Smith Solicitors (Deputy Chair and Chair of the Audit & Risk Committee) Leisure/Culture: Dan Bates, Chief Executive, Sheffield Theatres Independent business: Nick Beecroft, Director, HLM Architects Retail: Patrick Duffy, Head of Branch, John Lewis Night-time economy: Mark Hobson, Managing Director, Corporation Nightclub Office: Simon Nevill, Associate Director, Ove Arup Limited Education: Dan Lally, Head of Business Engagement & Growth, Director, Sheffield Hallam University Open seat: Gail Gibbons, Chief Executive, Sheffield Futures Transport: Tim Taylor, Director of Customer Services, South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive


11. Education: Dr Sarah Want, Director of Regional Engagement and Partnerships, The University of

Sheffield 12. Food/Restaurant: Kane Yeardley, Managing Director, True North Brew Co 13. Sheffield City Council: Cllr Mazher Iqbal, Cabinet Member for Business & Investment 14. South Yorkshire Police: Supt Delphine Waring Amanda Phillips was appointed Chair in September 2020 following the conclusion of Suzy Brain England’s tenure as an independent chair (2016-2020).

Contact Sheffield City Centre BID Ltd Sheffield Technology Parks Arundel Street Sheffield S1 2NS T: 0114 339 2015 E: enquiries@sheffieldbid.com | operations@sheffieldbid.com. W: www.sheffieldbid.com BID Manager: diane.jarvis@sheffieldbid.com Operations Manager: darren.hendleman@sheffieldbid.com. Twitter - @SheffieldBID | Facebook – SheffieldBID Auditors: Hodgson & Oldfield LLP Bankers: Handelsbanken


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Sheffield BID Annual Review 2019-2020  

Sheffield BID Annual Review 2019-2020