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E-RESOURCE BOOK For teaching listening and speaking

Through attending several online courses and webinars, I have come to realize that online learning , through some fun and simple digital tools, can be a truly great learning option for both EFL learners and teachers.

Date: 27/01/14

Resource book : Listening and speaking

Objectives This resource book aims to help teachers make use of

Here is my tentative outline of the book

1. using web 2.0 tools : 1.1 Voicethread 1.2

online learning resources to


help learners develop their

2. short movies/videos/ documentaries

listening and speaking skills.

3. infographics

I believe that digital resources can greatly provide a more comfortable and less re-

4. comics and caricatures

stricted learning space than traditional textbooks . Language

5. News

learners can practice their listening and speaking skills in L2

6. Curation sites: Pinetrest and

anytime and anywhere! This resource book is a compilation of some digital tools and fun teaching ideas that can be incorporated in listening and speaking classes. They can also work

Each section will give a brief summary of the tool

as supplementary materials for more practice as well as good

plus some references on how to use the tool. It will

activities for portfolio assignments. The booklet is not a Quick

also provide some suggested lesson plans on how to

start guide on how to use these tools but chiefly a resource

use the tool for teaching listening and speaking.

book that provide some teaching ideas on how to use these tools.

More tools will be added later!

Resource book outline jokha  
Resource book outline jokha  

A tentative outline for my E resource book!