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コー ポ 大 敬 東 福 寺 歡

退房:11:00 入住:15:00

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〒 605-0985 京都府京都市東山区福稲柿本町 27 27, Fukuine Kakimotocho, Higashiyama-ku

路線指引 Route Guidance

京都車站 Kyoto Station

由 8、9、10 月 台 搭 乘 往 奈 良 宇 治 方向的普通列車 , 坐一站至東福寺 Go to the 8.9.10 platform (Nara Uji direction) and take to Tofukuji

東福寺 Tofukuji

往出口方向走 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

抵達 Arrived



About check in

About check out

Check in 時間 : 下午 3:00- 下午 9:00

Check out 時間為 : 上午 11:00 之前

您可以於下午 1:00 後先寄放行李


Check in from:P.M 3:00-P.M 9:00

You can drop off the luggage after P.M 1:00

Check out before A.M 11:00


We have to check the room immediately and 下午三點前會進行打掃動作

Cleaning will be done before 3pm

next guests will come to put their luggage soon. Pleas follow this rule.

房屋守則 請於下午 3:00-9:00 之間 check in


房間請掃時間為退房當天的上午 11:00 開始,請 於之前完成 check out( 此為硬性規定,請參考 清楚再決定是否預定 )

請不要使用任何放在壁櫥裡為下一個房客準備的 乾淨床單、被套、枕頭套等等。請僅使用我們為 您準備好的那份




入住期間,為了不要造成鄰居的困擾,請不要大 聲喧嘩、聚會、開派對

請盡量保持室內整潔,也給自己一個良好舒適的 環居住環境




最後請向自己的家一樣好好善待我們的公寓,把 鄰居也當自己的鄰居,尊重他們和他們的生活習 慣,非常感謝你的體諒與配合


House Rule Please check in from P.M 3:00 to P.M 9:00 Room cleaning starts at A.M 11:00 on check-out day.Do not negotiate for a late check out.(Please accept this condition begore booking) Take off your shoes when entering Respect Neighbors and don't have a party or make a no You can not smoke and please don't smoke in the building When leaving please turn off the light and air-conditioning for Eco Do not use the towels or lines in the close.

They are for the next guests.Use the washing machine to wash you towels Please tell me when number of people will change Don't forget to recycle Don't disconnect the plug of the refrigerator because if it is disconnected,water overflow Keep the apartment clean Please keep the key lose the key, I’m afraid to say but I'll charge extra fee Lastly,I simply ask you to have consideration towards the apartment and the neighbors as if they were your ow.

退房検査清單 Check List


Thank you for staying with us , hope you had a wonderfulstay.


lease make sure“The Check List”before leaving.

房間是否保持乾淨 是否有將遙控器及鑰匙放回原處 是否有將電燈及冷氣關上 是否有將垃圾遺留在房間內 ( 請分類丟進 垃圾桶 ) 是否有在 11 點前退房 ( 若延遲退房,可 能要多支付額外的費用,請注意 ) 若完成退房手續,也請利用 AIRBNB/Line/ We Chat 通知我們 如有任何問題,歡迎與我們聯繫,我們很樂意 幫助您

Is your room clean Have you returned the instruments and the keys original position Have you turned off the lights and air conditioner Have you leave your rubbish in the room(We have to separate it to throw out) Do you check out by A.M 11:00(If you late check out I'm afraid to say but I"ll charge extra fee) When you go out please send us“check-out message”by AIRBNB/Skype/Line If you have any question , please let us know