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If you are interested in finding a legitimate online business opportunity or wanting to learn how to make money advertising online, keep reading. A legitimate online business opportunity would be defined as a business that could be done part time or full time while providing extra income. Not too long ago, I was looking for a way to make extra money from home but I was unsure where to begin. I did not know anyone successfully working from home and I knew no one who could show me what to do. What I knew for sure was that I was not alone in looking for ways to make money working from home. I knew that millions of North Americans were also looking for a way to make money from home with their own legitimate online business opportunity. The problem for me was: 1. I only knew a few people in my circle of family and friends who were concerned about rising expenses or approaching retirement years without enough money to pay the bills. 2. I did not know how to make money advertising online or how to use the internet to connect me to enough of the people searching for extra income to be able to create a legitimate online business opportunity. 3. I did not know what system to use that would do the work, nor did I know what company to be associated with that had products that people needed and wanted that I could recommend. For me, I needed a legitimate online business opportunity system being used successfully by others, maybe work at home moms and dads like I was who did not have high-level internet skills. Is it possible there was a system that could help find interested prospects for me, a system that weeded out people just looking for free stuff and not serious about having a real home business? And there would need to be people to talk to about partnering up with and beginning my business, people who had already learned how to make money advertising online. Then a friend told me about a movie to watch that explained how to start making money from home. Before watching the movie, I had questions that I wanted answers to: 1. What did I need to do to make money? 2. How much would I be paid? What I found that needed to be done was to send interested persons to the website. The website and movie did the presentations for me, describing the legitimate online business opportunity. It

explained to me exactly what I needed to do to succeed with an internet business even though I was not an internet guru. For example, pollution from our cars is a national problem and there is a product available to help with pollution and acheiving better gas mileage in a way that is great for the environment as well as economical. What I wanted was to find an organization that was concerned about our health and the environment and a company that would pay me each month for the business I send them. So is it possible to find a legitimate online business opportunity that is not too complicated, an opportunity that can also provide extra income when working from home? Yes, I have learned that it is possible to make money working from home. You too may be someone or know someone who is interested in making extra money working from home and supplementing their regular income with a legitimate online business opportunity. To make money advertising online, be sure you team up with a mentor, someone who can help you learn like they have learned to help you create the financial independence that you are looking for. Chances are, the better they help you make money, they also make money from the business you create and how bad can that be! Network marketing has changed with the widespread use of the internet and you should investigate claiming your piece of the action by finding your legitimate online business opportunity.

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