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As a student, you should not let these other activities get in the way of your studies. You should not be cramming for exams and saying you have only a little time and later on give it the reason for failing. This is a real bad attitude towards learning. Cramming cannot be at fault if you pass but what if not? Do not also give the reason of not being able to sleep well the night before the exam. If you are to really give the truth and admit it to yourself, you only have to blame yourself for getting a failing grade. In that case, you should have look for study tips for exams. Being a student, it is your responsibility to seek for study tips for exams. Knowing your priorities will assist you to clear your schedule of unnecessary things. Once you are done with this, you can efficiently gather yourself together and start your review. This includes having a schedule or a time plan and time management. When you have set this up, follow the guidelines listed below to enable you how to study effectively and efficiently. Designate a suitable area to study regularly Your study area is crucial to the success of your study plan. A well-located area will give you the needed zest to study and assimilate all your lessons of the day. When you have finally found this suitable place, stop searching. Make this your regular study venue. Allot time to study in short but in customary sessions You cannot push your brain to the limit and let it absorb everything. Make an outline of what should be on the first part of your review then set a time for it. When you are finish with it, take time to relax your brain. You will notice that this allows your brain to take up what has been studied. In other words, do not continue on reviewing or studying your lessons from one subject to another without taking a breather. This is one of the most excellent study tips for exams. Rest and sleep Rest gives our body the time to recharge and so does the brain. Therefore, sleep is a must not just when working but more so in studying. It gives your mind the needed time to refresh and boost. The normal recommended sleep hours is 8. Doctors have even said this is the healthy number of hours a person should have. So why not get the 8 hours of sleep? Short naps in between also helps a lot. A little stretch from your constant sitting position will also give your body and mind the feeling of relaxation. The above study tips for exams when observed will lead you to stop cramming and obtain the grade that you have long wanted to have. There is also a memory test software that can assist you to study more effectively and efficiently.

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==== ==== Access the Link Here to The Knowledge Notebook for All Students ==== ====

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