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Ideas To Help You Train Your Dog Although some pets may be natural-born alphas, you can still subdue them. It's critical that you convince your dog that you are the one that is the alpha of your pack. This will make him feel obedient and secure. To learn how to effectively train your dog, you may want to take an obedience class. Obedience classes provide you with plenty of tips to deal with a variety of problems you may face with your dog. Proper and generous rewards are critical to dog training. Treats are great to give your dog when he does something good, but timing is very important when doing so. A dog doesn't always know when it's being rewarded if they don't get a treat at the proper time. It is important to properly communicate with your dog during training sessions. You need to be consistent and be clear with what you expect from your dog. Use the same tone of voice, body language, correction methods, and rewards each time you train your dog. Pay attention to any cues that your dog gives you, as well. He will inform you if he is overworked and anxious or if he is enjoying a great day. If your dog jumps when you don't want him to, gently squeeze his paws. This will not harm your dog if done gently, but it will be uncomfortable. Eventually, they'll quit jumping on other people because they'll start associating jumping with this pinching. It can sometimes become so frustrating to try to train your dog that you might think that it will never happen. Dog training is very simple, and can be done by even the most busy owners, once they have taken the time to understand what the dog needs. Use a spray bottle filled with water to prevent your dog from doing things it should not do, such as scratching the furniture or biting. This lets your dog know that specific actions are not acceptable. Your dog will instead focus on good behaviors with more positive outcomes. Do some research to learn what type of training works best with the breed of dog you have. Depending on the breed and temperament of your dog, you may need to adjust the technique you utilize. Basset hounds or bull dogs may be more difficult to train and will require a little more patience from you. Training your dog will take some time out of your day, so plan accordingly. Dogs learn from repetition and consistency. Your dog will trust and love you if you spend some time with it every day. These are two qualities that will work to make you the leader of the pack! Whenever you want your dog's attention, use its name. If you want to have control of your dog, you have to teach him to respond to you. Call your dog's name as much as ten times a

day, until you get a reaction right away. In addition, you should never punish your dog for coming to you when you call its name. Your relationship with your pet will surely be improved by applying the tips you just learned. For much more beneficial info please pay a visit to Help Your Dog Be The Pet You Want Him To Be, Is My Dog Ever Going To Calm Down? Tips For A More Mellow Mutt., Every Dog Needs To Be Trained Properly

Ideas To Help You Train Your Dog  

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