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葵涌醫院 職業治療部 Kwai Chung Hospital Occupational Therapy Department

When it begins Kwai Chung hospital has decided to implement a reconstruction project in the near future, occupational therapy department is therefore, required to move into two other venues to c ontinue it s ser vic es . We, s tudent s from Environmental and interior, Advertising and Visual Communication are to suggest any possible temporar y spatial usages in the new venues as well as come up with happyinducing visual elements that help create a positive environment.

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“ We focus on enhancing the positive image of O.T. and suggesting a pleasant environment scheme in treatment areas. 

Contents Visual Identity Environment

Visual Identity How p e ople f e el ab ou t o c c upa tional therapy will impact how they participate in treatments, both clients and therapists. We are here to stimulate people's pleasure in occupational therapy department (O.T.D) especially over visual aspects. Moreover, we have designed different deliverables to communicate the image of O.T.D. We aim at creating a warm and pleasant atmosphere for everyone related to this community.

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Visual Identity  |  Kwai Chung Hospital  Occupational Therapy Department  |

Contents Logo & specifications Applications Theme image Invitation card Tree of Goal

Logo &

specifications “ Logo is a shared spirit in solid form, which visualizes the value of a community. ” From international enterprises to small local restaurants, they all have their own logo. Why? Because logo is a shared symbol among owners, staffs and the public. More correctly, logo is a spirit in solid form, which visualizes the value of a community. Logo is definitely more than just a pictogram.

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Occupational Therapy Department

“ We propose a more userfriendly visual as the logo. ” Aim On the left is an existing shared O.T. logo for all the occupational therapy related community in Hong Kong. However, after analyzing the logo, we found that the logo is very much serving academic purposes, thus it is too formal to public and it is less humanistic. Therefore, we propose a more user-friendly visual for the occupational therapy department in Kwai Chung Hospital, which is shown next to the official O.T. logo.

“ Here I am, cheerfully embracing my fruitful story. ” Concept

Occupational Therapy, of course is a profession. In some ways, however, it is also a relationship and a partnership between the therapists and clients. The new logo communicates a point of view from clients themselves. Since, occupational therapy department is the gateway to new life outside the hospital, this man holding a ball represents the clients who is equipping themselves and presenting their journey of recovery to society.

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Logo  |  Kwai Chung Hospital  Occupational Therapy Department  |



Occupational Therapy Department


A lively and energetic twist representing the fruitful life in O.T.

Text clarifying the department


Occupational Therapy Department

A man boldly embracing and presenting his own achievement.

Namecard info-pamphlet We have de signe d a name c ard sys tem for the therapis t s as well as a new info pamphlet for clients, family and public. These two delievrables are both designed to be a refreshing piece.

Since occupatinal therapy is about fullness of life, coloured namecard is a representation of such richness.

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The new info-pamphlet is more lively and joyful through the application of drawings. The information inside the pamphlet is well-arranged. It is easier to read because of the refined layout.

Theme images “ create a lively and joyful atmosphere. ” Aim Since the theme concept of the project is about stories, we have designed a series of linedrawing illustrations that help communicates the journey of recover y bet ter. There are human characters, buildings, working tools, sports equipments, etc. These elements are to visualize a simulated occupational therapy department and to create a lively and joyful atmosphere.

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Theme visuals  |  Kwai Chung Hospital  Occupational Therapy Department  |

*Like no computer graphics, line-drawings carry an unique characteristic of warm hand-touch.

Tree of goal “ The symbol of hope and encouragement. " Aim From the previous Tree of hope to the Tree of goal, from a wall painting to a 3D installation, the tree may become the ‘landmark’ of the occupational therapy department. We have combined the art piece and the wishes boards together to form this big Tree of goal. Clients, staff and even visitors may make a wish or write down their goals and hang them onto the tree. This tree will become the very symbol of hope and encouragement in O.T.D.

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Tree of goal  |  Kwai Chung Hospital  Occupational Therapy Department  |

“ Everyday, these cards remind me of my goal and I am running towards it. ” Concept Together with the Tree of goal, we have made some stamps, as well as cards for clients to write down their goals. The card is basically blank, so it allows them to create their very own card cover with stamps. We write words on cards in usual practices, but now, we can use images as well. Since they have created their unique cards, it is easier for them to review their goals on the tree. Meanwhile, these cards may form a very beautiful picture right in the entrance. It also help enrich the positive atmosphere in O.T.D.

Cards for writing goals.

Stamps for visualizing one's goals.

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Tree of goal  |  Kwai Chung Hospital  Occupational Therapy Department  |

Paper samples

Environment Designing an encouraging experience in the space can induce happiness among clients and therapists. The main focus of our design is to create an encouraging atmosphere for clients to continue their l i f e j o ur n e y. O ur a p p r o a c h e s a r e t o provide leisure and playful area in the hall and garden; a professional working environment in the workshops; and a warm and relaxing interactive area in M2.

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Environment  |  Kwai Chung Hospital  Occupational Therapy Department  |

Contents Background Environment analysis Concept development Zoning M2 Hall Details


development “ When two lines meet ... ” The two lines represent two parties, the clients and the therapists. The line illustrates the recovering journey of clients who gather in O.T. before returning to society. Another line indicates the influence of therapists in clients’ recovery process. When two lines interact, it will create spaces for the two parties to work, to play and to communicate with each other.

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Concept development  |  Kwai Chung Hospital  Occupational Therapy Department  |

Therapists Clients

The interactions between therapists and clients are like lines hopping over each other.

Zoning of activities

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Zoning of activities  |  Kwai Chung Hospital  Occupational Therapy Department  |

Zone of professionals Wor k in g e x p e r i e n c e i s t h e f o c u s o f t hi s zone. Clients are equipped with various lifes up p or t in g s k ill s a n d a b ili t i e s . T hr o u g h trainings, clients are more confident and be able to live independently. The training that client par ticipate is also a stepping stone, which encourage clients to find a new career with their abilities.

Zone of home This zone emphasizes the communication between clients and therapists in a relaxing and open environment. Clients may enjoy watching movies or reading books in this zone. At the same time, they can chat and share their experience with each other.

Zone of leisure This is a zone where clients may enjoy their hobbies and at the same time develop their strength and ability. This zone also provides clients with an oppor tunit y to contact the nature and experience the horticulture. In such a green space, clients may feel relieve from stress, which is very helpful in the journey of recovery.


Poet-tree shade

( M2 )


Workshop ( M2 ) pro

“ We believe, simple practice makes perfect simple. ” This is the area where most of the trainings take place. Clients work and learn here and attain different skills and knowledge. This is the place that equips clients with practical skills that help them adapt the reintegrated life in society.

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floor plan and demonstration are attached

Group Therapy Room 22.8m2 Workshop





Work Assessment



Tailoring Workshop





Model Hom

Interview Room




Storage 43.8m2

Main O



M2  |  Kwai Chung Hospital  Occupational Therapy Department  |



ain Office 59.4m2

The modular system placed in M2 create a possibility to develop multi-functional space. Patients can change the setting of modules for different purposes, such as watching movies, reading and chatting. The activities are all happening under the tree shade, which makes the environment more relax and comfortable even in a closed interior.

M2 Floor Plan Total area : 706m2 Reception

Multi-functional area 55.5m2

M2 Reflected Ceiling Plan



A, Corridor B, Workshop Pro C, Poet-ree shade

M2  |  Kwai Chung Hospital  Occupational Therapy Department  |

The relationship of therapists and patients can be seen in the setting of the interior space. They are teammates, who work together for reaching the same goal. Patients can set their goal and hang it up on the tree in OT for encouraging themselves to achieving the goals. The tree of goal can also give patients hope for reintegrating to the community. By using tree as the key visual element, the environment of the interior space can become more nature, warm and spacious.

Project team  |  Kwai Chung Hospital  Occupational Therapy Department  |

Project Co-ordinator

Michael Chan

Environment and Interior

Chan Hin

Yau Wing Yi

Fung Pak Kei, Eric

Choi Tze Kuen, Ardy

Leung Wing Fung, Raven

Chung Wing Yee, Tobey

Advertising Visual Communication

Tsui Lap Shing, Nelson Ma Sui Mei, Sammy Woo Wing Wa, Mia Yeung Chun Pong

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This is a group project done by 10 students from HK Polytechnic University, school of design for the occupational therapy department in Kwai...