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White Beauty TVC 2 “Car”

Video We see a young girl (about 18 years old) standing on a street, with her hands on her waist, looking at a parked car as if trying to figure out what to do. She is radiantly beautiful, with a glowing, pinkish white complexion.

Video She shrugs and placing her hands on the boot of the car, tried to push it.

Video Her luminous beauty draws the attention of male passers-by, most of them young men.

Video One by one, they all join in to help her push the car.

Video Cut to her now seated in the car that is being pushed by a crowd of young men.

Video She flashes them a radiant smile of feminine appreciation.

Video Her finger slides the screen again to display yet another image of her that’s even more glowing…

Video To finally reveal her pinkish white luminous skin.

Audio FVO: For skin so flawless and radiant

Audio SFX: Ambient sounds, music

Video The camera zooms into her smiling face and her youthful, glowing skin.

Video Dissolve to her scooping up a delicious looking dollop of the Pond’s White Beauty Day Cream with a finger.

Video She delicately applies the cream on her face in a caressing motion.

Audio FVO: It’s irresistible!

Audio FVO: Thanks to Pond’s White Beauty

Audio FVO: Its unique Pro-Nutrient Complex

Video Back to the girl in the car as she now drives off with a cheery wave for her male helpers.

Video Suddenly a portly older man rushes out of a shop and brandishes his hands in the air angrily at the sight of his car being driven off!

Video Close up of the girl’s luminous face as she laughs mischievously!

Video Next, her finger slides across the screen mirroring the same movement – to change the image of her face (like photos on an iPhone) to one that’s more radiant… Audio FVO: Nourishes and lightens your skin

Audio FVO: Layer by layer

Video Pack shot of the Pond’s White Beauty Day Cream jar that drops into a pool of the cream, creating a playful splash.

Video The camera pulls out to reveal the entire Pond’s White Beauty range.

Audio FVO: Pond’s White Beauty.

Audio FVO: A radiance that’s hard to resist!

Audio FVO: To give you a beautiful, pinkish white glow!

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white beauty car  
white beauty car  

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