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Lynda Bellingham

â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m ready for Strictly anything!â&#x20AC;&#x2122; â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;I was going bald, but look at me now!â&#x20AC;&#x2122; your070-cover.pgs

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snegkniatk os o erLut ci p ni lLLooking aonooki tinags nssensational ensational iin n pictures pictures ttaken aken at at an an s u s ul vi ls ul eexclusive cxcluastivsesonYwours o r,osouyroses,vphotoshoot, ptorht uototo, tsh ooot, our our very very own own star star oad bm anym ylLdti usm idnuam culccolumnist soklluatmnmiasht gLLynda ynilnl deaBB BBellingham Bellingham talks talks ccandidly andidly about about ni ebfaoaehghnacelchl tthe cahcnheactcchallenge sheat lnleoncgylet co of i rftb being Seaing a Strictly Strictly contestant contestant By Carole Richardson


n the nicest possible way, Lynda Bellingham asks in that commanding but jolly Oxo mum tone: “Would you like to shut up?” Minutes into our interview and I’ve put my foot in it by asking how nervous she is about dancing – and maybe, possibly even falling over – in front of millions of TV viewers. After confessing she’s never been the first person to step onto a dance floor, it seemed a fair enough question. Even at her wedding to Mr Spain last year they only managed “a small shuffle because we felt we should.” She can’t even remember what song it was to… But preparing for her performance in BBC1’s phenomenally popular Strictly Come Dancing, Lynda’ s bravely rising to the challenge. “Yes I am nervous and excited but you can’t let yourself think ‘I am going to be watched by 12 million people and I might fall over,’ ” she explains. Lynda, 61, is enjoying rehearsals with dance partner Darren Bennett but admits it’s challenging. “We’re supposed to do a minimum of two hours a day to get the steps into our heads but Darren is insisting on four hours a day, for six days a week! For three hours I’m fine but after that my brain finds it virtually impossible to take anything in.” But she’s loving learning new skills and she’s not afraid of the judges. Even the prospect of a public hammering isn’t daunting her. “I’d take criticism from Len because I’d be interested


Belle of the ball – but Lynda admits there’s one dance she’s dreading

to hear what he said. Any bitchiness from Craig I’ll try and top or deflect depending on how I’m feeling. That’s where the actress comes in. I’m not short of a retort or two!” she promises. But if it really upset her, she’d have no qualms about walking away, she adds. It quickly transpires there are two very different sides to Lynda – her extrovert public image and her quieter personal one as Mrs Pattemore – happily married to Michael (54) and devoted mum to Michael (26) and Robbie (21) from a previous marriage. “As Lynda Bellingham I am very extrovert and people assume therefore I am inherently a show off. Actually I am not. I might have been when I was very young but it didn’t stay with me.”

So when first approached out of the blue to go on Strictly, her initial reaction was? “No; I can’t do this. The idea of being myself out there terrified me,” she admits. “I don’t have a lot of self worth. That comes from what has happened to me in my life.” After a violent second marriage, she now speaks to victims of domestic abuse. Persuaded by her agent and husband Michael though, she purposely donned high heels and went along for an informal chat at the BBC – then instantly forgot about it. Two months later she received a call asking her to take part. “I felt very flattered and thrilled I had got the job and had not been rejected. That was lovely. But within half an hour I was thinking ‘I can’t do it – they’ll find out’. It’s a classic actor’s thing.” Bizarrely, her first biggest fear was exposing her fat arms (her words not mine). A trip to the costume department proved soothing when


YOUR071-6-7 heart2heart.indd 6

2/9/09 14:49:21

CHAMPION PARTNERS Lynda with her leading man – Darren Bennett

she discovered long gloves that appear to have the same effect on arms as magic knickers do on less than perfect bottoms. “I want a pair for every day of the week!” And to her pleasant surprise after a lifetime of being in the “wrong fashion era”, she’s discovered she has the perfect size 14 body for Strictly costumes. “It’s just fabulous to see how flattering they are to a proper figure!” The ballroom dancing itself she’s reluctantly tackled before – in her teens. Although “not posh at all”, her late Mum Ruth wanted her horsey daughter to attend hunt balls and so packed her off to dance lessons every Saturday morning for a year. “Oh she would have been so thrilled to see me in Strictly. Back then the whole ballroom dancing thing appalled me. I was very much a tomboy. I wasn’t a girly girl at all!” she recalls. Nevertheless teacher Mary Lord drilled the quickstep, waltz, cha cha cha and foxtrot into her. But there was one dance as a teenager that she hated and one she admits she’s not looking forward to on Strictly – the jive. “It’s the dance I’m most nervous about. I could never do it as a girl. I dreaded anyone asking me, because I couldn’t let them take control, but hopefully Darren will take the lead. It was so uncool not to be able to do the jive in my youth – I don’t want to visit that spot again – certainly not in front of millions of viewers.” But she’ll certainly give it her very best and she’s fit for the challenge thanks to regular Pilates and a half hour daily treadmill habit. After recently turning teetotal, she’s also found her energy levels have increased in good time for the gruelling six days a week training sessions. One thing her dance partner Darren might be displeased to hear though is that she doesn’t consider herself naturally competitive. “Even back to school sports days, I never had that desire to win the race but everybody says when you go into this competition you do become very competitive.” While worried about blisters after being warned she’ll have to work through any pain, age isn’t bothering her and she doesn’t feel under pressure to perform better than younger rivals. “I don’t do old age! And just because you are young, it does not mean to say you can dance.” If anything age has spurred her on to accept the challenge. “In my column I am always writing that when you get to a certain age you must keep trying new things and not be afraid of life. When Strictly came along I felt I had to practise what I preach. Who knows I might blossom!” YOURS // EVERY FORTNIGHT

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I’m really thrilled to be partnered with Darren. I’ve always liked watching him dance and now that we’re into rehearsals I realise he is not only a dance champion but a brilliant teacher as well.

ctly 200 i r t


2/9/09 14:49:43








rs e HHave vave an eye You aaSHa a rffor or a b bargain!

By Sarah Jagger

CA Rg g grFForget orge expensive E SA-V - i- i -i tanti-wrinkle anti-w eye

The Yours money expert answers your questions


We expect to inherit my elderly mother’s house. It has been suggested that we might lose it if she had to go into a care home and we should protect it by putting it into a trust. Is this a good idea? MICHAEL SAYS: About ten years ago I got into terrible trouble with Yours readers when I suggested that such schemes were not very honourable. I argued they were an artificial way of claiming from the welfare state which exists for the less well off. Readers gave me a terrible ticking off and pointed out how unfair it is for the value of a house to disappear in care costs. I won’t go over the old argument now, but I would still caution against such schemes. The Government has announced plans to do more to protect a property’s value in such circumstances and so setting up an elaborate scheme now might prove to be a waste of time and money. Also, if your mother did put the house in trust, there can be some very serious repercussions in the event of family break-up or even bankruptcy. Whatever plans you make must anticipate such events even if they seem remote. // Michael J Wilson, financial writer, is on hand to answer your money questions every fortnight

m m mas amacreams, cereams, cheaper ss st otproducts p corsot d c ucts could cou do tt rt eee ettebb taebc.better bafe.tntIe. rbjob. job. In In fact, facSt, Simple S Kind to Skin Replenishing Rich Moisturiser, outperformed a £47 eye cream in recent tests, although it only costs £3.21. Source: Which?


Yours G

// Reusable batteries cost more to buy than disposables but will save you money. They cost a fraction of a penny to run hour bee r nper nr a r h unoaucraaand nndaccan aneb used repeatedly rather than binned. A good AA battery typically gives about 20 hours’ use compared to 6.5 hours per charge for GP ReCyko+ (£5.99 for 4 AA batteries, Amazon). Savings will be long-term though, as you have to buy a recharging unit. By 2016, at least 45 per cent of UK waste must be recycled. Visit www. recyclenow. com.


BUDGET BEATERS TThe he AA has published a handy gguide i uid to cutting car costs. The Mo en Money-Saving Moot Motorist is a available aivai for £1.59 (RRP £1.99) from http://shop. but we have 20 to give away. To be in with a chance, send a postcard marked Yours/AA giveaway, to AA MSM, Fanum House, Basing View, Basingstoke RG21 4EA by September 22.


Ask Michael…


YOUR071-23-24 Moneywise.indd 23


28/8/09 14:24:14

Ban the beer

Heavy beer and spirits drinkers run a higher risk of cancer, say researchers. You can still indulge without the added risk if you stick within the government guidelines of two or three units of alcohol a day for women and three to four for men. A unit is a pub measure of spirits or half a pint of beer. Assess your drinking at

Recharge YOUR


Smoking = senior Beat sateat stress stress momentst t sso s ett uni sttmea0tr2tt B sJJust u st 2 20 0m minutes inutes of of If you smoke your risk oi t ati de madnaa agyyoga meditation oga aand nd m e di t at io n of developing dementia c uder dlyyuoycaaayadd day aadd ay could could reduce re d u c e off our ffeelings e e li n g s o goes up five-fold says a o s gnril eref r uyyour stress by more than US study. It’s thought that ten per cent and smoking damages the improve your sleep patterns. Yoga is brain and the small blood great whatever vessels that supply it – but your fitness levels. it’s never too late to quit Find an instructor in your area by and the sooner you do, the calling 01529 lower your risk will be. 306851 or visiting


the amount of exercise you should be doing five times a week*

Health must-have

* Research by NHS

Drink Milk

Sip your way through half a litre – just under a pint – of milk every day and you could reduce your risk of a heart attack or stroke by up to 20 per cent, say scientists from Reading and Cardiff universities. The experts believe that the proteins in milk could help to lower blood pressure, which reduces stress on your heart. Opt for skimmed or semi-skimmed versions and you’ll get all the benefits with less fat.

YOUR071-33-37 Health.indd 1

Going up PEANUT BUTTER Snacking on peanut butter five days a week could halve your risk of a heart attack, say US researchers.

Going down

Banish senior moments with Neurozan (£8.76/30 capsules). It contains a mixture of essential brain nutrients such as Coenzyme Q10, Omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and amino acids to help keep minds sharp. Available from health stores or from We have 20 packs of Neurozan to give away, worth £8.76 each. Simply send your name and address on a postcard to “Neurozan Giveaway” Issue 71,, Yours,, Media House, Peterborough nn in i ni Business B s usins es Park, Peterborough PE2 6EA. 6.E A . The first 20 entries drawn after September 25 will be the winners. Stept

HIGH CHOLESTEROL uouy ufIIffoyyou ou do not wish to be contacted in the future Research has shown FOR UO YOU O YYY Y U oY y by by Yours You magazine please write ‘No Further that the risk of t t at Contact’ C nontac clearly on the postcard’ Alzheimer’s increases by up to two thirds MORE ORE H HEALTH, EALTH DIET AND WELL-BEING NEWS if you have high HTL AE H E R O M cholesterol levels. YOURS // EVERY FORTNIGHT 33




24/8/09 11:00:09

+ 0 Yeourse5 e e n e e n n ‘I ‘ I need n e e d style x fi Fashiona a aoonn abbudget’ b el hc ee pSe ayecB By cyeR Rebecca bebecca S Speechley peechley


e e se asoesL Louise sleiolhu to ilscels esays: sva so IylIsI:““I “I love love clothes clothesaand a Louise only popping out t t uo gni ppop yl no m ’ I fi neveeven ven iiff II’m ’m o nly p opping o ut tto the shops I always co-ordinate Morley, 64 my outfit. I like everything to

My fashion dilemma: I’ve

had to cut back on my spending so now I need to try and look stylish on a budget.

My worry is: I’m used to

everything I wear fitting well and looking great – which with a limited budget could be tricky.

My main problem area is:

My tummy – I hate to wear anything that’s clingy because I don’t like to show it off.

My favourite fashion memory: My maxi dress – I


thought I looked the bee’s knees at the time, but now I think I looked a little like Joan Sims in the Carry On films.

Our 5-step rescue plan


match and I plan my outfits in advance so that I wear a different colour every day. “I didn’t have a lot of money to shop when I was younger. I remember creeping upstairs with a new pair of shoes trying to hide them from my mum, who was constantly telling me to save. But in my 30s I had a bigger salary and I loved shopping. “Since I retired three years ago I’ve had to watch my spending and with the financial worries everyone is currently experiencing it’s important not to splurge on clothes. “I buy lots of things in the sales and in charity shops but



Get the look White linen trousers £38, sizes 14-32, Anna Scholz at SimplyBe, Red cropped jacket £39.50, sizes 8-20, M&S, Blue and cream striped t-shirt £6, sizes 8-18, George at Asda, Silver pumps £25, size 3-8 (wider fittings available), The Shoe Tailor at SimplyBe, Turquoise and red beaded necklace, £18, Diva at Miss Selfridge, Turquoise bracelet, £5, Allusions at BHS

Stockists: Allusions at BHS 01277 844438; Diva at Miss Selfridge 0844 984 0263; George at Asda 0500 100 055; Marks and Spencer 0845 302 1234; Simply Be 0871 231 5000

There aren’t many of us who don’t need to cut back on our spending at the moment so knowing where to spend and where to save when it comes to style is a good idea. Spend on classic basics such as Louise’s white linen trousers. They’re a summer staple and because they’rer white, Stick uol oc cLouise i ss al c awill ot be kci t S aer aarea. r ea S tick tto o a cclassic lassic ccolour o lo u r able to wear them with other such as navy or red – nautical things in her wardrobe. It’s style comes back year after worth spending a bit extra and year. The shorter sleeves getting a decent quality pair of this jacket make it quite that will wash and wear well. fashionable, but if you’re after a look that will last longer, opt Another item that for full-length sleeves. Louise should consider investing in is a wellSupermarkets are a fitting jacket. She tends to great place to pick avoid fitted clothes because up a bargain – Tesco, of her tummy, but a tailored Asda and Sainsbury’s all jacket helps to shape her waist have excellent fashion ranges and disguise her stomach at great prices. Louise’s


I sometimes find it difficult to find things that fit me well and I prefer to avoid anything that’s too clingy around my middle, my main problem area. I don’t feel my age, but I don’t want to look 25 any more – I’d like to look 45 instead. I’d love to know how to look great on my budget.”

striped t-shirt ollong-sleeved o siiss just £6 from George at Asda. sA s You can cut corners with t-shirts and tops that you w wear ew e under things because htthey h don’t need to fit as well. Supermarkets are good at uS u persuading you to buy things ep e oyyou o don’t really need (as they do od o with ‘buy one get one free’ offood o offers) so take a list. Be clear about what you already have in your wardrobe and don’t double up just because something is cheap.


You can spend next to nothing or an absolute fortune on shoes and accessories, depending on where you shop. Primark is a great place for cheap versions of both. Stores such as Dorothy Perkins, New Look, Miss Selfridge and Top Shop often have pretty jewels at pocket-money prices. If you want to spend more, make it something that you’ll wear a lot – comfy flat pumps or a statement necklace.


Charity shops are another bargain hunter’s dream but you have hav to be patient. Get to know kno the volunteers, tell them h what wh you’re hunting for, and ask ask if they can let you know you might like m fififosomething s in. ocomes co


YOUR071-44-45 makeover.indd 2

26/8/09 13:21:24



ekat nnanc ti knwo knW We kek know now iitt ccan an take take ees yll aer ot e m i ttime ime tto o rreally eally ssee ee the benefit of some anti-ageing products. So we’ve asked real women to put the beauty companies’ claims to the test for a rigorous eight weeks. PRODUCT: Avon Anew Clinical Derma-Full X3 Facial Filling System £28/30ml

r eve n dl uo wI ““II w would ould n never ever normally wear a fitted jacket like this and I’m pleasantly surprised at how lovely it looks – I’ve had a great day.” Do you need a fashion fix? If you have a wardrobe dilemma that needs solving, write and tell us about it. Include a recent picture of yourself, your daytime contact details, your age and your dress and shoe sizes.

THE BEAUTY CLAIM: A new anti-ageing serum, which contains the same quality injectable hyaluronic acid used by dermatologists. The special ingredients help fill fine lines and restore skin’s natural plumpness. BERYL SAID: I have dry skin, so for the first two weeks I used two blobs, but after that I only needed one. In the first couple of weeks my skin plumped and my lips looked fuller. My wrinkles improved, especially the lines around my top lip. I think it’s good value. I’m not sure I’d buy it, though, as I don’t use serums and I didn’t like the tacky feeling it left on my skin. A FRIEND SAID: My friend Edi couldn’t see a difference, but my skin definitely felt improved.

Yours VERDICT: A hardworking serum that improves wrinkles and dry skin.



YOUR071-44-45 makeover.indd 3


The verdict

TESTER: Beryl O’Connor (70) from Lancashire


26/8/09 13:22:13

t u o l l u p s r u The Yo

12 quizzes,

pages of brainteasers and logic problems to help boost your brain power


e l z z u p zu l a i c e p s PIC: GETTY IMAGES

PLUS 50p off

RA our favourite TR EXA FOR YOU y

YOUR071-69 puzzles cover.indd 1

puzzle magazine 20/8/09 14:36:07

l // T The Yours pull-out // Bumper puzzle special // The Yours pull-out // Bumpe Rapunzel

30 Second Number Crunch

Can you spot two matching pairs and two pictures which are different to the rest?

Starting at the left with the given number, work your way across each of these three puzzles applying the instruction in each cell to your number. Aim to complete each puzzle in 30 seconds.

b &

a %



⁄3 of this


⁄5 of this




x6 Double ÷6 it


Half it Solution


( d






-178 +42 +146 -61


x25 Solution

l l l uD tlufiiuf cficcult ult Diffi


x12 +289 ÷17 Triple it +143 -168



x15 Solution

Suduko Fill in the squares in the grid so that every row, column and each of the nine 3x3 squares contain all the digits from 1-9. Medium


2. In which century did the Ming Dynasty in China come to an end? 3. Which popular TV detective show stars Amanda Redman, James Bolam, Dennis Waterman and Alun Armstrong? 4. Who is the current Secretary of State for Defence? 5. In which castle in England was Edward II murdered in 1327?

Starting from 4 January 1, 2009,


6 1 7 8 1 2 4 7 9 4 2 9 5 4 2 1 9 3 8 1

7 3 4 5 7 9 6 5 1 8 6

4 5 6 1 6 2 9 2 6 4 8 9 3 4 2 8 5 3 9 6 3 7 4 6 1

// Yours readers can buy this powerful, easy-to-read electronic crossword solver for the special price of £29.99 direct from Yours Shopping. Produced by Seiko Instruments, it is perfect for anyone who enjoys crosswords and word games. Simply call 0846 166 4040 quoting code YRO736 or online at



count on this number of days – what is the new date?

Which annual event takes place 103 days later?

Which actor (pictured) was born on this day in 1899?





Quick quiz 1. By what name is recording artist Stefani Germanotta better known?



He won an 7oscar for his role as a gin-swilling riverboat captain in which 1951 film?


YOUR071-70-80 puzzles pullout.indd 71

tURn oVeR




20/8/09 16:15:50

✽ xxxx

This fortnight the Yours gardener goes in search of the perfect plant

This week I’ll be…

Taking the lower leaves off tomato plants in the greenhouse, to improve air circulation. Taking cuttings of conifers and hebes. Sowing some winter lettuce and other salads in the polytunnel r, Buying chrysanthemums, in flowe to brighten up the patio s Planting colchicums in sunny area r of borders, near the front, for thei autumn flowers of Giving my privet hedge its last cut the season Protecting dahlias from earwigs with traps made of pots on canes and stuffed with shredded paper

lant breeders have tried d for centuries and all gardeners want it – the perfect plant. Of coursee there will never be such h a thing, though what I’m most often asked for by gardeners is a planting suggestion for a shady place with poor soil and often very windy. The plant should be an evergreen shrub that races up to about 1.5m (5ft) in a year, then stops growing, flowers for many months, has fragrance and is resistant to For a plant that ticks disease and pests. Well, you’re most of the boxes, not alone, but the sad fact is Cyclamen hederifolium that there is nothing that quite comes pretty close matches this description. But if there was, we would get bored as ti twith ub eitg–dafter e hr oall, neegardening r cs esviatsci eg ffiis es a nsa e b oto to be be an an effective effective screen screen or or hedge hedge – but but it itglli w tIItt w will il l g grow in dense shade under much to do with our battle against nature ticks all the boxes in so many other ways. trees, including evergreens, it will grow It looks so delicate, with its perfectlyas working with it. We got quite close in light soils and in clay, it will thrive in formed pink or white flowers that push to this ideal in the Sixties and Seventies the rockery, and it will grow among and with heathers and conifers – and we soon through the bare soil in August and under shrubs and herbaceous plants. September. Then, as the last flowers got bored with those! In time, the tubers, just below the are dropping and the stalks start to coil But back to the search for perfect surface, can become huge. Once you to lodge the seedpods in the soil, the plants. There are a few that come close. have a few, they will produce seedlings, beautifully marbled leaves appear. In I think one species of hardy cyclamen is though these are often sown on top of every possible combination of silver grey so good that every garden should have it. the parent tuber and thus need to be and dark green, these form a close fitting This diminutive gem is Cyclamen moved. So within a few years you can carpet over the soil that withstands all hederifolium. Perhaps it’s not quite have a carpet of cyclamen. the cold and wet that autumn, winter perfect – it only grows 8cm Be it pink or white and often scented, and spring can throw at them. (3in) high, so it’s not going they are addictive. have eva hI h aveotto o confess that there is one thing sui hu t t uoabout about this this plant that I don’t like. Although Always try to buy plants in growth, in pots. ss st hgi s ethe the sight sightoof o the first flowers are beautiful Dried tubers do not always grow after and a md and make maeke me smile, my happiness is planting. If you do buy tubers, check they e e i ewgdgegtinged tninged with wit sadness. They inform me that are firm and not shrivelled. Small tubers, summer mi rm e mm summer is is over and autumn is on its way. about 5cm (2in) across, are best. Huge, warty tubers will not have been grown on nurseries and may be wild collected. Tubers should be planted as soon as possible, with the shootspup, up, about 2.5cm (1in) deep and 15cm (6in) apart. r. t. A little winter NEXT ISSUE: Geoff Stebbings is elegance in the Also look out for Cyclamen coum. h htThis rtehist oaanother nother Hyacinths for editor of Garden seed head of hardy gem with more rounded leaves, e e ebut srwewitw floflowers owers Christmas Answers. For advice and Cyclamen coum in late winter. Mix the two for a long-lasting l l l. ypalppddisplay. sisplay. inspiration each month don’t miss your copy.

Buying cyclamen



dr a g r ufO Our oeuerGeg gard raerd ne ene ner, rG Geo eoff ff Stebbings, has been gardening since the age of 7. He trained at Kew before becoming a garden writer. He has a small garden, crammed with plants, and three allotments.


YOUR071-96 Gardening.indd 96

19/8/09 16:07:47

Yours Magazine #71  
Yours Magazine #71  

Yours magazine Issue 71 brings you news and views on issues that matter to you from the UK's favourite magazine for women in their prime