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Our Mission ~ ~ STELLA ROSE brings solitude, creativity, and imagination to the stylish and caffeinated enthusiasts

STELLA ROSE will launch in autumn of 2015 and will be the driving force in the industry of fashion consignment, tasty treats, whole bean java, and pure grown flora.

Customary to the industry and surroundings, STELLA ROSE is an intimate space with amenities to shop, lounge, browse, socialize, or just get some old fashioned R&R. Fully equipped with casual seating for small groups to have a treat and fix, as well as individual recline space for the book reading introvert and a web bar for the relevant community.

With accessibility to the adjacent consignment boutique, Thrifty is the New Black, is Stella Rose’s consignment boutique that offers lightly worn clothing and second-hand goods with opportunity to purchase.

Our Vision ~ ~ STELLA ROSE intends on pursuing the success of the business by uniting with its patrons, and developing and understanding for the demands of not only an organic business fueled by natural products, but also a community that desires an unbiased and genuine organization that welcomes and relates.

STELLA ROSE will give opportunity to the local markets to be recognized in a more inventive and pioneering venture, as well as offering the community a restful and secure outlet with creative character, and an environment that proposes good vibes and peace .

South Carolina offers a wide selection of organic growers and farmers that provide unsullied coffee beans and foliage, along with many local bakers with innovative and novel treats to purchase and promote within personal, small businesses.

Charleston South Carolina is in the hub of international commerce that has been the key driver of the Charleston economy Charleston Fashion Week Clemson University College of Charleston University of South Carolina Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Port of Charleston Triple A Baseball League, The River Dogs Home to South Carolina’s Hockey League, The


Known as a “College, or Beach Town� the Charleston demographic ranges mostly in the post-graduate age bracket 25-54 Average household income of 64,000* annually Each individual attaining a Bachelor’s degree or higher, more advanced degree

Indirect Competition: Grit N’ Glory Charleston Bagel Co. Sweetsmith Bakery and Coffee Market Street Bakery and Café Black Magic Coffee Shop Saffron Bakery and Café Ashley Bakery Local Thrift Boutiques Local Market Street Festivals

Direct Competition: Starbuck’s Coffee Caribou Coffee

Whole Foods Market Sevananda Charelston Farmer’s Market’s Etsy Inc.

Stella Rose will host to a number of demographics: adolescent students college and post graduate males and females single family homes young professionals Seniors Transients Tourists Organic personalities

South Carolina is prominent for agriculture and organic goods, as well as community organizations that allow local business to partner for the well being of the community and agriculture.

Manufactured and specialty foods continues to grow in importance to the state of South Carolina.

Stella Rose will form an unincorporated business association as an LLC This will provide the owners and existing members of the business‌

limited liability flexible management financial alternatives favorable pass-through tax treatment of partnerships limited personal liability of corporations

949 square foot unit within a two story, completely renovated concentrated building Situated between a plethora of shopping, dining and banking options One year lease at a rate of $1500 monthly Stella Rose will gauge business growth and continue on a month-to-month lease option after the first year is complete

802 Coleman Boulevard Mount Pleasant, South Carolina 29464

Monthly Start-up Estimation: $34,000 Annual Start-up Estimation:


Self-Funded Contribution:


Necessary Funding Contributions:


Annual Capitol Revenue at 15%:


By joining the Small Business Investor Alliance (SBIA), a premier organization of lower middle market funds and investors, Stella Rose would appreciate being given the opportunity to become a member of an affiliated association that comes to aid organic growth and acquisition of undersized, novel companies. By joining the SBIA Stella Rose will gain company access to a number of potential financial partnerships.

Marketing~ ~ Local partnerships Business alliances Local advertisements Networking ~~Within any given monthly time period Charleston, South Carolina hosts anywhere from six to ten festivals, events, expos, luncheons, movie nights, and workshops throughout the year.

Ranging from marshmallow roasts and Christmas tree

lightings to fishing festivals and pajama parties, Charleston has certainly gained an understanding of the significance of hosting community gatherings in order to maintain the integrity, history, and economy of its city.

Developing a strategic partnership with:

The Charleston Farmer’s Market The Charleston Flower Shop Tiger Lily Flower Shop The Charleston Horticulture Society

‌and local theater complexes:

The Village Playhouse Theater 99

~ ~ Furthermore, local horticulture specialists who are

willing to grow privately and offer

their product for retail will also receive a quarterly donation to benefit the maintenance and attention of their facility and cultivation sites.

~ ~Stella Rose’s consignment vendors will be scouted





community colleges to donate a portion of their design prototypes, finished project goods, and new to lightly worn clothing to Thrifty is the

New Black in return for 40% of gross profit margin of total goods sold.

~ ~Another benefit to students willing to donate

their time and services, Thrifty is the New Black will host weekly crochet, weaving, sewing, or

“upcycling� sessions held by these philanthropic scholars.

In this case, those donators are to

receive 70% of their most recent clothing donation in returned capital.

PR Campaign ~ ~ College recreational facilities Local festivals Small sample sales Intown school events and festivals Holding relationships with local alliances will also aid in marketing for Stella Rose.

The bond that is shaped among all locals by helping to source, vend, and trade each other’s product will surely support each businesses accomplishments.

Stella Rose Coffee Boutique